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My eight simple questions for the Covid Inquiry


COMMENTS on the Covid-19 Inquiry draft Terms of Reference published here close tomorrow. What follows represents a widely held if controversial explanation that is reinforced by the establishment refusal to acknowledge let alone investigate any aspect of it. This we suspect will be the elephant in the room of the inquiry and why so many people will see it as a whitewash before it even begins. ‘Conspiracy’ or not, any inquiry worth its salt should include in its remit the huge vested interests of the main global ‘public health’ players whose influence dominated the global pandemic lockdown and vaccine response, as detailed in Paula Jardine’s recent series of articles for TCW  as well as in Sonia Elijah’s earlier investigation of the many scandals of the PCR testRather than wrangling over trivia questions such as whether we should have locked down harder or sooner, Douglas Brodie represents the many people who think it important that the inquiry should investigate ‘big picture’ issues as encapsulated in his eight simple questions below, framed to make it easier to join all the dots to understand what really happened:  

[Square brackets enclose my own answers to my own questions, contrasting starkly with the wholly fallacious claim of disgraced ex-Health Secretary and WEF acolyte Matt Hancock that ‘we got all the big calls right on Covid’.] 

1.    Why has our sovereign country become so subservient to the bidding of the unelected, unaccountable, obviously untrustworthy WHO given that it is headed by a compromised Marxist placeman (Tedros) and is overwhelmingly controlled by totalitarian dictatorship China and Microsoft multi-billionaire cum vaccine fanatic Bill Gates? 

[Answer: International lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich asserts in his opening statement to the Grand Jury trial of Covid‑19 crimes against humanity that WHO-compliancy happened because the SARS‑CoV‑2 so-called pandemic has been a globally pre-planned ‘plandemic’ engineered by a cabal of unelected, unaccountable technocrats – he calls them ‘psychopaths and sociopaths’ – from the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF), Big Money, Big Tech, Big Pharma, billionaire ‘environmentalists’ and the WHO and UN, with elected politicians and public bodies acting as subservient puppets. 

The cabal launched their desperate plan in early 2020 to pre-empt a looming banking system collapse due to the massive debt load run up by their abuse of our fiat currencies, e.g. €44trillion of unfunded public pensions in Europe and $30trillion of US debt. They and their supporters weaponised SARS‑CoV‑2 to attempt no less than a controlled demolition of our political and financial civilisation to replace it with a totally undemocratic, dystopian New World Order in which they retain their power and wealth while the rest of humanity is reduced to Orwellian serfdom.] 

2.    Why did all the world’s governments and health authorities react in lockstep at the start of the pandemic by adopting the Drosden Covid‑19 PCR test which suffers the apparent defect of creating large numbers of false positive test results? 

[Answer: The Drosden Covid‑19 PCR test was deliberately mal-engineered, as explained in this Fuellmich testimony, and the government knew about this because two senior PHE staff members were involved in signing off on this fraud. WEF clone governments all around the world adopted the Drosden test to create a ‘casedemic’ of scary false positive Covid‑19 test results which they would fraudulently pass off as Covid-19 ‘cases’ to instill fear and panic among the general public to further the ulterior, nefarious motive exposed by the Fuellmich evidence.] 

3.    Why did all the world’s governments and health authorities react in lockstep at the start of the pandemic by deliberately banning cheap and effective drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as Covid‑19 treatments which clinical evidence shows could have prevented a large percentage of all Covid‑19 deaths? 

[Answer: They did it to panic the general public into believing that the only exit from the pandemic was by taking the experimental, still-untested vaccines, which they wanted everyone to take for the ulterior, nefarious motive exposed by the Fuellmich evidence.] 

4.    Why did governments and health authorities around the world all react in lockstep at the start of the pandemic, under cover of lockdown, by administering toxic drugs such as midazolam and remdesivir to the old and vulnerable? 

[Answer: They did this to ‘euthanise’ large numbers of defenceless, mostly elderly victims, falsely attributing their deaths to Covid‑19 in order to panic the general public into believing that the SARS‑CoV‑2 is deadly and that the vaccines were the only hope of salvation.] 

5.    Why did governments around the world all cover up and dismiss the massive spike in deaths among of the mostly elderly vaccine recipients immediately following that the start of Covid‑19 vaccine rollout? 

