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Letters to the Editor


THE first selection of letters today, the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne on February 6, 1952, are on Kathy Gyngell’s article last week, ‘Has Britain betrayed the Queen’s 70 years of duty?’ 

Dear Editor

Kathy, your article this morning brought tears to my eyes. It is unfortunately only someone who has lived those times who can come close to touching the spirit of what life was like then, particularly in the fifties.

Of course there were bad times and bad people, but then we had a sense of respect of duty and of morals. These are all lost in the mist of the intervening years. I truly love the Queen and all she has stood for and continues to uphold. Her dignity and moral force have been our bedrock, you express it so well I would not attempt to join her praises. It is the unity and decency of the people which I will always remember. The jokes now about being able to leave your door open, helping each other, sharing in an unspoken camaraderie. We had less but it didn’t matter, we would still give our last to help another.

It is the loss of respect that I regret the most, for the world that so many sacrificed their all for, so they had something to hand on to us. We few still stand in humble silence each Remembrance Sunday and we feel what it meant for a whole generation to face hell, for an uncertain future – again, knowing some of the stories their parents told of another time when they too fought for the very survival of the world they loved, their families and the future as they hoped. There is now no respect for sacrifice, for a moral determination, for principles, decency – for the past. To do the right thing takes courage, spirit and a certain vision to see the truth through all the lies that bad operators use. To take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them. This is what we have lost along the way. Not just the moral courage but the simple understanding of right and wrong. How did we get to this? And throughout, the Queen is the one person we all looked to for spiritual guidance, for decent moral fortitude, for consistency.

Neil Sherry


Dear Editor 

Flawless article, Kathy, in every way, but things are so bad mentally and spiritually  that most won’t see that. The monarchy will soon become very European, if that, when she goes. Nothing can be done because when one person stands out against a sea of evil, and only really one person, when that person has moved on to higher things, there is no one to take up the baton. The Queen fought for the UK. No one else will with such consistency and love.

We had better get used to it, and then to try to fight for what she would have wanted to happen.

Richard Bowen 


Dear Editor 

Nothing like Queen Elizabeth the Virgin, but, since, head and shoulders above the rest.

However, apart from her mistakes and misjudgements, she has been and is indomitably a pillar holding up the British Establishment. That means British Royalty will go down with the British Establishment. King Billy won’t be able to save the Windsors from going down with the rest of the Establishment. That will be QE II’s legacy – the greasy pole which everybody who is anybody in the British Establishment has spent a lifetime or, through generations, many lifetimes climbing to lofty and commanding (literally) heights to lord it, in cahoots with the real elites of the world, over British subjects will in due course collapse in a heap of chaotic trouble and strife. That will be to cap off a lifetime of service to the British people. Well done! The sequel to British royalty will be written, choreographed and orchestrated by Walt Dystopian. 

As for the future King of England . . . it must be a queen – Queen Elizabeth III.

Jacob Jonker
Auckland, New Zealand 


Dear Editor 

The first Queen Elizabeth was Elizabeth Woodville who married Edward IV. Their daughter Elizabeth became queen when she was married to Henry Tudor to legitimise his conquest. 

Their grand-daughter Elizabeth I became one of our most famous monarchs, but it was her Aunt Margaret’s great-grand-daughter Princess Elizabeth (briefly Queen of Bohemia) who continued the line of succession. 

Though the Hanoverian George III and his grand-daughter Queen Victoria had many children, when Princess Elizabeth was born, her uncle David was being ‘rather selfish’ in not marrying and having heirs. ‘The spare’, Elizabeth’s father, became King George VI (a role which is considered to have shortened his life, something for which his wife, Queen Elizabeth, could never forgive her brother-in-law). Our present monarch and the sixth holder of the name Queen Elizabeth must be the last for a while unless history, with its strange twists and turns, makes the American Princess Lilibet (a childhood version of her name) our future Queen?

Kathleen Carr


Here are the rest of this week’s letters.

Dangers in a discarded mask

Dear Editor

Before I retired I had a nursing background of a staff nurse at a district hospital and was an infection control link nurse. I accessed many papers on infection control and was quite surprised that spitting in the street and other public spaces was common in various parts of the UK.

