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Letters to the Editor


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A letter to my MP – but I don’t expect a response

Dear Editor

I sent this to my MP, Richard Holden, Conservative member for North West Durham. I know I will likely get no response, and certainly not one addressing the key issues in any manner other than in bland and meaningless verbiage. However, it does at least give vent to the frustrations and indeed anger that is engendered by what we all see around us.

Dear Mr Holden,

As you have not responded to my previous email of October 10 headed Pro-Hamas Mass Celebrations on UK Streets I am writing again to make clear my disgust at the pathetic, supine response of police forces around the country, including Durham and Newcastle, to people celebrating and promoting murder of Israelis and specifically Jews.

The police have done nothing to stop these marches and rallies, despite Suella Braverman labelling them as ‘hate marches’ and promising those taking part would not be allowed to promote Islamic terror with flags and placards and chants of hate.

Your government is allowing those who wish to kill Jews to take over our streets and mock those butchered by Hamas and promote the destruction of the sovereign state of Israel and the genocide of Jews.

The Conservative government is further enabling these gratuitous celebrations of murder, rape, torture and kidnapping by continuing to allow and even aiding the influx of illegal immigrants to our shores of people of unknown origin, of ideologies that despise and reject the morals, norms and customs of the West, and wish to overthrow them in favour of a gruesome seventh century ideology that has at the centre of its culture the desire to dominate the world and enforce its barbaric laws upon us all. Refusal to recognise this problem of an abhorrent ideology is cowardly, and puts our population and values at serious risk. 

When is your government going to do something that actually works to halt the tide of illegal immigration, instead of just giving out the worthless hot air of empty promises and useless strategies, and continuing to spend £billions of our taxpayer money in support of those illegals?

People can clearly see the ineffectiveness of your government, the hate and calls for murder allowed to be manifested on our streets, and Muslims allowed to take over parts of cities, including outside Downing Street, for prayer in a show of strength and contempt for our society, and are sick of it.

And please don’t give me the Islamophobia response – I work with Muslims every day, share meals with them, call them my friends. They reject the violence of Islam, and also don’t want this country overrun by Islamists. We already have Sharia law ghettos to which police and government turn a cowardly blind eye. Carrying on like this, they will soon cover the whole of the country where there are significant Muslim populations.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to respond this time to my email without resorting to the boilerplate, meaningless, standardised government response that avoids giving a direct answer to a direct question.

John Hale

County Durham


Wear the red poppy with pride

Dear Editor

There is a far more troubling issue than the insult to British and Commonwealth war dead of every race and creed implied by Sir Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar MSP taking off their poppies to make anti-Islamophobia videos.

For a society to survive, let alone thrive, its people need to have things they share in common – symbols, festivals, days of remembrance, moral values, social courtesies and other cultural artefacts. By way of example, secular multi-racial America has the Constitution, the flag and the history which people invest in when they become American citizens.

It is hard to imagine a less offensive symbol of who we are than the red poppy which is based on the poppies which grew in Flanders, where much of the heaviest fighting of the First World War took place. If the red poppy is unacceptable to a minority of British citizens what, if anything, is acceptable to them? 

Our politicians must stop pandering to a small rejectionist minority in British Muslim communities. Instead, they should stand up for our symbols, our values and who we are, and they must wear the red poppy with pride.

Otto Inglis



How can anyone think the Israel conflict is a conspiracy?

Dear Editor 

I’ve been struggling with the fact that some believe the events in Israel to be part of some conspiracy. I’m afraid (as someone with Jewish ancestry, whom the Nazis would have sent to a camp) that they’ve really fallen down the rabbit hole, and have exposed their ‘discernment’ as being no more than knee-jerk anti-governmental eisegesis. 

Rev Dominic Stockford


Thanks for saving my sanity

Dear Editor

Thank you for your words on the Israel/Palestine conflict, approaching it with your characteristically cool and level head and being supportive to Israel and Jews in the UK.

