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Letters to the Editor


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If only William and Kate spoke out . . .

Dear Editor

Just imagine what would happen if William and Kate realised they had been duped like the rest of us, and had the courage to speak out publicly on behalf of all the vaccine-injured and bereaved!

That would put the cat amongst the pigeons, wouldn’t it, but how would they get past the courtiers and men in grey suits?

Nigel Hall


How Amazon fixes its reviews

Dear Editor

A friend and I have submitted four reviews between us to Amazon of Marianna  ‘BBC Verify’ Spring’s effort, Among the Trolls: My Journey Through Conspiracyland, but they keep getting rejected – and of course Amazon will not say why specifically, they just send a general link to ‘guidelines’.

By contrast, a few years ago, when someone wrote a non-review of my own book, which was not a review but simply said, ‘Don’t get advice from him, he is an insane anti vaxxer’, it was published straight away.  

To get that ‘review’ taken off was a massive fight. Reporting it online at Amazon using their Report key achieved nothing, nor did writing to their Customer Service unit. Using the Author Central facility, available to all authors, also led nowhere. This was despite this troll review being in clear breach of their own guidelines. Eventually, I had to write a snail mail letter to the head of Amazon in the UK. Finally, that succeeded. It took about two months.  

It is a fix. 

Name and address supplied. 


 Dangerous lack of knowledge on mRNA

Dear Editor

The recent article by Neville Hodgkinson, ‘This dishonest denial of a covid jab link to cancer’, raises the many likely links in the rising epidemic of cancer in the young.

The comment that the RNA ‘code’ was modified to make it long lasting is only part of the problem. What is vitally important is that the constituents of the RNA were altered. When injected into the body, mRNA is seen as foreign and destroyed in minutes. To prevent this, one of the main molecule types forming the chain was converted completely into a similar one which could not be broken down by the body. It is this that allows the RNA to persist for much longer. This has been shown to persist for many months, but when or if it is eliminated remains unknown. 

Even when the RNA is broken down, the molecules from which it was composed remain and can be incorporated into other parts of the cell. How, or if, it is eliminated from the body has never been studied.

Should these molecules become part of faulty RNA which can produce cancerous cells, they are probably going to evade the immune system in exactly the same way as the spike producing mRNA was designed to do, and could also persist for months or even longer. It is also likely that other chemicals used to create the modified RNA, enzymes, are not completely removed during manufacture and are also present in the body.

A reading of scientific articles on this subject always produces a similar comment – ‘this remains badly understood and more research is needed’. As of 2022, when half of the population of the world had been treated, leading scientists did not know the answers. It is a fact that most of the medical establishment does not even understand the questions that must be answered.

Spike protein, potentially deadly though it is accepted to be, is being proposed as the cause of these cancers. While it undoubtedly is a major contributor by the many mechanisms raised, the true culprit may be hiding within the cells as tiny molecules calledn1-methyl-pseudouridine, which has never existed in any life on earth outside laboratories until 2020 when it was used in huge quantities as the mainstay of the ‘safe and effective’ mRNA ‘vaccines’.

If this is the case, I fear that these cancers may well prove to be extremely difficult to treat, as they have been induced by cells containing damaged mRNA which is resistant to being destroyed for an unknown length of time, and could well transfer between cells upon their destruction. As the experts are saying, more research is needed.

J Tumilty

County Durham


Scots need to be able to sack MSPs

Dear Editor

Michael Matheson MSP has not attended the Scottish Parliament since resigning from his ministerial position six weeks ago and is now being urged to clarify if he is off sick. Mr Matheson is facing a standards probe into his conduct. The Recall of MPs Act 2015 makes provision for constituents to be able to recall their Members of Parliament and call a by-election. Last year Margaret Ferrier, an SNP MP, was subject to a recall petition by her constituents and was dismissed. Why does Scotland not have a Recall of MSPs Act? Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has written to First Minister Humza Yousaf offering his assistance if the Scottish Parliament wishes to introduce a recall mechanism for MSPs. As is the norm, the Scottish Government spokesperson declined and said that this was a matter for the Scottish Parliament, adding that Graham Simpson MSP has obtained the right to introduce a Members Bill on recall. Why has it taken nine years after the Westminster Recall Act for the Scottish Parliament to get to this stage? Graham Simpson is a Conservative MSP so will his proposed Bill stand any chance against hostile SNP MSPs?

Clark Cross


Boastful Yanks and their disastrous WWII bombing raids

Dear Editor

Henry Getley describes how in the TV series Masters of the Air the Yanks boast about their  ‘precision daylight bombing’ and their top secret Norden bombsight while disparaging RAF Bomber Command’s night-time area bombing campaign in which 55,000 RAF airmen were killed. The fact is that that the accuracy of the Norden bombsight was a myth and daylight bombing was a disaster.

The bombsight was extremely complex, with 2,000 parts, and extremely costly. The Norden programme cost $18.7billion in today’s money compared with the $30billion of the Manhattan Project. It was as much a marketing exercise of the Norden company over the Sperry Corporation, which had an alternative available, as an instrument of war. It was hyped up as being super secret, with the bomb aimers having to memorise instructions without manuals, and each sight covered with a bag on station. In fact the German spy Herman Lang had sent the blueprints to Germany in 1938 but the Germans decided it offered little more accuracy over their own sights and wasn’t worth copying. The Norden company boasted it would save airmen’s lives because they could fly so high and drop a bomb in a pickle barrel, such was its accuracy. The reality was that daylight bombing was disastrous for the crews and the claim of accuracy false. This animation of the Schweinfurt-Regensburg raid shows how dreadful the concept of daylight bombing was. 

 In 1943 a report stated that only 16 per cent of bombs were within 1,000 feet of target, and at the end of the war the US Strategic Bombing Survey stated that ‘precision bombing’ had failed. A YouTube documentary explains the whole story. It’s interesting to compare Spielberg’s violent blockbuster with British war films and documentaries. Nothing could illustrate this better than the 2010 documentary 13 Hours that Saved Britain. 

William Loneskie



The Hate Crime Act and the weakest link

Dear Editor

There is an old rule of thumb in business that you are only as good as your weakest employee. The pilot who crashes a plane defines the reputation of the airline, not the 999 reliable and professional ones. It is the same in social endeavours. The weakest singer in a choir creates their reputation.

The Hate Crime Act brings a similar principle in to play for protected minorities whereby activists, troublemakers and narcissists are empowered to poison relations between their group and the rest of the community.

It will not be our Muslim neighbours, colleagues and friends who use the Act, but overwhelmingly a tiny minority of Islamist extremists whose aim is to alienate Scottish Muslims from the rest of us.

Similarly, the trans community will not be defined by those who go to work, pay their bills and make no trouble for their neighbours, but by a tiny septic minority of activists and social media obsessives.

It would be hard to create an Act more calculated to create hostility between protected minorities and the rest of us. The Hate Crime Act must be repealed.

Otto Inglis


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