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Letters to the Editor


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The unspeakable injustice inflicted on Archie Battersbee

Dear Editor

I write to express my horror (I can’t think of another word) at the saga and outcome of the Archie Battersbee case, the poor boy having been condemned to death as I write.

There is so much I could say regarding the unspeakable injustices inflicted on Archie and his family, but for the sake of brevity I shall restrict myself to these points:

1) The state has no place in any of this. It is for Archie’s Mum and Dad to decide. 

2) The conduct of the NHS has been reprehensible and typifies the ‘we know best’ attitude of this abomination of a health care service.

3) All of the so-called legal experts should hang their heads in shame, with the notable exception of the UN, whose opinion was ignored.

4) The final insult, refusal to allow him to be moved to a hospice – opposed by the NHS because he ‘may be harmed or not survive’ the move – was so unspeakably perverse that my vocabulary fails me.

I am a Christian so God help me but I wish nothing but eternal hellfire on every single person that has enabled this outcome.

My love and prayers to Archie and his family. God Bless Them.

Guy Phoenix


We should not have to pay to receive propaganda

Dear Editor

What a very good summary you gave of how awful and actually dangerous to Britain the Big Brother Corp has become. 

They despise the cultural norms and aspirations of middle-class, conservative England. They adhere implicitly to the words of Sir Hugh Carleton Greene, director general of the BBC in the 1960s: ‘We are going to use this organisation to change the way the rest of the country thinks. We want them to see stuff they don’t like. We don’t really care if they complain.’

Why should any conservative watch the BBC and be forced to pay to be abused or for others to be abused in this way? It’s intolerable, immoral and tyrannical to force someone to pay for dangerous and divisive propaganda, is it not?

Tony Woodcock



Resist the return to serfdom

Dear Editor,

We have moved into a time of political homogenisation and the divide in society is now not Left and Right, but Darkness and Light, Truth vs Lies, and ultimately Good vs Evil.

Darkness appears to have overtaken many (most?) people. That darkness is either a result of the person’s point of origin as in the case of most of those in power, or a self-imposed ignorance and laziness and indifference in the case of the rest of society. Those on the side of Light/Truth/Good are in the minority, as has been the case since Eve became the first person to be deceived as it seemed like an easy way to improve her life, and Adam decided he couldn’t withstand any more nagging and caved in too.

Now we live in an age where those in power politically and economically could not care less about how their actions are perceived. They know that a very large proportion of the general population are blind to truth, and lap up the lies, obfuscation and propaganda the powerful in politics and business feed them. They have no care for negative repercussions, because they believe there will be none of any significance that would threaten their position and power. The arrogance of these people tells us this. They have taken the idea of amplifying a lie until it becomes the truth to extremis. They deliberately lie in open public in order to twist bad outcomes into good outcomes in the minds of the public.

Many years ago, those in power hid their corruption, deceit, and the resulting bad outcomes and disasters of their actions. That was a time when the general public had a concept of morality that chimed with the Judeo-Christian traditions that helped build the Western world into the industrial, political and economic powerhouse it became. The powerful knew that they could not withstand the backlash from the public and the internal power structures that gave them their positions.

But now a mass blindness has come upon the world, and those in power and the internal power structures that tweak their strings and are plotting our return to a two-tier world of the powerful and the serfs have no care for consequences. The gloating and arrogance is de rigueur, as if it is a badge of honour demonstrating their total superiority and authority over the masses. 

Why are people not stomping, fuse-blowing angry about the evil that surrounds them and is engulfing and suffocating the free-thinking ability of the majority of society? Why are there not calls for mass-participation protest marches on parliament to demonstrate the total revulsion and rejection of the actions and equally damning inactions of government of the last two and a half years?

Have I detected a creeping note of frustration and anger coming through in some of the recent articles on TCW? Perhaps the frustration that the public in general are not bothering to make themselves aware of what is happening to their lives is finally awakening a sense that unless anger rises and action follows that anger, we will not see a change of direction away from the imposition of evil on to society, financial ruin for most, and curtailment of all freedoms – a return to serfdom for the masses.

I hope so.  Without anger and ensuing action, we will never force a change.

John Hale

County Durham


Anyone for stodge?

