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Letters to the Editor


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The BBC’s wrong advice on vaccine and pregnancy

Dear Editor,

I write this letter on a day when the BBC disgusted me. One of their celebrity TV doctors stated ‘The vaccine does not affect your fertility and it is definitely safe to have whilst you’re pregnant’.

The doctor has either not read or is ignoring an April 2021 study lead-authored by Dr Tom Shimabukuro on the safety of the Covid vaccine for pregnant women. This study is overwhelmingly upbeat about the vaccine, and its preliminary findings were that 13.9 per cent of pregnancies resulted in pregnancy loss which, they say, is a similar figure for pre-Covid times.

However Deanna McLeod, who works with the Canadian health care system, has had a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine criticising the study. She says that Shimabukuro should not have included the women in the later stages of pregnancy when deriving the pregnancy loss figure. Indeed Shimabukuro states in the small print that 96 out of 104 spontaneous abortions (92.3 per cent) occurred before 13 weeks of gestation.

I implore any woman who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant in the future to do her own independent research before accepting the Covid vaccine.

Geoff Moore

Ross and Cromarty, Scotland


Fauci or Faust?

Dear All at TCW

I just want you to know that your email is the first item we read every morning!  We rarely turn the TV on, unless there is a good OLD film on, and we listen to our downloaded classical music.

I wonder how many more people are fearful like me? I’m not fearful of the virus in any way, if my time is up, my time is up; I’ve had a good 74 years on this earth, no complaints. I am terrified should I be forced to have the jab, I have several autoimmune issues, all coming under the umbrella of scleroderma, and I want God to take me not someone like Fauci or Gates, just to name a couple of the Devil’s workers.

Have you noticed how close Fauci’s name is to Faust . . . has he also sold his soul to the devil?

Daphne MacOwan 
Isle of Man 


Scaremongering greens

Dear Editor

Scottish Green co-leader Lorna Slater said ‘Wait until you see Glasgow half underwater when we reach three and a half degrees of global warming’. Is she really paid £94,821 to spout this alarmist drivel? In 1989 climate scientists said rising sea levels would wipe entire nations off the map by 2000. Al Gore in his discredited 2005 film An Inconvenient Truth said that sea levels would rise by 20 feet ‘in the very near future’. When will the other 19 feet 11.3 inches happen? A judge said his film contained nine scientific errors and should not be shown to impressionable children. In 1988 it was said that the Maldive Islands would be submerged in less than three decades. In fact they are growing. Despite the IPCC saying that extreme weather events are not getting worse those on the climate gravy train are still creating alarm with their unsubstantiated apocalyptic predictions. Ms Slater is firmly in the camp.

Clark Cross 



No offence, but ‘woman of colour’ is meaningless

Dear Editor

I make reference to the oft-mentioned people and women of colour in Thomas Lane’s admirable article published in TCW on October 11.There was not a mention of being proud to be black, as is my wife.

I am minded of my years spent as a committee member of a leading charity committed to supporting facially disfigured people, of whom I am one. We spent hours debating words to replace the easily understood word ‘disfigured’ and came up with and approved the phrase ‘visibly different’ which could apply to all people of the world instead of only those facially disfigured. ‘Women of colour’ could as easily apply to those who choose the colour of their lipstick or choose to paint their finger and toe nails.

Offensively our language is being stripped of words which might cause offence to those people who are so easily offended.

George West  



Fossil fuel policy could kill more than Covid

A reader’s letter to his MP, published with kind consent. 

Dear Andrew

It must be clear that penalising fossil fuel suppliers before alternative energy sources are available is a very dangerous strategy. It will lead to serious fuel poverty and will likely kill more people than Covid. 

National Grid estimates that decarbonising the Grid will cost around £3trillion, which alone equates to around £100,000 per family, before we have even begun to talk about the impact on transport and industry, plus the relocation of businesses abroad, where they will cause more CO2 emissions than before.

So I urge you to do all that you can to get the government to start concentrating on data (rather than dates) and to put back the deadlines of 2030 (if not 2035) for the ending of fossil fuel use. 

Technology can only rise to the zero CO2 challenge, if time is allowed for the associated innovation and delivery.

Best wishes

Roger J. Arthur



MP’s infantile approach to ‘climate crisis’

Dear Editor

I despair at Duncan Baker MP’s infantile approach to anything requiring some scientific background. Here is his latest on the ‘climate crisis’. It worries me that he will be listened to by people similarly intellectually challenged, and may regrettably have some indirect influence over teaching in local schools.

Mike Harrison

North Norfolk


The magic money will run out one day

Dear Editor

Tax and National Insurance increases will do nothing for government indebtedness and will only make life harder for most. Any money raised would be so insignificant that it would not even touch the sides. Worse than useless.

To give some scale to that uselessness, just consider our financial history since 1997. Coincidentally the year that Labour came to office for a period of thirteen years, but their idea of public spending as a substitute for real economic growth has continued under the Conservatives. In plain terms, living beyond our means on borrowed money has become our national lifestyle.

Since 1997, our national debt has risen from £350billion to £2,400billion and is still rising. The money to finance this staggering £2,050billion increase, and also to finance a continuing deficit economy, has not come from private investors who have been deprived of the use of their money by lending it to government. That money has come from thin air, created by the banking system to lend to government with the same eager facility with which they lend to individuals. Digital money from computer keystroke, created as debt and – of course – bearing interest.

So the political and other talk we hear of vast sums to be spent here or there, to do whatever, is entirely dependent on the banks creating more of that magic money. 

But the banks have now realised that expenditure proposed for green issues, such as carbon reduction, will impoverish or even destroy a business sector that just might – one day – be able to pay their interest, so further lending is counter-productive.

So we approach a point where the banks may say ‘no more,’ and that is when we face reality, as opposed to living in our wish-list world of endless magic money, in crippling debt, and as slaves to the bankers.

Malcolm Parkin


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