Niall McCrae: Anarchy in the UK? No thanks, Jeremy

‘Surreal’ is an overused word, but it frames an image that will stay with me for the rest of my life. En route to St Charles Hospital in north Kensington, I saw the horrifying scene from Armageddon. A few hundred yards away, a high-rise block of flats totally blackened and windowless, spewing bright orange flames and thick brown smoke. Seemingly futile fire hoses aimed no higher than the 11th floor; above that, scores of people were cremated.

A public enquiry is to be held, and the focus will rightly be on the combustible building material and safety procedures: lessons must be learned. But there is another aspect to this tragedy that should be included in the investigation. For the reaction to the Grenfell Tower blaze was an unprecedented frenzy of irrational and dangerous provocation by people who should know better.

Theresa May did not have a good fire. Reeling from a poor election result, she was stilted, her failure to connect with those who survived the inferno contrasting sharply with the empathy of Jeremy Corbyn. Of course, people were angry, and May would not complain about her heated exposure to the real victims of Grenfell. But the abominable treatment of this fundamentally decent woman at the hands of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and mainstream broadcasters was troubling. The day after the anniversary of Jo Cox’s death, the knives were literally out for May. In a glimpse of the nasty vengefulness in the resurgent Labour Party, one Corbynite called for her beheading.

Newspapers got on the bandwagon, The Sun recklessly headlining ‘This was murder’. The tabloids all conveyed the message of penny-pinching Tories and capitalist greed. Apparently fire-retardant panels could have been fitted for an extra £5,000, but in the context of an £8.5 million refurbishment, blaming austerity is stretching logic. Why should Theresa May be blamed for the cladding contract, instead of the several councils up and down the country (many of them Labour-controlled) who have had similar fascia installed on tower blocks? A letter in the Daily Mail satirised the hysterical targeting of the Prime Minister: -

‘When I worked in the building industry and we had a problem regarding cladding, we would always contact Theresa May. What she did not know about insulation and composite panels was not worth knowing.’

The threats extended far beyond May and her unstable government. For several days, the atmosphere in London was highly tense, a tinder box with the match ready to strike. Social media was rife with anarchic urges, with the BBC and Channel Four fanning the flames. MP Clive Lewis, once tipped to replace Corbyn, implored: ‘Burn neoliberalism, not people’. Paul Mason, once a respectable figure on BBC Newsnight, attributed the fire to Brexit bigotry. And darling Lily Allen, in her stream of irresponsible tweets, alleged that the Government was masking the number of dead. The fake news of a D-Notice was spread by hard-left website Skwawkbox.

I have saved the worst for last: John McDonnell. Left-wing agitators, as in the perennial Socialist Workers, will always make the most of a crisis that can be blamed on capitalism or the Conservative Party. In the spirit of democracy and debate, they have a part to play. But this is the shadow chancellor of a party at the cusp of power. Corbyn’s right-hand man sensed Grenfell as the event that would push people over the edge to socialist revolution. A ‘Day of Rage’, an already-planned demonstration against the Queen’s Speech, now had a turbo boost, with ‘Blood on her hands’ placards to add to the usual ‘Tory scum’.

Any past Labour leadership would have called for calm, but that’s too bourgeoise for the current Marxist helmsmen. Here was a chance to rid the country of the Tories and to wreak destruction on all the hated parodies of privilege. McDonnell called for a million marchers to shut down London and overturn the Government (despite Labour losing the election, and the Conservatives gaining a hefty 42.5 per cent of the vote). In the aftermath of the terrible fire, this was bordering on incitement, and I hope that he is made to reflect on this cynical and grievous command.

Politicians and the media exploited this tragedy for their own selfish ends, and they are culpable in creating the conditions for riots. Fortunately, at the time of writing, this scary outcome seems to have been averted, and the ‘Day of Rage’ might fizzle out. Rabble-rousers in positions of responsibility and influence appear to have stepped back from the abyss, possibly following a word in their ear from the police or wise elders. The Guardian has been remarkably quiet.

Ultimately, the Corbyn cult has misread the public mood. People don’t really want anarchy and violence. But this experience of militant opportunism must not be swept under the carpet. Questions must be asked about how the country was so nearly plunged into total turmoil by a dreadful accident. Let the committee of enquiry summon Corbyn, McDonnell and the North London commentariat to forensic interrogation.

