Lefty Lunacy: Primary schools now built to a trans design

A new primary school in the Socialist Republic of Glasgow will kit itself out with transgender loos so that pupils as young as five don’t have to worry about using the ‘wrong’ toilet.

Even an SNP councillor was on hand to convey the many parents’ “concerns”, but Glasgow council was still adamant that the trans loos would mean “bullying is reduced, behaviour is improved, no graffiti, no soggy bombs on the ceilings…it also assists in the LGBT agenda.”

The Family Education Trust stood up for common sense, rightly saying that “schools do not exist to advance the latest politically correct fad, and something has gone seriously wrong when the LGBT agenda is dictating the design of new school buildings.”

Other new primary schools in the area will follow this barmy example – the Left is quite literally loo-sing its mind.

(Image: Cory Doctorow)

The Conservative Woman

  • Uusikaupunki

    i heard years ago feminists wanted this situation to arise. Their “logic” being that unisex toilets = no urinals, hence men would have to queue too. As usual, they are getting their way…..

    PS hope blokes remember to lift the seat….tee hee…

  • Timmy

    So boys will now get to peek at girls. Disgusting.

    • alecto

      Legally too!

    • paul parmenter

      Boys? Girls? Such terms are now hopelessly outdated. Get with the programme, Timmy, before you are carted off to re-education camp.

  • SteadyOn

    Stage Titus Andronicus and you need to publish a trigger warning. Want to run a graphic national ad on child sexual abuse, no problem.

    Confuse 99.9999% of school kids about their gender, fine and dandy. Risk upsetting the 0.0001% and you’ve committed a thought crime.

  • “Defending the policy, David McEwan, estate programme manager for the authority’s education services, said: “Bullying is reduced, behaviour is improved…It also assists in the LGBT agenda because if we have children even in primary school who are confused about their gender and worry, ‘Do I go to the girl’s toilet or the boy’s toilet?…” *

    I would think that likelihood of bullying would increase if you have boys and girls sharing toilets. No doubt this would be labelled as “sexist” bullying too. Simply because you are creating a situation whereby anatomical differences can be seen presenting a greater opportunity for bad behaviour.

    For those five year old children that are “confused”, we could tell them to “check your underwear contents” for a quick answer**. I would think removing this simple social boundary will cause more confusion for youngsters than solve it. But I think that is the aim, more confused children and bullying will lead to a bigger client base for vested institutions.

    PS. This old news isn’t it?

    • Busy Mum

      ‘Bullying is reduced’
      This is always the excuse, founded on the lie that there is some sort of bullying epidemic. It is simply not true. The concept of ‘transgenderism’ had to be introduced into schools before ‘transphobic bullying’ could even exist.

      It’s been the same with all the other ‘isms’ and ‘phobias’. Invent a non-existent problem, then use it to impose an agenda.

      • James Chilton

        Absolutely spot on.

      • Lawrence Newman

        Exactly. Racist bullying only started when other races were parachuted into our society without the indigenous people’s consent.

        • Busy Mum

          I would clarify that by saying that racist bullying only started when people started being told not to be racist.

          • Lawrence Newman

            Well that came after the flood!

          • Tethys


        • Tethys

          Do you mean the Saxons, the Vikings, or the Normans?

          • Lawrence Newman

            They didn’t call it racism then, they called it defeating the invaders.

          • Tethys

            And which variety of ‘invader’ might you be?

          • Lawrence Newman

            I’m not. I’m indigenous to the British isles. Just because we’ve had invasions in the past, it doesn’t logically follow that indigenous people do not exist and it doesn’t logically follow that because we lost to invaders in the past that we must just give up and allow invasions to occur now.

          • Coniston

            I am a descendant of African immigrants. But my ancestors left Africa 100,000 years ago and eventually ended up in NW Europe.

          • Lawrence Newman

            That’s a theory, but even if so, all it means is you’ve evolved in the British isles.

            We have all evolved from bacteria. But we are no longer bacteria.

          • Coniston

            I entirely agree with you. It was intended as a light-hearted remark, though accurate. I am not making any sort of argument, as you suggest

          • Tethys

            You are most likely not indigenous.

  • markbrev

    If you have primary school pupils ‘confused’ about their gender, then you can only blame their parents.

    • alecto

      Or teachers!

      • Dominic Stockford

        The Marxists took over the teacher training colleges first.

  • John Birch

    Just another attack on the norms of society from the usual suspects.
    What does surprise me is this nonsense is acceptable under a conservative government.

    • We don’t have a conservative government (but I assume you know that). Possibly since the sixties and certainly not since Thatcher have we had anything that resembles a conservative party .

  • alecto

    More hogwash from the “progressives” or lunatics as I prefer to call them.

  • SimonToo

    “Pupils as young as five don’t have to worry about using the ‘wrong’ toilet.” As in, they will only ever be able to use the wrong one? As in, “if using the wrong toilet is inevitable, don’t waste your time worrying about it”?

  • Lawrence Newman

    All boys need to do is always pee on the seats. Unisex will then be gone within months.

  • AtilaTheHen

    Douglas Murray once commented that we will be so engrossed in discussion of who should use which toilet that we won’t notice the terrorists creep up on us.

    • RobertRetyred

      Surely, the toilet monitoring will be left to the paedos.

      • RobertRetyred wrote:

        ‘ … the toilet monitoring will be left to the paedos.

        Only the female of the species.

  • Labour_is_bunk

    Yet another instance to prove there’s no shortage of money – we just love spending it on the wrong things. I read recently of some “study” commissioned by the police which made the startling discovery that drink-related crime in the small hours had increased ever since round-the-clock boozing had been legalised.

  • wisestreligion

    Anti-bullying is the cloak in which the LGBT agenda is wrapped in order to push aside resistance to feeding gender confusion to our children.

    But look at some figures on this. This week an OECD report on bullying found that 23.9% of UK 15 year olds claim they are bullied several times a month, sadly. The proportion of people identifying as LGB is only 1.6% (ONS) and transgender 0.3%. So over 90% of bullying is of straight kids. That is not the impression one gets from the noise made by gay activists playing on our sympathy for the bullied child.

    Check this report yesterday on Lifesite News by a mother whose five year old’s school was disrupted by the arrival of a transgender kid whose parents enlisted the support of trans activists to ensure the school adopted their policies: http://bit.ly/2offRzJ