The tentacles of the Stop Funding Hate campaign reach far and wide. En route to the station, I would sometimes stop at a café, reading its copies of the Sun and Daily Mail over a coffee. The cafe gets most of its trade from mums on the school run, and you wouldn’t think this quintessentially suburban setting would be fertile soil for political activists. However, the owner was advised by an assertive middle-class woman that he should not be taking the Sun. Inappropriate, she explained, as children might be exposed to sexual objectification. A few months later, after more hectoring, the Mail disappeared too. The Guardian had been suggested as a worthy substitute for Right-wing refugee-bashing, but at three times the price, Gilberto decided on a cheaper option: the sterile (and free) Metro.

Stop Funding Hate claimed victory after Paperchase apologised for offering free wrapping paper in Britain’s biggest selling Saturday newspaper. Here was another success for the supposedly liberal but actually totalitarian class of social justice warriors who absolutely despise the Daily Mail. Although they never read it, I hear constantly from students that this mainstream tabloid is racist, sexist, transphobic, etc. An indoctrinated younger generation seem to think that mass immigration – arguably the biggest change in Britain’s social history – is off-limits for commentary (unless it’s celebrating multiculturalism).

According to founder Richard Wilson, Stop Funding Hate wants to ensure ‘a media that does what we all want it to do’. Three of the most popular publications (including the Brexiteering Daily Express) are cast as ‘divisive’, and consequently fair game for direct or indirect harassment. But as Wilson and fellow campaigners deny that their group is politically motivated, I lay down a challenge for them.

Here is a newspaper that deserves their attention. It is blatantly divisive; in fact it boasts about it. The New European is for ‘the 48 per cent’, expressing unbridled hostility to the 52 per cent who voted for Britain’s independence from the EU. Launched in the aftermath of the referendum, the New European has rich backers, so it survives despite low circulation. Writers include Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Chukka Umuna and other illustrious Remoaners, but the single copy delivered to my newsagent remains on the shelf until the next edition arrives.

Since Alastair Campbell was appointed editor-at-large, the weekly dose of antipathy has increased from 48 to 64 pages. The bitterest Blairite, Campbell is ideally suited to the job, using the platform to savage not only Brexiteers but also the Corbynite loons who have taken over his beloved Labour Party. He is proud of the paper’s provocative front pages, which typically abuse cherished icons of our heritage.

Exhibit A is a reworking of the Jolly Fisherman, a classic poster of the steam train era drawing holidaymakers to the Lincolnshire coast. Instead of ‘bracing’, the message is ‘Skegness is so Brexit’, and the mascot has morphed into Nigel Farage, his top adorned with the slogan ‘GO AWAY’. The town’s MP, who voted Remain, criticised this attack on his constituents. Here was class snobbery emulating the infamous Times article by Matthew Parris after Clacton-on-Sea became the first UKIP seat. Forget these people, Parris had written, for they are of the past, and will soon die out. Provoking an inevitable outrage with the Skegness skit, New European editor Matt Kelly chortled in derision: ‘Ha ha, another bloke from the Mail doesn’t like it’.

In the year of the Dunkirk commemorations, Exhibit B is a smug disparagement of the older, patriotic folk who remember when Britain stood alone against dark forces from the continent. The BBC series Dad’s Army, depicting a proud but pathetic Home Guard battalion, is forever known for its theme tune and the accompanying graphic. For the New European front cover, however, the Swastika on the arrows of threatened invasion were changed to Union Jacks, all heading into the sea. The distasteful headline ‘Dumbkirk’ jarred with the respectful anniversary of the evacuation, probably the last when rescued and rescuers are still alive.

This is satire, say the provocateurs. And to double the insult, Daily Mail readers don’t understand it. The liberal-Left, as with all those condescending comedy shows on television, has licence to mock. ‘Punching up’ is the justification. But the chasm in society since the referendum has exposed Remainers as the privileged people who are punching down. This was epitomised by Bob Geldof’s luxury Thames cruiser, its deck packed with progressive Europhiles, teasing a flotilla of fishing boats. These not-so-jolly fishermen had steered for hundreds of miles in their rusty old vessels to protest against Europeans plundering our coastal waters, an EU travesty that has devastated the livelihood of places such as Peterhead and Penzance.

Noting the dearth of advertising in the New European, a sop article by media writer Ian Burrell suggests that businesses should embrace the marketing opportunity. Matt Kelly tells him that the paper has ‘absolutely the best quality audience you could imagine; they are all AB, they are all high-earners, and they are all completely self-defined in their position on Europe’. And so self-assured in their belief that a democratic vote should be overturned, and that the Leave majority can be characterised as thick, provincial bigots.

If Stop Funding Hate is serious about tackling media-fuelled hatred within our society, it should consider the evidence against the New European. Advertisers are being earnestly pursued, and the anti-Brexit rag may soon be graced by companies seeking the rich man’s wallet. This paper has a right to exist, of course. But as the cry of a metropolitan elite that can’t accept the will of the people, it’s a Remoanstrosity.


  1. In my hermit-like existence, I had not heard of this excuse for a newspaper. It is almost worth buying a copy of this ‘New European’ (New Totalitarian may be a better name), to burn publicly in the road in front of an invited audience.

    Now to the big question. As it is obviously losing money, who is providing the finance for it?

    • There are some reader comments in the link. Some claim it is mildly profitable by having a slimline staff and low costs.