(Image: Kevin Walsh)

Niall McCrae

  • Shazza

    It is time for the Conservative Party to actually grow a spine and behave like Conservatives instead of the mealy mouthed apologists they have become. How about standing their ground and defending Theresa May, loudly and coherently or are they just terrified of the BBC/MSM? They should take a leaf out of Trump’s playbook and fight back.

    As for the “anarchy and violence” I fear (and I sincerely hope I am wrong) I cannot see a way in which this will be avoided. It seems as though all the elements are there for a perfect storm….

    Slightly OT, what did posters think of Piers Morgan’s ‘interview’ with Tommy Robinson?

    • ZX10

      Best not put down my thoughts on anything to do with Piers Morgan as I could get into trouble

      • Shazza

        I agree – I think we can safely say –

        RIP freedom of speech – it was pertinent to another country a long time ago, but I think we can now say “Cry the Beloved Country”.

        I don’t think I will be making many comments in the future.

        • Partridge

          I shall go on making comments. Let them arrest me. Let them demonise me, fine me, put me in jail for a lifetime. I will not be silenced. Nor will those who follow. The truth is the truth.

          • Shazza

            Another very brave man is Paul Weston of Liberty GB.

            He has just posted another video on his website and sad to say, I agree with his conclusions.

          • martianonlooker

            Mmmm! Didn’t a Pole get thrown in jail for some misdemeanor against a certain religion? Those in authority stated he had committed suicide……

        • Damaris Tighe

          On the bright side Shaz, I think TR has benefited enormously from the publicity the interview has given him. Morgan did him a favour. If he’d listened courteously instead of bombastically virtue signalling, the interview would already have been forgotten by now. As it is, it’s still being talked about and samizdat vids being circulated. I think most people see through the one-sided deference to one holy book. We’ve come a long way since I started on disqus (2014)!

          Hope you’re well 🙂

          • Shazza

            Yes, I think that interview backfired spectacularly on Morgan, the best bit was obviously the producer shouting in Susanna’s ear to shut TR up. On reflection, I think that Morgan’s reaction was not only total denial, but a subconscious fear of reprisal. I could be wrong but he really, really over reacted, which in itself is very revealing.

            We have come a long way – family and friends have said to me since circa 2011 (when I started) what I was hoping to achieve. Maybe people like us have tried, in our own way to do our best to raise awareness of the peril we face. But at least we have done something

            We can only be grateful to people like TR, Douglas Murray, colossi in these troubled times.

            All good with me and hope the same for you and yours 🙂

          • Damaris Tighe

            Yes, I assumed that fear was the driving force there.

    • Debs

      Are we allowed to say or will the comments be closed.
      Piers Morgan is really a very unlikeable person. Im not a Robinson supporter but I think he has very important things to say.

    • Dartfordian

      Myself and, from what I can glean on other media sites, many other people felt that Piers Morgan had recently turned over a new leaf – largely due to his no nonsense interviewing on the ITV breakfast programme and his comments on the US election. However, all Morgan and Suzanna Reid did the other morning was to put questions to Tommy Robinson and then immediately talk loudly and aggressively all over his attempted replies. So it wasn’t an interview at all, just a bullying session that was of no use to the viewers (except to make them sympathetic to Robinson).

    • Bik Byro

      To be fair, Theresa May is not the easiest person in the world to defend, seeing that she is “Queen Midas In Reverse”
      I’ve defended her and given her the benefit of the doubt many times in the past, but, like many MPs I suspect, the patience is wearing thin and tbh the conservatives need a new leader now – one with a vision for the country and a human personality.

      • Craig Martin

        My patience towards her has waned too.

      • Shazza

        I did have high hopes for her albeit her disastrous time as Home Secretary. I understood that she had no control over EU immigration but she did not do anything to restrict unlimited third world legal/illegal immigration. I started to have concerns at her reluctance to address certain societal practises of the ideology that dare not be named and her enthusiasm for its peaceful nature.

        Her lack of warmth does not worry me – I have had enough of touchy feely Blair wannabes – we need good leadership and at the moment, she is probably the best of a woeful bunch.