Dear Editor

It’s interesting that in the run of PMs, there appears to be a pattern of alternate charisma and stodge: Thatcher followed by Major, Blair followed by Brown, Cameron followed by May, Johnson (followed by Truss?)

John Drewry



Make a statement with Phone Free Fridays

Dear Editor

If you want to make a big statement do something small but visible and get lots of people to do it.

Banging pots and pans for the NHS (how silly do we feel about that now?) or Earth Day when folks switch off their lights for an hour to save the planet (even more silly).

But it wasn’t so silly when Mahatma Gandhi encouraged people to make their own salt and in doing so this small peaceful action changed the course of history in India.

How might we similarly do something that collectively will send a massive signal to governments and huge vested interests and perhaps even benefit ourselves in the process?

I am proposing Phone Free Friday and here’s why:

It shows me I can go for a day without the damn thing thereby also proving if a day, why not a week, a month or a year?

It shows my friends (real ones or social media ones) that I don’t need this pointless addiction in my life.

It shows governments and big tech that maybe we are not such slaves to our devices as they want or need us to be.

It demonstrates by the collective reduction in internet traffic and maybe in online purchasing just how many of ‘us’ there are. And by ‘us’ I mean those who have awakened to the ongoing dystopian Great Reset agenda of digital ID, digital currency, social credit scoring, vaccine passports, all of which will require you to have a smart phone and always have it with you.

It could inadvertently also help make ‘Cash Fridays’ more visible where cash gets used instead of phone or card payments thus keeping this vital thing alive.

Finally, if you want some icing on your cake and to justify this action to the ubiquitous naysayers: it’s green, saving God knows how much energy. 

I hope people will join me by participating in and more importantly promoting this idea so we can start sending out a big message and also get our lives back.

Martin Grogan 


Twitter ban is outrageous

Dear Kathy,

It’s outrageous that you’ve been banned by Twitter. I take it the reason is anti-vax ideas being published on TCW.

While I am fully vaccinated myself, I have been told by two highly intelligent professional women of undoubted integrity about cases of people reacting severely to the first vaccine. One young mother died mysteriously the same night, and another woman in her forties had a severe onset of uterine bleeding with atrocious pain and needed a hysterectomy. Now all over the world there is a rising phenomenon of sudden ’unexplained’ deaths.

The first vaccine made me seriously ill. It’s pretty obvious that it was a shoddy product rolled out in two months instead of the usual – legally required – five years of clinical trials and research

Julia Gasper


What have the climate mob got to hide?

 Dear Editor

AS TCW reported, a paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has found that the IPCC’s recent shift to a new statistical method has led to misleading claims about changes in weather extremes. GWPF invited the Royal Society and the Met Office to review the paper and said they would publish any comments as an appendix to the paper. No reply was forthcoming. The IPCC, the BBC and all those on the Climate Gravy Train have been trying for years to scare the public into submission. If the Royal Society and the Met Office are unwilling to respond to this paper, they have something to hide. Since extreme weather events are the mainstay of the climate change argument the UK government must demand that the Royal Society and the Met Office respond or are they too frightened of the answer?

Clark Cross 



Dear Editor

The MSM links every new heatwave and temperature record to our CO2 emissions. However the UN World Meteorological Organisation says that CO2 concentration rose in 2020, despite the dramatic fall in human emissions due to lockdown.

But there does seem to be a link between increased sunspot activity, solar storms and the temperature down here. This is what we know about one in 2012.

According to Nasa, ‘a surge of infrared radiation from nitric oxide molecules on March 8-10, 2012, signalled the biggest upper-atmospheric heating event in seven years.’

(In human terms, this is a lot of energy. According to the New York City mayor’s office, an average NY household consumes just under 4,700 kWh annually. This means that the geomagnetic storm dumped enough energy into the atmosphere to power every home in New York for two years.)

Infrared radiation is what you get from an electric fire. What does it do? It heats up what is around it. So no one should blame heatwaves on atmospheric CO2 levels until they have checked all the facts.

The reverse occurred between 1645 and 1715 (Maunder Minimum) when sunspot activity and the solar wind volume was exceptionally low – as were global temperatures.

Roger J Arthur

West Sussex

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