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Letters to the Editor


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Where has the common cold gone?

Dear Editor

In a world of mass hypochondria, where has the common cold gone? Nowhere is the answer. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the average adult has 2 or 3 colds per year. Children more. We know this already.

The common cold can lead to pneumonia and other complications, especially in the vulnerable. Recognise anything? It is incurable, as we all know. We can ease symptoms and ride it out but we all have to live with it.

So have we cured it? It has strangely disappeared along with many other mild complaints we live with.

In a nation paralysed with fear, every cough, sneeze, fever or headache means only one thing. Covid-19! Tests Tests Tests! The only symptom unique to Covid, however, is suffering terrifying flashbacks of horror. Images of the ‘dying’ and now an unshiftable belief in mass media lies, graphs and images.

Sage, Government and the mass media wove their hysterical narrative into our minds over many months – a brilliant and highly effective medicine.

In the real world of an autumn in England kids are sneezing and coughing as normal. It’s always been the way as they build up their lifelong immunity. Except that this time the world around them has lost all reason.

Diane Roche


The right BBB mantra

Dear Editor

The NWO mantra, repeated by most governments, is Build Back Better. I would suggest a more essential three Bs for us all to quote, implement and follow – Boycott Big Business. It’s easy to do, because Big Business is so identifiable, e.g. look at the food industry, or certain online suppliers. On the other hand, if some enterprises are essentially big business in order to function effectively, e.g. energy and water, that is the touchstone for nationalisation.

John Drewry



How have we forgotten?

Dear Editor,

I saw my first poppy today, pinned to the lapel of an elderly lady in the supermarket.

On November 11, we’ll be remembering the lives of millions who died in the defence of freedom. It is particularly sad that we have so many amongst us who seem happy to sleepwalk into giving these freedoms away without a second glance. Shame.

Isabel Logan


Where are the jab exemptions?

A reader’s letter to his MP, Chris Grayling. Republished with kind consent

Good morning Chris, 

I hope you are well. I don’t really know where to start but I would really appreciate a personal response and not a ‘stock reply’ on this matter. 

I am not anti-vaccine by nature and when I was young had flu jabs etc, etc. 

I am a little concerned with the ‘lockstep’ type drive to get the whole planet jabbed and often without any aforethought to the following: 

1.    Those like me who are Covid recovered and have natural, strong and long-lasting antibodies to this that are far superior to what these jabs offer. See Geert Vanden Bossche (vaccinologist and ex GAVI and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, Dr Peter McCullough, author of over 650 peer-reviewed papers and foremost expert in treating CV19, and Dr Mike Yeadon, ex-VP of Pfizer UK. I could cite many other experts, all of whom have been censored or de-platformed by Big Tech. It might be advisable to use DuckDuckGo as a search engine if you wish to research the aforementioned experts. 

2.    Those who simply have a religious or philosophical reason not to take jabs, be it the recent whistleblower from Pfizer (since sacked) who provided internal emails from Pfizer executives stating these jabs have aborted fetal cell line tissue in them (I can provide you with the video footage if interested?) or some just like to trust their natural immune system to fight viruses, illnesses and diseases. Not to mention many blood donor recipients will need ‘non-contaminated blood’. Historically, religious and philosophical exemptions have always been applicable to jabs or some people just think, ‘I just don’t want to take it so I won’t’, like in pre CV19 times. Which leads to my next point. 

3.    My body, my choice – this is applied to those wishing to abort babies and has historically been a basic human right when it comes to having medical treatments. In this current situation where we have a virus whereby over 99.4 per cent of those who get it recover, the average age of those who die is over 81 and they generally have at least 1-2 comorbidities, why do we have a massive drive to jab every single person on the planet despite my 3 points outlined above? 

The background or context to the above is seeing countries around the world adopting ‘Vaccine Passports’ which seem to have nothing to do with health and everything to do with getting everyone into a global database. Canada and Australia (I have friends there) seem to be offering no religious or philosophical exemptions whatsoever and medical exemptions are super-hard to come by. 

These jabs do not stop you from getting Covid (I caught it from a double jabbed person) or indeed from spreading Covid. In fact the above experts I cited and many others are saying that mass jabbing in a pandemic is causing immune escape and those jabbed are essentially walking, talking variant and mutant factories as they shed and spread the spike protein. Most people I know now who are getting Covid are double-jabbed. The government message used to be, ‘We need to jab everyone to break the chain of transmission’; this has subtly changed to ‘the jabs stop you from getting more seriously ill and lessen your chances of hospitalisation or of dying from Covid’ (survival rate is currently 99.4 per cent at least). 

Geert Vanden Bossche was so concerned when the mass jabbing commenced that he wrote to his contacts/ex colleagues at the WHO and even sent a short video to them explaining that you cannot jab your way out of a pandemic as the virus will become jab resistant and will just mutate and lead to potentially stronger and more infectious variants; he was duly ignored. 

I could go on about deaths and adverse reactions to these jabs taken from the official databases such as VAERS (USA), EudraVigilance (Europe) and MHRA Yellow Card (UK) which after 9-10 months of jabbing account for more deaths and adverse reactions than all jabs combined over the past 30 years, but that’s another topic. 

In conclusion, my question is this: Can you please point me to any government documentation that clearly points to religious or philosophical exemptions regarding CV19 jabs for those not wishing to have them? 

Yours with concern 

Terry Shepherd 

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