        A new leader? I think we are looking at thin gruel indeed.

        BTW I despise Cameron for leaving us in this mess – he should have manned up and not had such a hissy fit. At least he was to the Right of Theresa May – almost a Conservative.

        • richardofkent

          Other than the two Italian architects living in Grenfell Tower ( how did they qualify for social housing ?) most of the tenants came from non EU countries. For that the blame lies with May.

          • KMS

            Believe they were renting from a leaseholder. Some of the flats were privately owned. Rent c£1800pm

    • Morgan ŵas appealing. It wasn’t an interview, it was the inquisition. I’m not an observer of Tommy Robinson, but he was he hounded and ridiculed and other media outlets are playing to the same rules as Morgan.
      Added to that you might want to take a look over at The Spectator for Douglas Murrays take on his similar treatment.

      • Shazza

        I am a big fan of Douglas Murray, am currently reading his book “The Strange Death of Europe”.

        Do read it if you can.

        • I’ve heard excellent reviews. I’m actually going to see if it’s on kindle tonight; you’ve made him a sale! I have lots of books on Islam having studied it, but I know this will be a well researched, insightful book. His posts always are.

          • Shazza

            Brace yourself. It ain’t a happy read.

          • Yeah, I’d got that impression. Am I going to be taking Valium after? I’m reading the Benedict option at the moment and I think the prognosis for the west in that is the same. It’s depressing. I genuinely fear for my daughters.

    • CheshireRed

      Morgan invited a guest onto his show then talked over him for 18 minutes. A pointless gesture that cost him more support than he gained by trying to censure Robinson. Btw I bought TR’s book last night, alongside Douglas Murray’s offering too. Be in no doubt the country is in DEEP trouble, you know.

      • Shazza

        You will be shocked at the revelations in TR’s book – btw he has a naturally funny, untutored side to his writing – very effective.

        He is one brave hombre.

        DM’s book is quite terrifying as to how we have deliberately thrown away the greatest civilisation that has ever existed on this planet. Millenia in the making – decades to destroy.

  • Benjamin William Champley Wate

    To the barricades you hundreds of thousands… err, you thousands…umm, you couple of hundred (we’ll wait for 30 minutes for late arrivals)…

    • ZX10

      More men died at Thermopylae then these culture warriors turned up on the bus to defend their great leader lol

      • Craig Martin

        Oh come on, no contest.
        Spartan vs Lefty.

        But I would pay to watch!

  • Debs

    A snap election is never a good idea unless there is a national emergency. Events as they say. Corbyns lot are agitators and always have been. Why would they be any different now .

  • WFC

    I got here from a link from Guido.

    When I try to get to the Conservative Woman home page, though, all I get is a message from Google saying “Future Home of Something Quite Cool”, with no links to stories, no nothing.

    What’s going on?

    • Shazza

      This is an excellent site – a little oasis of truth in a sea of insanity.

      All kudos to the founders – please keep up the good work.

      • WFC

        It is an excellent site, but all I’ve been able to get, over the past few days, is the above message. Even if I click the link at the top of the page.

        Maybe it’s my iPad – but it was perfectly capable of accessing the site up to a few days ago.

        Can any of the site administrators help?

      • WFC

        I’ve just tried it in “private” mode, and got through ok.

        Why wouldn’t it work in normal mode?

        • Labour_is_bunk

          Delete some cookies? Worked for me.

          • WFC

            I don’t want to do a mass delete, because I would then lose log-in details to other sites.

          • WFC

            Which did you delete?

          • Labour_is_bunk

            Sorry, not quite true. Actually, it was my recent tabbed pages I took out.

    • Shazza

      Pity Guido is going all mainstream lately. He used to be fun.

      • martianonlooker

        Someone commenting on another blog suggested that GCHQ had somehow altered things, probably covered by your ‘mainstream’ comment.

      • CRSM

        He was always willing to parrot the story from anyone who paid him enough. (So I have heard it said).

    • Partridge

      There was a temporary problem..

      • WFC

        Still happening.

        I’ve tried deleting cookies from this site but to no avail.

        I’ll just have to get used to accessing CW in private mode.

    • Ravenscar

      Same here, I was wondering if, I had been blocked.

