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Ms Hyde – a few boats short of a Marina


IN A characteristically sanctimonious piece for the Guardian, Marina Hyde launches into a discombobulated attack against all those who have the temerity to stand up to government tyranny by refusing to wear a mask.

Putting aside Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory and the multiple peer-reviewed studies showing that – like Covid ‘vaccines’ – masks are useless at preventing transmission, Hyde refers to those refusing to comply as ‘poppy-shaggers’ and ‘online warriors’ with ‘zero understanding of how deeply embedded in people’s lives government was in the last world war, in the interests of the wider public good’. 

The Covid circus is not and has never been about health or survival. If it was about health, flights from Wuhan would have been terminated from day one; Covid-positive elderly patients would not have been transferred to care homes; healthy children would not have been vaccinated and if masks worked, these would have been in place from the start. If Covid was so deadly the Government wouldn’t have needed to spend £200million of taxpayers’ money to advertise its dangers or a nudge unit to hammer home the message.

Marina Hyde compares the ‘around 70,000’ killed in WWII bombing raids with the 145,000 ‘who have thus far perished from Covid’ as though a body pulled from rubble equates with a death ‘for any reason’ within 28 days of a positive Covid test. Aside from the known unreliability of both LFT and PCR, even the BBC is covering its collaborating arse by qualifying its data as death with a Covid ‘mention’ on the death certificate. If quarantine is only ten days, why is someone assumed to have Covid after 28 days? From recent experience, even a positive test would seem not to be a requirement. A few days ago, an elderly relative was put in a ‘Covid ward’ after a negative lateral flow test and kept in the ‘Covid ward’ (a doctor told me that technically they were all Covid wards and that the LFT was only 80 per cent effective) following a negative PCR. The only way she has so far avoided becoming yet another Covid statistic is by surviving.

Wearing a mask is not about health; it is a visual measure of compliance. The whole Covid circus is about control, coercion and profit. Hyde rightly points to the plethora of contracts handed out to friends, donors, cronies and Tory councillors, but fails to make a link between a man-made virus with a survival rate of 99.98 per cent, vaccine profits and the burgeoning fortunes of the super-rich.

‘For all their constant bleating about the government trying to control them,’ (oh, the irony) writes Hyde in a rag subsidised by Bill Gates, ‘ . . . how would these people have coped with rationing, for years and years on end? Being told by the state how many ounces of basic ingredients you were allowed per week feels a bit more of a pisser than being told to wear a mask while you load up your trolley’.

And that’s your problem right there, Marina. A woeful inability to join up the dots.

Yes, the non-mask wearers, who will most likely be unvaccinated, will have to get used to rationing, because they’ll be barred from shops demanding the WWII equivalent of ID papers, the vaxx pass. Yet in spite of the threat of fines, job losses, zero pensions, no access to fuel, to the NHS, bars, restaurants or food, they are STILL willing to fight against the tyranny of a government unwilling to stand up to its Illuminati overlords. Just like in WWII, the real threat we face is not from the mask-free but from the good little Germans ‘just following orders’.

Thanks to those too fearful of losing their place in society, too willing to collaborate, too cowardly to stand up to mandatory vaccinations and an extension to the Coronavirus Act 2020 (including the enforcement of requirement to provide information of food supply chains), we will ALL soon be told by the state how many ounces of basic ingredients will be allowed. Because without resistance, centralised crypto will be a shoe-in. And then it’s game over.

Maybe not for the middle classes or the London-based privately educated daughter of a 2nd Baron whose message to all those refusenik poppy-shaggers unwilling to capitulate to the narrative and who, according to Marina, ‘wouldn’t make the first sacrifice for their fellow humans, let alone the ultimate one’ is ‘DO BUCK UP’. More Ritz than Blitz spirit, Marina (who probably thinks the North is a band) will no doubt be the first to stamp her Manolo Blahniks when her centralised crypto app informs her that the increase in the cost of her health insurance will be directly proportional to her purchasing of champagne and white truffle oil.

It is the upper and middle classes that are the problem. The people who don’t want to get blood on their shoes. The ‘I’m all right, Jack’ brigade whose children aren’t sacrificed in needless wars and who will never starve. These people won’t be forced to eat Bill Gates’s synthetic beef or bread made from Monsanto’s GMO seeds. If this was about health, why would Bill Gates want us to eat synthetic beef when one billion people in the world are suffering from protein deficiency? If this was about health, why are Bayer (owners of Monsanto) being sued for $11billion by US consumers who claim they have developed non-hodgkin’s lymphoma due to exposure to the company’s glyphosate-based products, a product they are still trying to push on Mexico? ‘People’ like Gates, Soros and the Rockefellers don’t care about the planet, they merely wish to patent everything from people, to the land, the sea, the air and space.

Join up the dots, Marina. That is your job. How come Bayer, makers of Zyklon B, are still allowed to churn out chemicals that kill people? Why do Bayer, Gates and their comrades wish to control the food chain? This is our planet, and unless we resist, unless we DO NOT COMPLY, we are in danger of losing it.

Although Hyde drags in WWII, she fails to spot the most worrying comparison: that the mass murder in death camps started with changes in the laws (more than 400 anti-Semitic laws were enacted by the Nazis between 1933 and 1938) and that nobody realised, or believed, what was happening until it was too late. In one year, the Johnson government has added 84 legal instruments to existing health regulations, so it is well on track.  

None of which is getting through to Marina. As far as she’s concerned, all those who refuse to mask up are conspiracy theorists. ‘Maybe there was a whole section of British society in 1941 that was convinced the war was not actually real or happening, but was merely part of some great reset cooked up by various international powers.’ At this stage, I almost feel sorry for Marina, who clearly has zero knowledge of the Federal Reserve’s nefarious activities since 1913.

One of the comments below Marina’s Guardian column reads: ‘These deaths from the Blitz . . . do they include all deaths of people who had been in the vicinity of bombs within the past 28 days?’ She didn’t reply.

Hyde has at least one fan of like mind. Piers Morgan, who cost Hyde her job on the Sun’s showbiz desk (she was sacked by Sun editor David Yelland after it emerged she had been exchanging emails with Morgan, then editor of the rival Daily Mirror) and who was sacked himself for the fake Abu Ghraib torture story, also likes to drag in WWII comparisons when it comes to the unmasked and unvaccinated, tweeting: ‘Imagine being so scared of having a safe, well-regulated, 4-second vaccine shot, when previous generations braved gun shots for years on end to save us all from tyranny? Anti-vaxxers really are a bunch of spineless pussies.’ 

To which ‘Mr A’ replied: ‘Personally, as someone who is double jabbed, I admire them. Even after all the government and media fear mongering, threats of losing jobs and being shut out of society, they still refuse to bow down to it. If I had to go to war, those are the type of people I’d want behind me.’ 

You nailed it, Mr A. You see, Marina, it is the resistance – not the collaborators – who will always be on the right side of history.

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Suzie Halewood
Suzie Halewood
Suzie Halewood is a filmmaker with a degree in mathematics.

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