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Letters to the Editor


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Don’t trust Big Pharma

Dear Editor

The recent announcement by AstraZeneca withdrawing their covid vaccine should raise a few questioning eyebrows. Could the unreported deaths, disabilities and injuries caused by it have anything to do with it?

Long gone are the daily reports from the three No 10 wise monkeys of the covid deaths and lockdowns. And the castigation of ‘conspiracy theorists’. As is the mainstream media reporting of selective, incomplete and misleading statistics.

Trusting any organisation like big pharma has proved dangerous as we have seen with the Post Office scandal. And the public should regard medication in the same way.

On BBC at the moment is a series called Dopesick on the American scandal of big pharma Purdue Pharma who manufactured and dispensed a painkilling drug that they knew was addictive and a killer. The American authorities allowed this for many years. But due to the diligence and determination of investigators and action by its victims it was finally exposed. Therefore trusting any multinational large corporation can be a fatal mistake. Even the haloed NHS who covered up the contaminated blood scandal can’t be trusted. But Purdue has done what all organisations do when they are exposed. They changed their name (Knoa Pharma) and continue to this day. Remember what happened here when Windscale became Sellafield. The public are treated like idiots.

When are we going to be told how many excess deaths, injuries and disabilities have been caused by AstraZeneca? Think carefully before accepting any new vaccine or medication that is being pushed by the medical profession. Trust no one. Do your own research.

Malcolm Naylor 



Take disruptive protesters off the streets

Dear Editor

A report, soon to be published, by Lord Walney, the Government’s advisor on combating political violence, is recommending a new category for banning protest groups who regularly commit crimes in furtherance of their aims and could be forced to pay compensation for blocking roads. This is good news for the public who are fed up with the damage and disruption caused by pro-Palestine and pro-Israeli demonstrations and the far-too-numerous eco-demonstrations, especially by Just Stop Oil. Demonstrations are not only wasting police time, which should be used to tackle and prevent crime, but wasting taxpayers’ money. The cost of policing the nine pro-Palestinian and three pro-Israeli protests is well over £40million and counting. Add on the eco-protesters, and the cost to the UK police forces will exceed £150million. The police in England and Wales are soon to be given powers to arrest demonstrators who wear masks. Will the Scottish government copy this sensible legislation? I think we know the answer.

Clark Cross 



Beware the return of Ed Miliband

Dear Editor

It is alarming to think that Ed Miliband, the author of the Climate Change Act 2008 and the creator of the authoritarian Climate Change Committee, may soon be back in power after the general election. He has already set out his plans to increase taxes even further on oil and gas companies producing in the North Sea. He will issue no new oil and gas licences. Both of these policies will cause companies to leave the sector, put 200,000 jobs at risk, and make Britain entirely dependent on foreign powers for oil and gas which we will need for the foreseeable future. 

He intends that the UK’s electricity supply will be zero carbon in six years’ time, meaning the closure of all our gas-fired power stations, which supply around half of our electricity. As I write, gas is supply 43 per cent of UK electricity and the hundreds of wind farms onshore and offshore 3 per cent. Labour, if elected, say they will triple solar, double onshore wind, and ‘build over a thousand local power projects’, and increase the march of new power lines across Scotland. Strangely, Labour’s 22-page energy policy document makes no mention of where the money is coming from to fund all these projects. The UK’s national debt is already at £2,654billion, around 100 per cent of GDP. It must be cut, not increased. Yet Labour will magic up £1.5billion to build car battery plants in northern England.

Labour’s energy policy is very similar to that of the SNP except that they include nuclear in their energy mix. They are both adherents to and patrons of the quasi-religion that is Net Zero, and so, to a lesser extent, are the Conservatives, although within that party there are sensible voices stating the obvious that if Britain shut down tomorrow it would not make one iota of difference to the climate. 

There’s bad news for the motorist too. The ban on reliable diesel and petrol cars will be returned to 2030, and the targets forcing manufacturers to sell an increasing number of battery powered cars will remain. Ford and Stellantis have already said that they will restrict the sale of combustion vehicles as a result. 

A villain in Labour’s transport drama is the mayor of the UK’s largest city, Sadiq Khan, whose road penalties will undoubtedly be spread further as will his freedom-restricting 15-minute neighbourhood plans. Khan is chairman of the global organisation C40 which is working to introduce these worldwide. However, in the Stalinist world of C40 and its determination to achieve net zero and beyond, it has arrived at a set of targets which, if implemented, will dramatically restrict individual freedom. Individuals will be allowed one short-haul flight a year, 16kg of meat per person per year, 90kg of dairy, and eight items of new clothing annually. Private motoring will take a hit with only 190 cars per 1,000 people allowed, eventually reducing to no private cars at all, along with a meat-free diet. Will Khan influence future Labour policy according to C40? With the gurgling Miliband in charge anything is possible.