      Quite a pity. In my lowbrow, ignorant, plebeian way, I sometimes quite enjoy seeing rich but stupid people throwing lumps of their money away on worthless hobby-horses.

      BTW I recommend reading the comments there. Some of them are actually quite balanced and sensible.

      • I seriously doubt it. I suspect it’s kept alive by Soros or some other rich ultra remainers. Even if everyone works for nothing.

          • Got to love the first link you have given us. Editor Matt Kelly says “…The New European has no political bias – “[TNE] is not a polarised, political paper in that old [left vs right] definition of politics; it’s a new newspaper reflecting a new community that transcends traditional politics.”

            This comment directly above the front page of his latest edition showing UKIP as a corpse with a tag attached to its foot, and the headline “Autopsy of a Party – Richard Porritt Bids Good Riddance to UKIP.”

          • Yes, I’m a Leaver but I understand what Kelly is driving at….Leave and Remain are positions that cross tribal political boundaries…that is how UKIP came into existence, supporters of all parties and none fighting for Brexit…in the same way back in ’75, Benn and Powell were on the same side fighting for out. It is because Brexit crosses party lines that the PM and LoHMLO aren’t defining what they mean by a bad Brexit deal because they know stating any definitive position other than “We’re leaving….” rips their parties into pieces.

  2. In my dream world there would a special ‘No mention of racism’ week in
    which there would be other, more interesting, news in all the media (except for the
    Guardian which has special software that introduces the word into every
    article, and being close to bankruptcy they can’t afford to change it).

    And can somebody please tell hand-wringing Leftie boneheads that Islam is not a race, but a
    belief system and if, like the vast majority of the population of the
    globe, you don’t believe in it you are free to say whatever you like about its manifest failings. Even if you are the President of the United States.

    • But not free to say what is true about Islam if you have taken a hefty backhander from Saudi Arabia.
      Shareeza likes going there for some reason or other.
      Looking at her face it wouldn’t be the other.

      • Trying to get SA Floation for LSE I think? Frankfurt were wanting to Bid but they are in a worse mess than EU in total, so doubt it will go there. Between LSE/NYSE is my guess. We just have to wait & see?

        • Poland and Hungary are sticking to a definite NO. Austria, Slovakia, and a few others don’t want any more migrants, particularly Greece and Italy, they say they have had enough of being the rescuers. Spain is not sure who it is let alone what it wants at the moment. France is semi Open Border, they don’ty want cheap E European labour in France, very much doubt the Polish people would go to France anyway as they are mostly RC and quite religious so unlikely any others in EE apart from maybe Romainia/Bulgaria would risk going to France because of their problems with Radical Islam, plus Macron is very nuch on the slippery Pole down now, with many of French people. In all these Countries un-employment is rife. Last time I saw a figure for France they were in 92% Deficit of GDP, Italy and Greece I guess much the same. Personally I think the EU is imploding, they have relied too much on our Contributions and never for one moment thought UK would get out. Hence all the Nasty S–t, Ridicule and downright Lies being told about every aspecy of Brexit.

          • Greece’s problems in this area are entirely the fault of the EU, and especially of the Protestant/Secularist ideologies imposed where they do not belong by the Germans and various other economically puritanical Nordic EU Nations.

            Spain’s problems are more internal and more structural, because even though they’re still paying off the debts from the EU-financed massive infrastructural work carried out there in the 1990s, which doesn’t help, it’s still a very rural country with no work at all to be had out in the pueblos, a baby boomer generation still very much at work and younger than elsewhere (the youngest members of their baby boom generation are still in their 40s !!), and not enough jobs in the cities for all of the youth who would work there. But things are incrementally improving there nonetheless, whereas it’s the opposite in Greece.

      • And, he does’nt care who he Hates or who Hates him. It is quite some Power to be POTUS, we do need him on side. Would love the CIA & FBI to go through the Affairs (in every context of the word) of Blair, Campbell, Cameron, Osborne & Co. Much more enlightening than Paradise Papers, I bet?

  3. Given ‘Stop Funding Hate’s’ modus operandi, I wouldn’t be surprised that in the pursuit of advertising revenue illustrated by the line: “a sop article by media writer Ian Burrell suggests that businesses should embrace the marketing opportunity” that two little words are not added; “or else”.

  4. ‘absolutely the best quality audience you could imagine; they are all
    AB, they are all high-earners, and they are all completely self-defined
    in their position on Europe’

    We need to show some compassion for these people! Who among us really knows the increased cost of having to employ British Nannies, Gardeners, Cleaners and Chauffeurs?

    • I’ll have to say I’m too low down the scale to read it and probably not bright enough anyway, Pity, really — I could have been in such illustrious company. I suppose I’ll have to go on my knuckle-dragging way to buy a copy of the Daily Hate.

      • I browsed it in Waitrose the other day while waiting for the missus. It’s a real propaganda rag – a real one – it’s not just biased like the Mail, Guardian, Telegraph and so on,

        If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to hear O’Brien on LBC on Brexit it’s like a written version of that. Der Sturmer for Eurofanatics.

        • I live in the W Highlands and have never even seen this rag, so thanks for the description. Only heard O’B once, really can’t stand people who shout so only heard about 10 mins of the O’B!

      • ” I could have been in such illustrious company.”

        As Dorothy Sayers wrote to Noel Coward, after learning that they had both been on a list of prominent people the Germens planned to round up and summarily execute following a successful invasion of Britain: “My dear, the people we should have been seen dead with!”