    • Bik Byro

      Try typing the full address – ie “” instead of the shortened form “” and see if that makes a difference

      • WFC

        That did work.


    • CRSM

      If I open the site in Chrome ‘incognito mode’ it’s OK. I had thought my PC might have some nasty malware on it.
      No idea what the issue is though.

  • Liberanos

    In the pantheon of Corbyn heroes, could any stand higher than the illegal muslim immigrant?

    • Uusikaupunki

      Disabled illegal muslim immigrant? Pushed here all the way from islamaland in a wheelchair?

  • Groan

    Yes across the country huge grants and “green” policies (from the Con/Lib coalition) fuelled an incredibly rapid programme of enveloping tower blocks (12 in the city I work over just 3 years). Shiny and brightly coloured beacons of the fight against global warming. But now it seems possible death traps.
    This has all the hallmarks of the enthusiastic and funding driven adoption of “quick fix” policies using technologies and rules not designed for such.

    • Mr B J Mann

      Just as tower block themselves were a quick fix in the first place!

      Of course the solution is staring us in the face;

      We need to instantly envelope all our tower blocks and also our schools n ospitals, but most importantly our town halls and council offices, with something that has superlative fire resisting and insulation properties:


      Oh, just a minute, we’ve already had that knee jerk reaction to fire deaths and thermal losses!!

      An lo where that got us!!!

  • WFC

    Nobody seems to be mentioning that the best person to be answering detailed questions about this Tower block, is somebody who:

    … served as a council-appointed board member of Kensington and Chelsea TMO, the tenant management organisation which manages the council’s housing stock, from 27 June 2008 to 31 October 2012.[6][7][8] In 2013/4 she was a member of the council’s Housing and Property Scrutiny Committee.[9][10] She has been a member of the council’s Planning Applications Committee since May 2013, and a member of the main Planning Committee since June 2014

    The newly elected MP for Kensington.

    • Shazza

      Why let the truth get in the way of the witch hunt against Theresa May? It doesn’t suit the BBC/MSM narrative.

  • Nockian

    It’s easy to burn, but far more difficult to build.

    Corbyn has matches but no trowel. We don’t have free speech-Ms May and her merry gang of authoritarians have seen to that and are in the process of sealing our mouths completely. We won’t be able to object vocally to the man with the matches, nor the religion with the sword.

    • Shazza

      Sadly, you are spot on.

    • Á man who I would never normally quote, but I think Tony Blair said it best. He’s not used to governing, just criticising.
      I will go and wash now as I feel a bit dirty having resorted to that.

      • lallywendy

        Nicely done!!

  • Uusikaupunki

    “Socialist Workers”. Hmm….isn’t that a bit of a contradiction? I mean, they seem “social” enough, getting together for evey demonstration under the sun, but where does the “working” part come in? Or should one be charitable and assume they are all NHS night workers sacrificing their spare time for the “good” of the counrty?

  • springmellon

    The lesson the Conservative Party should take from recent events is that courting and placating the Liberal Left is an utterly worthless and self-defeating policy.

    Just to take the Grenfell tower as an example.

    Many of the of the residents were relatively recent immigrants. They had been given the opportunity to live in a peaceful, democratic and prosperous country.

    They had been provided with state subsidised housing (or subletting from others who were earning a nice income from their property) and no doubt all manner of other state benefits

    The property they inhabited was in one of the most sought after areas of the United Kingdom and had recently had a £10 million refurbishment. Most residents were getting their rent paid by the taxpayer.

    The government has apparently arranged for the purchase of luxury flats near to Grenfell Tower to rehome the residents even though very few have any connection with the local area or Britain in general, being recent arrivals This being a very expensive area it is going to cost the taxpayer a lot of money.

    Now, the best explanation now is that cladding used on the recent refurbishment contributed to the fire. It is unclear as to whether regulations were not followed or were inadequate. Either way, no fault appears to attach to the Government.

    Now, the Government has pandered to Liberal Left’s demand for continued mass immigration, for more asylum seekers, for the non-prioritisation of British people for public housing and for access to benefits to immigrants They have spent taxpayers money on luxury flats and earmarked more public money for the residents. And the response from the Liberal Left?
    A day of rage and any number of disgusting accusations and terms of abuse aimed at the
    Conservative Party.

