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Letters to the Editor


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 Dear Editor

A little while back you quite rightly decided to amend the name behind the initials of TCW to reflect our general disgust with the Tory party, and you were looking for a new name that would fit the initials.

Well, by jove, I do believe I have it:


I hope you like the suggestion, and we can all think of this when we see the initials: TCW. It will certainly be on the tip of my tongue.

Bryan Harris


With kind permission, we republish a letter a reader has written to chief medical officer Chris Whitty.

Dear Mr Whitty,

As you already know (because you have the evidence on this from UK data and from data in numerous other countries) healthy children are not at any significant risk of Covid.  

Healthy children are however, as you full well know, at great risk of serious injury, disability and death from the experimental gene technology jabs. Thousands of reputable doctors and scientists are speaking the truth to say that children do not need the experimental jab. It is completely immoral, unethical and is a crime against children to vaccinate them with a risky technology that can and will harm them.  No decent human being would sacrifice children’s health and lives in order to protect adults who are irrationally afraid of a virus that has been hyped up out of all proportion by numerous Government propaganda programmes. 

As you know, there are numerous serious injuries, disabilities and deaths in adults as per the UK’s own Yellow Card reporting system and VAERS in the US from the rushed roll-out of the gene technology jabs. It is also known that amongst the young people who have been given the jabs, some are now suffering from myocarditis and many other serious adverse reactions. This is beyond serious, it is criminal and this cannot be ignored.    

DO NOT bring in a programme for 12-15-year-olds as we know it is a cast-iron certainty that precious children will be seriously harmed. 

You are a doctor, Mr Whitty, and you have an oath to do no harm. You know that drug companies are protected from any liability and you know that most people in the UK have been deliberately left totally uninformed about the real science behind the experimental gene technology jabs. Parents are not armed with true information and to grant children the option to decide without parental consent is beyond horrific.    

It is also your responsibility, Mr Whitty, to protect children and not to allow them to be used as a shield and to be experimented on.  

Mrs Bernadette Rodgers

Catholic mother and grandmother concerned for all children 

NE England


Dear Editor

Beijing has publicly rebuffed US climate envoy John Kerry’s attempt to persuade China to cut its emissions much faster in order to limit global warming to the 1.5C target enshrined in the 2015 Paris Agreement. The US could now impose punitive carbon border taxes. COP26 is now on the same downward path as COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009 where decisive actions were watered down. The Copenhagen accord said it ‘recognises the scientific case for keeping temperature rise to no more than 2C’ but it did not contain commitments to emissions reductions to achieve that goal. Recent press reports suggest that Boris Johnston is considering abandoning the 1.5C goal in order to avoid a similar COP debacle in Glasgow in November. Since China, India and numerous other countries are refusing to commit, COP26 should be immediately cancelled.

Clark Cross

West Lothian, Scotland


Dear Editor

The NHS should not receive one penny more in funding until it withdraws its offensive drive demanding staff ‘check your white privilege’. This poisonous development imported from the US must be stamped out of Britain. The NHS is wasting time and money on Woke rot instead of strictly attending to healthcare. Greater funding will not be spent on frontline care but on recruiting more bureaucrats to enforce the diversity agenda. Between this and vaccine coercion, many excellent clinical staff will leave the service and probably move into private healthcare. 

We really need to hold a public conversation about the role and extent of the state going forward. 

As for the vaccine, the government has invested so much in its development, along with reputational investment, it cannot admit that it is ineffective and dangerous. Alarms about variants are raised when in fact it’s the vaccine that is failing and generating infection. The entire population could be fully vaccinated but it would not stop Covid from spreading. Scapegoating the unvaccinated is reprehensible. Legal action should be launched against the government, Sage and pharma to force this entire sorry tale of corruption into the open.

Rhydwenna E Jones


Dear Editor

Why are we fixated with the concept of party politics? As if it’s the only way that we can get citizens to register their displeasure with this totalitarian and tyrannical government. The Lib/Dums have proven already that they are neither liberal or democratic when it comes to the views of the majority of citizens and it dismays me that TCW is touting them as an option for people to support.

 We need to move away from party politics if we are to make any progress against these tyrants and eviscerators of our freedom and liberties. We need to start promoting the concept of a United People’s Coalition to represent us, the people who care about democracy and the true value of freedom and liberty in society.

Most of those wishing to become politicians are driven, primarily, by ego and vanity, not to mention the salary and disgraceful expenses and pensions. We need to be represented by citizens who are for the people with policies drawn up in conjunction with the people. It is the only way forward and out of this chicanery and deviousness that does not have our best intentions at heart.

Brexit has shown that the people of this country, given the opportunity and right direction, are fully capable of judging what is right for them. It’s about time we started listening and recognising that we the people are equally qualified to know what is in our best interests and to act accordingly.

We need to put all 650 sitting MPs on notice that they will be removed if they do not represent the views of the majority of the people of this country. If TCW are genuinely serious about true democracy and representation then they need to be campaigning for a different approach to how we are governed rather than sticking with those lame ducks currently sitting on their backsides, filling their coffers, and doing nothing to represent us. The Lib/Dems are way back down the rabbit hole and not the way forward to the bright new future that the people of this country deserve.

It will take courage and bravery to step outside what we already have, but current governance and politics are a busted flush and it’s time that the people’s voices were fully aired and heard. In my view this will be achieved only by creating a United People’s Coalition which would be run by the people for the people. It can be done. TCW just need to get the message out there.

John Fletcher


Dear Editor

My husband and I love chess, so we set up at roadside locations with high throughput and play a game of chess whilst displaying roadside boards with our thoughts on various topics. One day last week was parental choice in whether or not their children are vaccinated. We hope it will make some motorists think a bit further than the BBC. Our tagline is ‘It’s your move’ as a call to action.

Dee Thomas

Retired care home worker


Dear Editor

As we speed towards these ‘vaccine’ products being recommended for children can we ascertain what the conditions for informed consent will be [1,2,3]?

Will parents and children (of presumed Gillick competence) be told for instance that the benefits for them may not outweigh the risks, that they may get inflammation of the heart which will be painful, possibly life changing and sometimes fatal? Will they be told that they are free to refuse without personal consequences?

[1] Jay Ilangaratne, ‘ Re: New guidance from the GMC: what constitutes meaningful dialogue?’, 3 November 2020, 

[2] para.89 to 92 in Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board [2015], 

[3] John Stone , ‘Informed Consent and the Government’s Legal Position’, 16 November 2020, 

John Stone 

UK Editor, 

London N22 

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