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Letters to the Editor


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Freedom to cross the road

Dear Editor

The Metropolitan Police have been branded ‘beyond appalling’ after an officer threatened to arrest a Jewish man trying to cross the road at a pro-Palestine march because his ‘presence was antagonising’.

This is totally unacceptable in a free society. I and anyone else, should be free to walk wherever the hell I, or they, want to on British soil, no matter what their ‘ethnicity’ and without ‘let or hindrance’ by the police.

It says as much on my passport when I am abroad, so why not when I am at ‘home’?

‘Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance . . . and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary’.

Michael Bolton

Co Armagh


Stand up to Iran

Dear Editor

Blessed with a large, young and highly educated population, vast deposits of oil, a 3,000-year history and a distinctive culture, Iran should be a wealthy, successful and happy country. 

Unfortunately, the religious fanatics who govern it have only two priorities – setting the Middle East on fire and wiping out Israel with its Jewish people. The welfare of the Iranian people is a matter of complete indifference to them.

This is the country where only 19 months ago a young woman, Mahsa Amini, was beaten to death by the ironically named Morality Police for not covering her hair properly. This led to the Woman, Life, Freedom movement and the murder by the regime of hundreds of protesters.

Is it any wonder that Iran backs Hamas, which committed mass rape and mass murder of civilians on October 7?

What is truly frightening is that Iran not only has ballistic missiles but is far down the path to nuclear weapons.

For our own sake as much as for the peoples of the Middle East, we should stand with Israel in whatever action they deem necessary to take against the Iranian regime.

Otto Inglis



Care home ‘inmates’ are a captive audience for the jab

Dear Editor

On Wednesday, the residents at our care home received the fantastic offer of yet another covid jab.  This is, to my mind, an attempt to keep Project Fear going, and to throw more unnecessary money at Big Pharma and the NHS. In the case of care homes, there is a captive audience of compliant people. For us, this exercise will be carried out by our assigned GP from the local practice, the head of which is a close relative of the owners of our care home, so everybody is happy, except for the poor mugs whose immune system is already compromised after nearly four years of being drip-fed by scrap bits of RNA. My wife and are exercising our right to refuse, but the ‘marketing’, no doubt with the encouragement of NHS/ Continuing Healthcare is, to my mind, pitched in such a way to elderly people that a ‘yes please’ answer is expected. Today my wife and I verbally stated our refusal of the jab and signed the form confirming our decision. Even so the staff member said that if we changed our mind by Tuesday, when the doctor would be in the home, we could always do so. (Fat chance!) I wonder how the jab is being presented to the thousands of residents in care homes throughout the country, where ‘inmates’ are not generally exposed to the controversy and doubts on both the efficacy of the ‘vaccine’ and the immoral approach of government to the whole Covid issue.

James Dent
Sudbury, Suffolk


What is the benefit of the ‘Spring Booster’?

Dear Editor

Thank you for your excellent article ‘NHS pushes covid booster’ including the summary of MHRA yellow card data. As I reach the pivotal age of 75 in May I have been receiving texts and emails urging me to have the spring booster, even though if you follow the links they clearly state that the booster will not stop you catching or transmitting covid. They claim two things which you address in your article: 1) it will reduce the risk of serious illness and 2) it will ‘top up’ protection as it fades over time and variants can change.

To my knowledge the current inoculations were gene sequenced against variants that are no longer in circulation so how can a top up protect me?

The point is that any medical treatment has to be based upon risk versus benefit and as you point out the risks are there for all to see and as described in the letter from HART not all medical opinion supports the narrative.

As for Boots offering to vaccinate healthy 12-year-olds, I hope they have checked their indemnity insurance.

As Angus Dalgleish put it in his summary,  ‘Do these people not read the literature or are they just plain stupid or just not care?

Given the known risks why would a responsible government advocate a spring booster programme?

William Huntingford



The government is guilty of democide

Dear Editor

Democide is described as any murder by government or by officials acting under the authority of government, to act according to explicit or implicit government policy or explicit approval of the highest officials. Collectively therefore our government is guilty of this crime via its continuing Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ regime.

If we think that is horrific and unacceptable by any standard on a national scale, the prospect of it being set in stone on an international scale, as planned by the World Health Organization, is infinitely worse. It would then become enforceable in international law. That is why the WHO’s ‘One Health Treaty’ must be rejected outright in the UK, whether or not our government attempts to put it into law.

