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Letters to the Editor


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Crack down on protests

Dear Editor

Suella Braverman says that protesters will be locked up instantly if they try to vandalise the Cenotaph or desecrate other war memorials. Fine words, but we need action. Over a thousand pro-Palestine demonstrators stormed Edinburgh Waverley Station and a 78-year-old Army veteran selling poppies was attacked. In Niddrie, Edinburgh, eight police officers were injured as youths and adults threw fireworks and petrol bombs. In London violent demonstrations are the norm. Enough is enough: these cowards should be arrested and imprisoned; a minimum term of five years sounds about right.  To do this we need to put in the Army to sort these vermin out. They are well trained and able to corral demonstrators and ‘snatch’ troublemakers and drag them to justice. A few skulls may be cracked in the process but so what? Those who are not UK citizens should be deported immediately after their sentence.

Clark Cross



Christian converts would lead the Middle East to peace

Dear Editor, 

With the ending of the Ottoman Empire, on a ruling by the League of Nations, Turkish (and therefore Muslim) communities were expelled from Greece, with a parallel exchange of populations from Turkey to Greece. One community begged to stay, asking why they could not. When the answer came that it was because they were Muslim, they asked to convert to Christianity. Their request was refused. 

Would that Muslim Arabs on the West Bank and Gaza convert to Christianity (as a minority already are), renouncing Islam and, in time, much of the venom could be neutralised. A great part of the intractability stems from Islamic intolerance of other religions, not least its vendetta against Jews, whereas both Christianity and Judaism reject coercion of faith. 

Christian Arabs would come to reject the methods and ideology of their Islamic compatriots, making them amenable to live and let live, let the past be past, and the future one of peace and prosperity.  

Paul Charles Gregory  

Haute-Loire, France 


Policing silent prayer

Dear Editor

Home Secretary Suella Braverman is right to say that the police have double standards, treating pro-Palestine protesters and ‘green’ activists with kid gloves, while treating non-violent protesters like violent extremists.

Surely the starkest example of this approach is arresting law-abiding individuals for silent prayer. More than a free speech issue, this is a free thought issue, not to mention the suppression of religious freedom. So much for diversity!

Ann Farmer

Woodford Green



News the BBC doesn’t cover

Dear Editor

A democratic politician shot in the face in a European capital by a helmeted hitman who then escapes with an accomplice on a high-powered motorbike. It should be the stuff of movies, but it has just happened in Madrid to Alejo Vidal-Quadras, one of the founders of the Spanish populist party Vox.

In an added twist, it is highly suspected that this crime was ordered by the Iranian government, because of his association with opponents of that repressive regime. Why has the BBC chosen not to report this attack on European democracy?

Otto Inglis



What is the motive for today’s sex education?

Dear Editor

Horrified as I was at the graphics (such a perfect word in the circumstances) in Belinda Brown’s recent articles in TCW,  I still read on. She is so right. Every day we learn of more bizarre additions to the sex education curriculum. Where will it end?

The cleft stick in which we find ourselves is in large part due to the access that anyone has to extremes of pornography on the internet. ‘Anyone’ of course includes the youngest of children who by their very nature are often unnervingly computer dexterous and can quickly side step any ‘age restrictions’ they may find. Presumably this ‘education’ has to be there to pre-warn and prepare this section of our community for what might be coming their way. In theory that seems commendable.

However in a similar way to financially savvy friends always ending any advice that they might give me with the rider that they are ‘of course  not financial advisers’, I see the dangers of misleading propaganda. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

I received no sex education. My parents were much too embarrassed to go near such topics. I think they might have given me a book but I didn’t read it. Although that was a while ago (I am 77) I would like to think it was a mere flash of time compared with the thousands of years all parents must have been wresting with the same problem. Despite this ignorance we all seem to have got this far quite well. I certainly did.

Indeed I recall the process of ‘discovery’ as being intriguing and rather enjoyable. In hindsight I am more aware now of how some of us developed faster than others. Once again illustrating how natural timing of such matters is preferable to telling people what possibly they were too young to comprehend or conversely what they knew already.

To attempt to distil this process into steps in an instruction manual has to be contrary to human nature and our enquiring minds. It’s not that sort of subject. It’s a nebulous balance between instincts, drives and relationships. No two people get it quite alike. That’s before they start confusing them by asking them what sex they want to be at four years old.

This style of dangerous indoctrination is becoming more and more prevalent. The questions we must ask are why, what’s the motive and who is behind it?

Dave Hipperson


Responses to TCW’s articles on the Israel-Hamas war

Dear Editor

The anti-Semitism is terrible. It’s always been there but now it feels like it’s everywhere, and from all the people who thought like me about the shots, the lockdown, the masks: it’s like a betrayal. I just want say thank you for sticking to your guns. Thank you from a faithful reader.



Dear Editor

I’m so glad Kathy has the courage of her convictions and is not being intimidated by accusers. The hatred towards the Jews and their land from the whole world is the subject of much Bible prophecy for the End Times, but God still has His faithful hand upon them. 

I’ve been quite disappointed to note that several of the well-known people I’ve been following because of their stand for the truth about the vaccines, bogus global warming etc, have come out in favour of appeasement towards Muslim terrorists , using their desire for peace and supposed fairness towards all ‘victims’ ( virtue signalling?) to justify their hostility towards Israel. Pacifism towards bullies never works and in any case, they fail to acknowledge that the land, historically, has always belonged to Israel – it is the ‘Palestinians’ who are the occupiers. The name Palestine was used by the Romans when they conquered that land and the Jews were eventually dispersed all over the world.

Bible prophecy foretold that the Jews would eventually be gathered back to Israel and we have been witness to that truth.

I am with you all the way on this, Kathy.



Dear Editor 

I have been saddened to see Kathy Gyngell’s unqualified support for Israel recently. It is the antithesis of her usual claim to present researched, fact-based work since she clearly knows nothing about international humanitarian law or human rights law, nothing about the responsibilities that go with, for example, ‘Occupation’. This is but one example of where TCW has taken a turn for dogma and, I’m afraid to say, ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ over and above dispassionate and fact-based research. To give one tiny example (without even mentioning the present unspeakable barbarity going on in Gaza and the West Bank) Gyngell seems to believe that Israel is a victim. Is she not even aware of the number of times Israel’s sponsors have vetoed UN Resolutions related to Israel (as just one example of how this Zionist ‘project’ gets special treatment over and above Palestine and indeed all other countries)?

Gyngell is also clearly out of her depth when it comes to Anglo Saxon manipulation of ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’ and the spawning of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra front etc etc and takes at face value the propaganda we have all been subjected to since 9/11. She clearly also believes the ‘official story’ of the events of 9/11 and associated scapegoating of Muslims. Is she still looking for the WMD in Iraq, I wonder!?

TCW has done excellent work on Covid. However its blind support for Israel and its genocidal and barbaric treatment of the Palestinians is not just wrong, but unconscionable. Until it changes either its editor or its politics, I will no longer be reading and sharing it.

Dr Lucy Morgan Edwards

Author of ‘The Afghan Solution; the inside story of Abdul Haq, the CIA & how Western hubris lost Afghanistan’


Dear Editor 

Harradine and Gyngell, apologists for the fourth Reich neo-Nazi, genocidal, apartheid, supremacist regime that specialises in mass murder.

You are satanically sick to seek to excuse the genocide on Gaza and West Bank.

John Bannon

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