    • There are only about five and a half thousand subscribers, regardless of their supposed social grade – and what defines them is that they are all sufferers of Remainermonomania.

      Unless you’re manufacturing life size models of Guy Verhofstadt, or Jean Monet fridge magnets, who in their right mind would advertise in such a niche publication?

      • How about a toy version of a pissed up Juncker? Wobbling around your table, trying to stay upright, with a sign on his chest saying ‘Thank you, UK suckers, for keeping me drunk.’ Apparently, Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

  5. Who is this Wilson who presumes to speak for the whole country – “what we all want it to do”?

    “Stop Funding Hate began when a group of people came together online to express concern” Who is this group of people? How is it that an anonymous group can target three newspapers from the point of opinionated disapproval and call that a “charity”?

    How many more “charity” campaign groups which are fronts for political agitation outside the democratic process is the Charity Commission going to legitimise?

    • What’s the betting that if Brexititeers decided to open a Charity Journal called ‘Hate? for UK’s Hope’ do you think we would get Charity status? : )

    • They’re called fake charities. Like Kids Company run by that ludicrous fraud Batmanghelidjh. There are thousands of them and they receive millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money. If the likes of Cameron and May were serious about conservative values — which of course they are not — they would have destroyed fake charities as one of their first acts of government. Instead, as soon as anything remotely conservative is even given consideration, the newspapers are full of articles quoting Oxfam or NSPCC telling why the government has no right to reduce foreign aid or why parents must be prevented from smacking their own children. They truly are the fifth estate.

  6. This plonker Matt Kelly is so far up his own backside as are many “remainers” that they haven’t noticed that the vast majority of the population are neither ABs or high earners .
    These deluded dimwits seem to really believe the garbage that they continually spout .
    How thick can they be ? Most people have nothing in common with this bunch and their stupid scaremongering but the idiots just can’t see it . If it wasn’t so insulting it would be amusing .

  7. It’s vile. It is published by Archant, who also publish my local paper, The East Anglian Daily Times, which was always a bit left but has deteriorated badly recently and is now full of anti Brexit, anti Trump propaganda etc.

  8. I’m been reading ‘Iron Curtain’ by Anne Applebaum. How the Communists gained power in eastern Europe (partly by avoiding the word ‘communist’!) in the period immediately after the war. It all seemed faintly familiar when reading of the actions of ‘Stop the Hate’ and other similar Corbynist outfits

    • It was predicted in ‘Catch 22’ where the factions supporting either of the two warring colonels had to sing the right song to get fed in the mess.

  9. “Daily Mail” is a dog-whistle to a Beebyanka studio audience. Some establishment creep, Ian Hislop, say, turns to the audience with a sneer and says, “Daily Mail,” and everyone is meant to laugh. If you don’t laugh, you don’t belong in polite society, because “Daily Mail”, just “Daily bluddy Mail”. What further explanation could be needed?

    Stop Funding Hate, of course, is not remotely bothered about “media-fuelled hatred”. It wants to shut down any voice of the Right. Opinions it dislikes are hateful, by definition. Those it espouses are automatically not hateful. It’s a pretty similar mindset to the one that says that, because the koran forbids “murder” and “suicide”, it’s not murder or suicide when a muslim does it.

    There is a concerted effort to silence the Right in English-speaking countries. The ludicrous Lord Leveson helped to give rise to a Press regulator called Impress. It doesn’t. It’s bias is blatant, e.g. . It wants to create a climate in which only left wing opinions can be expressed, for fear of intrusive and expensive litigation: intentionally vexatious, yet endorsed by the government. It’s called “lawfare”.

    There is a lot of that about. There is our hate crime legislation, which occupies hundreds of officers of the Metropolitan Police, who complain, nevertheless, that they lack the finances and manpower to undertake traditional policing. Australia and Canada have human rights commissions, which “investigate” complaints and, almost without exception, uphold them, because the commissions are packed with exactly the sort of censorious, lefty busybodies that you’d expect to find on them. When Mark Steyn won his case against a complaint in Canada, he was the first person ever to do so.

    Right wing = hateful = right wing = “alt right” = the N-word (no, not that N-word, the other one). The frequency with which victims of the new censorship are described as “right wing” is telling. For their accusers, no further evidence is needed. This is used to ban people from Tweeter and to remove, or isolate, YouTube videos; also, to suppress freedom of speech in universities. Any dissenting viewpoint is hateful, therefore right wing, which is Charlottesville stuff.

    Caught up in the dragnet, therefore, are people who don’t consider themselves right wing, although they do genuinely value freedom of speech. If you criticize feminism, abortion, islam, transwhateverism etc on Youtube, you will be labelled right wing, whether or not you think you are. Professor Jordan Peterson, of Toronto, refuses to use the alphabet soup of crazy, invented pronouns. Supposedly, that makes him “alt right”. (It has also made him famous and his refusal to back down drives the thought police frantic.). At Evergreen University (nor had I), Bret Weinstein subscribed to every modish -ism, until, one day, he refused to cooperate with a particularly pointless stunt. All of a sudden, the unbearably right-on Weinstein was triggering the snowflakes, packing the safe spaces like the Black Hole of Calcutta and creating lifetimes’ worth of employment for the counselling staff.

    Weinstein is no longer employed at Evergreen. Likewise, James Damore was sacked by Google, for stating the blindingly obvious about the biological differences between male and female. Damore doesn’t give the impression of being very much interested in politics, but he was immediately denounced as a “figurehead” for the alt right. The lefties found his rational comments intolerable (the responses leaked from Google were hysterical, not in a funny way), so he was hateful, so he was right wing…

    “So shut up,” they said.

