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Letters to the Editor


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The real aims of Extinction Rebellion

Dear Editor

A former head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command, Richard Walton, has written that Extinction Rebellion has ‘a political agenda with ambitions that reach far beyond environmentalism; a campaign that seeks to use mass civil disobedience over climate change to impose a full system change to the democratic order’.

Extinction Rebellion didn’t just happen. It derived from the anti-capitalist Rise Up and Occupy Movements whose aim is the destruction of the present economic system and social structure. Disrupting society to force ‘de-growth’ on the government by totally decarbonising the economy is the means to that revolutionary end.

Without oil and its derivatives which supply everything from lubricants for wind turbines, fuel for container ships, to plastics for electronics and medical care, modern society would collapse. This would certainly achieve ‘de-growth’.

Planning and carrying out law-breaking on a huge scale will lead to the breakdown of the rule of law. Without the rule of law there can be no democracy.

One of Extinction Rebellion’s leaders, Roger Hallam, has said: ‘We are going to force the governments to act. And if they don’t, we will bring them down and create a democracy fit for purpose . . . and yes, some may die in the process.’ This is the same Roger Hallam who said recently he would prevent an ambulance getting through an Insulate Britain road block even if he knew that without safe passage a patient would die.

These eco-disrupters have even considered using drones to block aircraft from landing or taking off from British airports.

Innocent supporters of Extinction Rebellion should be aware of the real aims of this shadowy organisation.

Our elected representatives should familiarise themselves with The Policy Exchange’s 76 page report Extremism Rebellion. The report concludes as follows:

‘Government, public bodies and all politicians should act with maximum caution when considering any course of action that could legitimise Extinction Rebellion. Ministers should not be meeting with extremists who openly incite the public to break the law with the expressed aim of causing severe economic damage in the short term and overturning representative democracy and the liberal free market in the long term. To date, there has been a marked failure to call out this extremist agenda for what it is.’

William Loneskie 



Husband or wife?

Dear Editor 

Maybe I’m missing something but if he is Alan Carr’s husband why do I never see male partners referred to as Paul Drayton’s wife Alan Carr.

John Birch


Are we being taken for a ride on climate change?

Dear Editor 

Those seeking money at COP26 to ward off the effects of climate change would be more convincing if they had some facts to support their fears, many of which date back to the middle of the last century but have yet to materialise.

A representative of the Marshall Islands, for example, was certain they would be under the Pacific soon, but could not say how much the sea level had risen over the years. 

Likewise the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean – often cited as soon to be underwater – continue apace with beach hotel development.  

Various famines, droughts, oil shortages, heat waves, ice ages, and world endings have been predicted, but still fail to arrive.

Unrelated film footage is constantly presented to raise the level of hysteria, young Greta looks much better dressed, and Sir David looks increasingly frantic.

Are we being taken for an expensive ride by forces unknown, brilliantly talked up by a gullible media?

Malcolm Parkin



The outrageous sacking of Bob Moran

Dear Editor

We either have free speech and freedom of thought or we don’t. We can’t be selective here. I don’t know anything about the Moran-Clarke spat other than your article in TCW today The cartoon that Bob Moran can now share – The Conservative Woman but clearly Moran’s dismissal is dismaying and outrageous. The cartoon tradition is meant to be provocative. Clarke ought to have responded with more dignity instead of intimidation that has denied Moran his livelihood. Such sensitivity to perceived offence needs to be roundly rejected in Britain as a cause for complaint, it’s usually a vexatious and fabricated reaction. Professor Stock is a case in point. Kathleen Stock resigns from University of Sussex after trans rights row | News | The Times

There are wider concerns involved. The abysmal state of Daily Telegraph coverage and its uncertain ideological drift deserves inspection. Readers can have no confidence in it as a reliable record and conservative voice. One example from last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph was its item on the Governor election this week in the US state of Virginia. Trans issues and critical race theory take centre stage in knife-edge Virginia governor election ( The report was grossly misleading. As parents, all ethnicities are opposed to the teaching of CRT in state schools and the opposition crosses political and socio-economic lines. It is not confined to MAGA Republicans. The report also failed to say that the girl of 14 who was attacked by a trans teenager, a boy dressed in female clothing, in the school bathroom, was sodomised by him. He then proceeded to rape another teenage girl when he was transferred to a different school. The Telegraph correspondent merely described is as a sexual assault. Who actually owns the DT, what are the financial interests of investors? There is no critical and sceptical reporting of Covid/vaccine nor the Green scam. The DT and the British press is worse than Pravda in the days of the former Soviet Union.

