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Letters to the Editor


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Silence on China ‘disappearances’

Dear Editor,

If the British government were to ‘disappear’ Emma Raducanu, there would be uproar. Similarly, if the American government were to vanish Jeff Bezos, the international community would be united in demanding his release.

By disappearing both the tennis player Ms Peng Shuai and Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba, China has done the exact equivalent of both these deeds and yet there is virtual silence.

Not content with disappearing individuals, the Chinese government has gone further by throwing at least several hundred thousand Uyghur Muslims into concentration camps and attempting to erase both their language and culture.

If there is one country in the world that we need to boycott, disinvest from and sanction, it is China.

As a start, we in the West should move manufacturing for our markets out of China, seek alternative sources for the essential rare earth metals mined there, and bar their postgraduate students from our science faculties. 

Otto Inglis



We will be grateful for Brexit

Dear Editor

Fraser Nelson asks: ‘Was I right to support Brexit?’ He clearly voted on the assumption that we would not carry the burden of EU regulations after Brexit. 

Had we moved to WTO rules, that might have been a realistic assumption, but Government feared the consequences of that and so we continue to carry the burden, despite the fact that more than 90 per cent of UK companies do not export to the EU.

But the priority for many who voted to leave was to have regulations proposed and enforced in their Parliament by MPs who are accountable to them – however long it takes. Many in Germany, France and Poland have also indicated a desire for sovereignty and the struggle for Democracy is far from over.

When the declining eurozone Titanic eventually sinks, Fraser Nelson will thank God for Brexit.

Roger J Arthur


Wind turbine facts

Dear Editor

The average wind farm is some 20 turbines. Each needs 80 gallons of oil as lubricant, and we are not talking about vegetable oil. This is an oil based on crude, 12,000 gallons of it, and it needs to be replaced once a year.

An estimated 3,800 turbines would be needed to power a city the size of Glasgow. That is 304,000 gallons of refined oil a year for just one city.

Where is all the oil is going to come from? The oil fairies?

Trees can create a barrier and turbulence that interferes with the 20mph sustained wind velocity necessary for a turbine to work properly. 

On the disposal side, the lifespan of a modern wind turbine is 25 years.

The gigantic fibre composite blades cannot be reused, refurbished  or recycled. They have to go to special landfills. Those blades, three per turbine, can be 120ft to 200ft long. 

Some 500,000 birds are killed each year in wind turbine blade collisions, including hawks, falcons, owls, geese, ducks and eagles. Apparently smaller birds can dart and dodge the blades, whereas the larger soaring birds are not so lucky.

Michael Baird 


Luvvies and ‘toxic masculinity’

Dear Editor

The very woke actor Benedict Cumberbatch has called for an end to ‘toxic masculinity’.  He and other thespians do not seem to realise that their careers depend on drama that presents these isles as having a murderer lurking in every mile. What would they do without Sherlock, Poiret, Marple or Morse? And in the real world ‘toxic masculinity’ provides careers for many, from judges and lawyers to the police and guards. Similarly there seems a tendency to ‘bite the hand that feeds them’ in many public service professions, such as NHS, education and the civil service. If they have no customers they will be out of work, or someone cheaper elsewhere can do telephone calls or Zoom instead of our reluctant GPs or teachers. Should someone tell them or should we just let them talk themselves out of a job?

Kathleen Carr



Look after our own homeless before illegal immigrants

Dear Editor

The SNP are furious that Priti Patel has said that Scotland is not doing enough to house asylum seekers. The Home Secretary claimed Scottish councils were not ‘pulling their weight’. So far this year 25,600 people have crossed the Channel, the majority being young males who paid traffickers at least £3,300 to be smuggled into the UK, the land of milk and honey and housing and welfare benefits. Genuine asylum seekers fleeing oppression would have claimed ‘safe haven’ in Europe instead of setting off on a dangerous trip for the UK. Giving them houses would just encourage more to come. There is already a housing crisis in Scotland with 30,345 adults and 11,804 children without a permanent home. They deserve to have housing, so why add to the problem by housing pretend asylum seekers? In September 2015 Nicola Sturgeon said on TV that she would be ‘happy’ to take a Syrian refugee family into her home. She did not do so, but perhaps now she could immediately take in a few of the 42,149 homeless people in Scotland and encourage SNP MSPs and SNP controlled council officials to do the same until permanent homes are available. Now that would be leading by example.