Pneumonia and TB had the most propensity to cause infection in both susceptible people and healthy people due to the fact that either wet or dry the virus and bacteria can be inhaled.

If people who have these problems are throwing away their masks, it seems to me that a potential source infection could become a problem for all of us, as no one knows what another person has as far as a health problem is concerned. People used to cough into handkerchiefs or tissue an either take them home or put them in a litter bin.

Angela Bate



Lies, damned lies and Covid statistics

Dear Editor

The daily number of positive Covid tests appears increasingly suspect. Are they plucking figures out of thin air? Are the figures current or do they indicate the situation days/weeks ago owing to lab delays? Where is all this infection coming from? The stats must reflect reinfection on a monumental scale in a population that is 90 per cent vaccinated. It makes no sense. Regardless of adverse reactions, the vaccine is clearly useless in curbing infection but it may well be generating more virus and its spread. How many of these cases are in fact caused by the vaccine? In the absence of transparency and proper disclosure, we are none the wiser about the course of the pandemic, is it declining or increasing, nor about the effects of the vaccine. Something is clearly amiss in the reporting.

Rhydwenna E Jones


Who cares about Partygate?

Dear Editor

The majority of people in the shires don’t really care about a piece of cake and a glass of wine. ‘Outrageous hypocrisy in Westminster’.

Most of the country did something similar. The wretched Left-wing media have whipped this into something it most definitely is not.

Robert Cox


Why should anyone have the vaccine now?

Dear Editor

Finally, at the last minute and under pressure of losing his position as prime minister and Javid as Health Secretary a dramatic U-turn on the mandatory vaccination of NHS and care home workers. Not because of any sense of duty, of care, or because of the facts, or that those NHS workers who demonstrated courage, who stood firm, were perhaps right, but for what, career, expediency? To save the NHS again from irrational government diktats? How can those responsible continue with the assertion that others should continue to accept this inoculation, when they say it’s not required in the health sector? Could it be the fear of the loss of over 80,000 workers and perhaps numerous court cases?

Will those care workers already sacked, who soldiered on over the past two years now be reinstated? Will all of us now be told that we also do not need this dubious treatment? Will they stop telling us to ‘get the jab, get boosted?’ After all, it’s not now required for our health workers who are in daily close contact with the sick and vulnerable.

But my sense of relief that we may have turned a corner and moved closer to the light of rationality is diminished by feeling all of the fear and stress which has been imposed on those many NHS and care workers who felt compelled to accept a treatment they really didn’t want. Forced by a tyrannical regime, a government, a management and suppression of information to do what they had to do, to protect their livelihoods, families and mortgages, despite their best knowledge. 

How can those who now are ‘let off’ from this horrifying jab look into the eyes of their colleagues who only a few weeks ago felt compelled to accept it? How can a government face all of those they persuaded against all common sense and understanding to make a Russian roulette choice with their own lives just so they could be allowed to continue in their jobs? How can the government now continue to justify injecting everyone, children included, when they say it’s all right for one sector of the workforce to avoid the jab? What value can they put on a treatment that they say isn’t necessary for workers in a caring profession? How can they continue with the advice that other workers should accept the jab and evermore?

Surely the whole charade must crumble now. When the actual fact about how many suffered and died through lack of treatment are known, how can this government say it was the right thing to do? When all-cause deaths are consistent with previous years, why precisely did everyone accept the advice and the jab which killed almost 2,000 in the UK alone? How can the NHS continue to ask their patients to consider this treatment when they don’t require it for their staff? Surely the rat will finally be smelled and it will not end well.

A Reader


Nudged down a slippery slope

Dear Editor,

In 2010 Prime Minister Cameron set up the UK Behavioural Insights Team, popularly known as the Nudge Unit, consisting of social psychologists, behavioural scientists and policy makers whose role was to ‘encourage’ citizens to make what the government believed to be ‘good lifestyle choices.’ Creditable successes include increased organ donation, a reduction in people on benefits and increased tax recovery.