It is absolutely appalling for our relatively tiny Jewish community at present, especially with policing clearly not currently designed to protect and support us plus a highly selective approach to applying legislation.

You are always a breath of fresh air – you didn’t know it but you helped me keep my sanity during the whole Covid madness. My 92-year-old mum and I took a walk every day even throughout lockdowns, despite the cold fisheye stares of neighbours and the drubbings from friends. We threw away the face nappies years ago and we both remain pure of blood. The learning from TCW and your fantastic contributors meant the world then and continues to. Neville Hodgkinson blows my mind with his research on exposing health issues and crimes.

I could go on but I’ll keep it short and send you a million thank yous and blessings.

Amanda Falkson


The floods are all our own fault

 Dear Editor

There are tragic photos of water inundation for the third time in an area of semi-detached houses in Sheffield. The sort of modest houses that are home to many millions of us up and down the country. Particularly poignant are some small bungalows, clearly for the elderly, with water three-quarters of the way up the windows; one can only speculate on how difficult it must have been to get everyone out.

If only the residents of these homes had not had all those long-haul flights to exotic destinations and driven those huge 4WD gas-guzzlers. Had they limited their clothes purchases to five fashion items a year and given up meat and not put milk in their tea and on their cereal all would have been well and they would have been living in the sunny uplands. But it is not too late as Net Zero will take care of everything and once the climate is under control all will be well again. 

Lynne Collings 


The national debt madness          

Dear Editor

Interest rates are on the rise for complicated reasons trotted out by
economists whose devotion to complication makes them miss the obvious, which is that those who supply our money are putting their price up to recoup a long period of getting next to nothing for it.

It is forecast that the cost of borrowing might treble. Considering that the UK already pays about £2billion a week in interest, that is a frightening prospect.

But to whom is this interest being paid? It is not to those who have
been deprived of the use of real money while it is being lent, it is to
banking corporations who have simply created money from thin air at the behest of government itself. A crazier situation would be harder to imagine.

The private banking system creates the public money supply for the
government, and charges the government interest. And that magic money is just unredeemable pieces of paper with no intrinsic
value, only useful as a means of exchange. It is so-called ‘fiat’
money, made legal tender by government decree, and backed only by faith in that government; as opposed to real money, backed by an asset such as gold, and redeemable for such, and therefore a store of value for its owner.

The huge advantage of fiat money is that for as long as faith in
its issuer continues, it can go on being created. The disadvantage lies
with the banks, who demand interest on the money they have created for government. Therefore if the issuer of fiat money was government itself, it could be created and issued interest-free, and in any amount needed to finance health, defence, or whatever, and to heck with the banks. Just think what £2billion a week could do for people here in Britain.

Malcolm Parkin


Make ministers accountable for manslaughter

Dear Editor

Many MPs maintain that Parliament is sovereign and can do as it likes, which was the legal judgement in the case of treason at Maastricht. As seen they can even cede our sovereignty to a foreign entity, in contravention of our constitutional Law, as it seems about to do with the World Health Organization Treaty.

Indeed the ICJ (International Criminal Court) has stated that ‘heads of state are immune for all acts performed during their time in power, including torture, genocide, and crimes against humanity’.

But the UK House of Lords (HoL) came to a very different conclusion in regard to the actions by General Pinochet in Chile, finding that the nature of the acts (mass murders, torture, disappearances) ‘could not logically be considered as official acts, and therefore Pinochet was not entitled to immunity in the courts of UK’.

Would that not apply to manslaughter by gross negligence? Does anyone believe that government ministers should have crown immunity for such serious transgressions? Indeed we might argue that ministers forfeited crown immunity, by passing the 1972 EC Act (and the Maastricht Treaty) making Parliament an unlawful assembly.

In any event we need an HoL ruling confirming that UK ministers can be held accountable in UK courts for manslaughter by gross negligence under the Nuremberg Code, never mind for acts of treason.

Is the HoL ready to grasp that nettle and give us a ruling?

Roger J Arthur

West Sussex

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