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Letters to the Editor


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Covid coercion turns to thuggery

Dear Editor,

On Friday 3rd December 2021, Oliver Dowden MP, co-chairman of the Conservative Party, said that mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations are ‘not something we want to do in the UK. We won’t have to . . . as long as people get the booster’. Shame on him.

This threat was uttered with astonishing calm. It represents a new low in the dismal management of the disease by leaders who, through cowardice, will now resort to thuggery.

Isabel Logan


British vaccination pioneers

Dear Editor

While it is fashionable to only see the bad in our history, we should not forget that the world owes vaccination to two Britons – Edward Jenner who proved the efficacy of cowpox material as a vaccine against smallpox and Alexander Wood from Cupar in Fife who created the first hypodermic syringe.

In 1798, Jenner published the results of his challenge trials proving the success of cowpox vaccination in protecting against smallpox. Vaccination spread rapidly. By 1802 the Honourable East India Company had brought cowpox vaccination to India, and it is estimated that by 1807 about a million people there had been vaccinated.

Given that smallpox had an infection fatality rate of around 30 per cent, this was one case where the British Empire saved vast numbers of lives even before the abolition of the slave trade or slavery itself.

Most modern vaccination is done using hypodermic syringes. Although injection had been known since the time of the Greeks and Romans, it took till 1851 for Alexander Wood to invent the first glass syringe, the forerunner of modern disposable plastic ones.

We must not allow extremists to crowd the good out of the teaching of our history, and we should honour those Britons who contributed so much to human welfare.

Otto Inglis


TCW censored by Twitter

Dear Editor

Just to let you know that Twitter banned me from posting for 12 hours and forced me to delete a tweet that linked to this story.

Cracking article by the way, really enjoyed it.

Booker Dewitt (@WrecklessGamer)


Hospital visit restrictions questioned

Dear Editor
From today, hospitals in Hull will only grant patient visits for ‘exceptional cases only’ which must be approved in advance.

The Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has said that the decision to reintroduce restrictions has not been taken ‘lightly’ and revolves around preventing the spread of the Omicron variant.

I have these questions for the trust:

Q. How many people with Omicron have been in your hospitals?
Q. How many people with Omicron have infected anyone in any of your hospitals?
Q. How many people have been hospitalised with Omicron in your hospitals?
Q. How many people have died of Omicron in your hospitals?
Q. How many people have died of Omicron worldwide?
Q. How many people have died of Omicron in Britain?
Q. What is the population of Britain?
Q. What are the chances of even getting Omicron in Britain?
Q. What right do you have to start denying the public access to the hospitals that they have paid for?
Q. Who do you think pays your salaries?

Martin Parker


Care home staffing disaster

Dear Editor

I was speaking to a care home worker yesterday, prior to visiting my aunt. I asked if the home had been affected by the Covid vaccine mandate. Luckily not, she said. (It’s a relatively small home, and one staff member has an exemption).

However, she mentioned that the home now finds it extremely difficult to recruit staff, and this is the situation generally all over the country.

Previously, at least five people would have applied for a job. Now there are no applicants at all and it is impossible to fill posts.

This is at a time when thousands of care home workers have lost their jobs because of the vaccine mandate. Now NHS workers are also threatened with mandatory vaccination.

What a disaster.

Jane Golding


This stinks

Dear Editor

This was my response to the new rules made by the Members of the House of Keys in the Isle of Man…

‘So the new variant will be released at 4am on Tuesday 30th November and not a minute sooner, and that is the time we are to wear face coverings in various shops and institutions ‘masks are unhealthy and can cause more lung infections than fresh air and they are ineffective. I don’t like being crude, but if you pass wind when fully dressed, and it has an unpleasant odour, (many smelly molecules) it will pass through numerous layers of material (more than if passing through a mask) and you will smell the odour. That is enough evidence that minute virus droplets will not be contained in a mask.

On Wednesday mornings I run an art club in a sheltered housing complex. We don’t come into contact with the ‘inmates’, but we were told that to enter the room we had to first of all have a lateral flow test and then wear masks for the three hours.  Needless to say, all those who attend my club said they would prefer to stay at home.

Daphne MacOwan

Isle of Man


E-scooters are a menace

Dear Editor

Ambulance call-outs in England to deal with e-scooters incidents have escalated to 480 in the first eight months of 2021 and exceed 840 since January 2020.  The true figure will be higher since only a third of ambulance trusts provided data. Well over 2,000? Sadly, three people have died. Most of these incidents involved privately owned e-scooters which are illegal to use on UK roads and pavements. A trial involving hired e-scooters is ongoing in England to see if e-scooters should be permanently allowed on the roads. With injuries far exceeding 840, many serious, the decision must be ‘NO’. In Scotland e-scooters are illegal but can be used on private land with the permission of the owner. Police Scotland were unable, or unwilling, to say how many complaints about e-scooters had been received from the public. The UK and Scottish parliaments should declare that these lethal machines will never be allowed on UK or Scottish roads and especially on pavements.

