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Letters to the Editor


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Bought-and-paid-for ‘science’

Dear Editor

When you count cash you start by counting the notes, largest first, and then you count the coins starting with the highest value. It is very similar in scientific modelling; you start with the largest factor and successively add smaller and smaller ones.

Except in climate science where you ignore the largest factor – variation in the sun’s energy output – and start with the minor factor of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The current climate warming hysteria is based on 19th century scientific speculation, 20th century Green anti-industrial agenda and 21st century pork-barrel politics. It is very largely bogus.

In reality, weather and climate are dynamic and are always fluctuating. It is high time we replaced bought-and-paid-for ‘science’ with science grounded in observation, common sense, mathematics and above all integrity.

Otto Inglis



We need a revolution

Dear Editor

We appear to be in a global war – Left vs Right, Light vs Dark, traditional Judeo-Christian values vs the values of malevolent and oppressive authoritarianism.

The only method of preserving and ensuring the preservation and pre-eminence of our traditional culture and values in the West is to stop being polite and inoffensive; as Douglas Murray said in a recent interview, we must stop being nice.

We need to make a continuous, deafening noise that scares the politicians and wakes up the vast percentage of citizens who are sleepwalking into dystopian shackles. We need a revolution.
This is not a call to physical violence, but it is a call to being forceful with truth and facts, and forcefully to reject with contempt the lies and schemes of the Left that have been so damaging to our society.

How do we achieve this? Certainly not by being ‘nice’ or conforming to ideals of ‘civil discourse’ and polite debate. It is the pursuit of these methods that have led us to the situation we are in now.

We need to come together, work together, fight together against the corruption and encroachment of the Left, and push it back into the dark dank pit from which it crawled.

This means the sensible but small and emergent political parties, the organisations that have formed against the encroachment of the Left into various facets of life or into particular issues, and those individuals who have been and continue to be brave enough to make a public stand against the corrupt Leftism in politics, business, and society. We need our own equivalent of the WEF. A body that can organise and co-ordinate the fight back; that can produce the strategy and tactics and actions to win this war (it is a war).

It is time to tell the truth loudly and forcefully about the schemes, lies and actions of the Left and the consequences of those, to the people who are unaware or currently uncaring about what is happening around them, but who will lose the most.

Without mobilising a very large percentage of the general public there can be no effective fight back. We need to un-blind, un-indoctrinate, inform, educate and enthuse the masses. The Establishment, public bodies and institutions have been corrupted and it is only by force of large-scale public opposition that we can get these cleaned up.

We are fighting a global movement, well organised, well-funded, patient, embedded at every level of politics, business and society, and totally dedicated and ruthless. We must be the same.

John Hale

County Durham


Time to debate the future

Dear Editor

It’s good to read your articles in a mad and confusing world where there is more gaslighting than illumination. I live in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Yesterday I was sitting in the little bar at the market sipping a cool beer. A man was driving his motorcycle past the bar. He was wearing a mask which seems standard practice despite the endemic status of the disease here. A child of about five years old was also on the bike and was wearing a mask too. The child would have been at virtually zero risk of coming to any harm from the virus even if the pore size of the piece of cloth was appropriate. Interestingly neither the man nor the child was wearing a crash helmet. Everyone knows the risk of injury or death from driving motorbikes – we’ve all seen it or experienced it. That’s why helmets are a legal requirement for drivers and everyone else on the bike!

So what has happened to people’s assessment of risk? I wonder if masks are now seen as a fashion accessory. A friend’s youngest grandchild started school last week and she showed me a class photo. All were wearing masks. Personally I see this as a child safeguarding issue, having worked as an educational professional. The first day at school is pretty daunting as it is, so why make it more daunting? I know that I’m not the only person who feels this way, but I must be in a small minority otherwise public pressure would say no to it. I suppose I’ve always been a member of the minority group.

What can we do? As humans we are unique, living in a world of gods and demons, fictions and stories. It is our strength (if living in groups of millions is a measure of success) and it is our downfall because most of us are at the mercy of the storytellers. Right now I’m thinking it is time for a collection of people, with goodness in their hearts, to openly debate our future as a species to ensure that the default position of tyranny is held permanently in check. There are now some massive, powerful, influential groups acting globally, such as the WHO and the WEF. They will gather momentum, so action is needed, because these institutions are not elected. We have become a technocracy. It’s dangerous to our grandchildren. What can we do? Do we each have a duty to do something?  

Brian Hammond


Green delusions

Dear Editor,

In spite of the Public Order Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech it remains unclear if the splinter group of Extinction Rebellion who style themselves as Eco Warriors, known as Tyre Extinguishers, will be held accountable for the disruption caused by their underhand activities. While it may be fair to say that most urban-owned SUVs are more of a status symbol than a necessity, this does not entitle minority activists to creep about under cover of darkness fuelled by misguided moral indignation that such actions will save the planet from droughts, floods, fire, storms and starvation.

In spite of what certain sectors of the media maintain (notably the BBC), there is absolutely no evidence to support any significant increase in such events. Indeed it is becoming ever clearer that carbon dioxide that is portrayed as the villain of the piece by these eco-extremists is not the principal driver of climate change. Marginal temperature rise has stalled in spite of elevated CO2 levels and the sun’s magnetic variability is being recognised as the prime climate controller.

