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Letters to the Editor


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Why was Allegra Stratton ever appointed?

 Dear Editor

The issue of compulsory vaccination, creeping totalitarianism and erosion of freedoms is more important by far than No 10 Christmas parties. Of course Johnson knew, he lives and works there. However, the role of Allegra Stratton hasn’t been scrutinised and what it tells us about Johnson. Why did he appoint a Leftist from a BBC and Guardian background as his comms spokesperson? She was unsuitable from the start, as anyone recalling her Newsnight days of reporting will know. She had an arrogant mocking disposition of an elitist then, so it’s not surprising that it came out clearly in the video. Her tears were pathetic and self-pitying, particularly against the backdrop of her posh property in London. No 10 is infested with such people. It needs a complete clearout. There’s no point in removing Johnson if his replacement comes from the same circle as those in the video and will follow the same approach to policy, including Covid. It’s a culture, class and ideological problem.


Rhydwenna E Jones


Who would you believe?

Dear Editor

The latest tactic of the true believers is to label those who doubt it as conspiracy theorists. So people like Prince Philip, Nigel Lawson, Prof David Bellamy, Melanie Phillips, Clive James, Christopher Booker. Who could credit the opinion of idiots like these against such sages as Greta Thunberg, Carrie Johnson and the purveyor of all wisdom and revealed truth, the incorruptible, impartial and unbiased BBC.

Keith Rothwell


Scotland’s role in Ukraine dispute

Dear Editor

We are told that ‘Scotland leads the world’ in reducing emissions and will be Net Zero before any other country. It is thought that Russia could invade Ukraine with 90,000 troops. Ms Sturgeon must quickly send Green politicians Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater to Russia to explain to President Putin that millions of tons of extra greenhouse gas will be created by his tanks, bullets, shells, diesel tanks, fighter aircraft and bombs. Patrick and Lorna should then ask President Putin how he intends to negate these extra emissions and when he expects Russia to achieve Net Zero. After that Patrick and Lorna should go to China and ask about their proposal on invading Taiwan and the greenhouse gases created.

Clark Cross 



The Guardian wants my views. Here they are

Dear Editor

Ooo look! The Guardian wants our opinions on how we would feel when the government locks us down again.

The Guardian will never publish my response, so I might as well send it to you directly.

Would you be willing to lockdown now if the government said it was the best thing for the country?*


I know that the Guardian will probably delete any post that disagrees with the official propaganda but I thought I’d try it anyway.

All of our so-called ‘elected representatives’ have sold us out to the same people the Guardian sold out to. They should all hang for what they’ve done to us. It is pure evil. Hopefully, justice will return to the world and all those evil scumbags will spend their last day at the gallows or up against a wall.

Share your thoughts on the prime minister facing allegations of lying about a Christmas party taking place in Downing Street in December last year.

Who cares about what a bunch of corrupt politicians do? Like I said, they should all be hanged or shot.

Do you think the prime minister should resign?

No, I think he should be tried for treason and if found guilty he and all his blood-sucking minions should be hanged by the neck until dead, together with the likes of you and all your other editors.

If you are happy to, tell us what you were doing on the evening of 18 December 2020?
I was living my life as normally as possible. I looked after a six-month-old at the time and I was trying my best to not allow the rest of society to totally ruin her start in life. I made sure I went out to the shops maskless as much as possible and met up with friends every night.
I could just not believe how brainwashed and stupid the rest of society had become, probably due to having their brains rotted by the tripe that you people come out with.

You can add more information here

Why won’t the Guardian investigate the fact that Covid is the only virus in history that was patented years before it allegedly existed? No point in answering this, it’s because you are a totally useless bunch of government-owned propagandists. That’s why.

Martin Parker 


Silenced by the MSM

The letter below was not published by the Camden New Journal.

Dear Editor

Why am I writing this not knowing if my words will be published and if they are, do I risk being vilified as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, when in fact we are living through a conspiracy? Mainstream media has been bought out and silenced, we have to rely upon small local newspapers to publish an alternative view.

Our society and free democracies across the world have been subjected to something akin to Stockholm Syndrome, where a kind of mass hypnosis has persuaded us that covid precautions are right when they are clearly, and have been proven to be wrong on every level, from mask wearing, social distancing to loss of liberty. This is not a fight between vaccinated and unvaccinated or black versus white or religious differences, this is a fight for life and liberty.

We all have to open our eyes to see what is happening to the pillars of our constitutional rights, we are brothers and sisters here, we cannot fight against each other but against the forces who are playing out their agenda on the world stage, we are merely pawns in a sinister game of control.

This is not about Covid, and believe me, I am not diminishing the seriousness of the infection, but this was an opportunity not to be missed to move forward in creating a new world order, common purpose is the phrase used by Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, who has made it clear that digital currency is the way forward for global control. His acolytes, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates all agree this will bolster their millions into trillions.

We have to start by saying No to vaccine passports, No to restrictions on movement and No to limitations on hospitality venues.

Jane Dean 



Sage should be sacked

Dear Editor

The country cannot go on in a state of permanent anxiety and hysteria at every passing mutation nor ceaseless vaccinations. Sage should be sacked for speculating that Covid could continue for a further 5-10 years. This is insanity by a bunch of boffins who are profiting from their association with Big Pharma. What planet are they inhabiting? 


Rhydwenna E Jones


Back to the Dark Ages

Dear Editor

I really enjoyed the letter from the doctor regarding silenced doctors and Covid.  

I find it unbelievable and astonishing at the corrupt brainwashing that is going on: blocking truth and balance in the picture of Covid. The backlash is going to be profound around the world when people realise the manipulation that has taken place. Law suits have already been initiated in Australia and USA for the consequences to health from Covid jabs. 

I read and have updates from the Children’s Health Defender group. Robert Kennedy Jnr, the founder, is doing a great job of rallying and gathering data from science, specialists, from medics and individuals exposing false news. It is good to see that legally people’s rights are being upheld in the courts in USA having a right to choose and stopping government and business programmes removing those who do not want the jabs and losing their jobs because of it. 

Underhand and corrupt situation of eroding free speech and our liberty. Children’s Health Defender group is giving facts and a more balanced view of outcomes. 

 We need more like TCW and Defender groups to help society see the bigger picture of what is transpiring. Can you align together to make more of a statement?

 Keep up the good work and thank you . . . we can forget about BBC and TV media to give us the truth in news. I have to look at Al Jazeera to get the truth of what is going on around the world . . . a sorry state of affairs for the UK! We seem to be going back into the Dark Ages!

Joy Constable 

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