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Letters to the Editor


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Covid vaccine 1: Never forget, never forgive, never again

Dear Editor

I am sure most people will be shocked by the latest figures from the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) showing that 15 children under the age of 18 have died following vaccination, and also shocked that the MHRA claims they do not know the ages of 368 other individuals who have died following vaccination. I suggest all your readers write to their MPs to ensure that they are aware of these facts and then forward their replies to you for publication.

As someone recently said, never forget, never forgive and never again. We cannot allow the people who govern us to remain silent. At any other time in our history this would have been front page news across all the MSM and the vaccine programme suspended.
We have to name and shame those MPs who fail to take vaccine harm seriously. Enough is enough.

John Davis


Covid vaccine 2: The MPs who will not listen

Dear Editor

I recently wrote to my Conservative MP, Victoria Prentis, asking why the government is determined to push the Covid vaccines on the population. I utterly despair if this is the quality of response from our elected representatives. As we all know, the MHRA is not an independent body, and that’s disregarding my MP’s total failure to answer my question.  She’s clearly determined not to see what is going on which by some twisted logic presumably makes her feel she can’t be held accountable.

Esther Matthews

This is our correspondence: 

Dear Victoria,

Why is the government continuing to push Covid vaccines? Its very own body, the ONS, has statistics which if properly analysed prove that for all age groups (even older people) the risk of death is much higher amongst the vaccinated relative to the non-vaccinated. Either you know this and choose callously to ignore it, i.e. you are colluding with Big Pharma for some reason, or you haven’t taken the trouble to look at the stats – if the latter is the case, please do take a look – get your staff to analyse them for you.

The ONS (presumably on purpose) present them in a way which makes them very difficult to read so you can’t see what’s really going on from a mere glance.

The Covid vaccines are beyond a doubt largely responsible for the abnormally high excess deaths we’ve been having since vaccination began. Higher than during Covid (pre-vaccination).

I’d really appreciate a reply to this email as I can’t understand why our elected government is doing this to people. I particularly feel for young people and children and for parents who’ve lost children due to the vaccines which were never necessary for the young and fit who almost never die from Covid. I also can’t understand why the mainstream press is refusing to report the facts on this matter. This is positively evil and hopefully a matter for a Nuremberg-style trial if we ever get shot of this corrupt government (and Labour who are equally bad).

Thank you,

Esther Matthews

Dear Esther,

Many thanks for your email. I appreciate your concerns.

Any coronavirus vaccine that is approved must go through rigorous clinical trials and safety checks. I am proud that the UK has some of the highest safety standards in the world. So far, millions of people have been given a Covid-19 vaccine and reports of serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, have been very rare. The MHRA continues to monitor potential side effects of all vaccines in the UK.

Routine safety monitoring and analysis of the approved Covid-19 vaccines by the MHRA shows that the safety of these vaccines remains as high as expected from the clinical trial data that supported the approvals. The safety profile of the vaccines remains positive and data has shown that the vast majority of reported side effects are mild and all are in line with most types of vaccine, including the seasonal flu vaccine.



Rt Hon Victoria Prentis MP
Member of Parliament for North Oxfordshire


Covid vaccine 3: The pushers are on the run

Dear Editor,

I think Brown University economics professor Emily Oster PhD may have inadvertently done us all a favour by revealing how anxious those who backed the wrong horse are (TCW November 5 ‘Covid amnesty? Why we must never forgive or forget’). As the data release becomes unstoppable, she wriggles in a hopeless bid to prevent loss of credibility, reputation and earnings of those of her class, whilst inviting not only a barrage of lambasting of her proposal, but a justification for the compiling of detailed lists of the egregious actions perpetrated by powerful institutions and individuals on a huge and unsuspecting public over a sustained period of time.  

She also exemplifies the tendency of academia towards arrogance, which privileges credentials for their own sake. All genuine scientists and investigators are possessed of a large dose of humility. It is what keeps their minds fluid and flexible, open to constantly expand their knowledge and understanding. 

She has also laid the path for us to debate what needs to happen next in terms of transparency and accountability.

Francesca Abbott


The economy comes before eco-hysteria

Dear Editor,

It is a curious fact that for each molecule of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, there are nearly 2,000 of nitrogen more than 500 of oxygen and even 23 of the inert gas argon.

All life on Earth depends on that carbon dioxide, which is little more than a trace in the atmosphere. Yet the Green movement has manufactured a worldwide hysteria and a civilisation destroying agenda centred on grossly exaggerating the effect of that molecule on the climate.

Time for our politicians to focus on saving our economy rather than destroying it at COP27 in the service of eco-hysteria.