Then there’s the confused response by government to freedom matters. The Minister for Higher Education insists on freedom of speech on campus. Fine, but this is the same government that is pushing the Online Harms Bill that will lead to greater censorship, of conservative opinion and dissent from state orthodoxy in particular. It is also the government that has enabled extreme and militant Woke activism through promotion of the diversity and protected characteristics legislation. At the same time as government is condemning the destructive ‘white privilege’ narrative it is forcing the Civil Service to attend training sessions for white privilege, microagressions and policing words. What an inconsistent mess.

The Conservative Party must decide what it is about beyond winning elections. Johnson should be removed and replaced by someone genuinely committed to freedom, transparency and curtailing the increasingly authoritarian state. Someone who will not be enslaved to globalist oligarchs, Soros, Gates, et al. Someone who will set up a Commission of Enquiry on the future of the NHS and a public consultation on the future of monarchy and head of state arrangements as the Queen’s reign draws to a close. Someone serious and grounded after Johnson’s tiresome clowning. We cannot tolerate another couple of years of a permissive PM reluctant to confront PC excess. Moran would not have lost his job had the cultural climate been firmly in favour of robust debate and holding public figures, paid for by taxpayers, such as Clarke, to proper account.


Rhydwenna E Jones


COP26? No, FLOP26

Dear Editor

COP26 will go down in history as FLOP26. The energy crisis has revealed the Net Zero policy as futile. China has increased coal imports from North Korea despite this breaking UN-imposed sanctions. Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, says he will put Australia’s interests first and resist attempts to phase out coal production and coal-power electricity generation. Vietnam will double its coal-fired generation. Norway will continue to explore for oil and gas and will ‘develop, not dismantle’ the industry. EU nations such as Germany still rely heavily on coal and Russia has suspended the gas pipeline into Germany. The UK’s mega-expensive Net Zero crusade is futile without China and other countries making legally-binding emission reduction targets. China, India and other developing countries say the Net Zero agenda is ‘unjust’ and sceptics are saying that they are only turning up at COP26 to demand their slice of the $100 billion climate cake.

Clark Cross 



St Michael is taking the mickey

Dear Editor

The other day a display of charity Christmas cards in Marks & Spencer caught my eye, but something seemed to be missing. It took me a couple of minutes to work out what it was – not a single card related to the birth of Jesus, which is what Christmas actually celebrates.

I could hardly believe that Marks had erased the nativity from their cards, so the following day I went back and searched all the other displays in the entire store: individual cards, multi-packs and even Christmas gift cards. In the end, I could only find a single card relating to the Christmas story.

The fact that Marks are only selling a single design relating to the nativity – no shepherds, wise men or angels – leads me to think that it was an afterthought.

Although practising Christians are certainly a minority in the country these days, there is probably still a majority of people for whom Christianity, if not our religion, is still an essential part of our culture.

Imagine Marks & Spencer treating a much smaller group, such as the transgender community, so shabbily – almost inconceivable. Christians and cultural conservatives, however, are a different matter.

Offering only a single card relating to the Christmas story is a disgrace: St Michael is really taking the mickey.

Otto Inglis



Schools are for learning, not medical experiments on children

Dear Editor

Health and Safety in Schools does not include using school premises for experimental medical treatment.

The school immunisation service therefore has no legal requirement to offer experimental injections in schools, as these injections are not vaccines and do not render the pupils an immunity to the so-called ‘Covid’ virus. 

Any school headmaster or headteacher and staff letting these experimental trial injections take place on school premises is breaking the law, and parents would be within their rights to demand the immediate closure of the school as a result. This includes mandating the wearing of masks for any pupil on school grounds, social distancing or hand sanitising, all of which have been found to be detrimental to children’s physical and mental health.

Parents send their children to school for educational purposes, not to be part of medical experiments which have had no long-term safety trials and which have already resulted in the deaths of adults and children.

Risk assessment professionals have voiced concern over the experimental injection of children in an unsuitable environment such as schools, where medical equipment and experts cannot be present to deal with the many adverse reactions and deaths that the children may have.

Many schools have been served with liability orders in the last few weeks, and headmasters who have continued to flout the law and to allow the injection experiments in their schools will soon face legal criminal proceedings.

Any medical treatment on children should be decided on by the parents and GPs and should be carried out in a suitable medical environment.

Sylvia Priest


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