One year ago President Donald Trump appointed Nikki Haley as the US Ambassador to the UN. Finally this dysfunctional playground of dictators and tyrants is being challenged and held to account.

Originally named Nimrata Randhawa, Haley was born in 1972 to Punjabi immigrants in South Carolina. She was brought up in the Sikh faith and converted to Christianity in 1996 when she married Michael Haley, an officer in the Army National Guard. They met at Clemson University where Haley studied for her accounting degree. They have two children.

Haley was a Republican member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2004 until she ran for State Governor in 2009. Despite disparaging racist remarks from both Democrats and Republicans, and accusations of infidelity, she won and was so successful that she was re-elected in 2014.

Haley’s strength of character first sprang into public consciousness in 2015 after white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered nine people in a Charleston church. Roof had published photos of himself holding the Confederate flag. Despite the popularity of this flag with her traditional voters, Haley immediately called for its removal from State Capitol grounds.

Haley will make decisions and enact policies she believes in, even if they are unpopular with constituents. Although she is a member of the Tea Party and supports a low tax regime, she advocates economic globalisation practices. Her tenure as Governor saw increased economic growth in South Carolina.

As a child of legal immigrants, Haley learnt that success comes mainly from hard work. She also, like many with an immigrant background, acquired the perspective necessary to see the damage inflicted on society by uncontrolled and illegal immigration. This accounts for her support of improved immigration laws.

Haley has forged a formidable political career without resorting to the misandry of divisive feminism. Her reputation as a fearless supporter of the true conservative values of family, faith and flag is unsurpassable. She is relentless in her pursuit of justice and combats real racism without resorting to identity politics.

Despite allegations of anti-Semitism, narcissism and sexism, Trump promoted a woman, who was unsupportive of his presidency candidacy, to one of the most prominent positions in his government. Haley, in line with her political principles, is also an unequivocal supporter of Israel and has denounced the destructive BDS campaign.

Theirs is a feisty and combative relationship. Haley has shown she is not a decorative mouthpiece for Trump. She sternly criticised her boss, with typically sensible and succinct words, after several women accused him of inappropriate sexual behaviour. Her judgment is sound, and she defends those she perceives as victims, but does not tolerate self-pity or participate in Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump and Haley are in sync with their frustration over the disastrous and shambolic UN.

Haley’s most outstanding achievement so far, and there have been many, is the inspiring way she has called out the despots, fascist, Islamists, dictators, Israel haters and anti-Semites who monopolise the UN. What a revelation she is proving to be.

In February 2017, during her maiden UN speech, Haley lambasted Russia’s destructive occupation of Ukraine. Last summer she courageously berated North Korea for its latest missile testing – a complete contrast to the craven Leftists who excuse North Korea’s abysmal human rights abuses by irrationally blaming Trump.

Haley’s desire to hold vile tyrants to account is also apparent in her reaction to the recent Iranian protests. Most European politicians have been cowardly silent on the bravery of Iranian women desperate to throw off the shackles of a misogynist theocracy. Western governments seem terrified of Iran. Who can forget that photo of ‘feminist’ Swedish politicians, clad in hijabs and long coats, as they genuflected their submissiveness towards Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his cronies?

The indomitable Haley praised the protesters and declared that the world must not be silent. She truly has the measure of Islamists and will not bow down to them, unlike her cowering European counterparts.

This accounts for her support of Trump’s acknowledgment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last December. Haley fearlessly vetoed a Security Council’s resolution criticising this White House declaration. A now iconic photo shows Haley in action, with a look of grim determination, surrounded by representatives of the repressive regimes of China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Bolivia. She warned Security Council members that the US was taking names of those who supported this resolution against them and that there would be consequences.

And true to her word, a week later Haley announced that the US was cutting $285million from its UN budget. Rightly so. Why should the US have to fund an organisation which actively despises it and where corruption is rife, Islamists dominate and hatred of Jews knows no bounds?

Haley is not intimidated by the palpable and disgusting malice against Israel permeating the UN. Her defence of Israel, an ally of the US, is a rarity among Western politicians. After Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s appalling blood libel speech last weekend, Haley admonished the Palestinians for wanting to cut the US out of the increasingly ineffectual peace process and, together with Trump, confirmed a $65million cut to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) budget.

The US really shouldn’t have to contribute to this UN subsidiary which mainly functions to subsidise the luxury lifestyles of Abbas and his associates and encourages depraved anti-Semitism in Palestinian schools. The game is up for the Palestinians and fellow Islamists. Haley has called their bluff and won.

There is growing clamour for Haley to run for President in 2020. Her Judeo-Christian ethos and conservative views will incite much malice from the Left and post-Liberal Puritans. But given her astounding success so far in defying them, Nikki Haley could become the first female president of the world’s most powerful nation. Let’s hope for all our sakes she choses to do so – and succeeds.


  1. It’s about time we celebrated Nikki Haley and her no nonsense approach.

    …and her traditional values of family, faith and flag.

  2. I’ll take the Confederate flag censorship seriously when politicians intervene in the left’s parading of its own bloody red flag, under which and in the modern era millions have been persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered across the globe.

    • I have been impressed by what I have seen of Mrs Haley, but this apparent grandstanding over the confederate flag is a small disappointment.

      • Grandstanding is the right word. It is manufactured outrage to serve a very modern agenda over a historic military flag (it was the battle flag of Confederate regiments not the national flag of the Confederacy) used in a civil war over 150 years ago for a cause long since resolved. Until Herbert Marcuse and other extreme leftist bigots came along it represented many things to many different people, as do a multitude of other flags. And those a matter of personal conscience and behaviour, not state intervention at the behest of shrieking leftist agitators.