    The Conservative Party is in an abusive relationship with the Liberal Left; constantly trying to win their approval and terrified of their criticism. But time and again the Liberal Left shows it doesn’t matter what you do you will always be f.cking Tories.

    Meanwhile the Party abuses its real constituency. It is just idiotic.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      “Just to take the Grenfell tower as an example£..

      .. and Gay Marriage as another.

      • Bik Byro

        Take your medication and lie down and see if your blood pressure will calm down.

    • Paul Williams

      Putting council tenants into a multi million pound exclusive development….what could possibly go wrong?

      • Yes, but think of all those Labour voting luvvies. Ha!

    • paul parmenter

      You make a telling point with the comparison to an abusive relationship. Once the abuser gets his/her feet under the table and starts indulging in their selfish and neurotic behaviour without challenge, and the abused starts showing signs of surrender and submission, it is downhill all the way to some horrible conclusion.

    • Bluesfed

      You’re right of course… the Conservative Party is pandering to the Liberal Left. The Conservatives haven’t yet worked out how to respond to the “politically-correct” strategy employed by the Liberal Left to control our society. Political-correctness has been used to restrict our ability to put the Liberal Left under much greater scrutiny to explain why their liberal policies, forced upon our society for decades, have failed to produce the utopia they claimed it would produce.

      In fact, the Liberal Left have shaped and changed our culture dramatically over the decades, they claim for the better, but we are more divided today than we have ever been. The Liberal Left have megaphoned their ideas and philosophies to our culture through three different streams that they have infiltrated and occupied: 1) Academia… they have swept into our schools, universities and education institutions to indoctrinate our young people with their Left wing politically-correct worldview. 2) The Mainstream Media… MSM journalist no longer report news but have become the propaganda mouthpiece of the Left to society. 3) Hollywood and the Arts… actors, musicians, artists etc., etc., trumpet Left wing ideology through their artistic mediums shaping and influencing what our view of society should be…. Yet despite this, things have got worse not better.

      However, what the Liberal Left did not account for was…. THE INTERNET…!

      SOCIAL MEDIA and become another voice to our culture (which is why I’m responding to this blogpost). Ordinary people are listening to other ordinary people around the globe and are discovering that the three megaphones that have traditionally shaped our culture i.e. Academia, MSM and Hollywood & the Arts are not the only voice of reason out three. The blogpost for example provides a an opportunity for me to know that I do have other likeminded people out there that disagree with the Liberal Left agenda. Look at what happened to Trump. He bypassed the three megaphones that traditionally shape our culture and used Social Media to send his message to ordinary people. You may not like him, but his message of “Make America Great Again” had the opportunity to reach every home with internet access and to appeal to those who have become sick of the politically-correct rhetoric that has been rammed down our throats for decades.

      We are in an ideological war. Either we challenge the ideology of the Liberal Left’s push for globalism, which means the loss of our national sovereignty and individual freedoms or suffer the ultimate consequence of global enslavement (my response will not cover all of those issues… but a small part of what the Labour party are doing to push that globalist agenda). The Internet and Social Media is a fantastic tool that we can use to fight back…!

      So, on this Social Media website, I want to ask the question: “What do Labour (specifically Jeremy Corbyn and his ultra-left wing cronies, i.e. McDonnell, Abbott et al) and Muslims have in common?” Ans: They both hate Western society and capitalist ideology.

      I know that in a politically-correct driven society this question will be seen as Islamophobic… but I’m going to ignore that accusation because the Liberal Left agenda is to close down ALL discussion so that their reason and logic is not put under scrutiny. Plus, there may be others online that agree with me and find comfort and solidarity in what I have decided to publish!

      Jeremy Corbyn believes capitalism is a grossly unfair system that exploits the poor and wants to bring it down and replace it with a kind of communist utopia. A significant number of Muslims (not all), who believe in the tenets of Islamic faith believe Western culture is inherently evil and want to bring it down and would like to implement Sharia law to govern us. Either way, Corbyn and his socialist ideology and many followers of Islamic ideology have a common goal… which is to destroy our western way of life.