    • Excellent post. This is all getting very sinister. (Yes, a nod to the Latin, too.)
      The dog-whistle mentions of the Daily Mail on the BBC, getting worse and worse over the past twenty years, is pure Goebbels, intended to demonise a right-of-centre paper that still dares to tell it like it is to an audience of millions.

      • ‘Daily Mail’ is surely code for a group of people they can’t be seen to openly despise.

        In deflecting their disdain to a newspaper, they feel they can still cling to their faux tolerant, faux open-minded credentials.

    • “(nor had I)” – how to be ecomical with words!
      Thanks for that and the rest of your excellent comment.

    • Speaking of Ian Hislop…perhaps Niall McCrae should add “Private Eye” to the “New European” as the subject of his challenge to Stop Funding Hate.

      Private Eye in the Richard Ingrams era could claim to be a thorn in the side of the British Establishment, and was also not afraid to attack prominent and well-publicised “alternative” figures such as rock stars, feminists and pseudo-intellectuals in academe. In the Soviet era there was a ‘satirical’ magazine (not samizdat) called “Krokodil”. “Private Eye” is nowadays about as much of a challenge to entrenched elitists as that publication.

  10. A simple rule of thumb.

    Scratch most ardent ‘Remainers’ and what you’ll find is not an abiding love for the European Union. It’s an abiding dislike for the UK and many of the people who live in it.

    • As an ardent opponent of islam and its threat to humanity, I sometimes feel that its non-muslim supporters only support them because people like me don’t. I suspect these quislings care only for themselves, and they see muslims as just a tool for their ambitions.
      They should be careful what they wish for! muslims have been playing ignorant non-muslims for centuries, and these quislings are just the latest in a long line.

      • When Muslims are a minority they demand minority rights.
        When Muslims are a majority there are no minority rights.
        Happy countries do not have Muslims.

        • One Iman put on Twitter yesterday that that is why so many are in Europe. They do not want to be part of Radical Ialam, they have come here for protection from it and we should understand thire sad and sorry plight? I challanged him to say why, if that is true, do they not help by outing the Radicals? Don’t yet know if he has replied, been too busy to look!

      • Well Blair & Merkel have both won the Kalergi Prize. This Prize, as I understand it is given to those who support Soros and his Open Society? I quite agree with you, their avowed ambition is to Rule the World in the Name of Allah, Soros has encouraged this and, I guess Blair, Merkel and the very many other Leaders, some of whom have also won this ‘Prize’, are on the Soros payroll as well

    • Too true – you see it on the BBC constantly.
      I always bracketed voters in the referendum in 3 categories – Leave, Remain and reluctant Remainers; no one seems to mention the latter. Those who wanted to leave but were sucked into the scare stories put out by Project Fear and went for the safer option.
      I reckon that, if a referendum were held tomorrow, the result would be 60-40% leave. The bullshit put about by lefty doomsayers has been largely disproved.

      • They say that Brexiteers lied.

        But THE biggest lie of all was from Cameron,

        This is the choice of the British people,” Mr Cameron said. “They can either choose to stay in a reformed European Union or leave the European Union. Come what may I will continue to lead the government in the way I have.” (telegraph)

        And Remainers claim that they told the truth.

  11. The irony is that Stop Funding Hate, like many other lefty virtual signalling organisations ( Hope not Hate, for instance) actively promote hate against anyone of whom they disapprove. Perhaps they think that right wing thickies won’t notice that these loons are advocating the very attitudes which they are supposed to oppose, stoking divisions, negatively stereotyping chunks of society and using inflammatory language.
    Undoubtedly if Stop Funding Hate were to live up to their name they would not entertain the ‘New European’ with its derisive condemnation of all things Brexit. It seems obvious that the true motivation behind their targeting of right wing newspapers is to systematically starve them of funds by shaming advertisers and likewise bully outlets into not stocking certain papers. They hope that eventually, starved of revenue, they may silence the more right wing press or tame it into expressing the established narrative. This is simply another means of shutting down free speech and controlling the information we are permitted access to. This is deeply concerning.

    • I remember reading, a while ago, that Hope Not Hate advocate violence against certain groups, like UKIP – shocking hypocrisy for a group which is supposed to be so benevolent.
      Groups like No Borders, which travelled to Calais to kick up a fuss and start riots in the camps, are also supposed to be cut from a similar cloth.
      Companies, and people in general, should not succumb to pressure from SJW’s (Never apologize, never admit any wrongdoing – SJW’s always lie!) but continue to advertise their wares wherever and whenever they like. The freedoms of speech apply to all of us not just those virtue signalling idiots from The New European.
      Good comment, by the way.

        • IS He? I suppose it should come as no surprise as he likened himself as ‘Heir to Blair’? That Man has actully placed himself in the Most Useless, Disliked, Corrupt and Yellow bellied ex PM. Blair No 1, Cameron No 2? Wonder if Osborne is also linked? Till you mentioned Cameron I thought this was a Blair & The Witch project of being President of all EU, his long ago Dream. These people are actually Traitors, not just because they are backing the Remoaners but because they are really Fighting the British People, who voted out of EU.

    • The irony of inciting hatred against everyone whose political views they don’t like is totally lost of naive, immature, hate-filled inadequate “progressives”.
      And I have just noticed “39 Pontiac Dream” making much the same point. With due respect to Pontiac I will let my comment stand.

