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My questions for Conspiracy Queen Marianna Spring


HAVE you ever been to a ‘conspiracy theory rally’? The BBC’s disinformation expert Marianna Spring has – well, that’s how she describes it. In a double-page feature in the newspaper, the young debunker reported from the affluent Devon town of Totnes, where a culture war is waging. 

On one side are the metropolitan liberals (woke, faux green and pro-establishment) and on the other the New Age libertarians (genuinely green and anti-establishment). Tensions rise whenever the latter are on the high street distributing The Light newspaper, which pulls no punches on Covid-19, the claimed climate crisis and the totalitarian designs of the global elite. For Spring, this is a medium laden with wild conspiracy theories of ‘far-right’ outlook. 

She spoke to a woman named Natalie, who believes that globalists are striving to remove our freedom and reduce the population. Natalie repeatedly refers to ‘they’, never naming the nemesis. It’s a fair criticism of Spring that this seems ungrounded and paranoid, but it is also reasonable that Natalie cannot identify the culprits who are building a new world order.  

Globalist organisations such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Club of Rome tend to be secretive in their dealings, but their existence is publicly known. The World Economic Forum conferences at Davos may be viewed online. However, the really important meetings are held in private. High-level bankers, corporatists and aristocrats plan the future out of sight and out of mind, and mainstream media don’t ask questions. 

We know, however, that very important people such as the Clintons and Barack Obama wield tremendous influence beyond their past and present official roles. Obama’s recent visit to Downing Street will not have been without purpose – speculations abound. We know about billionaire Christopher Hohn’s influence over the extreme Net Zero agenda and his easy access to power. We know about the billionaires behind the trans movement. We know about the close working of Big Pharma with the government and the real threat of medical totalitarianism. These are all signs of the trend towards unaccountable post democratic corporatism.

We cannot pretend to know all that goes on in the cloistered halls of omnipotence. Nonetheless, it is clear that democracy and national sovereignty have become a sham, as shown during the pseudo-pandemic and with the preposterous climate emergency. In my book Green in Tooth and Claw I present this as a pyramid of power. 

On the base stratum are the ordinary people, who are often apathetic or gullible to the official narrative (for example, believing that Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective). Butamongst them there are also 5-10 per cent (as consistently found by psychological research) who are critical thinkers. At the level above are the professional managerial bureaucracy, amongst whom critical thinkers are less prevalent, because conformity is rewarded. Dissidents tend not to fare well on the promotion ladder and are prone to disciplinary action (as I regularly observe as a trade union officer). This is the officer class of the societal hierarchy: it includes lawyers, accountants, doctors, nurses, teachers, civil servants, councillors, backbench MPs and mainstream media commentators. 

At the next level are global leaders. The likes of Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern and Nicola Sturgeon took to the contrived Covid-19 crisis like ducks to water. The difference between them and the majority of politicians is that they knew that the contagion was a scam (this was apparent, for example, in their removing masks as soon as the cameras left and later when Boris Johnson’s parties in Downing Street soon after imposing lockdown were exposed).

At the upper reaches of the global leader level I’d place the most prominent exponents such as Tony Blair, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. These characters are certainly powerful but are they frontmen for or working with more faceless figures who direct the dystopian show from behind the scenes, that only investigative journalism, such as Paula Jardine’s in TCW, can shine a light on? Should indeed the globalist power grab simply be understood as an uber-elite, globalist technocratic movement? It’s hard to know given the meagre resources dissidents have for investigation and the stacking of the cards against them when they do. Either way, it demonstrates a terrifying form of megalomania.  

The WEF predicted a future in which ‘you will own nothing, and you will be happy’, but somebody must own the land, buildings and  resources.Bill Gates already owns a lot of these. Indeed, to deny any conspiracy – in the sense of  planned promotion of highly specific shared interests and ambitions by people who wield disproportionate and unaccountable power – in the emergence of an authoritarian technocracy is to dabble in coincidence theory. 

While feigning sympathy for her interviewees, who have gone down a rabbit hole and cannot climb out, Spring is doing a job for the establishment. She cast Natalie as a victim of social media platforms and cynical leaders of conspiracy theory movements. Her ace card was to demand ‘scientific evidence’ of a globalist coup, but this is not readily attainable. Of course there is hard evidence of the planning and exploitation of the covid ‘event’, which Spring could find in these pages should she bother to look. There are also the quite openly stated plans of the Great Reset and the mantra of ‘build back better’ parroted in lockstep by every western world leader.    

Here are some questions I’d like to put to the BBC’s Disinformation & Social Media Correspondent:

1.    Do you accept / deny that the WEF has strong influence over governments and the UN, in pursuit of its Great Reset? 

2.    Do you accept / deny that Net Zero policies will impoverish and curtail the livelihoods of ordinary people?

3.    Do you accept / deny that the authorities are creating a cashless society and digital currency, leading to controls on how we spend our money?

4.    Do you accept / deny that Just Stop Oil protesters are favourably treated by the police and judiciary compared with treatment of people protesting against the establishment (e.g. lockdown, illegal migration, transgenderism)?

5.    Look around our major cities: do you accept / deny demographic replacement, caused by mass immigration?

6.    Should conspiracy theorists have as much right to free speech as conspiracy deniers?

Spring has sprung in the news again, deriding conspiracy theories about Princess Kate. For Spring, the problem is not the Royal Family issuing fake images or masking the truth behind palace intrigue for whatever reasons, but powerless citizens who are trying to make sense of a world turned upside down. After four years of lockdown lies and unsafe and ineffective vaccines forced on them, they have lost all trust in our institutions. Is that so surprising?  

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