      • There were a few things she did as governor that were disturbing, and yes, the Battle Flag was one of them, most of the rest had to do with trade, as I recall. Still, she is doing a good job of rehabilitating herself, and we will never agree on everything. She good, getting better, and young. We’ll see.

  3. UN = international socialism and incipient world government. The Trump/Haley take-down can’t happen soon enough.

  4. Trump will probably be re elected in 2020
    Nikki is good but at 46 time is on her side to hone the skills and track record required

  5. Has anyone watched Oliver stones documentary on Ukraine. It’s now on YouTube. Clearly Russia’s ‘occupation’ of Ukraine is far from the full story.

    The UN should be ended.

    • If Obama can give Killary a get-out-of-jail card then real Republicans can vote to allow DJT a third and fourth term in the White House, a la FDR, so he can really drain the swamp and turn America back into a land for real Americans.

  6. If the UN disbanded last week, in the wider world, actually would anyone really notice?

    But then aside from the UN being a vehicle for the KSA to dictate, and China to gather it’s allies and Iran to concoct endless malignancy.

    The real deconstruction engineered by the UN offices is done at street level in the west and observed in the sea of foreign faces pouring into towns and cities across the EU and particularly here in the UK.
    Soros, Sutherland [now a goner] Goldman Sachs and the globalists have long used the auspices of the UN to push miscengentation and conequently bring about the total effacement of all that we know, recognize and cherish – in the Occident.

    Plus/other than that, stick some new offices on Baffin Island and thus boot ’em (the UN) out of NYC.

    • Agree, the UN is a complete waste of money, a fat bureaucracy intended to make the Western powers feel bad about having a superior culture and history to the rest of the world, and to extort us and make us ruin our economies with the false doctrine of global warming.

      We should ditch it and ditch NATO as well.

    • What did the Eskimos ever do to deserve the UN being placed in their backyard?

  7. Well, Karen it won’t be 2020, but if she keeps it up it will be 2024. One of our best. There’s a meme floating about with that picture of her raising her hand on the vote, the caption reads, “Who understands what being a superpower is all about?” I also note that we just withdrew a further $45 million from UNRWA, as well as that Germany is weighing new sanctions on Iran. Leadership, what can’t it do?

    • Every time I hear of the USA cutting back on these handouts I feel so encouraged. Obama allowed the US people be treated like fools. People never respect others because of handouts, very quickly it is all taken for granted..

      • The Palis are having a bad year, what with Trump, and then finding that Egypt, the Saudis, and most of the rest of the Arabs agree. For now, there is Iran, but it too has bitten off more than it can chew. Looks like that swamp may get drained yet.

  8. I would love to see her get the nod. That way we would see the feminist’s campaigning against a qualified woman at the same time screaming that we need a female president. Lol.

  9. I was very impressed with her support for the Iranian protesters in the UN Security Council, despite the craven attitudes displayed by many Western “democratic” governments.

  10. “she advocates economic globalisation practices”
    What exactly doers that mean ?
    The free exchange of goods and services is one thing. But if she is advocating unlimited, open door migration which drives down, mainly working class, wages and creates tensions between clashing, opposed cultural groups, then she is no friend !

  11. I too love how she has called out the despots, fascist, Islamists, dictators, Israel haters and anti-Semites who monopolise the UN. I can easily see her her becoming President of the USA in future years. I sometimes feel like standing up and clapping when she speaks.

  12. Donald Trump is doing so much for women than anyone else.
    He has more fat women marching in one day than Michael Obama did in eight years.

  13. the employment figures for women, blacks and hispanics are at their highest for years. #winningbigly

    i think you’ll find that 2020 has already been spoken for.

    two scoops. two terms.

  14. 2020 race is out, the voters of America will never forgive her for stabbing the President in the back. Donald Trump promoted Haley to the position She is excelling at and challenging Him wont be a good look, especially as the economy will be doing so well. 2024 will be a lock.

  15. Thank you or this information the Lady in question has to date been most impressive in her televised appearances.

      • Wily I would call it, although a little obvious. In fact, as much as I dislike Trump, I don’t believe that he is a racist, well, not unless appearing so is needed to bump up flagging support amongst his redneck base.

        Kind of a weird attitude in the accompanying article though, almost as if an antagonistic America railing against the rest of the world is a desirable situation to descend to.

        It isn’t.

        • 63 million Americans in 30 states are all rednecks?

          How do you know support amongst his “base” is flagging? From anti-Trump deep state polling? We all know how reliable polls are. . .

          • Obviously I meant the racist rump of Trump’s supporters not everybody who voted for the man, otherwise what gain would there be for Trump to go racist if push comes to shove.

            I think I must try to be more explicit for the more unsubtle haunting the peculiar formum.

          • Actually, no. I a previous post is wrote:

            “Trump is an embarrassment, yes; philistine, yes; unfit for office, undoubtedly; but racialist? Probably only when persuaded that appearing to be so might help keep his flagging and apparently base “base” in tow.”

            I believe that Trump is not inherently a racist and would only feign racism for purposes of political expediency.

          • Huh? Bullsh*t? This is the UN that the US went to in order to ramp up sanctions on North Korea when America alone was impotent beyond bluster and unable to do a single effective thing unilaterally?

            Have a word with yourself.

          • So you believe the UN is a wonderful organisation devoid of corruption and bias and only ever has good intentions?

  16. That’s what I like, someone who does what they believe in and doesn’t pretend to do otherwise. Obviously not like the majority of politicians who change direction at the drop of an opinion poll.

  17. 2020 Ms Harradine?

    Yet another so-called conservative keen to see the back of Trump? He really does seem to make you all very nervous.

  18. Her attitude to the Battle Flag stank of manufactured grandstanding and shallow opportunism. Ms Harradine’s description of her as a globalist also makes me somewhat uncomfortable.

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