Otto Inglis



Ignore the doom-laded pronouncements of COP27

Dear Editor,

Media headlines and TV images persistently highlight the idea that there is an increase in the severity and frequency of extreme weather events which are directly attributable to the increased level of CO2 in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. Consequently it is no surprise that there is a general perception that this in an indisputable fact.

A recent highly detailed and meticulously researched paper entitled ‘A critical assessment of extreme events in times of global warming’ (reported by TCW on October 14), the authors of which have no conflicts of interest or links to corporate funding shed light on what to many may be the inconvenient reality that there is no proof of any upward global trend in weather extremes.

As an example of a very pertinent and recurring observation, the authors note that while ‘existing records of past Atlantic storms or hurricane numbers (from 1878 to present) indeed show a pronounced upward trend, the density of Atlantic shipping reports was relatively low during the first decade of this period: if the storms of the modern era (after 1965) had hypothetically occurred during those decades, a considerable number of storms would not have been observed by the naval observation network’. In a similar vein, in the era before wall-to-wall TV coverage, cell phone cameras, satellites and Doppler radar was available many other weather extremes would have gone unobserved and unreported.

We are constantly reminded of the fear and anxiety felt by the younger generation but we do them no favours by exaggerating and distorting reality as exemplified by misinterpreting every flood, wildfire, drought or crop failure as a portent of impending catastrophe. Instead of wasting resources and money on what will prove to be ineffective solutions we should be positive in diverting such assets to adapting to changing circumstances and also appreciate the fact that that elevated levels of CO2 are in fact greening the planet and pushing back deserts around the world, as evidenced by NASA satellite data. As a consequence increased plant photosynthesis, known as Gross Primary Productivity, has increased by 30 per cent over the last 120 years, so be of good cheer and take the doom laden pronouncements from COP27 with more than a pinch of salt.

Neil J Bryce



Time to turn eco-vandals into eco-jailbirds

Dear Editor

Twenty-three activists from Just Stop Oil were arrested for climbing on gantries on the M25 despite a major Metropolitan Police operation to prevent this. Other activists were detained before this demonstration on suspicion of ‘conspiracy to intentionally or recklessly cause public nuisance’. This legislation is overdue but welcome and is a new offence under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 with a maximum penalty of up to ten years in prison. The police are at last being allowed to do their job so now it is up to the courts to stop future eco-demonstrations. The demonstrations cost the Metropolitan Police alone well over £50million in 2021 and this year’s bill will be near £80million. The cost for the whole of the UK since these eco-demonstrations started must be approaching £1billion. Taxpayers’ money being wasted on policing these eco-mobs should be spent on fighting crime. The judiciary must impose meaningful prison sentences which will deter even the most ardent of these eco-zealots. Let the bidding start. Do I hear five years? Do I hear six?

Clark Cross



Brexit was a cover for the elite to take back power

Dear Editor 

What the hell is going on? North Yorkshire county council is spending £394,000 on ‘rebranding’ after the enlargement of its area of control. And the councillors involved have the audacity to congratulate officers for keeping the expenditure so low! This is being repeated elsewhere around the country where councils are amalgamated into larger authorities, taking control from local people and denying them autonomy. 

Isn’t there hypocrisy in this move to centralised control after using the opposite argument to achieve Brexit? And does this not expose that Brexit was just an excuse for the elite to take back power and control of this country?

Although elections will not be held for the new authority until 2024, it will exist and spend our money from April next year.

Is this democracy? And why are the public tolerating this abuse of power and the squandering of our money in times of austerity?

This is a result of participating and giving credibility to a fraudulent system and democracy by voting for it.

Malcolm Naylor 



The Gavin Williamson mystery

Dear Editor

Based on a consistently mediocre performance in high office, Sir Gavin Williamson was presumably more valued for his skills as an enforcer than as a leader. But why any PM would feel the need to employ such coercive skills in a Cabinet setting – never mind reward him with a knighthood – is surely of much concern.

Roger J Arthur

W Sussex


Can post-Musk Twitter be worse than pre-Musk?

Dear Editor

Kathy, I appealed The Twitter God too.

Like you I was permanently banned for WrongThink – in my case I was ‘permanently banned’ twice! Hmm. Perhaps I am the only person that ever happened to?

They never told me what I was banned for, nor what I was mysteriously unbanned for.

I had appealed from time to time in the past, but to no avail.

But like you, this time when I appealed the God of Twitter, I was also rejected and like you, was told there would be no future discussion. So, in fact, this is a worse result than pre-Musk, when it seemed that you could keep appealing. Now they are saying ‘You don’t exist – and if you keep contacting us, we will ignore you.’

David Lawrenson

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