    • It is a weird abuse of the English language. While it seems that they do actually hate the Daily Mail, etc., they use the word “hate” to apply to any and every shade of non-favourable opinion. It is so extreme that it goes beyond hyperbole; they stretch the word “hate” beyond breaking point.

  12. All very well but when has a single person here actually used THEIR consumer power to fight back? The liberal left rely on the fact that they have the money and time to lead campaigns. These campaigns are totally against the interests of ordinary people but ordinary people are too busy trying to make a living. The only thing we can do is boycott those who wish to control us. Stop paying the BBC license fee (find other ways to get electronic content) is one way.

    • We could perhaps boycott those companies that cave in to outfits like SFH.

      Any company that issues a public apology should not receive our custom as either:

      (i) The apology is for genuine incompetence or wrongdoing such as overcharging or (ahem) ‘mis-selling’ or selling shoddy goods,


      (ii) The apology is for something that reasonable people would not recognise as a moral or efficiency failing, e.g. advertising in a publication deemed to be somewhere to the right of Pravda.

      The retail sector is being squeezed by online purchases. Even large, apparently successful chains can ill-afford to throw away potential business. SFH and the like consist of small groups of very noisy people. The customers of companies like Paperchase are very numerous and generally not SJWs. If companies which cave in to SFH and the like start going out of business the ‘wisdom’ of grovelling to SJWs’ will start to be questioned by companies’ CEOs and more importantly, shareholders.

      • It works, as Captain Boycott knew. The key thing is enough (percentage wise) people doing it. Nobody in these companies (other than the mail clerk) is going to read anything we say. But they can read dollars and pounds (sometimes, anyway). Example number one: The NFL and its handmaiden ESPN, slipping off into a coma, they are. Why? Because they managed to irritate enough people. It’s very strange to see the huge taxpayers funded venues half-empty, but they are, and advertiser revenues are tumbling as well. It helps that the product quality was down anyway, but there is your example.

        • Thanks for this. I didn’t realise the NFL was feeling the effects of a consumer boycott.
          I suppose it is the case that when players give the knee, everyone else gives them the finger!

          • Not officially, after all,we are conservatives! But yeah, a lot of us decided we had better ways to use our time. Funny thing is that I doubt they’ll ever recover. And football here is mostly conservatives of type or another. Yes, and doing it in London and then standing fpr yours (as they should) was several steps too far.And they’re taking ESPN (a supposed sports channel turned left wing political) with them. Good riddance to bad garbage.

    • “but ordinary people are too busy trying to make a living.” Absolutely spot on, of all these remoaners, can anyone give me a name of one who has ever had a proper job?

    • There are certainly some people here who use consumer power to fight back. I am one, and I have been doing it for years. There is quite a long list of products I never buy and shops I never go into. Also airlines I won’t fly with. Some of these lists go back many years. Two simple steps: tell them why you are boycotting them, and then get on and do it. They will of course completely ignore you, or at best give you one of the standard cattle manure responses. But you can at least sleep easy at night knowing you are not contributing to what you don’t agree with.

  13. All these problems could be quite easily solved by repealing Gordon Brown’s 2008 changes to the charities act, which allowed ‘charities’ to join political campaigns and increase their lobbying power. Over half of his SpAds went on to gain positions of power in many of these ‘charities’.

  14. It’s a great paper but a little thin on the level of analysis I would like-it is more like your Daily Mail or Times readership paper-what is wrong with another view? Brexiturds seem incapable of coping with other views but quite happy to tell us theirs ad infinitum. Some things Brexit people say make me change my perspective; some things make me despair: the attempt to shout down anyone who is negative about Brexit is just totalitarian; who will you turn on after Brexit is complete? The Judean Popular Front?

        • I flicked through it in my Co-op while queuing for the post office. What fascinates me is the Flashman arrogance of it all.

          I first encountered Referendum Rage while scanning the papers in my local Waitrose soon after the Referendum. A very middle class looking and sounding gent – it’s that kind of area- suddenly berated me for voting Leave.

          “How do you know how I voted?” I asked, astonished. With a curl of the lip, he replied, “Because your old.”

        • If you read what I said then I lamented the standard of much of the writing. However, I can’t see that your diatribe is any different just more conceited.

      • With that one word he managed to encompass why the British people rejected his view. I would bet he has a degree also.

    • People like you cannot help sneering and insulting people. You scarcely notice you are doing it. This is why your arguments always fall down.

      • What argument-I just said you don’t like arguments just doctrinal obedience. Please don’t be challenged by simple sentences.

        • You haven’t given any arguments or reasons for staying in the EU. All you have done is tell everybody you read the New European – again, nobody cares.

          • Cost. Destruction of jobs. Destruction of lives of working class. Break up of the union. Cowardice in the face of the rise of global authoritarianism. Germany has the guts to believe in ideals of collective peace. Germany as a model of worker-employer success. Europe as bigger than a nostalgic view of Britain as a world power which now we will realise we have no control over. Racism of Brexiturds. Naivety of Brexiturds. Manipulation by hedge fund mangers after a zero hours economy to bet on. Russian collusion. Now f off and think of the something beyond Vera Lynn.

          • Oh God. I make several points and you turn it into anti German xenophobia-what do you think the growth figures will be in 2020?

    • Why don’t you give some examples of what good the EU has done for the UK? People keep asking and the list is extremely small. There’s a bigger world out there than the EU. It’s a pity you seem unable or not confident enough to cope with anything bigger than the EU.

