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Letters to the Editor


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Covid crimes

Dear Editor

Just read the excellent article by Dr Mark Shaw on the Covid Inquiry (Tuesday June 27). I agree with all his comments and as for potential crimes I would add the following three:

1 NICE guidelines on the use of midazolam for patients with breathing difficulties;

2 Inappropriate use of PCR testing which exaggerated false positives and could not detect infectiousness;

3 Exaggeration of the number of Covid deaths when other factors were the main cause of death and the Covid infection was coincidental.

I am sure there are others.

William Gilmour 


‘Your power is crumbling’

Dear Editor

In response to my article ‘Glastonbury, climate doomsters and a festival of hypocrisy’ published on Tuesday by TCW, Dr Jem Bendell commented as follows:

‘ “Bendell has largely kept to the WEF line on Covid”. As one of the few environmentalists condemning the Covid orthodoxy since mid 2021, & vilified for doing so, how am I keeping a WEF line on Covid? For instance see one of my many essays against Covid orthodoxy. 

The event (planned 6 months ago), launched my book which is about reclaiming environmentalism from the fake green globalists. Search Breaking Together.

‘I did do my due diligence on Epstein and thus brought up his reputation in my correspondence and he cut off! That’s why I’m comfortable mentioning it as a warning about how we should be suspicious of elites and build power from below.

‘Freedom needs better defenders than those who serve one faction of capital or another and undermine unity against global elites. The green capital faction and the oil capital faction (this website) are clearly rattled. Fine. Bring it on. Your power is crumbling.’

I would like to clarify a couple of points. Dr Bendell seems confused by what I meant by ‘largely kept to the WEF line on Covid’; and claims to have done his due diligence on Jeffrey Epstein.

As I pointed out in the article, the WEF-accepted line on dangerous viruses is that they come from the wild and not from labs. Please compare these two quotes. The first is from Klaus Schwab’s 2020 Covid-19: The Great Reset: ‘. . . an increasing number of scientists have shown that it is in fact the destruction of biodiversity as caused by humans that is the source of new viruses like Covid-19’. (pp137-138) The second quote is from Dr Bendell’s 2023 Breaking Together: ‘The reasons for the novel diseases are increasingly recognised by scientists as due not only to habitat loss but also to global heating.’ (p88) Apart from the addition of global warming, the difference is . . ?

Concerning to Jeffrey Epstein, Dr Bendell’s response is bizarre. He claims he brought up Epstein’s reputation in his correspondence with him. Which, if true, must mean that he referenced Epstein’s first conviction in 2008 when speaking to him. How exactly does that work (‘I know you are convicted sex offender, but I’d still like to have your money’)? Even if Bendell didn’t know the full details of Epstein’s background whenever it was he spoke to him, by 2023, and the publication of Bendell’s book, there was no excuse for ignorance. And yet, Bendell displays no compassion for the victims of Epstein. Instead makes some flippant comment about not knowing how to ‘help billionaires have more fun’. [p226]

This episode with Epstein is supposed to be a ‘warning about how we should be suspicious of elites and build power from below’. On the basis of that, I presume XR has now returned the funding from multi-millionaires like Trevor Neilson and Aileen Getty with their Climate Emergency Fund or from billionaire Sir Christopher Hohn. Or has XR somehow managed to morally reconcile building ‘power from below’ with funds from above? Maybe it is only certain elites one needs to be suspicious of.

With friends like that, I don’t see any sign of XR defending freedom or creating ‘unity against global elites’. Dr Bendell is right about one thing: the powerful would definitely like us to crumble. And I have no doubt that he and XR have no hesitation in assisting the globalists in their mission to destroy us.

Lucy Wyatt


The sham approval process for the Covid vaccines

Dear Editor,

Apropos James Delingpole’s discussion with Dr Mike Yeadon: Sasha Latypova, a retired pharmaceutical executive who writes on Substack under the heading Due Diligence and Art and has been widely interviewed, has done a vast amount of detailed investigation into the commissioning, sham approval processes, and manufacturing of the so-called Covid-19 ‘vaccines’.

