Niall McCrae: ‘British values’ are being weaponised against Britons

Ken Livingstone, when London mayor, repeatedly faced calls for a St George’s Day celebration in our capital city. Why not, people asked? There were events for all kinds of communities and causes, from anti-racism to cultural fests such as Diwali. The patron saint of Ireland had his share of funding, but not our own. So Livingstone relented, on one condition. The theme, he declared, would be ‘humour’.

Knowing the sympathies of Red Ken for all things anti-English, it was quite obvious what he was doing. The joke would be on jingoists: a lacklustre Trafalgar Square gathering, with a screening of the Monty Python film ‘Holy Grail’, ridiculing the very notion of English pride. Our predilection for self-deprecation and satire were used against us.

Tolerance, respect, diversity, equality. These are now established as core values of British life. Virtuous they may be, but how were these particular values chosen to the neglect of others, such as patriotism?  Or indeed the social norms that maintain a cohesive society. But respect and diversity have been hijacked to promote minority groups. Consider the basic right of face-to-face communication, increasingly obstructed in some urban areas by the burka and niqab. It is a British value, you see, to celebrate alien customs.

Last Friday’s front page of The Guardian featured a Muslim woman who is suing a school for its allegedly discriminatory dress code. After her daughter gained a place at the prestigious Holland Park comprehensive, Rachida Serroukh attended a talk by headteacher Colin Hall. Both she and her daughter were wearing full Islamic dress. A teacher asked Serroukh for a word in private, and advised her of school policy against masking of children’s faces. Serroukh told the Guardian reporter: ‘As the teacher was female I lifted my veil when we were talking’. How nice of her.

Holland Park is known as the ‘socialist Eton’. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to get in, but the culture of the school is emancipatory and secularist. Nurturing local Muslim girls’ potential would be regarded as central to the school’s mission. Yet this leftward institute is now threatened by Wahhibi entryism. In a completely one-sided report, The Guardian presents the school as a pariah, and Serroukh as a cause celebre.

Why was this case given such prominence, and such obvious support, by a ‘progressive’ newspaper? A large photograph of Serroukh on page 2 of The Guardian has her sitting on a sofa, shrouded in black except for her hands and eyes. The newspaper appears to be boosting its diversity credentials, but we must consider the powerful socio-political forces of globalised media and rapidly shifting Western demography. The Guardian is not only virtue-signalling, but also market-signalling.

As well as demanding the right to send her daughter to school fully veiled, Serroukh also complained of the lack of a Muslim prayer room. Her solicitor, Attiq Malik, told The Guardian: ‘The government constantly talks about British vales. To me those values include diversity and multiculturalism’. That’s to you, Mr Malik. But to my mind, this is an aggressive act within a wider scheme of manipulating British, Judeo-Christian and post-Enlightenment civilisation to assert fundamentalist Islam.

A conspiracy theory, some might say. But there is plenty of evidence of a growing Saudi Arabian and Emirate influence throughout our institutions, alongside (and often in unholy alliance with) the cultural Marxism often discussed on this website. Unseen by most, the Wahhibi sect is not simply exploiting British values, but is actually determining them.

Actively seeking conflict situations between Western norms and Islamic observance, the unfathomably rich caliph-drivers of the Arabian desert are funding cases to push precedent further and further towards their purist creed.

Some years back a young woman responded to an advertisement in a King’s Cross hairdressing salon window. Bushra Noah, aged 19, was invited to meet proprietor Sarah Desrosiers, but she was ruled out on appearing in a hijab. Noah took the case to court, claiming £34,000 for discrimination (she raised the amount after gaining media attention). Facing ruin, Desrosiers argued that it was essential for stylists to display their own hair. The court ruled in Desrosiers’ favour, yet ordered her to pay Noah £4,000 for ‘hurt feelings’.

This charge for a litigant’s real or contrived distress is a troubling development in the judicial system, because it is almost impossible to defend against. And this Kafkaesque doctrine has crept into business, occupational and social relations to the extent that nobody feels confident in denying an unreasonable demand for Islamic observance. Take a hospital for example. Many NHS trusts now have policies clarifying where face-coverings must be removed. But if a member of staff defies the ban and is politely confronted, the manager could be sanctioned for upsetting the rule-breaker. One person’s word against the other – but since the McPherson Report, the boot is on the other foot.

The majority of Muslims want to integrate, but our enfeebled establishment does not support them. Instead, it pays most attention to agitators, who demand tolerance for their own intolerance. Moderates call for a British Islam, genuinely seeking harmony with the broader culture. But Salafist and Deobandi absolutists prosper in the space hitherto occupied by the indigenous English and their heritage.

In the reformulation of British values, it is not merely the likes of Tommy Robinson who are outcasts. Reluctance to acquiesce to the assertions of fundamentalist Islam has made people of mainstream social conservative views somehow unBritish. Criticising transgenderism or certain Islamic practices is not necessarily a crime (yet), but it has become socially unacceptable.

