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Letters to the Editor


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TCW – a lucky discovery

Dear Editor

TCW makes for the best reading (along with Mark Steyn) on the planet. I do not remember how I discovered you but I am glad and fortunate that I did.

Jeffrey Streeter

Ohio, USA 


What a load of green rubbish

Dear Editor 

Reading the newspaper online I came across the biggest load of old rubbish about the effects of climate change I had ever encountered. And there’s been a lot!

You can see the article here. Every single line is propaganda and groupthink. All the quotes and statistics are taken from paid-up members of the Ministry of Truth. ‘If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth’ is their modus operandi and OMG have they all excelled themselves here. The entire article is one big lie, designed to perpetrate the climate change scam on unsuspecting readers. 

I wonder what Paul Homewood would make of it? I bet he could demolish every single line! 



The Hurricane, and the realities of war

Dear Editor 

Thanks to all the very well informed commentators on my Hawker Hurricane article. There are so many knowledgeable readers of TCW; our politicians could learn much from them. The thread about engineers and engineering not being given their appropriate status and support in society today is one in particular they could take on board, as are the comments about wokeness replacing common sense. Could our young men today step into the footsteps of those young men then? I don’t know. Perhaps if they were being shot at they could. All those personal anecdotes by readers are real history and should be treasured. The best anecdote I heard about the Hurricane was some years back when visiting the Russian Arctic Convoy Museum near Poolewe, in the Scottish Highlands. A relative of an eyewitness said Russians started the Hurricanes they had been given to defend the convoys to Archangel and Murmansk in the bitter winter by heating petrol over a wood stove! Then, of course the Russians were our allies, and fighting for their survival, something of which Canadian parliamentarians seem unaware, and that they lost 21million people in what they still call the Great Patriotic War.

To the commenter (‘stateless 3’) who said ‘Groan. Don’t mention the millions of innocents deliberately massacred by the victors who rewrite history’, I assume he or she is referring to the area bombing campaign over Germany. Yes, war is a brutal thing but when it comes to national survival you have to kill or be killed. The Nazis started it. They bombed London, Liverpool, Merseyside, Birmingham, Glasgow, Clydeside, Plymouth, Bristol, Exeter, Coventry, Portsmouth, Southampton, Hull, Manchester, Belfast, Sheffield, Newcastle, Nottingham, Cardiff, Grimsby, Bath, York, Norwich, Cowes, Poole, Canterbury, Ipswich, Weston-super-Mare, Middlesborough, Swansea, Colchester, Sunderland, King’s Lynn, Newcastle, Eastbourne, Hastings, Maidstone, Cheltenham, Chelmsford, Lincoln, and Greenock. Seventy thousand civilians were killed by German bombs during WW2, and RAF Bomber Command lost 55,000 men. Area bombing would never happen now, but from 1941 to 1945 there was no other way open to the Western allies to strike at the heart of Germany. The RAF Benevolent Fund website puts it thus: ‘The truth is that it was a time of total war, and ideas about the boundaries of conflict were very different than those we have today. Only those who have lived through similar times could understand or pass judgement.’

William Loneskie



 Israel: A struggle between the present and a very dark past

Dear Editor

Have we forgotten the young girls murdered at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester? Or the 90 murdered at the Bataclan in Paris? Was the massacre at the Supernova concert any different?

Have we forgotten the hundreds of parents and children who died at the Moscow Theatre, or the over three hundred at the Beslan school siege? Was the choosing of soft targets in Israel any different?

Have we forgotten the 276 schoolgirls kidnapped at Chibok? At least 90 of them are still missing. Were the mass abductions from Israel any different?

Have we forgotten the burning to death of the Jordanian air force pilot Muath al-Kasabeh, which was videoed by his captors? Was the live streaming of torture and death from the kibbutzim any different?

Have we forgotten Mahsa Amini, murdered by the ‘morality police’ for not covering her hair?

What unites all these wicked deeds is the political philosophy of Islamism, which completely rejects human rights, the Geneva Conventions and all the other moral boundaries of the modern world.

The struggle between Israel and Hamas is not a national struggle, but one between the present and a very dark past.

