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Mark Steyn, the best broadcaster Britain hasn’t got


MARK Steyn was at his masterly best again on his Wednesday show. I am not saying that because I was one of his guests but because of his unique way of telling us what the woke news assailing us really means – that however crazy these stories seem they are serious, not something just to roll our eyes over. He stops us from sleeping at the wheel, he wakes us from despairing acquiescence; and gets to the heart of the matter of the collapse our core institutions to stupid, dangerous and destructive ideology. Time he shows is indeed running out. No, not for the planet, as King Charles would have us believe, but for Western civilisation.

Every time I tune into his own website show and enjoy his idiosyncratic talent my fury and dismay erupts all over again at GB News for hanging him out to dry as they did, at the unprincipled appeasers who run the show there, who think this will save their dollar. It won’t. By giving into Ofcom’s selective censorship GB News sealed Steyn’s never-to-broadcast-in-Britain-again fate, just when he is most needed. They may well find they sealed their own too – the Ofcom bully is already back on their patch.

Ofcom censorship was one aspect of my discussion with him. There are some sound issues (probably my fault for moving around) but one of the points I was trying to make was the irony that far from the ‘demonopolisation’ of broadcasting leading to more freedom of political expression, it has catalysed an ever greater imposition of conformity – an ‘authorised’ view as determined by the new State censor, Ofcom, across all channels.

Sandwiched between interviews with Marc Morano, author of Green Fraud and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change and James Melville, the Covid critical political writer and pundit, my interview begins at 30 minutes in. You can watch the whole programme here.

And here is a transcript of Mark’s masterly opening monologue:

MARK STEYN: Hey, welcome along to the Mark Steyn Show and happy Fourth of July to our American viewers. These are not good times for the United States. I’m not singling anybody out. These are not good times for France. These are not good times for the United Kingdom. These are not good times for the Dominion of Canada. These are not good times for the Commonwealth of Australia. These are not good times for . . . insert your Western nation here. Gee, it’s almost like it’s a co-ordinated plan. If you’re on the receiving end of this assault on our entire civilisational inheritance, it’s hard keeping up. For instance, a lot of people still think that woke, Le Wokisme, as they call it in France, they still think it’s the province of left-wing activists and professors from the loopier universities. It’s not at all, it has infected and hollowed out all the institutions you might have expected to take a stand against the insanity. For example, last year the Royal Air Force announced it no longer wanted white men. You remember white men? The chaps who won the Battle of Britain, the fellows who did the Dambusters raid? Biggles? Yeah, Biggles takes it rough, I’ll say. Well, after all the pasty white blokes had taken it rough from the air woke marshals in the RAF, it was ruled that the Air Force had unlawfully discriminated against white men and the RAF was forced to apologise to Biggles and all the other chaps they were putting the rough to. Headline from the Daily Telegraph: ‘New RAF head “sorry we discriminated against white men”.’ This isn’t the BBC. This isn’t the Colonialism and Transgender Studies Department of the University of California at Berkeley, this is the military and what’s your betting they do it all over again? Meanwhile, over at the Pentagon, they’re celebrating Pride Month, which now lasts at least four months, I think. 

Hi, I’m Major Rachel Jones. And what Pride means to me is celebrating that diversity is our strength as a nation and as an army. Pride means something very special to me as a LGBTQ individual. And it’s a chance to show everyone what we have to offer in terms of the diverse skill sets that we bring. And the diverse ways of thinking we bring into the team to make everything work better.

MARK STEYN: Aha. If it makes everything work better, Major Rachel, how can you account for 40 per cent of the entire planet’s military spending and you can’t win nothing? In Afghanistan you lost to the world’s least diverse soldiery. The Taliban army is wall-to-wall full of bearded goatherds with fertiliser and that’s it. And thanks to all the tanks and missiles and helicopters you left them when you skedaddled out of town, they’re now something like the eighth most lavishly equipped armed forces in the world. Two years after the fall of Kabul, this is the world’s most decadent general staff’s priority. I am the very model of a modern major transgender. I’m totally convincing, not a trace of any man’s gender. Pro tip, boys and girls. Don’t go to the Pentagon for your gender reassignment, it’ll go about as well as a reassignment to Helmand province or the Sunni Triangle. For some reason, that transgender major reminds me of an old Kenny Everett gag, with David Bowie.

KENNY EVERETT: I was in the war, but I didn’t see you there. I fought for people like you, but I never got one.

MARK STEYN: And he’s wearing the black bra and fishnets as he strides off. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is General Mark Milley, or as I’ve been calling him since he started banging on about the problems of quote ‘white rage’, Thoroughly Modern Milley. Oh no, wait, my mistake, that’s some other four-star general on the Chiefs of Staff. This is Thoroughly Modern Milley. Look at that. He’s got medals from his shoulder to his scrotum. Full Metal Jacket, he’s gonna need a way bigger dress uniform. He has more medals than General Eisenhower, the Duke of Wellington, Alexander the Great combined. What did he get them all for? Let’s put that up again so we can admire it some more. Yeah, the top row, that’s Korea. And I think underneath that is Vietnam, the small ribbon’s for the Jimmy Carter helicopters in the Iranian desert fiasco, because that went tits up far quicker than it usually takes. There’s the Pentagon Female Empowerment Award he got for introducing Take Your Child Bride to Work Day to Jalalabad, and that one on the fourth row, that’s from the association of non-binary staff colleges for most transitions in a single battalion. The bottom right is for getting into a Twitter spat with Tucker Carlson. And the one next to it is for the Libyan war and helping to make Europe even more vibrantly diverse by transferring control of all the ports to ISIS. Seven decades of comprehensive strategic failure and the Pentagon’s priority is to show off a transgender Major. Shock and awe, baby. If you’re wondering why China has taken over the world without firing a shot, it’s because the American way of war doesn’t work. And the generals don’t care about that because they get a lucrative lobbying gig when they move on. It’s different for the poor bloody infantry on the receiving end of their insane policies. Here’s another institution that you would think would be a bulwark against the most feeble modishness, but it isn’t, not at all – the monarchy. When our new King succeeded his mother, he said in his first statement that he was going to step back from all his activism, yet here is His Majesty, launching a brand-new Doomsday Clock showing that we only have six years and 24 days to save the planet from global warming. There he is, with the Mayor of London. Six years and 24 days. You’ve gotta love the King, because he’s always so precise, six years and 24 days. You know, any old hack can say we’ve only got ten years, 12 years to save the planet. That’s what Al Gore and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez do, but not this guy. You’ll recall that back when he was Prince of Wales, his then Royal Highness said we only have 96 months left to save the planet. Headline from the Independent: ‘Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles’. Impressive, impressive. Ninety-six months, not 95, not 97. Put it in your diary. When exactly was that? Well, he said it in July 2009, so 96 months would be July 2017. July 2017. The world ended, sadly, six years before he got to be King. Oh, just a couple of months earlier, April 2009, the prince said, look at this. Headline from the Daily Mail: ‘Red squirrels could die out in ten years, says Prince Charles’. So ten years from April 2009, that would be, let’s see, April 2019. So if I understand what His Majesty was saying back then, it would be curtains for man and all his wretched works come summer of 2017, after which the poor doomed red squirrel would have the best part of two years to frolic and gambol in the rubble of our civilisation with Boris Squirrel grappling in the ruins of Westminster for power over Theresa Squirrel while hoarding his nuts for a secret party in the stump of Big Ben. Oh, well, unless you’re a squirrel, don’t start any long books in five years and 11 months’ time, because all together now, ‘Time is running out!’ 

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Kathy Gyngell
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