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Letters to the Editor


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Vaccine in blood transfusions

Dear Editor 

One issue that is never raised in relation to the vaccine is blood transfusion which will probably contain the spike protein. Aside from all the other impurities of transfusions, the unvaccinated will receive elements of the vaccine. Immediately life-saving or not, the long-term effects of transfusions on health need investigating. 

Rhydwenna E Jones


We need the Johnny-come-latelies

Dear Editor

A great piece by Eric Blair, but this has been going on for fifty years. In the mid 80s I did a gig for the NUT national conference.  At the end we started to play God Save the Queen. No response . . . then they all started to sing the Red Flag and, as good musos, we joined in to back their community singing.

Fast forward 20 years and in the faculty which I ran, only two staff out of 20 were not hardcore socialists. This was Brighton and hardcore means what it says. And this was a very rich exclusive junior college.

No, the rot has been so deep for so long that we are going to need the Johnny-come-latelies even though I totally understand your frustration at their complete silence when you and UK Column were the only ones fighting the good fight.

I am afraid this goes back to the dominance of quite pathetic aristos of the male persuasion and it really need girls like you lot to put them in their places – which should be? – nowhere.

Joe Farley



Advice on tacos, please

Dear Editor,

This may seem unimportant when our brave Prime Minister is battling to prevent Mr Putin waging war, but I wondered whether any readers have been to Mexico and noticed whether they have any way of eating taco shells without the delicious filling splurging out of the other end when taking a bite. Last time I ate taco corn shells the mince and peppers landed partly on the plate and some on the table when the shell suddenly cracked. There is no way to cut them with a knife without a similar result. My wife is very fussy and came around the table to wipe up with a wet cloth. She ate hers on a lettuce leaf. By the end of the meal, I had used three kitchen towels to wipe up the spillage and my face. 

Any ideas?

Stephen Redfern


The Left-Right Wonderland

Dear Editor 

The Left/progressive mantra is that anyone who supports freedom and opposes an official narrative (vaccine; mandates; stolen election; climate change) is far-Right. The Left is supportive of Nato action against conservative Russia. Here’s the weird bit. Neo-Nazi groups are mobilising in defence of Ukraine, so we have Woke Nato and its leftist followers itching to go to war in defence of a far-Right government in Ukraine. Wonderland indeed.

Rhydwenna E Jones


Out of control

Dear Editor 

If we assume the likes of Pfizer had got their way and everyone was now injected with mRNA vaccines, who would the control group be?

Who in the population, who has had the injection, didn’t get the vaccine?

Am I being too cynical?

Adrian Newton 


Vaccine No. Five

Dear Editor,

Some weeks ago I attended a protest march in Manchester. The leader of the march wheeled round some loudspeakers on a trolley, from which loud music was played at intervals. One of the songs played was Lou Bega’s Mambo No. 5, which immediately gave me the idea that it might be better as Vaccine No. 5.

In true Richard Littlejohn style I have re-written the song to fit the Covid crisis, sanitising it with alternative words where necessary.

It works best if the original lyrics are read first, which can be found here

With apologies to Mr Bega, here is my version. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Vaccine No. 5

One, two, three, four, five
Everybody needs the jab so come on, let’s ride
To the clinic around the corner
The boys say they want some Moderna
But I really don’t wanna
Blood clot like I had last week
I must stay safe because masks are cheap

I like Drakeford, Sturgeon, Macron and Schwab
And as I continue they’re gettin’ like The Mob
So what can I do? You really jab me, my Lord
To me is jabbing it’s just like sport, anything fly
It’s all good, let me inject it, please before Covid infects it

A little bit of Boris at a boozy bash
A little bit of Rishi takin’ all our cash
A little bit of Javid is all we need
A little bit of coercion is what I see
A little bit of Bill Gates the IT nerd
Rebooting the economy so I heard
A little bit of Trudeau and the truckers
His government is full of fascist PEOPLE

Vaccine No. 5

Sleeves up and down and jab it all around
Soon your head it will pound
And you’ll drop to the ground
Take one jab left and one jab right
One to the bum and one to the side
Wash your hands once and wash your hands twice
And if you don’t drop dead then you might be all right

A little bit of Whitty in my life
A little bit of Vallance by his side
A little bit of freedom is all I need
A little bit of lockdown is what I see
A little bit of Klaus Schwab in Davos
A little bit of panic and chaos
A little bit of Carney and the bankers
The WEF are a load of TROUBLE

Needle, the needle
Vaccine No. 5

A little bit of needle in my arm
A little spike protein doing harm
A little bit of Ferguson from IC
A lot of hypocrisy is what I see
A little bit of Macron, sacre bleu!
A little French resistance, I concur
A little bit of Ardern’s what we crave
A mask mandate makes me your slave

We do all to fall in love with Big Brother rules
‘Cause we can’t run and we can’t hide
You and me gonna jab and die

Vaccine No. 5

Yours sincerely, 

Andrew Platt



Giving the Telegraph both barrels

Dear Editor

One of my favourite pastimes is commenting on articles in the Daily Telegraph. Especially around the Covid pandemic and climate change.

Over the last couple of years I have accumulated hundreds of interesting aspects related to the pandemic in particular from media outlets across the world.

