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Letters to the Editor


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What is ‘misinformation’ exactly?

Dear Editor

It’s my belief that it is helpful to take apart the manufactured expressions used to confound and mislead the public.

A federal judge in California has granted a preliminary injunction against a law to punish doctors for ‘spreading Covid-19 misinformation’. Judge William Shubb determined that the defendants, California Governor Gavin Newsom, its Attorney General and Medical Boards, provided no evidence that ‘scientific consensus’ had any established technical meaning. He further determined that the law provided no clarity on the meaning of the word ‘misinformation’.

It is worth remembering that in February 2022 Ontario Supreme Court Judge Alex Pazaratz questioned whether ‘misinformation’ was even a word, and whether it had not become a crass, self-serving tool to pre-empt judicial scrutiny and discredit opponents. A childish, sinister way of saying ‘You are so wrong I don’t even have to explain why you are wrong’.

Serena Wylde


Wake up!

Dear Editor

I have a challenge which I have used on ‘asleep’ people which other TCW readers might enjoy using too.

First, for the sake of argument, just accept the crazy possibility that what I believe is true and what the BBC et al tells you is wrong.

Let’s start with the average age of death from Covid. If the stated age of 82 were true, the chance of a fit 61-year-old like me dying of it was roughly one in 10,000 (as deduced from John Ioannidis’s ‘Age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in the non-elderly informed from pre-vaccination national seroprevalence studies’). Accepting that was true, we would not have needed to spend the equivalent of ten years of salary for 100,000 nurses on Test and Trace alone (£37billion). We would not have needed to shovel money into Big Pharma for ‘vaccines’, courtesy of billions in taxpayer-funded advertising which made big global Pharma companies richer and you, as the taxpayer, poorer.

Next, just suppose I am right about climate Armageddon, that man’s activity has zero or negligible effect on climate. If true, we could continue using fossil fuels which would likely continue to fall in cost as man gets even better at extracting them. We would not have needed to funnel (waste) billions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash into moving to electric cars, heat pumps, windmills and all the other uneconomic paraphernalia, which again has made big global corporations richer and you as a taxpayer, consumer or business poorer.

Finally, just suppose I am right and if Nato had heeded Russia’s concerns and not expanded eastward, creating an existential threat to Russia, there might not have been a war with your tax pounds going to buy weapons for the second most corrupt country in Europe and leading to huge profits for global weapons makers, making your taxes higher and you as the taxpayer poorer.

Of course, if I am not right and there is no pattern to any of this, perhaps I should stop bothering you.

David Lawrenson


The e-scooter menace

Dear Editor

The trial to determine whether e-scooters should be allowed on UK roads ends later this year. There have been 17 fatalities involving e-scooters, and in the year to June 2022 there were 1,437 casualties, up from 1,033 the year before, so it is safe to say that since they appeared, mostly illegally, on our roads, pavements and shopping malls, the injury count must be well over 4,000. There are more than 750,000 privately owned e-scooters being used illegally. These machines, and those in the trial, have been linked to assaults, thefts, violent robberies and even rape. London Transport has banned them from trains and buses due to the risk of the lithium batteries catching fire. The Metropolitan Police confiscated 3,637 in 2022 and about the same in 2021 so why are Police Scotland not arresting the riders of these illegal e-scooters, confiscating the machines and putting six penalty points on driving licences?

Clark Cross



‘Long Covid’ or ‘Long Reaction to Jab’?

Dear Editor

While sitting in my GP’s waiting room today I saw several notices relating to support for ‘Long Covid’, suggesting that some parts of the medical profession believe that such a complaint is genuine.

Given that the majority of the UK population had Covid jabs 1 and 2, might not ‘Long Covid’ be a reaction to the jabs rather than to Covid?

Jim Shaw



The WHO Inquisition

Dear Editor

If you follow the outpourings of the WHO, CDC, MHRA and all the ‘public health’ authorities, they seem to be promoting a proposed treaty that, in matters of health, will make all the laws of signatory states subordinate to WHO diktat. The EU have of course signed up but, rather worryingly, so has Switzerland. 

There seems to have been a sea-change in the philosophy and purpose of medicine from doctors alleviating suffering to promoting ‘health’. When did you ever consult a doctor because you were healthy?

This cynical ruse by ‘public health’ is to hijack the definition of ´health’ for their own dystopia, for who would object to ´health´?

We always defined our own health and enjoyed it, even though that may have involved a whisky, skiing, driving, etc.

Now the WHO arrogates to itself the power to define ´health’ down to the number of beers or weight of butter you consume. All for your own good, of course!

They’re definitely a new type of Jesuits but I can´t yet work out who’s playing Torquemada.

Dr John Marks MB ChB (Edin), FRCPsych, FRANZCP, 



Heading for totalitarianism

Dear Editor 

I just had to write to say thank you for your articles; I have read them for quite some time now and you speak my language. 

I am a historian who specialised in the Holocaust and I have watched with extreme distress how our country is heading for a totalitarian society. The same methods are being used; the same eugenics, just different words! I struggle to understand why people cannot see what I can see. Why are no alarms bells going off?  They (the general population) are doing exactly what the German and other populations did, turning a blind eye, when the unvaccinated are discriminated against. The babies, the old and the disabled are being got rid of. Lessons have not been learnt at all.

We must resist the new credit system!


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