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Letters to the Editor


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Dear Editor

Boris Johnson says the current energy crisis shows that we must build more wind turbines. Shadow business secretary Ed Miliband wants more wind turbines to ‘meet Net Zero with affordability and security’. Both are out of touch with reality. Affordability? Electricity is 5.6 times more expensive than gas. Security? Fossil fuels this month provided, on average, 55 per cent of our electricity needs, nuclear 16 per cent, renewables a pitiful 10.6 per cent and imports 10 per cent. Coal-fired plants had to be reconnected to stop blackouts. Politicians must suspend the 12 per cent green levies on our energy bills, cancel constraint payments which have added £1billion to our electricity bills, re-open gas storage facilities and start fracking.

Clark Cross



Republished with kind consent

Dear Conservative Member of Parliament

It is after much thought and with deep regret that we write this letter. While we very much appreciate the assistance you gave in the past regarding an income tax matter, including standing up to Priti Patel when she was a treasury minister, we can no longer give our support or vote to the Conservative Party, thus, unfortunately, to yourself. 

We have tolerated many things, including the total mess made of Brexit and the great future leaving the EU could have given this country (though at least we are out); the (deliberate?) failure to control illegal immigration, plus the related abject surrender to Islamic radicalisation (why are persons with genuine concern for this country, its true culture and traditions, vilified as ‘extreme Right wing’ while the nonsense of diversity allows terrorists of alien origin freedom to commit their atrocities?); the sham of multiculturalism and the promotion of BAME over the native majority; the emasculation of the courts and the police, plus the sick jokes that are human rights; ‘community service’ and release on licence having served half a prison sentence, meaning criminals often escape their true punishments; the absurdity of the ‘four nations’ and the favourable funding given to the People’s Socialist Republic of (South) Wales etc through the Barnett Formula; the manipulation and fearmongering to achieve draconian powers to (supposedly) control the so called threats of Covid 19 and climate change.  

Yours is no longer a true Conservative government: it is now truly a ‘world beating’ shambles.

There have now come two ‘final straws’, the rise in National Insurance and the ‘suspension’ of the pensions ‘triple lock’. Great fuss (‘smoke and mirrors’) was made that the rise in NI was to ‘fix’ the National Health Service following the pressures put on it by Covid-19 and to fund better care for the elderly. The NHS has been broken and drastically failing long before Covid 19, possibly over decades, through a combination of political interference; repeated chronic underfunding; a stupefying byzantine bureaucracy; trade union intransience; rapacious drug companies, equipment suppliers and favoured large outsourcing companies; an obsession with diversity and too many hopelessly inadequate senior managers, many often ‘parachuted in’ with little or no experience of the NHS (will the extra money for the NHS be used to raise the already extortionate salaries of these inadequates?). As for care of the elderly, as the bulk of the funds raised are to go to the NHS in the first three years, how can that improve the care of the elderly?  We consider that one of your (Conservative) colleagues was right when he stated in Parliament that the rise in NI will become yet another tax and will rise and rise.    

We do not believe the hollow-sounding assurances that the pensions triple lock is only being ‘suspended’ for the coming financial year (we have heard too many such claims before). We, as citizens (as many others will have done), while not a written contract, made an understanding with government that we would be good citizens, serve the country as best we could (both of us have worked in the NHS and one has been a magistrate) and pay our taxes, in return we would expect protection, education, health care and, eventually, a decent pension and care in old age. As the UK state pension and care for the elderly is one of the worst in the developed world, no government has ever kept its side of the contract and the suspension of the triple lock will just make a bad situation worst. Also, the suspension of the triple lock does not just impact on the state pension, it also impacts on the pensions of those who have worked in public service, such as the NHS, local government and the civil service, plus some company schemes whose annual increases normally match that of the state pension. 

So with regret we cannot any longer support or vote for the Conservative Party, which you and your fellow Conservative MPs might wish to consider while the present leader (and his reshuffled cabinet of charlatans and snake oil salesmen) are in power.

Doug Farlow

PS: Is it just me who sees that the ‘emperor’ does not have any clothes?       


Dear Editor

As a very old oldie I would much rather be vaccinated (and boosted) than have the disease. I feel safer even after my recent flu jab. It seems there are many millions out there feeling the same way.

Vaccination has saved a lot of people from dying, and a lot more from suffering unduly. You have the vaccine; or risk being seriously ill, or dying, and possibly infecting friends and family. They are the basic Covid truths. All opinion and arguments about vaccination must start from there.

Everyone has that choice, of course. But the TCW Defending Freedom website is constantly arguing for the second alternative. Who is being intolerant here? Your mission statement claims you’re fighting ‘a new Dark Age of anti-reason’. What your anti-vaxx contributors would call reason others would see as the opposite: the very thing you’re concerned about.

