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Letters to the Editor


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Good riddance to bad Johnson

Dear Editor

For me, the essence of Partygate was not whether Johnson, or anyone else,  lied or not. The crucial fact was that while they were telling us to be afraid, very afraid, to follow idiot rules and take the experimental injections, or else, they were showing no fear, snogging bits on the side and deriding the the seriousness of the rules for the plebs.

It may seem priggish, but I go back to first principles on this:

# Forced isolation of citizens is always morally and ethically wrong

# Forced medical procedures are always morally and ethically wrong ( e.g. no jab, no job)

# Psychological manipulation of populations without their knowledge or consent is morally and ethically wrong

# Government policies that trample on basic constitutional rights (e.g. the right to work, freedom of movement, free speech, peaceful dissent from the State’s line of argument) are morally and ethically wrong

# Government policies designed to spread fear in order to gain a political objective are morally and ethically wrong

# Government policies which divide the nation, families and colleagues (e.g. demonising and persecuting those who don’t wish to conform to state or other direction like the unvaxxed) are morally and ethically wrong

# Censoring,  punishing, spying on anyone who questions the ‘official narrative’ is not just morally and ethically wrong, it is totalitarian

# Distorting the National Curriculum in state monopoly schools to sexualise and cause gender confusion in children and teenagers is morally and ethically wrong.

I contend that all of this happened on Johnson’s watch, therefore I have no regret at his departure. Nevertheless, all those in Parliament, whatever party, who kept silent, colluded or urged more and stronger moral turpitude are equally guilty. They should all resign forthwith and if they don’t, be dismissed at the next election. It would be wrong to reward such moral turpitude with continuation in our Parliament.

Tony Woodcock


Censorship is shocking, but not new

Dear Editor

Your article this week about the government’s censorship of TCW: TCW’s censorship by the UK government – the proof – The Conservative Woman this is to my mind the most shocking political scandal of the last decade.

I suspect, however, that something similar may have been happening – at least by social media companies – even before the pandemic.

This article I wrote for Brexit Central The proposed Withdrawal Agreement breaches international human rights conventions | BrexitCentral in November 2018, a few days after the original Brexit withdrawal agreement was announced by Theresa May’s government, simply disappeared from search engines – though it is still up on the Brexit Central website. It has only recently been accessible again via search engines.

I had written five other articles for Brexit Central and around 100 for Conservative Home, and this happened to none of them except this one.

Keep up the good work!

Martin Parsons


Vaccine whistleblowers must be protected

Dear Editor 

It is my understanding that medical staff/ doctors/researchers have not been able to raise fears about the dangers of the Covid injections without fear of cancellation or job loss. This is why on November 2 2022 I sent my MP, Stephen Barclay, the Health Secretary, the following email: 

Medical staff/ doctors/ researchers, must be able to safely whistleblow about the  dangers of covid injections and be allowed to have open discussions, without there being any threat, cancellation, loss of job or reprimand. Can you please confirm that this is government policy?

Though I resent the email on November 6 2022, December 15 2022, January 8 2023 and January 26 2023 and despite the fact that I talked to his office on May 16 2023, Mr Barclay has not responded to this very important question, though he has spoken about the lessons learned.

You cannot learn if people cannot speak freely. We must demand the government to make a public statement in which they state that anyone must be able to safely whistleblow about the dangers of Covid injections without there being any risk of job loss, cancellation, threat or reprimand.

We must be allowed to have an urgent open scientific discussion otherwise we cannot learn and there is no transparency.

I have now requested a full and comprehensive response from Mr Barclay within ten days as per the Nolan principles.

Hermien Dyer


The hidden truth about greenhouse gases

Dear Editor

Climate scientists, those on the Climate Gravy Train, politicians, eco-demonstrators and Uncle Tom Cobley and all keep telling us that mankind must reduce greenhouse gases or we will fry. Why do they not disclose how much greenhouse gases are created by wars and conflicts across the globe and the greenhouse gases created in rebuilding the devastated countries? Why do they never disclose the greenhouse gases created by Mother Nature? Hurricanes, typhoons, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, monsoons, tornadoes and wildfires all have a huge carbon footprint. There are other huge elephants in the room. Why do they not disclose the greenhouse gases from sporting events? Why do they not disclose the greenhouse gases from the entertainment and music industries? All this yet the public are told that EVs, heat pumps, no gas cookers and fewer sheep and cattle will save the planet. Meanwhile, while the UK is heading for bankruptcy, most of the world’ countries are burning fossil fuels and have no intention of stopping. 

Clark Cross



Passing fad

Dear Editor

Coal, gas and oil were formed during our planet’s development, as indeed was the human race. They are here for us to use as fuel, and have a lifespan greater than ours, so there is no need to be looking for alternatives. Anyway, there are no alternatives. If we stop using what was given to us as energy, we step back as a civilisation. If we continue using it we move forward. Perhaps to populate other planets in other galaxies. That is the intention. It is the purpose of mankind. It is what we are here for.

So the campaign to stop oil is just a passing fad in a second of eternity.

Malcolm Parkin


The WHO’s power grab . . .

Dear Editor

I have just signed a petition in Australia in an attempt to frustrate the push toward the WHO taking absolute control of the world’s health and its administration.

I see from the TCW post written by Elizabeth Evans that you are encountering the same rubbish we are in Australia, and I think we are not winning!

Well done to all of you and your contributors. I hope we are not too late to stop this going any further.

I think the regional conflicts, as well as the Ukraine invasion by Russia, are just mechanisms designed to remove focus from what is really going on in the world.

Keep up the good work.

Raymond Longshaw


 . . . and its vile view on abortion

Dear Editor

This is so vile that it must be shouted out loudly and often; it might get a few more people finally thinking.

Uschi Kraus-Harper


Thanks, TCW

Dear Editor

This is just a word of thanks to TCW. I’m sure it’s depressing to butt heads with all the wicked, stupid, conformist and careerist cowards who infest our world. It is the more infuriating because those devils seem to get rewarded in this world. Nevertheless there must be deep comfort in doing the right thing, so I want to add my pebble to the pile of thanks for your work.

Mark Adams

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