A look at the Tyre Extinguisher website quickly reveals the mentality of these cowardly, anonymous, ill-informed climate crusaders. Their ‘disciples’ are urged to familiarise themselves with a rogues’ gallery of SUVs to be able to identify what they describe as their ‘posh’ victims. Even the much-vaunted electric vehicles and hybrids are deemed fair game because the particulates produced from their brakes and tyres cause urban air pollution. The instructions on how to remove and replace a valve cap containing a lentil in order to deflate a tyre uses an aide-memoire perhaps more familiar to children, namely ‘lefty-loosey’ and ‘righty-tighty’.

Why should responsibility for such narrow-minded action be above the law if by ill-chance an unwitting SUV owner needed their vehicle in an emergency only to find a flyer on the windscreen advising that their tyres had been deflated in order to save the planet? Such actions may masquerade as a right to protest but in reality they are delusional and irresponsible.

Neil J Bryce



Remember Nolan’s Principles

Dear Editor

Re your article ‘Awkward questions and an MP who won’t answer them’ by Gerard Rodgers on May 19. 

I would like to add that all those in public life are bound by Nolan’s Principles. They make interesting reading.

H Johns


The media’s complicity in vaccine lies

Dear Editor

The authorities must be made to care and held accountable. Withholding vital information from the public, by government, its agencies and MSM and making unsubstantiated safety claims, must be declared a criminal offence by the public, especially the vaccine injured, through legal action. It’s also the only way for the full story to come out in court. Censorship is a life or death issue and extends well beyond the immediate matter of the vaccine. We cannot be an informed public and exercise informed consent, on anything, when knowledge is suppressed. It is happening again now with Boris Johnson signing in favour of amending the international regulations on health to enable WHO sovereignty over public health policy. He did it surreptitiously, without informing the public or Parliament. On Ukraine, too, the narrative is one-sided. For many of us, trust in and respect for our political system and those who govern has all but broken down, and they still don’t get it.

It was striking and heartbreaking listening to the testimonies given on the Mark Steyn programme that people were bewildered by the indifference of the media. They simply didn’t realise, such was their confidence in MSM, that it was a case of follow the money. Media companies have received millions from government, pharma and the pernicious Gates Foundation to promote the vaccine and to shut up about any adverse effects people might encounter. For all their distress, their tragic experiences have been an eye opener on so many levels and empowering. They can be, if they choose to be, the new generation of thalidomide warriors delivering justice. It’s worse than thalidomide since this time billions have been injected, the long-term consequences yet to unfold and instead of supportive, campaigning journalists, the media is hostile and doing everything it can to cover up malfeasance. Reputations and money are at stake. Steel and resolve will be needed by the vaccine injured to take on the globalist vested interests involved, but it must be done to prevent it happening again.

Rhydwenna E Jones


They knew the vaccine was dangerous

Dear Editor

There has been much talk about adverse drug reactions (ADRs) from the injections for the Chinese virus.

Before the jabs started (in December 2020, I recall), the UK government knew there would be more than usual ADRs.
In October 2020 it put out a tender on the European market for software to monitor these expected ADRs: £1.5million.

This can be seen here. 

I therefore decided not to have any jabs but to eat my greens and take a few vitamins and plenty of fresh air – in other words, to look after my immune system.

I am still alive and vertical and await an improved version of the treatment, which may be less problematic and more effective.

I know people who have been jabbed three times in 15 months – that does not sound like a ‘vaccination’. Many have had adverse reactions after those jabs.

Festina lente, make haste slowly, rather than be driven by imposed fear.

Christopher Darwin


The risks of masks

Dear Editor

While out and about I still see a large minority of people wearing masks. They may be doing themselves more harm than good according to research lead-authored by Dr Zacharias Foegen and published in February.

Foegen analysed Covid-related deaths in Kansas during a period of 2020; the context included which areas had mask mandates and which didn’t. His findings suggest that mask use might pose a yet unknown threat to the user instead of protecting them. His hypothesis, the so-called Foegen effect, is the ‘deep-reinhalation of hypercondensed droplets of pure virions caught in facemasks as droplets’. This effect is proven in vivo in an animal model. ‘Better’ masks like N95s would make this effect worse. Foegen’s results suggest that mask mandates caused 50 per cent more deaths when compared with no mask mandates

Geoff Moore

Ross and Cromarty


Corals can look after themselves

Dear Editor

In 2012 Malcolm Turnbull snitched $440million from Australian taxpayers to ‘save the Great Barrier Reef’.

In 2022 Scott Morrison promised to pour another billion into the Barrier Reef Black Hole.

Last week Anthony Albanese promised another $220 million ‘to save the reef from yellow crazy ants’.

Clearly the Great Barrier Reef has a bottomless black hole that demands regular sacrifice of taxpayers.

See here for pictorial comment:

Or maybe the Crown of Thorns starfish is now on a diet of dollars?

Corals have survived for millions of years. They laughed off ice ages and warm eras, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and dramatic changes in sea levels.

They will outlast this green invasion with its deluge of dollars.

Viv Forbes

Washpool, Queensland, Australia

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