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Lockdown zealots – it’s YOU who are the selfish ones


I KNOW what is like to be chronically ill, even deathly so. I know what it’s like to lose loved ones.

I also know that I would not want millions subjected to psychological torture, homelessness, a tsunami of mental health problems, businesses bankrupted, cancer patients denied life-saving treatment, babies battered, the elderly locked away, children denied their rightful education, and the needless destruction of the economy just to save myself and my family from our very human fate.

Lockdown zealots accuse those who object of selfishness, but they are proving themselves to be the ultimate selfish ones. Lockdown zealots are doing untold damage, delaying the spread of the virus and preventing herd immunity to help mitigate the impact on Covid-19 on our elderly and vulnerable. Their worship of house arrest will kill far more than Covid-19 ever will. Lockdowns are medieval and must not be mistaken for quarantine, a proven method of dealing with illness.

Evidence shows that lockdowns do not work, and are counterproductive in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Countries with the strictest lockdowns, such as Peru, have the highest  fatalities. 

But all this evidence and rational scientific debate is ignored because, as I have shown, Covid-19 is now a quasi-religious cult, Sage its high priests and government ministers its executioners. 

Lockdown zealots, the most devout of all, are behaving like primitive tribespeople, demanding human sacrifices so they can be kept ‘safe’. On the altar are our children, saddled with a generation of debt, the lonely elderly, the medically neglected and the millions left unemployed and homeless. 

Our Judeo-Christian heritage teaches us that human sacrifice is godless. Any form of governance which involves destroying millions of lives for just one life is regressively obtuse. A civilised society does not sacrifice the lives and wellbeing of millions to save one. But like lemmings going over a cliff, panicked governments, including those in the West who should know better, have followed the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian lead and locked down their societies. We have lost the right to call ourselves civilised. Or developed.

Death and illness are part of life. We can manage the risk of both but we cannot escape either. All of us will die, it’s the one certainty in life. Liberal, democratic societies strive to achieve quality of life while mitigating the risks of illness and delaying death. But we no longer live in a free and meaningful society.

My own religion, Judaism, teaches that we all have an animal soul which we need to rise above. Those who think only about keeping themselves ‘safe’ while wilfully ignoring the vast collateral damage of lockdowns are giving into their most base impulses, the worst part of humanity, where they are immune to the suffering of others and selfishness and the ego rules all. The behavioural scientists of Sage and Independent Sage have capitalised on our most basic human instincts. 

Millions are at risk of suffering and death because of Covid-19 lockdowns. Do not blame Covid-19. Blame the reactions by politicians taken in responding to this virus and their lockdown useful idiots.

The World Bank predicts that up to 100million people could be pushed into ‘extreme poverty’ because of lockdowns and other senseless responses to Covid-19. Progress in tackling hunger and disease in the developing world has been set back by decades. Without a healthy economy there is no health, as shown by the developing world. 

In our own country the commentariat are strangely silent on the fact that unskilled and semi-skilled workers are those most affected by the government’s overreaction to a virus, for example those who work in pubs, a great British historical and cultural institution which has been smashed to pieces in a manner which would put the Taliban to shame. Over 200,000 will lose their jobs this year because of the economic damage caused by Covid-19 restrictions. My TCW colleague Michael St George has shown it’s the working classes, abandoned by Labour and lied to by the Tories, who are suffering the most from lockdown policies.

Some public service workers seem to be the most selfish of them all. Despite the medical evidence that children don’t spread the virus, teachers keep demanding that classrooms be shut, preferring to stay home on full salaries and be kept ‘safe’ with no thought to children’s social development and their educational needs. – children-do-not-spread-the-virus-and-are-not-at-risk

Those who advocate for schoolchildren to be masked lose the right to point fingers at Islamic states which put young girls into niqabs as soon as they can walk. Covering a child’s face is heinous abuse. There is no medical evidence to show that masking children will prevent the spread of the virus. The only medical condition revealing itself here is an extreme case of hypochondria that the teaching unions are suffering from. 

Lockdown zealots need to consider what young people are learning from this. Children are being taught that fear is the only emotion which counts and that to be locked away is the only way to deal with illness. That real science and rational debate counts for nothing and government propaganda everything. 

Those who view lockdowns as a temporary method to be alleviated by the vaccine are deluding themselves. Not only are they ensuring that the government makes vaccines mandatory in all but name, contravening the Nuremberg Code, but they are also giving lockdowns an undeserved legitimacy. The government is already threatening that vaccines won’t necessarily mean the end of lockdowns and masks. Those who repeat the ‘follow the government guidelines’ seem oblivious to the fact that any restriction on our freedoms will never be enough for our politicians, now drunk on power. 

If the May local elections are postponed yet again then British democracy will be shown to be dead and buried. Democracy always teeters on a cliff edge; should it slide off, our democratic rights risk being lost for ever. 

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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