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Letters to the Editor


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Butt out, Blair

Dear Editor,

I have read that ex-PM Tony Blair requires that my status as ‘vaccinated’ or otherwise is necessary in the national interest. This should be included on an Identity Passport. 

What earthly business of his how I wish to decide how to run my health choices?  I don’t ask him or Cherie whether they have been jabbed, nor how much, nor how many times.

Surely it is far more important that the nation should keep informed of his health status than that of proles like us!

Judith Maunder

North Yorkshire


Junk science

Dear Editor

I haven’t read Scientific American since I was doing biology A-level in the early 80s. It was a reputable journal along with New Scientist which I also read then (and not since). But now look what it has stooped to! Unbelievable load of utter tosh in this particular article; I haven’t bothered looking at the rest of the magazine – I was overwhelmed with a feeling of ‘I’m never going to read that magazine again!’ If you have any people who could take this article apart, that would be great – it really needs to be rubbished and publicly shamed!  Unbelievable what passes for science these days.

Charlotte Creasy


The surreal world of the tennis club

Dear Editor,

Lest we forget, the second lockdown which was imposed on December 21, 2020, to turn up the volume of fear and restrictions in service of a mass biological experiment, was in some respects harsher than the first. Both group and individual amateur outdoor sports were perversely taken off the menu, which had been a vital source of exercise and solace during the first lockdown. During a particularly wet winter, this threw everyone seeking exercise onto crowded public green spaces which quickly became mud-rinks, whilst thousands of outdoor private sports clubs and public facilities lay deserted.

My own outdoor tennis club did not reopen until March 29, 2021. When it did a raft of rules were issued requiring everyone to bring their own set of clearly marked balls as we were only ‘permitted’ to serve using our own personal balls, and ordered to refrain from picking up others from the ground. Ridiculous instructions came in a continuous and ever-changing flow of directives telling players not to cluster before going on court, not to shake hands at the net, or hang around and chat after matches. One member, however, clearly felt compliance was lax and sent out an e-mail reminding people not to touch his balls otherwise he would have to sanitise them after every game! This prompted the inevitable ‘reply all’ that no-one was remotely interested in touching his balls, sanitised or otherwise.

New rules meant court bookings were staggered so that some courts were bookable from on the hour, whilst the adjacent court was bookable at a quarter-past the hour. This proved too confusing for the brain-befogged who converged on the courts not remembering whether they were playing at a quarter to the hour, a quarter past, or even on which court. Unsurprising perhaps as the work-from-home accountants, lawyers, barristers, judges and university professors had swallowed the government narrative whole with one swig of their cappuccinos, and by April proudly sported ‘full vaccination status’ alongside their boarding passes for Bologna, Bordeaux and beyond.

A fellow-dissenter reported the same atmosphere at her tennis club, all in sync with the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association). Of course, one remembers with distaste how at Wimbledon 2021 BBC tennis commentator Andrew Castle called for a standing ovation for Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert of AstraZeneca at a time reports of disability and death immediately after receiving an AZ ‘vaccine’ were pouring in.

Last year, no longer able to cope with the constant chatter of testing and boosters, and despite having only recently renewed my annual subscription, I consigned my tennis racquet to the cupboard. And now drink my lattes at a colourful local grocer/cum café/cum eatery with four rickety little tables pressed together, and enjoy free and lively conversations with scaffolders and drain repair men who appear to have their finger on the pulse and get up every day at dawn to put their shoulders to the wheel.

In this surreal time, I am ever grateful for the existence of TCW.

Francesca Abbott



Unnecessary CO2 restrictions are strangling our cities

Dear Editor

A number of cities are proposing to restrict vehicle movements to reduce CO2 emissions, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan is extending ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones) around London to reduce pollution levels, mainly in the form of NOx.

Notwithstanding the above, we know that NOx and CO2 emissions have been reducing due to improvements in engine design and that we are all expected to move to EVs (Electric Vehicles). So why are councils introducing these constraints and charges for a benefit which will reduce to nothing over the next few years?

As councils become increasingly dependent on the extra income generated, do they expect to start phasing out the controls and charges and if so, when – bearing in mind that many already have a budget deficit and how to they intend to replace the income?

Since the majority of petrol and diesel vehicles are to be replaced by EVs, how can there be any good case for strangling our cities prematurely, other than for virtue signalling and to prop up the income of councils?

Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ schemes have apparently gained around £140,000,000 pa so far, to help carry the cost of the London Assembly. But the London economy is worth over £500,000,000,000 pa. Where does his business case identify the likely reduction in the size of the economy, as a result of his ULEZ measures?

Roger J Arthur

West Sussex


Funny that climate protesters don’t go to China and Russia

Dear Editor

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and other protesters were detained by German police during demonstrations over the expansion of an open cast coal mine and the destruction of a village so the mine could be expanded. Many will find it strange that Extinction Rebellion, Tyre Extinguishers, Affordable Energy, Insulate Britain, Just stop Oil, Animal Rebellion, The Fridays for Future Movement, Last Generation, Scientist Rebellion and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland never demonstrate in the major coal producing and consuming countries, China, India, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and many more. I thought they were eco-warriors, not eco-cowards.

Clark Cross



Starmer’s WEF love-in

Dear Editor

I noted that on Thursday Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour shadow cabinet, gave an interview to the News Agents podcast during his trip to the World Economic Forum jamboree in Davos. Alarmingly, Starmer, a self-identifying social democrat, revealed his preference for the non-democracy of the WEF and its globalist anoraks and carpetbaggers over the actual democracy of the Westminster parliament.

Sir Keir said: ‘Westminster is too constrained. It’s closed and we’re not having meaning. Once you get out of Westminster, whether it’s Davos or anywhere else, you actually engage with people that you can see working with in the future. Westminster is just a tribal shouting place.’

You have been warned.

Robert James


The cruelest of all

Dear Editor

The Jacinda Arderns and Justin Trudeaus of the world (and the World Economic Forum) are ample evidence for Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s assertion that unlimited power in the hands of limited people always results in cruelty, to which I would add that those most assured of their own goodness (see above) are very apt to be the cruelest of all.

Anthony Stimson

Lebanon, New Hampshire



TCW’s February ‘Do’


My very best wishes for your event in February, which, unfortunately, I am not able to attend. But I support you all 100 per cent and hope it is an immense success. 

TCW is showing the way, I’m sure of it, it just needs a few idle Burgers to shake their lazy brains up a bit and cotton on to what is happening in the real world. 

God bless you all

Ernie Todd 

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