      The utopia that Corbyn espouses is that the only reason that radicalised Muslims carry out acts of atrocity is because they have been unfairly treated. He seems to think that if disenfranchised Muslims where given a fairer stake in society they wouldn’t carry out terror attacks. I other other words, Western culture and capitalism is really to blame for Muslim disenfranchisement!

      On a personal note, I prefer use the term Orthodox Muslim rather than radicalised Muslim. Not every one that claims to be Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist etc. is an orthodox follower of their faith. People with a nominal faith tend to use such terms as a cultural identity tag rather than signally orthodox adherence to particular faith. My view is that those that truly believe and follow the tenets of their faith as a way of life become orthodox followers. Hence why don’t believe that those labelled as “radicalised Muslims” are in fact, “radicalised”. I believe they are simply following the orthodox tenets of their faith in a more rigid and religious manner.

      Jeremy Corbyn also knows that the fastest growing demographic is the Muslim community. Therefore, the Muslim community is the future core Labour vote. That’s why Corbyn makes a point of turning up at Muslim demonstrations, supports Muslim causes and appears on stage supporting various Muslim organisations… even those that have been deemed to be terror organisations.

      I’m black and I have watched how Labour used to court the black vote. Despite all the progress made to enact laws that improve race relations, employment rights and fairness for all in, Labour have remained a megaphone, whipping up racial and social discord.

      Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott et al keep espousing divides in our society that hardly exist today and use race-baiting rhetoric as a tactic to whip up racial and social discord. They continually promote the idea that things are getting worse between the races and social classes. The truth is, things have improved dramatically for blacks, minorities, women, poor people, immigrants – everyone!

      In the past, Labour seduced blacks and minorities with the offer of free stuff, which had the effect of destroying the black family. Labour promoted the idea that the Government, not the family, would take care of family needs. Labour promoted this idea through lying to people to believe they needed greater reliance on the State through the benefit system. The effect was to use guilt and shame to create a moral basis to increase the tax burden of the better off and expand the welfare state. To achieve control over blacks, minorities and the poor, marriage was discouraged and men were demonised and no longer required to support their own families (because that became the State’s role).

      Result: fatherlessness went through the roof, abortion rates rocketed among black women. Single-parenthood exploded in black communities, which included having children out-of-wedlock with different men. Lawlessness and black-on-black violence increased. Black joblessness increased, particularly among black males. More black men filled the prisons. Schools were poor and shoddy in largely black areas. Businesses didn’t want to invest in high crime areas. Therefore, welfare dependency increased and the fabric of black family life spiralled out of control. And in stepped the Labour party to become the saviour and corporate parents of black people through the offer of free stuff and more welfare dependency. Instead of promoting the importance of looking after your own family, law and order and personal responsibility, Labour promoted the idea that blacks were being exploited by others and not responsible for their “mistakes”. The Labour answer to the problem they created was to “demonise the better of” (even if they had made good choices to get where they were) and make the State, through the taxpayer, responsible to take care of these “exploited” citizens… that’s how Labour won the black vote!

      But have you noticed how Labour has now switched it’s allegiance from the black demographic to the Muslim and young demographic? This is a strategy for power, not because Labour really care about blacks, poor people, Muslims or the young.

      Let’s look at the young! Notice the Corbyn slogan “For the many not the few”. Corbyn offers the young free university education in oder to secure their vote. But what he’s not telling them is once they graduate from university and get well paid jobs, he will demonise them for making good decisions, i.e., going to uni to get a decent education and making something of their lives. Corbyn will then claim that these successful Uni graduates will become “the few that exploited the many”. Corbyn has set the threshold of personal success at £80,000, but we know that figure would drop dramatically when successful people leave the country and tax revenues go down. Corbyn is the enemy of success and that’s why he MUST NEVER get anywhere near the door 10 Downing Street!

      I digress. What these young people don’t realise is that once they receive their degree from university and they find well-paid jobs, along comes Jeremy Corbyn, waiting to slap the biggest tax bill on them…in other words, Corbyn offers free stuff at the start of Uni but reaches inside a university graduate’s back pocket to take their hard-earned cash away from them once they leave… all in the name of equality.

      What kind of equality is Corbyn talking about? Equality of opportunity? No! Corbyn believes in ‘Equality of Outcomes’.

