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Letters to the Editor


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Cowards let down children they were meant to protect

Dear Editor 

I stopped watching all MSM news on TV and internet in April 2020 as the madness set in, reading only Lockdown Sceptics, TCW and relevant substack blogs – the MSM was so obviously all propaganda. 

Mark Steyn is the only news show I set the Sky Q box to record. It is amazing to see him pick up on the stories of the day from all my favourite sources. 

Children were abysmally let down by cowardly bureaucrats who spent two years focusing on their own mortality rather than the wellbeing of the children they were meant to protect.

Behind all their virtue-signalling ‘Don’t kill granny’ crap lies a coward. The people who did this and perpetuated it were really thinking of themselves and they were all cowards. 

This accusation needs to be levelled more often in order to break the myth that they were looking out for others instead of themselves. 

Being accused of being a coward doesn’t carry the weight of disdain it once had but the term is accurate and hits home.

The Surbiton Sceptic


Covid’s computer-generated gene

Dear Editor,

Recently the media has been full of reports of record Covid case numbers. This is odd as we would expect most people by now to have natural immunity from prior exposure to the virus or from vaccines.

A scientific paper lead-authored by Igor Khmelinskii, published late last year in the Lancet, may have an explanation. They say that the genetic makeup of this virus was never established by physically separating the virus from other genetic material (which would be a contaminant); instead the genetic makeup was established by computer.

They conclude that ‘the alleged genetic code of the SARS-CoV-2 virus had been wrongly identified, belonging instead to something generated by human airway epithelial cells challenged with respiratory viruses and containing RNA, for instance, to exosomes, as explained above. Note that identical exosomes would be detected in pneumonia of bacterial origin’.

It is noteworthy that Dr Anthony Fauci, who advised both US presidents on Covid and promoted the Covid measures, co-authored a 2008 scientific paper on the Spanish flu of a century ago titled ‘Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza’.

Geoff Moore

Ross and Cromarty


Black Lifestyles Matter

Dear Editor

Now that the professional victims in BLM have bought themselves a $6million mansion in California, is there any truth in the rumour that they are to change their brand name to Black Lifestyles Matter?

Rev’d Dr Peter Mullen 



Halt the climate change gravy train

Dear Editor

The latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) accuses countries of lying about their promises to reduce emissions. Would that be China, India, Russia, the coal, gas and oil nations and many others who have been lying for years? Climate scientists, when challenged, have screeched ‘the science is settled’. If that is true then we no longer need the IPCC, the UK Climate Change Committee, the climate scientists, the climate researchers and all those hundreds of thousands on the climate gravy train. The savings on salaries, buildings and overheads is gigantic and could be used far more efficiently by employing engineers who would hunt down and capture the elusive carbon capture and storage beast which will then suck carbon from the air and store it safely underground. Planet saved.

Clark Cross 



The ‘What is a woman?’ mystery

Dear Editor 

Mark Steyn this evening showed a very disturbing clip of a GB News reporter approaching MPs as they entered Parliament asking them whether women had a penis. The MPs refused to answer, remained silent, said no comment, scurried into the building looking shifty and one replied that he had no knowledge of the subject. Those approached included a woman.

This shocking spectacle suggests that we are sliding towards the current condition of American politics. There the political class has completely lost its moral compass, openly dismantling the traditional family structure, stripping parental rights, facilitating trans indoctrination of children, attacking biological sex, re-engineering gender, permitting abortion up to the moment of birth, decriminalising infanticide and is on the verge of confirming a candidate for the Supreme Court with a 25-year record of being soft on paedophiles, child rape and torture. Social conservatives in the US are mobilising to resist and reverse this perverse movement pushed by the left. There’s no sign of organised and systematic opposition in the UK nor any appreciation of the scale of spiritual and ethical corruption.

Before the next UK general election, every MP should be contacted and asked the question put by the reporter. It’s dismaying that the Tory government has taken the lead in liberalising legislation on these matters. 

Rhydwenna E Jones


The truth about electric cars

This letter was intended for the Daily Telegraph Letters pages. It did not run.  

Dear Editor

The Daily Telegraph article dated April 7 promoting Tesla electric vehicles (EV) suggests that a 172-mile charge can be obtained in 15 minutes at service stations around the UK. At 0.25 kWh per mile that would require 43 kWh of charge. 

Since the majority of UK chargers are rated at 22 kW or less, the re-charge time would be about two hours or longer. Below are some other challenges worth noting:

Once the duty collected on petrol and diesel cars (around £16billion pa) is transferred to EVs, the cost of each EV will rise by around £500.

The number of EV charging outlets will need to be expanded to many times the number of petrol and diesel pumps, to cater for the volume of EVs and avoid excessive service station waiting times.

The acreage of service areas will also need to be increased many times to accommodate the many EVs queuing up and charging.

Many of the 20million two-carhouseholds will likely need to have their domestic electricity capacity uprated to cater for the extra electrical load.

Decarbonisation and upgrading of the National Grid will be required to carry EV charger and heat pump loads, costing £3trillion (£100,000 per household.)

The Telegraph’s advertisers may prefer such information not to be published, but I am posting this in the hope that investigative journalism is not totally dead.

Roger J Arthur

West Sussex


The language of division

Dear Editor

English is the official or primary language in more than 50 countries from Singapore to Scotland. It is the international language of business, law and culture. Its phrases are adopted into foreign speech.

President Macron has been censured for adopting phrases such as ‘crowd-funding’ and ‘start-up’ while his economy minister Bruno Le Maire began a speech in French before continuing: ‘Please allow me to switch to English to reflect the international audience.’

Isn’t it remarkable, then, that with English the official and primary language of Scotland, it is being diminished by treating it as similar to Gaelic by the SNP executive in official branding? Gaelic is a technology-free language spoken less than 2 per cent of the population and written by even fewer. Clearly the SNP want to make Scotland as different as possible from England, and making Gaelic officially equivalent to English is one way to do that.

Nowhere is this more inane than the branding of police vehicles with the words ‘Poileas Alba’ instead of ‘Police’. Police Scotland’s Gaelic Language Plan has resulted in all signage, logos and stationery duplicated in Gaelic. Constables speaking Gaelic are conspicuous by their absence. Similarly with the NHS in Scotland where all ambulances are signed ‘Ambaileans’ in the headboard. Not only is this yet another victory for yet another minority paid for by the silent majority whose taxes pay for all the inclusivity, diversity, gobbledegook and bullshit of our political masters, but it is a wedge, albeit a small wedge, to drive between Scots and English as part of the United Kingdom.

William Loneskie

Scottish Borders

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