The DT has responded to my comments, which are never rude or abusive, by censoring me three times within the last year, especially to do with Covid origin, vaccine safety, and efficacy. I find this annoying because I believe they are restricting information that could save lives.

I sent them an email this morning and thought that TCW Defending Freedom, which I read every day, might be interested in publishing some or part of it. 

It is, to be frank, a rant of despair, because if we can’t have freedom of speech and different opinions then we are going to hell in a handcart. I believe the Telegraph, and almost all of the MSM, with one or two exceptions, has failed the public terribly, across the world, with regards to the handling of the virus and safety of the vaccines and the suppression of early treatment drugs.

Anyway, here is a copy for your perusal. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to upholding the truth and our values.

Robert Davies
East Lothian

FOA: The Editorial Directors, The Global Health Security Team.

Dear All,

Once again, I find myself censored by your team on comments I make. My relatives and family have read your once highly respected newspaper for at least three generations. It has always been considered the go-to place for the truth and respecting the highest levels of integrity and honesty with its reporting.

For the last two years your reporting of the Covid pandemic has been often dishonest, deliberately obscuring the truth, and lying about basic medical facts, for example how a vaccine works, the efficacy of PCR tests and the vaccines themselves, how natural immunity works, number of deaths, from the vaccines, from the virus etc. etc.
Likewise, with your Net Zero reporting, advocating destructive policies that have already led to the mass impoverishment of the UK population from fuel/energy costs. You promote the destruction of our energy independence and security. You promote electric cars, heat pumps, windmills and solar panels and anything that will extract more money from the taxpayers to feed the CCC with their vested interests. They are all an environmental disaster.

I understand you are compromised by the donations and funding you get from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and elsewhere, and the ‘trusted news initiative’ which is anything but. This is especially true of the ‘Global Health Security team’ output, which is often blatant untruthful propaganda, promoting the Big Pharma drugs and vaccines instead of safe early treatment options, which you have deliberately attempted to suppress, along with many other organisations.

I now have nothing but contempt for your output, except for a handful of writers who appear to have maintained their integrity and try to report the truth. Your authors never respond to the comments the readers make, which, as each day goes by, become less and less in agreement with your propaganda and more and more vociferous and angered by your deliberate ignorance.

You deliberately ignore critical issues taking place across the world that we can read and see in social media but you deem too inappropriate to touch. An example today would be the trucker protest in Canada.

Your silence on 3,500E fines on the unvaxed in Austria, mandates in the US, Italy, Germany, France. Concentration camps in Australia and New Zealand for unvaxed. Stunning speeches in the EU Parliament by Croatian MEP’s. The suppression of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, even vitamin D and zinc. Every day you ignore what is going on around the world and peddle the groupthink narrative. You appear to be WEF puppets. Are you?

Well, frankly, I have had enough of your dishonesty. You have no credibility left. No value to decent human beings. I don’t know how many of you are corrupted, bribed, compromised or whatever it is that stops you telling and investigating the truth, but many, many readers, from what I can see, are absolutely sick of the lies and rubbish you now spew out every day. We are not interested any more, we don’t believe you. We listen to talkRadio, read the Conservative Woman, or podcast Joe Rogan, or the Highwire, or Tucker Carlson, even GB News. 

Of course, you don’t give a damn about what one of your readers thinks. But know this: There is a reckoning coming. People are waking up. They are going to find out about the lies you have told about Covid. The lies about vaccine safety, the futility of lockdown, the wilful damage to small businesses. The forcing of masks on our children, and the insanity of vaccinating them. The lies about the number of deaths, 17,500 in total (2020-21) from Covid not with Covid. You have allowed all of this to happen in front of your noses. You have encouraged compliance or you have been silent when it was your job to inform us of the truth, to investigate, to report with integrity. You have failed us, your readers. But more than that, you have failed your own families, your children, your relatives, your friends. As the weeks and months go by from now on, you will see the destruction reaped upon us all. 

You worshipped the experimental, ‘emergency use only injection’, and all the tyrannical restrictions on our lives. Slowly the people around you will realise the shameful role you have played in this devastation, your sickly, complicit compliance. Their contempt will be difficult to hide, and you will lose loved ones, if you haven’t already. And some of you will join the queue of 6million people waiting for treatment and wonder what you have done. Your laziness, dishonesty, turning a blind eye to the truth, will be punished. There will be retribution. 

That is how stupid you are.

Robert Davies


The need for fracking

Dear Editor

This energy crisis has been coming for a long time and politicians were so mesmerised by the green zealots that they did nothing. President Putin has now rendered Europe impotent over Ukraine by threatening to close down his pipeline. The UK’s deficit on imports of natural gas has doubled to almost £2billion every month. Russia and Friends of the Earth (FoE) used propaganda to stop the UK drilling for shale gas which would have saved us from the present gas shortages and astronomical prices. The Russia Today television station ran endless anti-fracking stories. The Russian government invested $95million in environmental organisations working against shale gas determined to maintain Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. FoE ran a relentless poster campaign of misinformation. Tap water would go on fire, water coming up would be radioactive and the chemicals used in fracking would cause cancer and contaminate water supplies. The Advertising Standards Authority ordered FoE to remove their unsubstantiated, scaremongering anti-fracking posters. The UK must declare an energy emergency, sweep aside FoE and the climate zealots and fast-track North Sea gas and fracking.

Clark Cross 


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