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Mike Yeadon on his epiphany as mankind faced evil


THIS is the fourth and final part of a series of edited extracts from James Delingpole’s recent podcast with Dr Mike Yeadon (PhD in respiratory pharmacology, co-founded a biotech company and conducted research at Pfizer) in which they discussed the evil WEF, ‘Gollum-class AI’ and their own faith journeys since the onset of the Government’s cruel and oppressive ‘Covid’ policies. This latter is the main theme of the extracts below. (Part 1 addressed why the vaccines never could have been safe; Part 2 focused on the toxicities designed into the vaccine and Part 3 why the ‘vaccine’ was never going to protect the elderly. You can listen to the full podcast here. 

JAMES DELINGPOLE: You and I have reached a similar conclusion in the last three years – just what is going on literally diabolical in its intention and execution, that nobody but the source of all evil could be responsible for such things. And therefore, given that there is this source of evil, that there is also an opposite to that evil, which is God, which is our Creator who showed himself to us in the form of Jesus. And I was wondering, when you kind of reached this conclusion, did you have a kind of moment of kind of . . . 

DR MICHAEL YEADON: Yes. I did. I’ve actually recorded this. I recorded a 20-minute piece with an American doctor who believes in God, and was very helpful to me when I went to the States and I described a series of happenings, you know – I’m a bit distressed to remember this, actually. It wasn’t until the summer of 2021. Long before then, I’d worked out something so bad that I was using the word ‘evil’ was going on, but I don’t think I’d really brought all the pieces together. If anything, I think I was holding them apart, because when you allow them to come together in front of you, you can’t deny any more that this isn’t just bad or really bad, it’s like logarithmic scales, someone has used a lot of thought, to design something that will just cause massive pain, suffering, lasting harm and death in billions of people. This isn’t just a bit of a wheeze to make a bit of money. Someone thought very carefully how they could hurt you. If they just wanted to install a digital ID, they could have injected you with medical saline, right? It would be no worse. No worse. 

Looking at statistical trickery, our good friend Professor Norman Fenton has explained by just not including people, not classifying them as vaccinated, I think until two weeks – or was it three weeks? – two or three weeks after injection, even if you injected people with saline and then classified them that way, he showed you’d get something like two-thirds vaccine efficacy and then it would fade away, because it’s just a displacement . . . You come to the conclusion they want a digital ID, so that they can then make you get vaccines by telling you there’s a pandemic. If they just wanted control, they didn’t need to do any bad . . . they don’t need to murder you. So, you know, there’s no getting away from it, it’s not imagination. It’s not a stretch. It’s absolutely true that by forcing your body to make non-self protein, you will produce illness, maiming and death. I don’t know what percentage, it will depend on the dose and its persistence, but that’s what you would expect and that’s what’s happened. 

JD: I want to hear about your conversion moment.

MY: When I was a little boy, my parents weren’t religious. {But] I liked going to church; I sang in a church choir voluntarily for about five years from about six to 11, till we left the village. I liked that stuff. And I used to mumble the prayers, and I took comfort from the psalms and so on, some great psalms – I know you’re an avid reader of them. But during my adulthood, I think I didn’t really think about it one way or another. Strangely enough, after what’s happened to me, my wife mentioned that I’ve always been aware of the Creator. ‘Oh, really? You didn’t tell me this.’ She said, ‘You did, but you never paid any attention.’ So she told me, she said that I’ve always felt the presence of God . . .  During good times I’m grateful and during difficult times he comforts me, and I thought, ‘Christ, I didn’t notice.’ ‘Well, I did tell you, but you just sort of rolled your eyes.’ I probably did. Forgive me. 

I was having a tough time and I probably went through the same logic that you did which is that this is so bad it must classify off the scale of good and bad. It’s a different scale, good and evil. It’s not just further down the same scale, is it? Good and bad are choices, like when you buy products or your tastes of eating food. But good versus evil is like being in the dark versus the light. It’s like wishing harm on others versus wanting the best for them. It’s . . . it’s a really different scale. So I came to the conclusion that there was so much evil, there must be a counterbalancing good, or the world would have spiralled into destruction a long time ago. It made me think again about my childhood. I was searching out various bits of music that I remembered had been a comfort. And this is what happened. On three occasions in a row, I was woken at maybe two or three in the morning, bolt upright, and I remember feeling the presence of evil around me. You know, something . . . I would open my eyes and something at the far end of the room was evil. And I’d get up, walk around for an hour or so, have a decaf, listen to some music, and go back to bed. But on the third night, I remember looking out of the back window, it was a full moon, and then suddenly, you know, all of the sort of intellectual clues that I’d been working on all came together as if, like, the opposite of an explosion. And in that moment, I realised we face, literally, a sort of diabolical, you know, satanic threat. And in the same moment, there were no voices, but I felt comfort, I felt strength, and I think I called out, you know, ‘Oh God, help me.’ And I remember, I felt something calming and good flowing into me. I think I’d asked for resilience or endurance. And that’s what I got. That was it, really. I don’t know. I haven’t got the language to describe it, but I’ve never had an experience like that in my life and haven’t had it since either. 

But when I’ve described it to other people, they’ve said, ‘God visited you.’ And you kind of feel embarrassed, but that’s what happened. I touched this dark, satanic thing and someone put their arms around me and they didn’t say, ‘You’re going to be all right’, it was more like, ‘Here, have some strength, now get on with it.’

It was like, you’ve got to keep speaking out. That’s your job. In fact – I know it sounds a bit dramatic – when I think back over my peculiar career . . .  and I hope I’m not being arrogant [but] I think I was probably trained and brought to this spot to do this thing. And that’s a privilege. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s what I’ve done . . .  

What you can do is, don’t take digital ID. Even if it’s inconvenient. It’s God’s way of telling you not to have it, that you’ll notice the inconvenience of not having it. Don’t go for convenience. That’s the way you’ll lose your freedom. And then the other one is, as someone who’s only new to this feeling that I’m in touch with something, my Creator, I suppose. You’ll know it when you’re doing it. And it’s – look away from the dark and align yourself to the light. You’ll know when you’re doing it. And it’s trying to live authentically. Don’t live by lies. You know, be kind to yourself and other people. Be truthful. And your days will go better, and you will sleep better. So, and that means no longer going along with the lies of this pandemic nonsense. So anyone who hears me that’s still in there at all, or who knows it’s wrong but is going along with it, you’ve got to stop. We will be doomed if you don’t take your courage in your hand and decide, look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m going to be authentic from tomorrow.’  

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