Clark Cross


PCR madness

Dear Editor

Enquiring about the PCR procedure (the call centre experience is grim) I happened to ask whether it was possible to catch Covid through visiting a drive-through facility and being handed a test. The operator said that indeed it was but the risk is small. How small? Best to opt for a home test kit returned through the mail than to queue with others and contact with a tester who may be infected. Apparently, the PCR is not foolproof either, it can give false results. What is the point of it then? Neither the PCR nor the vaccine are reliable indicators of Covid status yet they are the mandated means of accessing services and cultural events. Madness.

Eleri Jones


Disappearing medical records

Dear Editor

I am a 68-year-old woman. I became ill after being bitten by a tick in the UK. Doctors ignored symptoms for years until finally I went to London, took tests and found anaplasmosis, typhus and spotted fever.

Prior to finding these I had managed to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and had a narrow miss through jaundice and hepatitis which landed me in hospital. Through dizziness and fatigue I fell down the stairs, smashing my wrist and ended up with no rotation. I carry a 6-inch scar from operations.

I went to live in a new area of the UK. Imagine my surprise to find all medical records sifted through and removed. I was actually accused of fantasy and the 6-inch scar being looked at suspiciously as possible self-harm. Having gathered all my medical records together and making a lot of complaints to the NHS, there is simply a silence in response. I have lawyers now on data protection issues.

I think what I am trying to say here is that the NHS does not appear to be particularly honest. I have found it capricious depending on whether your face fits. Getting off the NHS is something else altogether, but by God I am trying!

 For those people who have had unusual diseases, please check your medical records to make sure they have not disappeared. In the time of the Covid jab, accurate medical records have more importance than ever before.



A letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Prime Minister

I admit I used to refer to you as Boris, but that is now much too familiar, and you have indeed become a total stranger to me. So much so that I am finding it difficult to believe you really are my Prime Minister. It always was a fairly absurd idea, going back to those old HIGNFY days, with farce turning, as it often does, into reality, but for a while you somehow got away with your affected buffoonery. Well, the comedy is over, the production has closed, and I’m returning my tickets for a full refund, please.

I suppose it is fair to say that you cannot directly be blamed for the manifestation of a tyranny that has been a long time coming. Having said that, you must, in your privileged position, have been aware of its imminence before the average Joe.

However, history is unfair, and the last person to switch off the lights is the one Joe will remember.  That looks as though it may be you, Johnson.  I assume your room at the island fortress has been reserved and paid for.

Yours (not),

John Drewry



So many Government failings

Dear Editor,

I would like to start by quoting an article you published the other day by Will Jones: the NHS has embarked on an ‘ugly and dangerous road’. 

The NHS was created to provide medical care for everyone regardless of race, religion, wealth or social standing. Financed by national insurance contributions but free at the point of delivery. It was there to protect us.

It is fair to say that maybe we took this for granted and failed to provide sufficient investment to ensure with a massively growing population, that there were enough beds and medical staff to meet the expanding demands. We ignored the fact that we have fewer beds than our European counterparts and came to accept that in the winter the NHS struggled to cope. Consequently we waited longer and longer for treatment and waiting lists of months became the norm.

Certainly we were not in good shape to face a pandemic, so when we were told to stay home and protect the NHS, we all accepted that this was sound advice.

However, if you have limited resources you have to make difficult decisions and this is where it really does turn dark and ugly.
Do you prioritise younger healthier people and designate older people with comorbidities as ‘Do Not Resuscitate’? How do you prioritise? I think sadly we know the answer to that question, so to protect the NHS thousands of elderly people were discharged into care homes to die at the start of this pandemic.

So where do we draw the lines: do we refuse to treat smokers or obese people or how about those evil people who are too lazy or too selfish to get vaccinated?

I wonder how many people had the vaccine to go abroad or because they thought it would protect loved ones or enable a return to normal life. Surely it is not true to say they were coerced.

There are to my knowledge three reasons why people choose not to get vaccinated:
1 They can’t for medical reasons.
2 They choose not to for religious or ethical reasons.
3 They have carried out research and recognise that these are not conventional vaccines but are gene therapy medical interventions. Having made that discovery they are perhaps hesitant to see a) are they safe and b) do they work. We now know that they do appear to prevent hospitalisation for a short time but like most medications, efficacy deteriorates over time, so the decision becomes do you participate in this trial and have four shots a year, which is the current prognosis or do you consider that too high a risk.

So on this ugly and dangerous road, are we going to vilify the unvaccinated for freely making their carefully considered decisions? Is the overwhelming consideration to protect the NHS?