You need donations, now more than ever. But isn’t it possible this dominant policy is putting some people off? Where are the balancing pieces? Does no one write in to say you’re wrong and this is why? I can’t because even with a scientific background I know nothing about viruses.

But I do know that I’d rather be vaccinated (and boosted).

Ivor Williams


Republished with kind consent

Dear Prime Minister

I just wanted you to be aware of a few things that thanks to your inept and pointless actions since you became PM have made life hell for so many people in this country.

Like many who recently retired, my wife and I were looking forward to a relaxing time, with the odd luxury, like a trip to our favourite restaurants in London, a day out at the seaside, or even a holiday. None of this has been possible due to the unnecessary lockdowns you imposed along with other issues, like businesses going broke.

With taxes escalating beyond the sky with your irrational and ideological Net-Zero, we cannot even afford these small luxuries, and it will get worse as time goes on. We will be lucky if we can scrape through the next year without going into debt.

I won’t even go into the mess you have personally created with health treatment, that have prevented so many from enjoying their final days, properly looked after. Your promises mean nothing, and your motives are not just suspect, I am certain you are deliberately creating extreme chaos and problems in our country.

So, thank you for all of this, you destroyer of our country. It probably won’t be too long now before I kick the bucket. None of us can tell when the grim reaper will appear, but be assured of this. You will not get away with your sins against humanity. Watch out for me, I am determined you will not escape retribution, for at the very least I will return to haunt you and your cronies. That is a promise.

Bryan Harris


Dear Editor

Thank you for your voice of pure reason, morality, old fashioned decency and sanity  in  a sick  world now bombarded with endless lies  by our own Government.

What concerns me today is that there  are an increasing number of references  by  doctors and virologists to  either or both the man-made virus and the mRNA gene  therapy  having  been combined with elements  of HIV  virus. The HIV virus has reverse transcriptase which allows the RNA to enter the nucleus of the cell. So human gene alteration?

Fauci worked on HIV. We also need to explore the possible roles of Peter Daszak and  Ralph Baric in the development of ‘gain of function’ of the virus.

Can this be proved? This  claim needs much more  serious attention as the global implications  are truly terrifying! I hate to use the emotive word ‘genocide’ – meticulously planned by a fanatical  globalist cabal of the super-rich and   powerful and imposed by a  cleverly devised  medical tyranny on a global scale – but what else do you now call it?

The frenzy to inject the world with the most dangerous concoction ever put into a human being in the name of life-saving ‘vaccine’  seems to be riding down all reasoned opposition. So we are now going  beyond reason and entering  the world of  crazed hysterical fanaticism in search of a ‘saviour’ from the  manufactured ‘virus’! Is the real agenda simply population reduction on a massive, unimaginable scale?

We are in the hands of crazed ‘anti-science’ fanatics and trying to reason with them  seems  hopeless.

One step at a time – everyone should endorse Marcus Fysh, MP for  Yeovil’s call for Whitty to resign as he has clearly lost all reason in his mass vax mania! A token perhaps? But we have to start somewhere.

All groups need to join together to face down this anti-humanity evil stalking the land. The  scattered oppositions need momentum and critical mass to break thought the State’s lie machine and attempt to  restore the ‘God Reason’.

Does the new Parliamentary Group,  seeking  a platform for alternative scientific opinion from the Great Barrington team, headed by Esther McVey and Graham Stringer offer any  glint of light even at this late stage?

David Probert


Dear Editor

There was no media or social media in centuries past, no digital messaging devices, no television, no mass newspapers. And yet, people managed to mobilise to effect change and in some cases revolutions because they had a just cause. Censorship and state surveillance is becoming entrenched. The only way that this will be defeated is by organising from village level upwards  and meeting in private homes for exchanging information and developing strategies. Movements emerging from grassroots level are strong beyond the reach of media influence. Only one vocal  person who has experienced serious and life-changing vaccine harm or death is needed to puncture vaccine propaganda, and there are thousands across the country who are going unheard. Connecting these people to one another out of public sight has the potential for a formidable movement to evolve.

Lawyers are also needed, willing to work for no reward, to place trillion pound lawsuits on the Gates Foundation, Big Pharma, MSM, social media oligarchs, press barons, government scientists and government itself. The very act of doing so along with demanding documentation on all the communications, shared financial interests etc between these actors publicises the corruption surrounding Covid, regardless of any settlement. Thalidomide took years to gain justice. Medicine regulators have committed potential crimes in authorising a poisonous substance with due diligence. 

There’s a lot that can be done without the need for Google. GETTR is growing to challenge Twitter with the promise of free speech. Someone should also give some thought to building a second internet free from leftist entry and linked to satellite technology. The current internet is likely to be state-controlled through the Online Harms Bill which should be scrapped. Press Tory MPs to vote against it as a Trojan Horse for stifling liberty.

Rhydwenna E Jones

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