Clark Cross 



Spotlight on ivermectin

Dear Editor

Thank you for keeping the spotlight on ivermectin. The deliberate withholding of effective preventatives such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and budesonide is one of the most egregious aspects of this entire horror show. Furthermore, the concerted smear campaign directed at these cheap, safe and effective treatments exposes the extent of the corruption that pervades politics, the media and the medical industry across the globe.

On another note, I am greatly encouraged by the people’s movement that is beginning to surface in Australia. The rallies that took place across the country last weekend were incredible. People coming together in peaceful protest irrespective of race, colour, political viewpoint, vaccination status etc. Australians standing for Australia. The mood is captured in Graham Hood’s latest message. It’s early days but it seems that some politicians are already beginning to wobble: 

My thanks to you and all the team at TCW for your continued fearless defence of freedom and truth.

Richard Purnell


Johnson must go

Dear Editor

Covid is a bid for globalist totalitarianism, orchestrated, organised and co-ordinated; sovereign governments are merely carrying out orders. This is the mess we are in as a civilisation. Where is the political opposition going to come from and one strong enough to defeat this tyranny? MSM is bought, lock stock and barrel and political control of messaging is pretty much complete, the majority of the population are in complete ignorance of what is happening. How effortlessly the public has fallen for ‘othering’ the unvaccinated and they can’t make the connection with Europe in the 1930s.

It’s coercive vaccination today, will it be coercive injection of a chip tomorrow?

Taking down Soros and his organisation, subversion and corruption HQ, would overnight make the world a safer place. Deprived of funds the eco-terrorists currently threatening to blow up oil pipelines, would be put out of business and the vast network of financial interests might begin to unravel. Make an example of this crook who is funding bent AGs and governors across the states, to start the process of accountability.

The Gates Foundation, Davos, the WEF, Wall Street, billionaire oligarchs will follow. Go for S first. An army of selfless and courageous lawyers committed to restoring liberty and law should be recruited worldwide for the task.

Britain needs political reformation. Johnson is clearly unfit to continue and appears to be in worse cognitive decline than Biden. The fledgling right of centre parties must stop competing for recognition and unite to present a credible force. Our parochial politics cannot continue as it is; Johnson has reached an accommodation with the globalists that must be repudiated by his successor and the Green deal disaster rejected. Removing Johnson is the immediate priority for the Conservative Party. If they don’t appoint a social and economic conservative they are done.

Rhydwenna E Jones


Death knell for women’s sport

Dear Editor

Have you seen the International Olympics Committee’s ‘Framework on Fairness, Inclusion and Non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sex variations’? Surely this is the death knell for women’s sports? Presumably questions about gender are now as rude as asking someone about their salary which means we’ll have to have ‘people’s’ teams rather than risk offending someone by assuming their chromosomal make-up matches their preferred pronouns.

Any country will interpret the rules to its own advantage and field its best players regardless of biological sex. Very few sports favour a woman’s capabilities over a man’s in the same game (extremely happy to be proved wrong) so most teams will consist of men and/or transwomen! Well done, wimmin’s libbers, liberated to spend a lifetime doing the teas!

Oddly enough, the Brit Awards have just announced that they’ve gone ‘gender neutral’ by scrapping the separate male and female categories for Artist of the Year ‘to be more inclusive’. Sam Smith, a non-binary bio male, is delighted by this news. I bet they are!

Yours sincerely

Angela Brooks


Compulsory vaccination would open the floodgates

Dear Editor,

The problem with making vaccination compulsory (the road that Austria seems to be heading down) is that it crosses a Rubicon. It basically opens the floodgates to future state demands upon populaces for ANY medical procedure that ‘benefits’ said populaces as a whole. For example, governments may decide to tackle so-called ‘climate change’ with population reduction strategies for the ‘good’ of the population e.g. demand that pregnant women over the age of thirty abort their babies; that people over the age of sixty be euthanised; forced contraception etc (you get the picture).

It is a wicked thing for the state to force ANY medical procedure upon any human being. And let us be clear that those in the population that agree with such wickedness are partaking of the evil as much as those who will implement it.

Jessica Cushnir

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