William Loneskie



Where PM Sunak has gone wrong

Dear Editor 

We used to get democracy once every four or five years, but now there nothing to choose between. The letter below was to our Tory PM but will most likely be suitable for a Labour one. So save it for 2029.

Dear Rishi Sunak

It is over eight years since a majority in the UK voted to restore our sovereignty, but we have still not taken back control. Indeed, we now face further enslavement by would be puppet masters, such as the WHO and UN, seemingly driven by potential conflicts of interest.

The WHO, which is largely funded by corporates, wants to impose its will on us (bypassing Parliament) via a new Treaty and you seem happy with that. You can argue that Parliament is not obliged to follow WHO diktats, but we know from experience that many will later argue that that would be breaking International Law.

Of course, permitting subservience to foreign entities is against your primary duty to the people. It has already led to draconian 15-min cities and net zero – at enormous cost to the people without consultation – but you still seem to pay lip service to foreign diktats. 

You have reverted to a command economy using taxation without representation, to pursue unobtainable and unaffordable targets. That did not work for the people when Stalin tried to stymie the free market and it will not work now.

Your rate of progress in delivering on the pledges that you made as PM has been abysmal. But you seem unable to grasp why your by election results have been so poor and so here are some clues.

1. Belated support for motorists might just deter many from voting Lab/Lib/Green. But you still require unrealistically that 80 per cent of all new vehicles sold must be EVs by 2030 and – with 15m already in fuel poverty – you have a massive hill to climb. 

2. Your ‘pushing the team’ for Cameron did not go unnoticed, and we are watching your big donors including so-called oligarchs and corporates with vested interests.

3. The expansionist policies of EU and Nato are more likely to cause unrest and war than to preserve the peace, but you keep denuding us of munitions for no tangible gain. How will you justify the fruitless expenditure of blood and iron?

4. At around £120 per household pa the green levy would take 833 years to raise £3,000billion to decarbonise the Grid. You have no idea of how that will be funded, or where the materials and skilled labour will come from. 

5. Lithium mines currently produce around 130,000 tonnes pa and with 40kg per EV battery, it will take around 400 years to make batteries for 1,500million cars globally. (Yes, there is plenty of accessible sodium in the seas but there is no chance that production of Na batteries will come to the rescue by 2030.)

6. Meanwhile China emits as much CO2 in 11 days as the UK does in a year and its emissions keep rising. At an emission rate of 0.00048ppm pa, the UK would take 3,000 years to increase the current level by 1.6ppm, but as Professor William Happer demonstrated, the GHG impact of each ppm declines exponentially. The UK’s influence on global temperature is clearly insignificant and immaterial.

7. The premature closure of coal-fired power stations left us over-dependent on foreign fuel supplies and escalating gas prices, thereby exacerbating fuel poverty for an infinitesimal gain. 

8. On some days solar and wind power output is less than 2 per cent of grid maximum demand. Yet you persist with a proposal to double or treble wind farm capacity, using £billions in taxpayer subsidies, with negligible benefit. SMRs would be cheaper but you have failed to order any.

9. Taxes are at their highest level for many years and fiscal drag pulls increasing numbers into higher tax rates. You increased Corporation Tax to 25 per cent which will not encourage inward investment. 

That doesn’t endear you to those who want low taxation and small government, it neglects the Laffer Effect and plays into the hands of socialists. 

10. Now one worker in three is on the government payroll, growth is negligible and you have done little to arrest the rising public sector burden, or our historically high level of debt.

11. You have abdicated to civil servants with little or no scrutiny of new policies in Parliament, while the cost of quangos has risen above £200billion pa. Indeed MPs who ask difficult questions are cancelled or accused of bullying.

12. Despite promises, we continue to carry the millstone of many legacy EU regulations, while UK Supreme Court judgments are overridden by ECHR rulings and the ECJ. The ECHR is now being weaponised to prosecute ex-servicemen who have been long retired.  

13. The flow of illegal migrants into our country continues largely unabated, with HR lawyers thwarting their deportation, using rulings by the unaccountable ECHR. But you still won’t withdraw from it and you have not taken back control.

14. Many hate politicians who make excuses for the perpetrators of crime because of ethnicity. They are incensed by genuflection by public servants, to undemocratic pressure groups while democracy, law and order fall further into decline.

15. Most do not want Woke and cancel culture and they do not want to be talked down to and labelled racists. They hate that our culture and history is being rubbished and attacked, with freedom of speech threatened by those who fear exposure, or that someone might be offended.

16. They have heard more than enough that you followed the science, using worst case predictions, to keep them cowed while watching the same strategy used to scare the pants off us with net zero.

17. Many believe that the lockdown and vaccines may have caused more loss of life years than Covid, but you have failed to learn the lessons. Soon we will see the rise in excess deaths exacerbated by net zero.

Roger Arthur

W Sussex

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