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Letters to the Editor


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The only word for the MSM is ‘evil’

Dear Editor

At the top of the Covid Wall of Shame should go the entire British mass media for their part in the destruction of our normal civilised way of life.
I have not forgotten the months of relentless panic-inducing hysterical output from January to April 2020 which began with a flu bug which they portrayed as if it were the Black Death set to kill most of us. In less than three months the British media’s campaign of lying propaganda had us fighting in supermarkets over bottled water and toilet rolls.

Since then, they have got worse. 

The whole stinking lot of them are nothing better than government mouthpieces colluding with the drugs mafia and dictatorial globalists in order to enrich themselves at our expense and push lethal injections into a defenceless generation of children while all the time supporting every government measure designed to create a worldwide system of feudal medical oppression through forced compliance via constant threats of societal exclusion, to being used for illegal experiments, to the loss of human rights and freedoms leading to our inevitable economic slavery.

The only word to describe the British media is ‘evil’.

And by the way, has anyone ever seen or heard of someone walking along then suddenly collapsing from Covid-19 and dying in a messy heap on the pavement like in the videos released by the communist Chinese government? The gullible fools in the British media loved those videos. They lapped them up and published them enthusiastically for months. This is how they sold the massive lie about Covid-19. Since then, nothing has been seen or heard about anyone going ‘splat’ on the ground from Covid-19, but strangely enough, nobody in the British media has ever mentioned that curious fact.

Martin Parker 


A great resource for the vaccine-injured

Dear Editor 

The fabulous new site They Say It’s Rare is the ideal foundation for an organised community of vaccine-injured to start mobilising collectively and prepare legal action against a multitude of institutions, including MSM. The t are logged and growing in number. The person who set up the resource should be contacted to see if they are willing to take it to the next level. Perhaps a not for profit law firm might be willing to advise and represent. Boris Johnson’s dismissal of vaccine criticism as ‘mumbo jumbo’ was ignorant and arrogant; he clearly hasn’t taken time or interest to research the matter and seek knowledge beyond the narrow group of Sage advisers.

Rhydwenna E Jones

Editor – We are aware They Say It’s Rare above is a broken link. This one works


Kathy Gyngell speaks for me

Dear Editor

I write because I am compelled to thank Kathy Gyngell for her excellent piece today, ‘TCW’s Covid Roll of Honour 1 – Yeadon, Coast Guy and everyday heroes’ (December 28).  She absolutely expressed my exact thoughts over the last year.

Dr Yeadon deserves recognition for his courage; I am deeply appreciative of his work and bravery. I am also appreciative that TCW Defending Freedom was equally brave in writing a piece so well deserved, it brought tears to my eyes. 

Anna Fronkova


Why should we subsidise electric car owners?

Dear Editor

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are calling for the loan terms for electric vehicles to be extended from six years to nine years to encourage more people to buy EVs. Why should taxpayers subsidise EV owners who get substantial grants towards the cost of the car, grants towards home charging points, pay nothing to use the roads, are allowed to use bus lanes and even get free parking and free electricity when they recharge in numerous council areas? Because they are saving the planet? There are 1.446billion vehicles in the world, so saving the planet and reaching Global Net Zero may take a lot longer than 2045 for Scotland, 2050 for the UK, maybe 2060 for China, maybe 2070 for India and lots of maybes for the rest of the world.

Clark Cross 



Is there a pattern here?

Dear Editor

Nigel C Winter’s article ‘Philby, a traitor and a fool’ (January 1) shows the attitude of a class who began to believe with E M Forster that they ‘would rather betray their country than their friends’. If Philby & mates were only butchers from Barnsley they couldn’t betray much, but unfortunately they all joined intelligence and could betray their country. As Sir John Bagot Glubb details in The Fate of Empires, a rising civilisation is one where people have a sense of duty and service, a practical attitude, a strong merchant class and a desire for conquest – Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries? Whereas a failing civilisation values frivolity, money over duty, has an excessive reverence for celebrities and (pseudo) intellect over action – all sound a bit familiar?

Kathleen Carr



The Climate Change gravy train

Dear Editor

Covid has joined Climate Change as a profitable industry. Professors of whatever – plus anyone else from a university – have risen from obscurity to public attention, where they can pontificate and conjure doomsday scenarios into existence to advance their own careers.