    • You live in a fantasy world. It is Remainers, not Brexiteers, who are always shouting people down. Totalitarian? Are you serious? Take a close look at the EU, its constitution, structure, its aims. Stay with the EU, and you will have totalitarianism, no more sovereign nations, no more democracy.

      • What is a sovereignty in a globalised economy? What is sovereignty per se? It is a very nebulous and misleading concept. Liberty has more value but then you would probably end up turning that into Hayekian feudalism.

        • Unbridled capitalism threatens liberty, freedom, and sovereignty. The EU protectionist club and global corporations are all part of the problem.

          • You are completely wrong. We live in an era of central banks. This means that we are in a ‘socialist ‘ system, by definition.. What you are arguing for is more of the problem that we have now.. This is madness.

          • I beg to differ, duffer. I am arguing against the anti-democratic EU, against socialism and against unbridled capitalism. In other words, against any form of totalitarianism. I’m not sure you know what you are arguing for.

          • There is no such thing as unbridled capitalism. We have unbridled socialism Because the state has given the right to create currency to a semi private entity. and therefore created a state monopoly. This is socialism not capitalism. I am arguing for ‘free markets’ and that includes the repatriation of the currency supply to the free market. This will stop ALL monopolies.. The current inequalities in society are caused solely by the government .Which is socialism.

          • Private monopolies, cartels, and global corporations are all examples of unbridled capitalism. These, just like Socialism and other dictatorships, are forms of totalitarianism. Your solution is only a partial one. A free market needs regulation because, if given a free rein, it will encourage criminal enterprise and ultimately end up as a monopoly.

          • partridge. No they are not. Cartels Global corps and monopolies ONLY exist because of government intervention in the market and that is called socialism
            free markets are self regulating because you will not buy a rubbish product twice. and so companies that do not satisfy the requirements of customers will go under.. This is what should have happened to the banks in 2008. But the government bailed the whole lot out..
            It is you that has muddled thinking. you believe in capitalism ,but are not aware of what ” free market capitalism” is. Capitalism comes from the notion that markets are self regulating by the ‘hidden hand’ of peoples purchasing preferences. and not the ‘hidden hand’ of government sponsored monopolies.. You have made a very common mistake and is the sole reason markets are in such a mess nowadays and governments are in such crippling debt.. you can ONLY have a monopoly with some form of government intervention. ONLY.

          • I remember some years ago the bus companies were (to some extent) de-regulated and our local bus company was pushed out of business by one of the bus giants (from outside the county) which offered free bus rides and subsequently took over the bus routes as a monopoly. That wasn’t Socialism. And it wasn’t Government intervention; quite the opposite. It is you who needs to increase your awareness.

          • I always try to express myself clearly; I admit I don’t always succeed. But perhaps you lack the capacity to understand and to see things clearly?

        • If the world economy is so globalised hadn’t someone better let the EU know about it.
          If they found out they might decide to scrap their blatant protection racket.

    • Brexiteers do not spend their time looking for new causes. Who is it who suddenly decided that being “transgender” should become a major political and social issue that needs promoting?

      • You are clearly a paranoid conservative who has issues around gender. There are therapy centres for people with your levels of insecurity and self loathing.

        • You know perfectly well that it is the left who are constantly obsessing over issues that would never have been regarded as having any relevance to politics in the past. By “the left” I mean the phoney, middle-class, virtue-signallling, hypocritical modern left, not the original working class movement that had traditional values and knew perfectly well what is natural and what is not.

          Having abandoned the working class the pseudo revolutionaries need some new issues to justify their existence, hence your obsession with “issues around gender.”

          • Aren’t you just virtue signalling with this vacuous diatribe or are you simply playing to this right wing gallery? Isn’t it rather just an offensive way of putting down anyone who thinks you can make a difference to others if you work together? Just an excuse to ignore complexity and be indifferent to suffering.

        • Can you point us to some of these therapy centres for conservatives with insecurity? Or did you just make that up?

          • Tavistock clinic; deals with emasculation and paranoid anxiety in a choice of group therapy or online; however, you must have stable object relations for group therapy but you are clearly in search of a whole object.

          • Yes, I just did but maybe not you; for people with delusional symptoms medication is the starting point and then therapy.

          • So you agree, there isn’t a centre for conservatives. Thank you for admitting you lie worse than Corbyn.

    • Democracy is a strange concept isn’t it. In the democratic process two is more than one. Those of us wishing to exit the EU were, by over a million votes, the winners.

  15. I am still waiting for someone to tell me what exactly it is that the EU does, gives or produces that is so absolutely brilliant that we cannot possibly do without, but which we are totally incapable of doing, giving or producing for ourselves. What desperate great gaps in our pathetic little lives is the great and glorious EU actually filling for us, that will be exposed to unmitigated disaster when the EU stops doing so?

    • Spot on.
      When the referendum was announced the Remain campaign sat around a table and decided to come up with 5 positive reason to stay in the EU. They got stuck after three!
      The amount of world trade accounted for by the EU has halved in a generation and that is while it was expanding. It only has four of the worlds top universities if you exclude the UK’s nine.
      In terms of world Finance it only has London (number 1) and then Frankfurt which is not even in the top 10.
      My God! they all queue up to learns the world only truly international language! English
      As every year goes by it comes more insignificant. It dying culturally and economically.

