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Superhuman effort needed to beat the loony tunes

Dear Editor

For too long now we, the quiet conformist, rule-respecting British, have accepted bizarre, loopy diktats as perhaps progress to a better land, whilst our common sense told us that it will all end in tears. So often we have protested under our breath. Finally, at last, perhaps we few are saying enough is enough, and what’s more, perhaps we are being listened to. But it’s a long road ahead.

It will take a superhuman effort to drag common sense back into the corrupted establishments that have for a generation now been allowed to be taken over by a Long March of the loony tunes. Perhaps it will take a messianic zeal to remind us that the very tiny increases in carbon dioxide and the minute and temporary increase in temperatures experienced in our normally freezing northern parts are actually good for plants, food growth and humans. Logic may even remind us that men are men and women are women and that maybe there are some who need our understanding and sympathy in their confusion as to otherwise.

Perhaps those brave people who can bring change to this changed world are already here. I hope so. Perhaps I feel a New Revolution, one based on humanity and common sense waiting in the wings to return us to hope and prosperity of both mind, spirit and society.
(As always, but particularly this Sunday, thank you TCW for shining a light).

Neil Sherry


Sick people fear being a burden

Dear Editor 

While we quite rightly discuss the need to prevent suicide, the link with calls to legalise helping the disabled/sick/terminally ill to take their own lives has become the elephant in the room that never gets mentioned. Sick people request suicide because they feel they are a burden on others.

Mrs Ann Farmer



The crippling profit on mortgages

Dear Editor,

There are many factors that create our personal and community cost of living crisis, amongst which are:

the cost of food;
the cost of fuel to heat our homes and our water;
the cost of many household commodities;
the cost of fuel to run our cars.

However, across the hundreds of hours of debate and the thousands of column inches written about this crisis, the elephant in the room is never mentioned at all.

In most homes, irrespective of the increase in the costs of those items in the above list, the monthly cost that still dwarfs each and every one of the above items, for homeowners at least, is their mortgage.

I was informed by a very senior executive at one of the major banks that the minimum that the banks accept as a profit margin on any mortgage is 400 per cent.

Please tell me why any business is allowed to make 400 per cent on any product, in any market, let alone a supposedly competitive market.

The easiest way to address the cost of living crisis would be for the government to direct mortgage lenders to reduce their profit from 400 per cent to 200 per cent for a period of two years. This would give mortgaged households massive financial freedom to pay for the rise in costs of all the other elements that make up their cost of living.

Moving forward, we should restrict the percentage profit that a mortgage lender can make on a product that lasts for such a long period of time.

John Rees


Empty the green ivory towers

Dear Editor

A group of researchers led by Julian Allwood, professor of engineering and environment at the University of Cambridge, has proposed the closure of all UK airports by 2050 in order to achieve Net Zero. They also want international shipping halted and a ban on eating beef and lamb. This useless drivel is paid for by the UK taxpayer. Whilst climate academics sit in their green ivory towers, people are trying to pay energy bills, pay the mortgage and put food on the table. There is a huge climate gravy train sucking up the UK taxpayers’ money, and it must be derailed. Every job with ‘climate change’ in its title should be made redundant. Just think of the £billions which could be put to better use. Meanwhile the rest of the world uses aircraft, burns fossil fuels, builds coal-fired power plants and drives 1.4billion petrol/diesel vehicles. 

Clark Cross 


Vaccine truth is beginning to emerge

Dear Editor

I have been watching Mark Steyn and he is a hero to be highlighting the lack of support and financial help for victims of vaccine injury. I recognise the first rule of an insurance company is never apologise, never admit liability. Once the government does that there will be an avalanche of claims.

We now have Pfizer trial data in the public domain and the truth is beginning to emerge into the mainstream. However I have seen nothing about how Kate Bingham managed to expedite the warp speed release of vaccines in the UK and what the MHRA did in terms of trial assessments particularly in regard to AZ vaccines.



The cloak of public ignorance

Dear Editor

I have read your recent article on reforms of the Bill of Rights

Here is something to think about further. The Investigatory Powers Act and use of covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) is only restrained by human rights legislation. That is why the Investigatory Powers Tribunal is set up. It is unclear how this new Bill of Human Rights would guard against the abuses of those granted power under the Investigatory Powers Act. Plus, the idea of personal responsibility of the individual in weighing up the possible misuse of this Act does not bode well for any abuse to be heard, investigated or compensated.

The Investigatory Powers also allows the seizure of medical records in very unclear circumstances; this does not bode well for the continued good health of the individual. It also brings up questions on NHS Resolution Indemnity Insurance on whether certain treatments by the NHS are actually allowed as crucial evidence. They may be missing due to the loss of medical records, which then puts the individual in danger and the medic concerned in danger of negligence and possibly not indemnified.

It is crucial to find out exactly where this matter stands, or is it just someone’s good idea which is reliant on the ignorance of the general public about exactly what is being foisted upon them.

Valerie Lewis Williams


WEF clique’s role in Ukraine

Dear Editor, 

I recently heard a talk by Professor John Mearsheimer on YouTube made some two years after the 2014 Ukraine coup.  He tells the history of the conflict and the inevitability of the present war following the decision to invite Ukraine to join Nato at the Bucharest conference, and how and why the Russian government warned that they would react and did so before in Georgia. It appears that everything Mearsheimer predicted has happened and we are now in a situation where the USA has voted for a $70billion aid package which will mainly be in advanced arms, with the UK signing to come to the aid of Finland and Sweden in advance of their decision to join Nato. The Democrats have encouraged Ukraine to defeat Russia and this would mean driving them out of the ethnic Russian provinces. It is also apparent that the USA intends regime change, as in the Ukraine coup. Leaked information from the US military has confirmed that Western intelligence enabled the killing of Russian generals and the sinking of their flagship. Putin has said that they will retaliate if threatened with defeat.

Obviously, this situation is more dangerous than at any time since the Cuban crisis and the question is why the USA, with little strategic interest in Ukraine, is pushing on and refusing to encourage negotiations. I heard Tucker Carlson of Fox News thinks it is because of the hatred of the Democrats for Putin following their loss to Trump. But most Republicans are voting for the proxy war and Johnson is even more gung-ho.

At the same time, Western governments have been co-ordinating the Green agendas and shutting down investment in fossil fuels. Putin has been sneering at this and recently joked that if they succeeded, they would have to come to Russia to supply enough firewood.

The thought occurred to me last night that the defeat of Russia may be because of the need, as the World Economic Forum sees it, to shut down Siberian gas and oil while gaining other minerals for the renewable industry. Members of the WEF/Davos include the Clintons, the PM of Finland, Canadian leaders, NZ PM, Australian PM and ministers, and MPs. The Johnsons are obviously globalists and ministers are WEF trained. The Ukrainian president has aligned with them too. And we were read the Queen’s Speech by another supporter.

Bearing in mind that the UK would be a target for obliteration if things got out of hand and that we are facing a winter of unheated homes and food shortages, is the action of this WEF-dominated clique worth it and what can the ordinary person do about it?



You have been warned

Dear Editor,

If I hear another recorded phone message saying ‘Due to the pandemic we are experiencing a high volume of calls’, I shall simply implode.

Mrs Clark


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