      Here’s my illustration. A sprinter lines up with others at the start of the 100 metres race. All are equally capable of winning the race. The gun goes off and the runners race to the finish line. One of the runners crosses the line first and wins the race.

      Here’s equality of opportunity at work. Each had the chance to train hard, employ their natural talents etc. Each lines up at the start. No one had an advantage over the other. But along comes Jeremy Corbyn. He claims that the winner only won the race because the winner must have exploited the others in some way. Corbyn doesn’t demand a re-run, but demands that every runner stand on the winners rostrum regardless of how badly they did or how poor the decisions they made leading up to the race. Corbyn never accounts for poor choices and decisions like, not training hard enough or working as hard as the others. No, Jeremy Corbyn’s definition of “equality” is to ensure that everyone has the same outcome regardless of how hard or how little one worked towards that outcome.

      In Corbyn’s world, if you work hard and try to get ahead in life, he will despise you for being successful. He wants to create an environment where everyone depends upon him as the saviour and the moral distributor of all that people should have. Individualism is a “hate speech” for Corbyn. In truth, Corbyn is a globalist and will use anyone and any means to gain power and control. His aim is to bring down our western way of life and create a kind of utopia that he can control – and he doesn’t mind which bed-partner he has has to accommodate to do it, as long as he achieves his outcome…!

      • UKCitizen

        No need to pander to the liberal left when most of the party are part of the liberal left!

      • EUMan remains

        Brilliant! The Conservative Party should be listening and recruiting people like you. You might not want this anyway, but I fear you would have no chance of being selected as a candidate with the degree of cogenct analysis, candour and common sense.

  • RPM

    Also to blame for this tragedy, the Zionist’s, code for you know who. This claim was made at the recent Al Kuds march in London. Police made no arrests for this classic old Jew hating trope.

    • Anti sémitisme seems to be a little rampant lately. First they come for The Saturday people, then they come from the Sunday people. They don’t seem to go for the Friday people. I wonder why.

  • Labour_is_bunk

    Since when has a talentless singer of rude songs been the guardian of the nation’s conscience?

    • paul parmenter

      Since the MSM realised she has a million besotted followers on twitter, I guess.

  • Ravenscar

    There can be, are no happy conclusions to be drawn. An inquiry, is just a cover up and soft soap to raw wounds. Perhaps some truths will out but the politicking is to say the least vaulting hypocrisy – where all of the Westminster claque are fully committed to green innovation and energy saving ‘technology’ at whatever cost to the unfortunates ie, the stakeholder

    . Undoubtedly it was a quite appalling tragedy but in the first place the building was not fit for purpose but then, the original architects and engineers were designing for a very different sort of client, usually just very happy to be living in a new gaff with a clean toilet and living space though, most if not immediately came to hate the ‘high rise’ effect and delinquents running amok.

    A retrofit was deemed to be better value for money than demolition, a politically invoked agenda, worshipping on the green altar, uncontrolled immigration, a council whose hands were bound tight the ligatures of political correctness, a shoddy building not up to modern appointments.

    In the end the taxpayers are shafted again, it’s a sorry tale indeed but then, this is London 2017.

  • jdp3

    McDonnell’s call for a million marchers wasn’t for the so-called ‘Day of Rage’. It was (and is) for a demonstration being planned for July 1st; and those comments from McDonnell were made before the Grenfell fire, not after.

    He’s made some dubious comments after the fire too, but I think it’s best not to further the Corbynite narrative that the accusations against Corbyn and McDonnell are taking things out of context. Also, people shouldn’t think that the passing of the ‘Day of Rage’ means McDonnell’s call has failed.

    • Excełlent and balanced point.

  • These are the people that came worryingly close to power a couple of weeks ago. But for the grace of the Tories not being quite useless enough…

  • Fubar2

    “Ultimately, the Corbyn cult has misread the public mood.”

    I dont think they’re interested in the “public” mood, not in the sense that you’d normally think. They’re interested in the mood of their useful idiots who they think they can convince with one more big almighty push, to topple the government of the day by means other than electoral.
    Once they’ve achieved that objective, the “public” are just there to do as they’re told. What the mood of the public is, is neither here nor there.