      • I’m sure this is the origin of Project Fear – the inability to find any compelling reason why taxpayers should give up their money and sovereignty for the EU membership. ‘Because politicians like the jollies and free stuff’ wasn’t really going to cut it…

    • The only thing the EU does well is to provide another layer of government to employ like minded bureaucrats, it is just another ponzi scheme for troughers, the biggest single worry for the EU over Brexit is the gold plated pension scheme that the likes of Clegg hopes to enjoy in a similar way to the multi pensioned Kinnocks.

      • Ahhhh, the Kinnocks, particularly the odious Neil, that former valleys boy dressed in his €8k suits from the very ‘best’ tailors in ‘Brussels’……. err shome mistake there shurely.

      • Presumably the depressive alcoholic “editor-at-large” is wanting the same perks as the utterly talentless Kinnocks and that’s why he’s pathologically opposed to Brexit. He probably has them already. Who knows? Who cares?

        • If it is true that the tax rate is limited to EU tax regimes. Then the payment of the EU pensions is down ti the EU and is not A UK liability.

  16. It often strikes me that true Europeans are those who seek an end to EU hegemony and value the contributions made over the centuries by separate French, German, British, Italian, Spanish and other culture and that ‘New’ Europeans seek to take credit for much of that achievement while simultaneously and deliberately undermining it, seeking to replace it with continent-wide political Eurobland, to who-knows-what purpose. The question is, who is it that really values ‘Europe’?

    • I would argue that these so called ‘New Europeans’ are intent on destroying the Old Europe.
      Do they believe that race replacement, and a new pliant worker class (they are in for a surprise) will speed up the dream?

      • Pliant worker class? Surely a further disenfranchised and crushed working- worker a very tentative description to avoid socialist tone I suspect-class is the dream of the money brokers behind Brexit even if working class people like me might have been attracted to the idea of better pay and conditions.

    • The new Europeans are the old fascists dressed up in a blue flag. There is nothing new about them, Mosley was one before the war.

  17. Does anyone read it beyond those in the charmed circle? My Co-op has rather grubby copies that look as they’ve been quickly browsed and then replaced.

  18. It is all about hate, that’s what they are haters of Britain.

    I watched a newspaper review on sky/beeb (same difference) and that space brain Bonnie Greer was one of the perusers and intoned haughtily, that, “I write for the New European” – doncha know?

    Er no…………..I didn’t know. Although, I’ve since looked them all up and scrolling through the list one alas concludes that a sadder more twisted bunch of illiberal barely animate contributors you would not wish to meet. With a readership generously estimated to be in the scores, the only real question in my mind – some big pockets behind this rag, is it soros?

  19. “The New European is for ‘the 48 per cent’, expressing unbridled hostility to the 52 per cent who voted for Britain’s independence from the EU.” A bit of a mirror then to the pro-Brexit papers and commentators… 🙂

      • Because TNE is a truly terrible paper… Leave got over 17m voters…so why isn’t the Daily Express being read by 17m people….

        • It was a bit of a rhetorical question really.
          TNE is aimed four-square at “Europe” (i.e. EU) obsessives. Other papers may have a pro- or anti-Brexit editorial policy but this does not mean that EU issues force out all other ones.
          It is hard to envision a true mirror-image of the TNE – it would have to have nothing but pictures of Union Jack- waving crowds, every phenomenon translated into evidence of the evils of the EU, articles along the lines of “The EU could give you cancer” *, etc.


        • Because leavers are uneducated council house dwelling Nazis that aren’t able to afford newspapers and/or read them?

  20. I never used to read the Daily Mail, until I got so sick of hearing it criticised by the BBC and assorted lefties, I thought I better take a look. Having ditched the ‘Toady’ programme long ago, I now read the Mail Online regularly, for no better reason than to see the stories the BBC either completely ignores or belatedly reports, weeks later, having clearly lifted them from the Mail. I would say its’ chief fault is a certain contrariness and the way it often hedges its’ bets politically, in order to retain readers. Despite this, it’s one of the few newspaper groups which will employ writers such as Peter Hitchens who are brave enough to challenge the status quo – no wonder the left can’t stand it.

    • Well said!
      The Mail can things very wrong but it will always have my respect because in the darkest days of Blair’s first term it stuck loyally to its readerships expectations. It remained true to right wing values even when The Express and the Sun went all ‘New Labour’ (remember that?)

      • Their recent (this summer) editorial on the intolerance of the left was great.

        Their ludicrous overreaction to the Brasseye Paedophile special was not so great.

        The ‘sleb stuff is tawdry and the adverts are some of the most low rent around (no begging like the pitiful guardian though!) – but it has Peter Hitchens. And he is the man.

    • The Mail used to be 100% completely unreadable rubbish ; that percentage has significantly fallen though, during the 2010s especially, and occasionally now, one can even stumble across an article in their online version that’s not only competently well-written (an impossibility back in the late 20th Century), but even perhaps sensible and pertinent in its content (!!!).

      • Ultimately, it’s not about the quality of the writing. It’s about the need to defend fundamental press freedoms which are clearly under constant attack in the attempt to close down debate. Not a day goes by without some self appointed gauleiter joining the outrage train, as a substitute for proper reasoned debate in which a range of viewpoints are included. TCW is one of the few new media outlets which provides an opportunity to defend freedom of expression. As for the Mail, lefties can’t stand it because it has such a huge readership and they don’t want to accept that people read it of their own free will.

    • Newspapers largely reflect the opinions and tastes of their readers, not the readers being swayed by the newspaper’s editorials. The ones that do not go bust or, nowadays turn into a amateur blog, like the Independent.