She explains how the Pentagon, under its mechanism Other Transaction Authority which enables it to operate without any public disclosures or regulatory oversight, contracted with the pharmaceutical companies to collaborate in the production of  ‘counter-measures’, which is a deliberately vague term encompassing anything the military want to use in a campaign. At no point in the contracts Latypova has examined through multiple FOI requests do the terms ‘vaccine’ or even ‘pharmaceutical’ appear. Instead, the products are designated as dual-use technology (military and civilian) ‘prototypes’, ‘counter-measures’ or ‘large-scale demonstration products’.

According to Latypova, the US Department of Defense controls the development, the pretence of proper clinical trials, all the logistics and execution of the manufacturing process, taking possession of the delivered product, making payments and distributing the products to overseas militaries.

The products are not distributed through pharmaceutical chains.

As Mike Yeadon refers to, a large part of drug regulation revolves around compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice: testing batches during the manufacturing process for consistency, conformity to the description on the label, and ensuring absence of contaminants. However, these products are not classed as pharmaceuticals but as ‘counter-measures’ or ‘prototypes’, hence no such testing is required.

Sasha Latypova emphasises that the drug regulators have no authority over military ‘counter-measures’. As per the way the contracts are drawn up under the mechanism Other Transaction Authority, clinical investigation is not even permitted.

Pfizer documents leaked from the European Medicines Agency in December 2020, as well as emails between EMA staffers, revealed that the EMA deemed the injections to be not compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice. They also found that mRNA broke down into pieces so the code was broken. Pfizer told them that the standard for approval should be 50 per cent mRNA consistency with the declared code, and the regulator bowed to this. This means that 50 per cent is unknown, undeclared, and could be anything. 

Sasha Latypova describes having identified four distinct levels of toxicity: high, medium, low and zero, as in placebo.

‘Emergency measures’ have been designed to concentrate arbitrary executive authority whilst sidelining the rule of law, constitutional protections, checks and balances, and normal consumer protections. The production and distribution of these products, ‘counter-measures’, lies completely outside the realm of civilian institutions.

Francesca Abbott


Where is the common sense?

Dear Editor,

Harry Hopkins’s excellent piece Generation Stupid published on TCW last Sunday was both informative and validating, because it confirmed what many of us have observed during the last three years, but felt squeamish to voice: that common sense is not a trait shared with the majority of our fellow humans. 

If one were to purchase a brand new car from a dealership and in short order the brakes failed, and the dealer guaranteed that the problem was a ‘one-off’ and replaced the car with another which proved equally faulty, how many people would continue to trust the supplier and risk driving another dangerous vehicle? Yet that is what the public at large have engaged in.

Whilst a majority of the populace may have managed to ‘insulate’ themselves from all the data reporting and analysis of the adverse events and deaths from the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’, they cannot avoid witnessing how the undertakings and guarantees issued by governments and their health authorities have failed at every juncture.

The following meme comes courtesy of A Midwestern Doctor from his Substack posting ‘Why the Covid-19 Vaccines Could Never Prevent Transmission’.

Serena Wylde


Why gas and nuclear power are essential

Dear Editor

The Swedish government has cancelled its climate targets for ‘100 per cent renewable energy’ and instead it will have ‘100 per cent fossil-free’ electricity. Politicians there recognise the unreliability of wind and solar to provide a stable electricity grid, so are turning to nuclear, hydro and biomass. Oh dear, the anti-nuclear brigade will not be happy. Meanwhile the UK government continues to believe green fairy tales as the National Grid struggles to cope with spasmodic wind and sun and has had to bring coal plants back onstream to help gas and nuclear plants keep the lights on. Over the last 12 months in the UK, gas and nuclear supplied 55.5 per cent of our electricity, wind and solar 34 per cent. Scotland and the rest of the UK need to face the facts, and acknowledge that gas and nuclear are not only essential to keep the lights on but essential to keep our industries solvent and competitive.

Clark Cross 


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