    It is tantamount to sedition.

    • gildedtumbril

      It is not tantamount, it is paramount to the commie halfwits. They are all an icepick short of a Trotsky.

  • David

    Why is are all the politicians always pandering to the needs of the minorities and the immigrants whilst the hard working, tax paying majority of the country continue being ignored ? Basically democracy is failing us, as we seldom get what we want, only the opportunity to work, to pay taxes to be used to benefit others.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      That’s not quite fair on those of the “minorities” who do work and pay taxes, but I agree in general.

      • richardofkent

        Given that a married father of two has to earn approximately £38k p.a. before he is a net contributor then I would surmise that the vast majority of immigrants do not pay their way. I know that means many of the indigenous also do not pay their way but why add to it by importing poverty ?

        • robert tresman

          Importing poverty, ignorance, intolerance, fanaticism and 7th Centry mentalities.

  • UKCitizen

    The left think they see the end of the long road and are playing accordingly.

  • Colkitto03

    Chan eil tuil air nach tig traoghadh.
    Translation: There isn’t a flood which will not subside.

    This country does not do extremism. Well that is the pre 1960 population I suppose.

    • Uusikaupunki

      Maireann an chraobh ar an bhfál ach ní mhaireann an lámh do chuir.

      • gildedtumbril

        One sincerely hopes so, but I doubt it.
        Daiichi/Fukushima may have an impact on one’s childrens’ children.

      • Colkitto03

        I very much hope so, a saying to remind us all to be optimistic!.

      • Ringstone

        They’ll certainly be paying for it!

    • Maybe it is different over there, but I don’t think so. What we are seeing here is the death rattle of Progressivism, they’ve lost, and their lack of new ideas is the marker. They just have nothing, like the Islamists, it is their political basis, it is their religion, it is their entire existence, and they have no plan B. It’s likely to be a messy, and perhaps bloody expiration, but you know, deep down, I’m pretty optimistic about our countries. We just saw it again in GA-06, Trump is not all that popular, but Pelosi (for many the face of the left here) is simply toxic, almost everywhere, and so the Democrats as they plunge left, are turning themselves into something Corbyn would recognize.

      We do even less extremism, and what won that Georgia seat according to at least some residents was riots in Berkeley, which is exactly how Nixon won, lo these many years ago.

  • Mojo

    Although this article has many salient points, the most important issue is left out. London is now so far removed from the rest of the country that, although everyone has been deeply shocked by the pictures and loss of life, most don’t see the tragedy as a game changer in politics. They see London as being a deeply unpleasant, narcissistic place.

    Many outside London and the M25 ring cannot understand how a government we have democratically elected has been so vilified by a press and media we pay for, and why on earth are so many illegal immigrants being given so much when our veterans are still living on the streets. We have been far more shocked that this vacuous city allows anarchy to be festered by an opposition party who has no intention of asking of its own MPs why the grooming of girls has been allowed in its heartlands, and why the labour run committee responsible for the decisions on Grenfell Tower were not pulled in and questioned.

    There is an excellent article written by Rod Liddle in the Spectator explaining how London is seen by the rest of the country. What a sad reflection on a once great city.

    I am beginning to think it would be a sensible and desirable decision to take government away from London and seat it in a prominent, non Muslim area of the country. I would also suggest that the monarchy also spends less time in London and starts doing the tours of their country and its people as they always did. The power in this country would then shift and become far more stable and less likely to succomb to one faction of society that in no possible way reflects 90% of the country.

    • nothingiswritten

      I’m here. in the blue bastion of NW London – hanging on by fingertips. there are few londoners left here. i counted 5 london accents on the survivors of Grenfell. Very telling i thought.

  • britbob

    Corbyn and the Falklands – Alicia Castro said regarding Corbyn: “In the end, he is one of ‘ours’. Even today, when he comes to our embassy, he arrives with the same bicycle and the same enthusiasm. He is a friendly person with a sense humour, who knows how to listen.” Alicia Castro, Argentinian ambassador quoted in Daily Telegraph 14 Sept 2015.
    I understand that Mr. Corbyn favours a sovereignty share deal while the Labour Party supports the islanders democratic rights. Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina (single page):