    • Not sure that Peter Hitchens writes in the Daily Mail. He certainly has a page in the Mail on Sunday which is an anti-Brexit comic. His views clash with those of the MOS editor.

      • I actually referred to ‘newspaper groups’ – the Mail and MoS have different editors but are owned by the same organisation. My central point was about freedom of speech and the fact that opposing view points are permitted and even encouraged. This is becoming increasingly rare as debate is being closed down and most publications are simply echo chambers.

    • Breitbart London is also an extremly useful way of montoring the civil situation on the other side of the channel.

    • Try Breitbart if you want the truth about politics both sides of the Atlantic, plus Israel and their new Saudi allies.

    • Yes the Mail’s line on some major issues are baffling,but their mediation of comments borders on the bewildering/bizarre.Still,it does have Hitchens,Dominic Lawson,Quentin Letts and Richard Littlejohn to re-confirm your sanity.

  21. Could be useful if businesses start advertising in the New European – we’d have a ready-made boycott list.

  22. Prediction 1: 2018 will see more slaughter in the name of Islam than all of the years since 9/11 combined thanks to continued Muslim immigration and the continuing diversity being forced upon our police and security services by our political appeaser elites (read: “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent,Amazon and Kindle). Prediction 2,no matter how many EU citizens are killed and raped the EU/Soros political elite will continue to push for more Islamic immigration, more repression of those who speak out against this population replacement and more cultural Marxism/transgender madness. We are all living under a regime that in every way is emulating the Cold War East German communist model, only worse, because the Stasi would never have allowed Islam across their borders.

  23. Aren’t AB “the few”? My knowledge of advertising demographics is that there’s no point in pursuing potential customers who have the ability to make up their own minds – ABs. Go for the C-DE sheep instead. They are obviously very confused.

  24. It’s no different to the green lobby demanding that we ban meat, lefties wanting £50/hour minimum wage or the Guardian claiming that Thomas The Tank Engine promotes sexism, racism & homophobia. Look that up, it was real! As long as these folk act like demented children, normal sensible people will see it for what it is, be put off, and see Brexit as the more rational side to support, even if they didn’t necessarily mind either way a year or two ago.

    My cartoon news summary on the week

  25. Any time I see those who cry most about the result of the referendum, the one word that springs to mind is “Snobs” that is exactly what they are, they all come from the same group of people who have made loads of cash from the EU, and the number one thing their fighting for now is that they’ve seen what people say about those who supported the UK adopting the euro, the last thing they want is for Brexit to be a success simply because they’ll look stupid, you see, if the UK becomes more successful in the coming years that will trigger more countries within the EU to look at us and perhaps follow suit, the second thing is that they will no longer be invited onto the political shows to voice their opinions because they’ll look dull, and if they don’t get invited onto the TV, radio and newspaper interviews, that means they can’t promote their latest book and themselves!

    • I agree. But it is more serious than that. Because of the nature of the internet and the ease it is to access peoples pasts. Voting ‘remain’ is literally a ‘” life changing injury” to your career prospects and reputation. Remainers are literally fighting for their very survival. and cannot be reasoned with. They have become fanatics. and are dangerous.

  26. Interestingly, no one reads the comments over at the New Yurpean, partly because they ban all the really interesting posters and partly because they disable comments for most articles.

  27. Reading all the posts there is general agreement across the board that there are a multiplicity of problems that the left have connived to impose on us,the public. This is made even worse by the fact that the media seem to be hand in glove with them,unquestioning and blinkered,and if anyone does stick their head above the parapet they are accused from either having a phobia or rascism.
    What is the answer though,there has to be a fight back but with our current group of politicians who are either weak,muted,spineless or complicit I see little choice.
    May has shown her colours by attacking Trump who basically was bringing to the fore a problem that May is too craven to address. Corbyn is an old style socialist muppet( sorry,muppets no offence). Cable is a joke so all is left is UKIP…and do they have chance…I do not know !
    It is up to you…your call

  28. yep I get one copy in to sell and return it every week when the new one comes out to sit on the shelf for a week until it returns

  29. Another George Soros funded rag to pimp the Soros funded “refugee” migration into Europe. More lies, just like the latest migration “fall”. There is no fall in immigration, just a slight adjustment in the rate of its increase, if we start from Year Zero, 1997. The reality beyond the BBC propaganda is that the so called Conservatives and the EU are continuing a remorseless red carpeting of third world migration into Europe with disastrous consequences. More than 6 million migrants are now waiting in Muslim/African countries surrounding the Mediterranean to make their hop into Europe, that’s what a classified German government report just leaked to Bild says. The report concludes that one million people are waiting in Libya with another million waiting in Egypt, 720,000 in Jordan, 430,000 in Algeria, another 160,000 in Tunisia, and 50,000 in Morocco and more than three million waiting in Turkey. Almost all of them are Muslim/African migrants who will bring with them their ingrained religious hatred of Jews, Christians and their cultural and religious aggression in the form of sharia courts, rape gangs, jihadi violence and high birth rates in comparison to native Europeans, (read: David Vincent’s book 2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain). That Merkel knows all of this yet still ploughs on with her migration madness is a crime that will cement her place in history as the destroyer of European civilization.

  30. “the Leave majority can be characterised as thick, provincial bigots.”

    Indeed they can, because they are.

    I’m not aware of any other example in history of an advanced nation allowing its 17.5 million stupidest citizens to ruin its future, based on childish lies.

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