Such subtle State influences however also tread a slippery slope that verges on a version of George Orwell’s grimly prophetic fiction 1984. Before dismissing this as another conspiracy fantasy it should be noted that China already has in place a Social Credit System whereby mass surveillance assessment provides ratings for personal behaviour, performance, economic and social reputation. Rewards for compliance may be lower taxes, travel permits, preferential education and good jobs. Those who fail to measure up are blacklisted and forfeit all such ‘privileges’. Such extreme levels of control may never happen here but even a less radical model threatens our civil liberties.

It is worth reflecting on the levels of fear and State control generated by the Nudge Unit that has been advising the Sage committee throughout the pandemic. The Scottish Government’s proposals to enact permanent Covid powers gives further cause for concern. The other compelling issue of our times, climate change, sees punitive carbon taxes imposed on irresponsible fossil fuel ‘polluters’ while enticing financial inducements are offered to so called renewable energy sources without any true sense of balanced reason. The latest nudge to reduce our carbon footprint comes in the form of the UN Carbon Offset Platform where you are invited to make a payment to a ‘project’ of your choice, usually wind, solar or tree planting in order to reduce emissions, the reward being a Voluntary Cancellation Cerificate and maybe some tax relief for being a ‘responsible’ citizen. The writing is clearly on the wall but who can read it?

Neil J Bryce



COP26 was FLOP26

Dear Editor,

It is less than two months since COP26 but already the promises made are being broken. China’s President Xi Jinping has said China needs to make sure it has enough coal and that oil and gas output grows steadily. It will be remembered that at COP26 China and India forced a change from ‘phase out coal’ to a meaningless ‘phase down coal’. India said it would not reach Net Zero until 2070 – maybe. US President Joe Biden promised much but his policies on oil, gas and coal extraction have thrown his climate credentials out the window. The Biden administration approved 3,557 permits for oil and gas drilling on public lands in the last year far outnumbering the 2,658 in the Trump regime. Yet ironically US climate chief John Kerry is reported to have said that the world isn’t moving fast enough to arrest global warming and that he would warn roughly two dozen nations. I am sure they will be impressed. All around the world countries are ignoring their COP26 promises and burning record amounts of coal and drilling for oil and gas. COP26 should be renamed FLOP26.

Clark Cross 



Why I have lost faith in politicians

Dear Editor

I sent the following letter to my MP, Alan Whitehead, (Lab, Southampton Test) today.

Dear Alan Whitehead,

Recently the Office of National Statistics were asked a FOI request about how many people had been recorded dying OF covid19. The answer was c.17,000. The government have continually been telling us that over 140,000 people have died OF Covid 19. The disparity has clearly been a carefully crafted lie to cover the government’s ineptitude and gross mishandling of a virus that was no worse overall than a flu outbreak.

The government, and to some degree the other political parties in this country, have been complicit in mixing those who died WITH (often just a ‘positive’ Covid test result) Covid with those who died of Covid as the main cause. There was even the unbelievable (almost) madness of reporting as Covid deaths those who simply died within 28 days of a Covid test – including people who died in road traffic accidents and of other causes. This was clearly deliberate propaganda to frighten the people.

We have been lied to in an effort to control us. Our freedoms have been heavily restricted, and some may even remain in place now that the government (i.e. the state whomever is in power) has taken certain powers which it may forget to give back. This is scandalous, if the press, to which the government has been paying millions of pounds to publish its propaganda, could be bothered to make it a scandal.

I have completely and utterly lost any faith I had in the political class. The now obvious mendacity and idiocy has been laid bare as many finally realise that they were deliberately controlled by an inadequate government, parliament and so-called free press, who did not have the brains or the courage to challenge the scientists and to ask searching and difficult questions of other scientific opinion to get a wider view of the problem and the real risks. 

I appreciate that people have indeed died of the illness, and that is sad. But they were, almost overwhelmingly, older people who naturally become more at risk from infections and bodily breakdown – which is what kills us all in the end. To lock down the whole country for this has been utter stupidity and madness.

I continue to wonder who to vote for.


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