 Otto Inglis



Fiat money – an idea for government

Dear Editor

Interest rates are on the rise, for complicated reasons trotted out by
economists, whose devotion to complication makes them miss the obvious,
which is that those who supply our money are putting their price up to
recoup a long period of getting next to nothing for it.

It is forecast that the cost of borrowing might treble. Considering that the
UK already pays about £2billion a week in interest, that is a frightening

But to whom is this interest being paid we ask? It is not to those who have
been deprived of the use of real money while it is being lent, it is to
banking corporations who have simply created money from thin air at the
behest of government itself. A crazier situation would be harder to imagine.
The private banking system creates the public money supply for the
government, and charges the government interest.

And that magic money is just unredeemable pieces of paper with no intrinsic
value, only useful as a means of exchange. It is so-called ‘fiat’
money (from the Latin ‘let it be done’) made legal tender by
government decree, and backed only by faith in that government; as opposed
to real money, backed by an asset such as gold, and redeemable for such, and
therefore a store of value for its owner.

The huge advantage of fiat money is that for as long as faith in
its issuer continues, it can go on being created. The disadvantage lies
with the banks who demand interest on the money they have created for
government. Therefore if the issuer of fiat money was government itself, it
could be created and issued interest-free, and in any amount needed to
finance health, defence or whatever, and to heck with the banks. Just think
what £2billion a week could do for people here in Britain. For one thing,
government would not have to use tax to raise it every week.

So, let’s see . . . that’s £2billion a week saved for 67million people,
which is £29.85 a week, or £1,552 a year for every man woman and child.

Let’s go for that!

Malcolm Parkin



A plea from York

 Dear Editor

Can readers of TCW help make York city council’s consultation on cashless car parking payments into this council’s most heavily responded to consultation ever? With all the responses saying cash must be kept of course!

As is now so fashionable amongst the compromised institutions of Britain, York’s council wants to get rid of cash payments for parking, and thereby drive the poor and disabled away from the town. As well as being discriminatory such a move will surely, by the law of unintended consequences, cause every cash-respecting person to park in any available section of street they can squeeze in to, thereby making York’s congestion even worse.

I’ve already filled in the consultation, but you don’t have to live in York to do so, and whilst this may only be a local issue, it sets a national precedent. Supporters of freedom across the UK, please tell this council’s crooks what you think of their plans!

Peter Turner



Don’t fund the BBC’s support for terrorists

Dear Editor

Isn’t it illegal to contribute to organisations that support terrorism? If so, should we not think about withholding our TV licence fee for this year? After all none of us want a knock on the door from M16.

Dave H



How dare you accuse the Covid Inquiry of whitewash?

Dear Daily Telegraph Editor

I write to rebut the calumnies of the recent article by Lord Folderol carping about the Splendidly Holistic Independent Thorough Inquiry into the Government’s response to the Covid-19 virus which threatened the entirety of Western civilisation.

I note that commentators have suggested that certain non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) were unnecessary and even harmful. This displays a woefully juvenile rejection of The ScienceTM. It is perfectly clear from our carefully selected evidence that the use of blinkers in a public inquiry is a proportionate and necessary precaution to prevent loss of face, liberty and income. The suggestion by over-qualified outsiders that Baroness Whitewash has in any way prejudiced her work by the use of blinkers is not only insulting, but it flies in the face of the long history of the effective use of blinkers in retrospective Governmental self-justification.

Baroness Whitewash has been fully briefed and is entirely surrounded by methodically fabricated evidence of official competence. The aspersions cast on her conduct are highly injurious, amounting, I may suggest, to hate speech.

The interrogation of Professor Sir John Doctor Lord Marquess Edmunds was thorough, rigorous and searching. The even-handedness of Counsel’s mild questioning of the deranged cockroach Karl Hooligan is a testament to depth of integrity and civility of the British legal system.

It is beyond reprehensible that your newspaper published this bilge and I call upon you to retract it forthwith.

In closing, may I remind you of the side upon which your bread is buttered.

Simon Case-in-Point
c/o Acute Care Unit
Dept of Cardiology
QED Hospital

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