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Letters to the Editor


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Cancer toll may be yet to come

Dear Editor

Referring to the comment in Will Jones’s article of Saturday July 16, ‘Excess non-Covid deaths approach 9,000 in ten weeks’, that deaths from cancers were not alarmingly high, I would like to suggest that maybe people just haven’t died yet. In the last few months, four women I know have been diagnosed with breast cancer, one with a ‘rare and aggressive’ form normally only seen in women under 30. She is in her late sixties. Three weeks into her chemotherapy, her sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, going straight from no cancer to stage 4.

I tried to warn my friends but they didn’t listen. They were filled with fear and would not even think about questioning things.

One woman, who ended a 20-year friendship with me, now has the rare and aggressive breast cancer. Meanwhile, I see the vaccinated getting the various strains of the lurgy. My unjabbed friends remain healthy, while the jabbed are sicker. They of course are convinced that they would have died had they not been vaccinated. It is like living in the twilight zone. There are others I know of who are sick or have died with other illnesses as well – they have all had the vaccines.

A friend’s nephew never woke up after he went to bed one night after the jab. The same man’s son-in-law came out in a terrible rash after the booster and was in an awful state. One of my neighbours permanently lost his sight in one eye overnight due to a blood clot. I said to his wife that it might be the vaccine to which she replied, ‘I am sure it is the vaccine, we won’t be having any more. My friend’s brother collapsed just over a week after his first jab and now has atrial fibrillation and is on permanent medication. He had no previous heart problems. Incidentally, he was in the same village as another friend’s husband who had the exact same reaction. An elderly friend has been hospitalised four times with Covid since being vaccinated. Apparently the Covid that she wasn’t supposed to be hospitalised with after being vaccinated has damaged her heart and lungs severely.’

I had an appointment with my Labour MP earlier in the year about the vaccine passports and alluded to the increases in cancer I had noticed. He was desperate to convince me that I could prove nothing about a link between the vaccinated and cancer. I, on the other side, asked him to prove that there was no link. Of course, he could not. He went away tasked with contacting the MHRA to follow up on why there were no studies into jab safety. He did not follow this up at all.

Sharon Burke


Four unexpected adult deaths in a week

Dear Editor

I have just read the two excellent articles by yourself and Laura Perrins about the BBC programme Unvaccinated. I have to confess I didn’t watch it. It would be great to have an honest debate featuring people like Tess Lawrie etc but that is never going to happen on the BBC. On behalf of all of us ‘Unvaccinated’ I thank you.

On a subject which you have covered on a number of occasions, the number of excess deaths requires urgent investigation. I have a relatively small group of friends and family but in the past week we have heard of four sudden adult deaths aged between 34 and 58. I knew only one of them personally and have no idea regarding their vaccine status. The one thing in common is that none was apparently ill so death was unexpected. The verdict by the coroner for two of the individuals was ‘inconclusive’. Ten thousand excess deaths not due to Covid is alarming especially when you see the same picture happening all over the world.

Anthony Broome


Is rioting the only answer?

Dear Editor,

Is there a way of stopping our descent into authoritarian despotism?  The control of our political choices has been hijacked by the architects and promoters of the ambitious and ruthless New World Order, a politicised movement of powerful and wealthy wannabe human demigods. Most candidates for political office have been through the globalist mincing, programming and reconstituting machine before they are presented to us. So our political freedom has been reduced to a small space in which we can browse only from a menu of leftist authoritarianism, differing by party shading and choice of words, but always with the same core political imperative of a bland, freedom-restricting, controlled and utilitarian outcome for the general population. There is no real choice.  

Our children and grandchildren are subject to an education system that churns out numbers not individuals: indoctrinated with humanist wokism, programmed to accept without question whatever they are told by authority – racist doctrines, gender corruption, humans are a chance result of random evolution and the destructive enemy of the world – becoming fodder for authoritarian control and corporate greed.

What are we to do?  Have the Dutch got the right idea?  Or is anything less than what has happened in Sri Lanka useless gesturing that will be swatted aside? Can our freedom be fought for successfully while still conforming to normal democratic rules designed for a world that assumed respect of individual rights and Judeo-Christian morality?

The NWO minions placed in national governments care not what their underling citizens think. They have confidence that their power is unassailable. Their agenda is well advanced, implemented, and holds sway over political systems worldwide, with very few exceptions.  

Too many of our fellow citizens cannot think through the reality of their situation, cowed under the spell of the mass psychosis brewed up in the bubbling pot of induced fear, lies and threat; it’s much easier passively to soak up the propaganda launched at them via the BBC et al, and then watch the latest episodes of some soap opera or reality show – bread and circuses with embedded social messaging to keep the masses on message and in check. Of those not under the spell of government propaganda and fear tactics, many may be too timid to step outside of the norms of political interaction.  

 Looking at the choices presented in the Conservative leadership contest, Sir Keir Starmer and leading Labour politicians, the SNP and LibDems, I see no empathy with or representation for the average citizen. I fear this is leading us to the impossible situation where nothing less than a UK version of the Sri Lanka revolt will have any meaningful, lasting effect.

John Hale

County Durham


I look forward to your resignation, Mr Sharma

Dear Editor

The COP26 president and Cabinet minister Alok Sharma has threatened to resign if the next prime minister is not committed to Net Zero. 

Net Zero by 2050 will cost the UK public £3trillion, roughly £108,000 for each household. Do politicians ever do their sums? 

The UK has a minuscule 1.13 per cent of global emissions, while the rest of the world have already abandoned their COP26 promises as they burn coal to keep the lights on. China will buy gas from Russia for the next 30 years. Meanwhile, Russia will supply India with 40million tons of coal and China with 100million tons. China and India are responsible for 37 per cent of global emissions so, I ask, Mr Sharma, does that look like a firm COP26 commitment to you? Your resignation will be welcome.

Clark Cross 



The strain on the train

Dear Editor

If rail tracks buckle at over 100mph in extreme heat, how is HS2 going to work when the planned speed is 200mph?

Rhydwenna E Jones 


My faith in medics is destroyed

Dear Editor

After your article of Wednesday July 20, ‘As XR idiots run riot, Europe faces ruin from its climate insanity’, in which you reported that six ‘healthcare professionals’ – two GPs, a specialist in child and adolescent mental health, a gynaecologist, a consultant psychiatrist and a dementia nurse – broke windows at Canary Wharf, I wrote to the self-proclaimed ‘PR’ email on the XR site. Clearly they want complaints to be made against the six well-paid public sector types. I will not fall into this trap.

This was my email:

Dear non-dimensional non-aligned political organisation with no duly elected national representatives.

Assuming you have opened this, please explain:

1. Justification for criminal damage.

2. Justification for commercial loss.

3. Justification for destroying incomes, including mine.

4. Justification for links to certain VC [venture capital] funds.

For the record, the NHS has destroyed my faith in all medics – the vast majority are self-consumed quacks who do not generate one penny of wealth for the nation.

I do just that. 

Do you?

Andrew Marsh

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