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Letters to the Editor


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Wanted: A British War Room

Dear Editor

I, too, watch War Room: Pandemic daily and it would be good to connect with other British like-minded admirers of the programme, many of whom read TCW. It’s the go to for reliable information and insight on US and ideological matters.  A British ‘branch’ of WR is an excellent idea but it needs an organiser/leader and central command. I don’t think that Reclaim would be an appropriate vehicle. Maybe WR should be contacted and one of their team could come over to help set up their ‘franchise’ over here. The reason they are going after Bannon is they want to drive WR off the air – that’s how effective it is in raising awareness, informing, mobilising the people and creating a coalition. 

Last night WR was discussing China’s dominance over America/the West. China saw no reason to attend COP26 nor to send a video message: it was a statement of power. With the US now subservient and effectively a client state of China, the US establishment fully captured, Biden and China have a ‘personal relationship’ that rules out any confrontation by America. Biden is set on unilaterally scrapping trade tariffs with China. It’s a measure of US weakness and MSM tells us this is the US and China working together, that’s how abysmal our media has become.


Rhydwenna E Jones


Climate vandalism is selective

Dear Editor

Another hatching of climate protesters crawl out of the woodwork. Eco-zealots from ‘Tyred of SUVs’ caused criminal damage by puncturing or deflating the tyres of about 60 cars in Glasgow. They left flyers on the windscreens criticising the owners for having a gas guzzling SUV (sports utility vehicle) but the majority of the cars were not even SUVs. The demonstrators are cowards since they carry out their crimes in the darkness. Why did they not let down the tyres of President Joe Biden’s hulking black Cadillac known as ‘The Beast’ and the 20 SUVs in the Glasgow COP26 convoy? Why do members of Tyred of SUVs not go to China which has 297million cars, of which 47 per cent are SUVs or America which has 287million cars, more than half SUVs? The police must be seen to act quickly otherwise irate members of the public will take the law into their own hands. 

Clark Cross  



Electric cars are far from green

Dear Editor,

Electric vehicles (EVs) currently account for 2.4 per cent of global car sales but, with a combination of political ‘encouragement’ and the barrage of promotional advertising that extols their apparently green credentials, that figure is projected to leap to 30 per cent by 2025. The known land-sourced reserves of cobalt, copper lithium and nickel needed for the lithium-ion batteries will last for many years at current rates of use but they will be dramatically shortened and depleted as demand escalates.

The EV drivers who believe they are helping to ‘save the planet’ are unwittingly or wilfully blind to some harsh realities. They are exploiting a $1-a-day labour force working in highly dangerous and toxic conditions, destroying natural habitats while simultaneously subjecting the environment to potentially fatal levels of pollution. How would they feel if they saw their livelihoods being destroyed, as is happening in South America where rural communities find their water resources are disappearing not because of climate change, but because 500,000 gallons of that precious resource in needed to produce just one ton of lithium carbonate? Have they paused to consider what will be the potential environmental consequences of the disposal of millions of spent batteries or how the power grid is going to cope with recharging demands? Doubtless they favour yet more intermittent wind power, unaware or uncaring that turbines kill untold numbers of birds and the insects they feed on. Not content with raping the land for the required minerals for EVs, companies are actively looking to cause further desecration to our already severely threatened oceans by ‘harvesting’ polymetallic nodules from the sea floor. Technically the CO2 payback for manufacturing an EV battery ranges from four to twelve years depending on the model, but be under no illusion, they are far from being green. Scores of companies are gearing up to capitalise on this green goldrush but there are nearly always unseen, under-reported negative consequences.

Neil J Bryce



Democracy or tyranny?

Dear Editor,

At election time, when we vote for a party, something momentous happens.

We consent to everything in that manifesto, even though we probably haven’t read it.

The candidate we choose will never represent us, he will for ever represent his party. That is what it says on the tin.

Then we complain that they have taken away our freedoms. No, they haven’t; they merely created the system where we give them away. They call it ‘democracy’. Hailsham described it as ‘elective dictatorship’. It gets worse: ‘It is the Parliamentary majority which has the potential for tyranny’ (Hailsham 1970).

