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Letters to the Editor


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BBC fails to tell the truth – again

Dear Editor

The Loss and Damage Fund through which rich nations are urged help to pay for climate damage in less developed countries was the subject of the BBC’s recent radio programme ‘How Scotland pays back for Malawi climate change’ where £7million has been pledged following recent devastating floods. However the programme’s environmental correspondent was so intent on laying the blame solely at the door of human induced climate change (AGW) that he failed to draw attention to the fundamental causes of that poor nation’s latest disaster, which bear striking similarities to the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan in 2022.

It would have been more instructive and responsible if he had presented the complete narrative. The population of Malawi has grown from 2.4million in 1960 to more than 18million today, a figure that is expected to double by 2038. Eighty per cent of the populace work on the land and are almost totally reliant on wood for their energy needs. Illegal logging also takes place. As a consequence the country is losing more than 33,000 hectares (a rugby pitch measures one hectare) of forest every year both to supply fuel and to create land for agricultural expansion. This in turn leads to unimpeded rainfall run-off, massive siltation, floods, loss of soil nutrients and biodiversity, and crop failures. Although of course carbon sequestration by trees has been seriously compromised, another major and immediate negative consequence is a drastic alteration to the natural water cycle which reduces evapotranspiration, thus altering local and international weather and climate patterns. The drought in East Africa is similarly attributed to deforestation which is triggering a collapse in monsoon circulation.

Although suffering countries are deserving of humanitarian aid, it should be recognised that more often than not these crises are caused by deforestation and land degradation, which are infinitely more damaging to many parts of the world than the more loudly proclaimed climate crisis.

Neil J Bryce



More evidence of vaccine harm to the young

Dear Editor

On February 21 the Office for National Statistics released the document ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status, England’. This update covers deaths only between April 1 2021 and December 31 2022, but it is based on the 2021 census so it covers a much larger proportion of the population compared to previous updates. 

It is difficult to come to any scientific conclusion from this document as it doesn’t include any data on how many in each age group are vaccinated, a figure that is constantly changing. The data is split into non-Covid deaths, deaths involving Covid and deaths from all causes, among other things. I will look at deaths from all causes, after all a death is a death is a death.

At first glance most of the data looks very bad for the vaccinated, for example in December 2022 in the 80-89 age group 296 unvaccinated people died compared with 13,420 who had received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine. But one must take into account that people in this age group are more likely to be in care settings where they would be vaccinated as a routine, or they have health conditions and physicians would urge them to get vaccinated.

The data on young people is probably more useful. In December 2022 in the 18-39 age group 28 unvaccinated people died compared with 195 who had received at least one dose. This pattern of the vaccinated deaths outnumbering the unvaccinated presents every month since June 2021 for 18-39s. Note that JCVI advised people under 40 to get vaccinated in May 2021 although those with underlying conditions were vaccinated earlier.

One thing this document does is that it is yet another one that debunks the phrase ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ which was parroted by many prominent people in 2021.

Geoff Moore

Ross and Cromarty


Money speaks more loudly than justice

Dear Editor

It is now becoming apparent that there continue to be many more excess deaths than during any of the ‘surges’ of Covid. The existence of the furin cleavage site demonstrates that there must have been human/lab interference with the DNA of the previous SARS virus. There have been inserted two identical sequences of DNA genes which could not possibly have occurred in nature. This leaves human fingerprints. The escape/release of this genetically engineered virus to the global population is outrageous. This was deliberately designed to damage human beings.

And then the miraculous ‘vaccines’ arrived.  However, they are not true vaccines – they do not prevent infection or transmission, or provide any immunity! Normally, the first line of defence is the mucosae in nose and throat. The runny nose and the sore throat are valuable signs. If an infection continues into the lungs, it has to cross (with difficulty because of the coughing reflex) into the bloodstream. All of this is by-passed by the ‘vaccines’. They leak into lymph and blood and then travel to wherever blood is most needed, heart, reproductive organs, liver, kidneys and across the blood-brain barrier.

We are beginning to hear about ‘vaccine damage’, and the victims have my fullest sympathy. I hope they get the support they need.

My argument is that the initial damage was caused by the deliberate engineering of the witches’ brew which was the released/escaped original Covid-19. There is no way that anyone could have made ‘an informed decision’ about whether to catch, or not, an airborne virus. If we live in communities we are bound to breathe the same air! Masks, lockdowns, distancing, are all useless. Travel on public transport, visit a supermarket, walk through a town centre, you will share your breath. This is good for your immune system – this keeps it on its toes. You may also catch an illegitimate chimera virus. 

In conclusion, the initial damage was probably done in 2018/19 by laboratories working on ‘gain-of-function’ DNA. They should be the first to the scaffold. Big Pharma took advantage of a way to make even more money than they already have. They are guilty of misusing propaganda and extreme greed. They should have long terms of jail and half of their funds sent to the vaccine-damaged. However none of these people will ever be brought to book. Money speaks more loudly than justice.


N Yorks


Climate ‘science’ is not scientific

Dear Editor

I can remember a time when a bit of snow (occasionally a lot of snow) was regarded as being perfectly normal for this time of year, and when the full spectrum censorship of all comment and debate, not to mention the indefinite detention and torture of someone for the ‘crime’ of journalism, was the kind of thing that happened only under one of those ‘evil’ tinpot dictatorships.

A someone here posted recently, ‘I need some new conspiracy theories; the old ones all came true’.

As for the science?

To me most of what passes for climate science seems but conjecture, mere hypothesis at best supported by and even being enforced and policed by a consensus that is often anything but scientific.

Whilst a lot of science is firmly grounded in probability, that is not the same thing as just guessing; in the end to be science a theory has to be falsifiable (capable of being proved wrong), supported by either experiment or by  objective observation (not just cherry-picking the data that supports an argument) and climate science fails all those tests.

‘It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong’ – Richard P Feynman

J P Craig-Weston


Rewriting history

 Dear Editor

The rewriting of Dahl is yet another confirmation of Orwellian predictions, where the 1984 character Winston Smith’s occupation in the Ministry of Truth did exactly that: rewriting history.

God help us. What next?

Ilkley, West Yorkshire.


Woolly-minded academics need a dose of reality

Dear Editor 

Researchers from the University of Leeds suggest that second World War-style rationing of petrol, electricity and meat could be a fast and fair way to slash UK greenhouse gas emissions. This would make little difference to the UK’s 1.13 per cent emissions or global emissions but would create civil unrest. They need to be pulled down from their ivory towers and face reality. Do these academics really think that the major oil and gas producers China, India, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the US, Canada, Algeria and Norway would not sell their oil and gas? If the UK won’t take their gas and oil, others will. Do these researchers think that the 1billion cattle, the 1billion sheep and the 1billion pigs in the world will not be sold and consumed? That is the trouble with academics: no common sense, only woolly ideas as they sit in their green bubbles out of touch with global reality. To add to the insult, taxpayers fund these weird ideas.

Clark Cross



Wrap up

Dear Editor

There’s a cold snap coming. It must be climate change. 

Bill Donning 

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