The Climate Cake provides jobs for pseudo-science and dubious charities. Proper qualifications not needed, just the ability to make demands for legislation to save the planet. The more damaging the better.

Climate also persuades gullible government to adopt policies that make no sense to the properly qualified, or to anyone who can think things through. Policies deliberately designed in many cases to halt progress and the well-being of society. 

Energy is a particular target, because without energy everything stops.

Both Covid and Climate have a vested interest in keeping their gravy trains running regardless of the cost to others. Opportunities like these don’t come along often for those who in earlier incarnations were CND activists, or living in trees to prevent new motorways, or refusing to be vaccinated against MMR and polio.

Malcolm Parkin



What we must do to avert an energy crisis

Dear Editor

The rapidly looming energy crisis will have a far deeper impact on the population than Covid, piling fear on fear and, as always, affecting the poorest first (though the terror of prices doubling or even quadrupling will get to everyone other than the mega-rich). The Government has to act now and decisively with a message of uninhibited reassurance, to prevent total panic and the most ghastly social consequences. This is now the time to make history.

Renationalising the energy industry overnight is impractical financially. Instead, by Act of Parliament, the Government becomes the sole customer of the energy industry. It thereby owns and bills every energy consumer. It then caps the kwh price of energy for the foreseeable future. Everybody then knows that the bogeyman of rising energy bills has been eliminated.

As true wholesale prices inevitably rise, firstly these are negotiated with the Government (quango regulators are replaced by hard negotiators).  The agreed extra cost is then recovered through general taxation.  So gradually, over time, the burden of energy costs shifts from individual charging to general taxation.  This doesn’t pretend the problem of rising prices isn’t there, simply that there is a fairer, more stable way to deal with it.

This is the opportunity for Government to re-establish a connection with the people, and send out a message of hope, the psychological effects of which are incalculable – but sheer joy, relief and stability are three such.

John Drewry



Archbishop, you are bringing the Christian church into disrepute

Dear Editor

I would be delighted if you would publish the following letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury:

Dear Archbishop,

I am outraged by your stating that Jesus would have taken the vaccine, that getting vaccinated is our way of loving our neighbour, that it is immoral to refuse vaccination and that we should trust the pharmaceutical companies.

In lending your voice and influence to the government’s campaign for universal vaccination – which is indeed part of a global conspiracy, notwithstanding your bland denial – you bring the Christian church into disrepute. I am afraid prostitution is the word that comes to mind.

Both cases and deaths by Covid were deliberately exaggerated out of all proportion by our government, and governments everywhere, to create the illusion of a public health emergency. Given that the survival rate for Covid is over 99 per cent, there was never any need of a vaccine in the first place. The official figure for deaths caused by the vaccines is now over 1,800. It is estimated that perhaps only 5 per cent of these get reported. That would result in a figure of 36,000 deaths directly resulting from the vaccines, not to mention millions of adverse reactions, many of them involving permanent damage to health.

And that is only counting the short-term effects. The long-term consequences will emerge only over time. At the very least it can be said that this form of genetic modification undermines, perhaps destroys, the natural immune system. Moreover, it is even officially admitted that the vaccines do not prevent you catching or passing on Covid, and that the vaccinated remain just as much at risk of infection as the unvaccinated. So getting vaccinated as an act of neighbourly love would be a futile gesture.

The vaccines are neither safe, nor are they effective. The remedy, we are told, is more of the same. If the vaccinations do not work, we need more vaccinations. It does not take very much intelligence to see through this absurdity.

You say we should ‘trust the scientists’, but there are a great many highly regarded scientists (silenced by the government-controlled media) who have exposed the very serious danger to health represented by the vaccines.

As for trusting the pharmaceutical companies (who employ the scientists you refer to), they are regularly obliged to pay billions in compensation to the victims of vaccine damage. In the present case, of course, the governments of the world have exempted them from any liability whatsoever. There have been more vaccine damages reported from the Covid vaccines, in the relatively short time since they were rolled out, than from all vaccines in all past decades since the vaccination manufacturers were first called to account.

I hope you are ignorant of these facts. If so, we would have to conclude that you are either brainwashed or stupid. This, however, would be preferable to the alternative – because if you are not, you must be knowingly colluding in a very evil agenda. 

John Waterfield

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