[Answer: They suppressed this reality in order to continue their vaccine rollout ‘no matter what’ because their globally-coordinated ulterior motive was to impose vaccine passports on the entire population.

The UK authorities shamelessly passed off the vaccine-induced death spike as their long-threatened Covid‑19 ‘second wave’, an effect which they knew coronaviruses do not exhibit (dual wave Spanish Flu is not relevant as revealed here) but which they nevertheless falsely promoted to terrorise the general public.] 

6.    Why did governments and health authorities around the world all behave in lockstep by immorally insisting that the novel, experimental, minimally-tested Covid-19 vaccines had to be administered to: (i) pregnant women, a clinical no-no since the 1960s thalidomide tragedy, (ii) the young who are at negligible risk from this virus, especially children, and (iii) the many who had already contracted Covid and recovered, including most children, leaving them with good natural immunity but at risk of a deadly hyper-immune response which an unnecessary, toxic mRNA vaccination could induce? 

[Answer: The authorities were determined that nothing would stand in their way of their ulterior motive of trying to coerce the entire population into taking the vaccine. They clearly lied when they said originally that only the vulnerable needed to take the vaccine and definitely not children.

The WEF/globalist Covid-19 ‘plandemic’ has thankfully gone awry now that we are faced with mild Omicron which is said to be no worse than a bad cold and with clear evidence that we are in an epidemic of the vaccinated.] 

7.    Why have governments and health authorities around the world all behaved in lockstep by insisting to this day that the Covid‑19 so‑called ‘vaccines’ are ‘safe and effective’ when they are clearly the most horrendously dangerous vaccines of modern times by a massive margin? 

[Answer: All historical precedent is that a new vaccine will be withdrawn after a tiny fraction of the vaccine adverse reaction reports already racked up on Covid-19. That it is not being withdrawn in the case of Covid is further proof that Covid has never been about public health. It is clearly the Fuellmich-exposed ‘plandemic’ with the mundane primary objective of getting the entire population hooked on vaccine passports, the ulterior motive being that these will morph into digital IDs under a system of undemocratic technocratic world governance.]

8.    Why do we, as a supposedly democratic country, tolerate such overwhelming censorship of accurate facts and expert evidence which run counter to the highly contentious and clearly immoral government official line on Covid-19? 

[Answer: Government, regulators and the mainstream media have all been complicit throughout the ‘plandemic’ in unprecedented measures to constrain freedom of speech and action. Ofcom instructed broadcasters not to broadcast facts and opinion that might undermine compliance with the official guidance: this from a regulator which has a statutory duty is to uphold freedom of speech. The mainstream media was ‘nobbled’ not just by Ofcom but by huge payments from multi-billionaire vaccine megalomaniac Bill Gates and huge payments from the government for Covid‑19 propaganda advertising. New World Order affiliate Professor Neil Ferguson whose wildly-exaggerated predictions of Covid‑19 deaths caused panic to ‘justify’ lockdown received a large payment for his unit from Bill Gates. Dr Andrew Hill who played a key WHO role in the banning of ivermectin received a large payment for his unit via Bill Gates (watch the video to see this doctor squirm). 

On top of all the bribery, censorship and propaganda, the Government chose to use so-called ‘nudge’ techniques – unethical psychological manipulation (psyops) – to control mass behaviour, as exposed by Laura Dodsworth in her book A State of Fear

Unfortunately we are heading into even worse 1984 dystopia through new laws which, via a new ‘Ministry of Truth’, will impose even more severe constraints on freedom of speech including undefined restrictions on content deemed ‘legal but harmful’ on pain of a lengthy prison sentence. This could result in the closing down of our few remaining outlets of independent non-mainstream reporting and the censorship of anti-establishment consultation submissions such as this. A good summary of these draconian moves is given in this UK Column News report on the innocent-sounding but distinctly Orwellian Online Safety Bill

Why else would they be doing this if not to pave the way to ram through their tyrannical ‘Great Reset’ on behalf of their WEF paymasters with a ruthless determination to crush all dissent?  

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Douglas Brodie
Douglas Brodie
Douglas Brodie is 20 years retired from a career in computers and telecommunications, and hates being taken for a fool by politicians.

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