That is the point when civil disobedience is not an option but becomes a duty.

Graham Wood   



Blair’s ID cards by the back door

Dear Editor

The proposed smoking ban that creeps up through the ages cannot work without some sort of ID card to prove one’s age. 

So, in the future, someone would have to say, prove they are 42 and able to buy fags and not 41 and unable to purchase them. 

In this way, it looks as if Tony B Liar gets his ID card dreams fulfilled via a back door in which a supposedly Conservative and freedom-loving government infantilises adults. 

I am astounded that no one in the free, non-mainstream, press appears to have picked up on this important issue of a need for ID cards that comes with such a dumb plan. 

Tony B Liar has also recently been trying to drum up support for his ID surveillance system by highlighting that with such a system in place, possibly along with more face recognition, illegal migrants would be less able to disappear into the black economy. This entreaty will appeal to some folks who are ‘broadly on the right’ – the sort of Daily Mail and Daily Express readers who worry about boat people (a tiny fraction of legal migration of course), but who have not bothered to think too hard about the rights their forefathers fought for. 

I am surprised it took him so long to bang this drum. 

David Lawrenson


Attacks on free speech: Labour should beware

Dear Editor,

The shortsightedness of the Parliamentary Opposition benches in gloating that Nigel Farage was prevented from speaking in Brussels is almost comical, as they should have been asking if something similar could happen to the Labour Party.

This country currently has a government which has ruthlessly used narrative-driven coups to gain control.

Firstly, it claimed to have achieved ‘Brexit’ and trumpeted this news, specifically to drown out criticism regarding the sacrificing of Northern Ireland, Fisheries, the absence of the repeal of any EU legislation or questions about why any further payments to the EU were needed.

Then it claimed, without ever producing supporting evidence, that we were all in mortal danger from a virus and locked down the country, sidelined Parliament and gave itself draconian powers – a position which the Labour Party (supposedly the Opposition) merely endorsed with its ‘Harder, Deeper, Sooner’ slogan. 

It followed that by using the mere possibility of Stock Market turmoil to oust Liz Truss and replace her with the unelected Sunak.

Since then it has continued to add to its arsenal of legislation, much of which is of the censorship variety.

One signature from whoever is the Home Secretary this week would leave the Labour Party as a Proscribed Organisation. On past form no evidence would be needed or ever provided, but any event either in this country or abroad would be the excuse for such drastic action. Previous actions clearly demonstrate that the belief that this could not possibly happen is false. Then it would be members of the Labour Party dealing with hostile police forces and not standing in any elections.

M Colley



Wrinklies in the front line

Dear Editor 

As an awake 83-year-old it occurs to me that many awake employed people are reluctant to spread the word for fear of being castigated or fired for their opinions. 

We pensioners who are retired have more power than we might think. We have seen much of the world and the machinations of the globalists and we have nothing to fear but the loss of our pensions.
We have much to say about this changing world and we must speak up now. We are the front line and must make it our project to wake up those who remain ignorant of the malicious and abhorrent direction that we are being led towards. I don sandwich boards protesting about the cashless society and I march through our busy town on market days. This attracts much attention and comment. Most of it positive and surprisingly from young people. 

So wrinklies, make it a project for you. Speak your mind. Be awkward and bloody-minded but above all wake up the woke!

Lawrence Moore 



Help our own homeless before Palestinian refugees

Dear Editor

Scottish migration minister Emma Roddick has written to the UK legal migration minister Tom Pursglove, saying that the UK government needs to take in more Palestinian refugees who have family living in Scotland. She is calling for the UK government’s refugee family reunion scheme to be expanded to include all immediate and extended family members including parents, adult children, siblings and their siblings’ children. Wait a minute – there are already 36,848 adults and 16,263 children in Scotland who do not have a permanent roof over their heads. In England there are 271,000 homeless including 123,000 children. Surely their needs come first? The cost to taxpayers of yet more refugees would be horrendous so will Emma Roddick take a refugee family into her own home or pay for their upkeep for life? Will the 74,000 people who signed a public petition and the 75 migrants’ rights organisations across the UK take in refugee families or fund them so there is no cost to UK and Scottish taxpayers? 

Clark Cross


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