What we don’t seem to understand is that once a party leader gets the ‘majority’ based upon the manifesto, anything else arising maybe arranged just as the Premier Dictator wishes, e.g. Covid or Net Zero.  For five years the Plan has been approved. We did it. There is no saying ‘hang on a minute’. The only safe alternative is your trusted local Independent.

Martin Cruttwell

North Yorkshire


Government misinformation

Dear Editor

I rediscovered my government-issued leaflet ‘Covid-19 A Guide for Adults’ the other day. 

Which led me to wonder why didn’t the government issue an updated leaflet this year – ‘Covid-19 A Guide for Children’? Given that children were deemed old enough to give their own informed consent. 

The original booklet very prominently drew attention to a fatality rate for those who contracted Covid-19 of about 1 in 100 (which exaggerated the real risk by a factor of about 10). This reinforces even further the need for an updated, more accurate leaflet. Assuming the government really do have an interest in tackling ‘dangerous misinformation’.

Keep up the good work TCW!

Andrew McBrien



A fundamental shift in perception

Dear Editor

I’ve never considered myself naïve, and always had a healthy cynicism about ‘the authorities’.  From my student days until now, aged 77, my position was that they weren’t there in my best interests but their own, a position, I suspect, shared by countless others. Whatever was the latest criticism of their ‘heinous crimes’ or their ineptitude was aired healthily across the spectrum, from pithy comments in readers’ letters to rowdy berating and the shaking of heads, even fists, in the bar.  

That is a crucial and scary step away, however, from concluding that they are actually the enemy and are deliberately intending to do me harm.  A couple of years ago, that position would have been considered paranoid. And now?

John Drewry



What’s the problem with this?

Dear Editor

Browsing for the title of one of my articles you published I stumbled
on the DeSmog blog, fearless takers down of all those (thee and me etc) who seek sanity in the climate panic. I’m in it! Hurrah.

Here’s the passage they saw fit to DeSmog:

‘An article in The Conservative Woman by columnist Julian Flood
criticised Bill Gates’ plan to mitigate climate change by spraying
chalk dust into the stratosphere to deflect the sun’s energy and cool
the earth.

‘Disputing the veracity of models showing increased incidents of
climate-induced extreme weather, Flood wrote: “The computer models which frighten us all with the prospect of disrupted monsoon and hydrological cycles, with increased rain and mega-droughts, are merely sophisticated guesses,” adding: “The data – the rate of warming as measured by balloon thermometers and satellites – does not match the models. The modelling guesses are wrong.”

‘Elsewhere in the article, he wrote: “Isn’t it odd how the green
movement keeps telling us that we are threatened with the ultimate
disaster but simultaneously opposes any realistic attempt, such as
fracking or nuclear power, to reduce humanity’s carbon dioxide

I don’t know about you, but I see nothing smoggy about those points.

Julian Flood 


Sympathy for a weeping cricketer but not victims of the grooming gangs

Dear Editor 

A parliamentary committee hauled Yorkshire Cricket Club in to answer issues relating to racism and a botched investigation. Tory MPs postured over the matter well in advance of the hearing – ‘heads must roll’, ‘the board must resign’, etc, etc.

I don’t recall MPs hauling chief constables, council chiefs and the heads of social services into Parliament for their failings over the grooming gangs. Did they demand that ‘heads must roll’? That councillors or heads of department ‘must resign’? (Perhaps that would have been too close to home for some MPs who were aware of what was going on?)   

Why are numerous vulnerable girls, who suffered more seriously than the Pakistani cricketer, afforded so little respect and attention? Earlier this year it was reported that a Batley teacher went into hiding because of fears for his life ­– again, where are the posturing MPs and the parliamentary committees?

All of this illustrates the moral vacuum at the heart Parliament and its contempt for English people. If an institution fails the electorate so badly, perhaps it’s time to think of democratic alternatives.

T R Chapman 


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