I do not seek to criticise the NHS, indeed without their intervention I would not be here, so I have enormous respect for the medical staff who do an amazing job under very difficult circumstances. I do, however, hold the government responsible for coercing people into medical interventions, without allowing them access to make informed decisions. I do hold the government responsible for mismanaging the NHS and not addressing its core problems and I do blame the Government for its campaign of fear and coercion, especially in regard to children and teenagers, where they have done so much harm. I do blame the Government for failing to explore treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, remdesivir etc as this surely would be a better and safer way out of the pandemic.
With the massive influence of pharmaceutical companies on the Government advisers and no effective opposition party, it is difficult to see how we will ever navigate away from this ugly and dangerous road.

Perhaps the virus itself will come to our rescue and self-destruct. It’s happened before but that certainly would not be in the interests of the vaccine manufacturers.

John Davis


Don’t get mad – get outraged!

Dear Editor

I live in Biggin Hill, Kent, famous for the role of its airfield in the Battle of Britain. To commemorate this role, there are two ‘Gate Guardians’ at the entrance to St George’s RAF Chapel at the airport, now named London Biggin Hill Airport. These are a replica Supermarine Spitfire and a replica Hawker Hurricane. Pilots flying these fighter planes from Biggin Hill played a key role in stopping the German invasion of Britain in 1940 and 1941. You can’t help but see these replicas from the road when you drive past the airport and, until recently, I always had a sense of pride when I saw them.

But no more.

Now it’s a sense of frustration and anger. Those pilots, many of whom sadly made the supreme sacrifice, were fighting to preserve our freedom from authoritarian rule. This freedom has been thrown into the wastepaper basket by the present Government’s ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ strategy as regards to dealing with Covid-19.

Even the World Health Organisation admits that the virus causing Covid-19 has an infection fatality rate approximating to that of seasonal flu. It isn’t that I don’t have any sympathy for the families of those who died from this disease. Who wouldn’t? However, I also have sympathy for the families of the potentially far greater number who could now die through lack of cancer diagnoses, and also heart attacks and other illnesses that went unreported to medical staff in the Government’s appeal to ‘protect’ the NHS.

The hysterical response of the Government to the supposed threat posed by the ‘Omicron’ variant makes me even angrier. Just when things were returning to some semblance of normality we are back in face-covering territory, including in schools, shops and all inside activities (except restaurants and public houses where the virus will of course be banned from entry) travel restrictions and yet more and more expensive testing. The fact that the WHO has reported that this new variant has been spotted in 23 countries suggests that this particular horse has already bolted.

The psychological war of fear enacted and encouraged by our Government and its employees on our own people continues, and the devastating impact on mental health and our children’s education becomes more evident day by day. The rush to boost with ‘vaccines’ should not be a ‘dash for numbers’ event but an initiative framed and contextualised by an urgently needed independent review of the increasing number of reported side effects, many serious and some lethal. To do otherwise is reckless bravado, especially so when it comes to children.

Christmas is above all a social period but now we are told not to socialise unless it’s essential. Hardly an encouraging Christmas message and certainly not one to warrant opening an advent calendar with enthusiasm.

When it comes to mental health, I am minded to think of the psychological trauma that my late father suffered, and this was in addition to his injuries as a result of him being on the front line in the Italian Campaign of World War Two. Like the WW2 pilots from Biggin Hill, he was fighting to preserve our freedom from authoritarianism.

He would never talk about his wartime experiences. That was a Pandora’s Box too painful to open. I’m sure that if he knew the kind of regime we now have to live under, he would turn in his grave.

Similarly, my late ex-father-in-law signed up to the Army and ended up having a traumatic ‘day trip’ to the Normandy beaches on D-Day; before the night was out he was being ferried back to England with life-changing injuries. Owing to his disability caused by these injuries, he spent most of his working life making poppies at the British Legion factory in Richmond. I am glad he wasn’t alive to see the utter hypocrisy of Boris Johnson, now leader of a ‘Conslavative’ Government and other parliamentarians recently laying poppy wreaths at the Cenotaph in honour of those who fell to preserve the freedoms that the same wreath-bearers vote time after time to deny us. He certainly would have been outraged, and who could blame him? The irony is supreme.

The current threat of vaccine passports potentially being a gateway to Social Credit Score apps, as in China, is the ultimate challenge to the freedoms fought for and paid for in blood by our ancestors over centuries. Their sacrifice should not and cannot be taken in vain. Without wishing to sound trite, it’s time to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ before it’s too late. Getting angry and worked up about this is insufficient. It’s time to get outraged, and express and promulgate that outrage by whatever channels are available to you whilst you still can.

Please do and do it now!

Adrian Payne

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