Lefty Lunacy: Germany’s Greens prefer a red light

Days after getting cross with German police for preventing rape, Germany’s Green Party has called for subsidised prostitution to be dished out by doctors.

The Party’s spokeswoman for ‘care’, Elisabeth Scharfenberg, has said that doctors should be able to issue prescriptions for patients in need of “sexual assistance”.

German prostitutes already sell 'sexual assistance' to dementia sufferers, the handicapped and people living in care homes.

Perhaps our vote to quit the German-dominated EU was not such a surprise after all.

The Conservative Woman

  • Bik Byro

    Nothing wrong in a private business agreement between two consenting adults, however the taxpayer should not be expected to subsidise it.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Sex on prescription? What if the surgery is shut? Can A&E fill the gap and provide emergency assistance? Having provided a free buffet to a million migrants, the German tax-payer is now being asked to fund nooky-on-prescription. The Green Party does make our Labour Party look quite normal sometimes. These Communists with a compost heap can be very entertaining sometimes; just keep their hands well away from the levers of power.

  • Outraged Tunbridge Wells

    Ooooh Matron!

  • captainslugwash

    What is wrong with good old ‘self medication’?

  • Would they get a prescription for Viagra as well?

    • Politically__Incorrect

      I can’t help wondering how all this would work. Presumably the patient gives the prescription to the prostitute. The prostitute would then have to present the prescription to the health authorities to redeem the cash. But how could they verify she had fulfilled her service? It’s probably better not to think about such things.

  • weirdvisions

    Sounds to me like Germany’s Greens are on an incentivised course to get themselves certified.

  • Bik Byro

    Incidentally, the book that the young lady at the top of this page is reading is “The KGB bar reader” https://www.amazon.ca/Kgb-Bar-Reader-Ken-Foster/dp/0688164080