Wear a burka, refuse to shake a man’s hand at an award ceremony, or scorn people who keep a pet Labrador or eat ham sandwiches as unclean, and you are living proof of a wonderfully diverse, multicultural British identity. Borrowing George Orwell’s double-think, this would befit a Ministry of Pride.

(Image: Mikey)

Niall McCrae

  • Liberanos

    Multiculturalism differs from colonialism only in that it is self-induced.

    • Reborn

      Perfectly expressed.
      The most successful multicultural state was apartheid South Africa.
      There, immigrants oppressed the indigenes, but allowed them to continue with their
      traditional way of life.
      Some wealthy indigenes co operated & were rewarded by the system.
      Just like in the UK.

      • Kaiser

        only most of the “indigenous” were not actually “indigenous” to south africa but were pulled to the richest state in africa by its wealth

        now the “indigenous” are in charge and its regressing to the mean and on its way back in time to poverty

        • Reborn

          You’re right.
          Most Africans were dim, & it was Indians who did most of the brain work.
          They still only got half way to equality with the white colonists.

    • martianonlooker

      A superb comment.

  • Cat

    Good article

    • ReefKnot

      Yes. The rot started with the McPherson report.

  • Blowmedown

    I despair of this country; the home of adventurers and explorers that opened up the world; the birthplace of scientists, artists and engineers that freed our minds and bodies; and now the left would have us subjugated by the very cultures we give succour to. I despise them and all they stand for.

    • Frank

      I would instead despair of our wonderful progressive establishment which appears to have become the enemy of the majority of the British population. I assume that at some point there will be a public backlash against these people and that each of the incidents (as described in this article) adds to the conclusion that our establishment is actively undermining Britain.

  • flipant

    one thing is certain, this child will never learn to swim properly, play sport , mix with other children at say birthday parties, go on outward bound events.

    no integration will be allowed

  • Mojo

    Whether we acknowledge this or not, Britain is already on the long march to subversion. Brexit showed the government just how many people had been keeping their heads down for fear of being named rascist. Yet they are still passing laws to educate children that multiculturalism is good and transgender is quite normal. No one listens to the British. They only listen to those minorities who shout and bully. We are suffering a Westminster stuffed with cowards and ineptitude. Because we have been under EU rule for so long, many do not even look outside their office windows.

    How will our future develop if we allow these incapable politicians to carry on their work. How do we encourage and inform the electorate that our politicians need to stand up to the plate and be accountable. We have a media in collusion with them. We have an education system so totally broken it seems to me that we need to start again.

    Because there has been such a long and successful indoctrination of our institutions I do worry that the consequences will show themselves before long in the outbreak of much violence and anger. It will not, however, be by the British who are already leaving the big cities. It will be the Muslim who hates the Jew. The Muslim who wants to control women. The Muslim who wants his own version of Islam stamped on these islands. You only have to read the history of Persia to understand how quickly this happens to a liberal society.

    • Coniston

      ‘Britain is already on the long march to subversion.’ Shouldn’t the last word be ‘submission’?

    • John Birch

      Your opinion of the quality of our politicians mirrors mine.
      Their expenses claims for trivial items told me they have nothing to do and basically are the wrong sort of people for the job their doing.
      I don’t believe they have the ability to cope with Brexit.
      They are not leaders, they are yes men who sit in meetings and talk.
      Pretty much useless in my opinion.
      They have been unnecessary and having a free ride since Brussels told us what to do, and now it shows .

      • jb

        I think that one problem is that politicians who do try to” lead” are probably too divisive ever to become leader. Hence its the David Cameron types who succeed . I imagine many people remember the episode of “Yes Minister” when Jim becomes PM because he has never really stood for anything but just kept his head down. It rings true to me.

    • jb

      I don’t believe that Muslims control women unless human nature is very different in Islamic countries. The main point of the article is that an Islamic woman is complaining about her treatment at Holland Park school she doesn’t sound like a pushover to me.

      • colinintokyo

        “I don’t believe that Muslim(s) men control women”

        . . . . . . are you serious? Have you lived in a muslim country?

        “The main point of the article is that an Islamic woman is complaining about her treatment at Holland Park school she doesn’t sound like a pushover to me.”

        . . . . . . and her complaint does not impinge upon the control of muslim men does it?

        • jb

          It indicates to me that she is well able to take a stand effectively on matters that are important to her.

      • John Birch

        You should spend time in Saudi and other Middle Eastern countries as I have.
        Sorry to be rude, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Reborn

          You should spend time in Tower Hamlets, Leicester, Luton,
          Rotherham —————–

          • John Birch

            I’d rather not, but I take your point.

        • jb

          I’m afraid that I have .come across too many situations where I am assured that women are being disadvantaged only to discover that on closer examination that it isn’t true, to be easily convinced. To give you just one example I have read that in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive .but I have also read that most of them want the driving ban to continue and feel that men are obligated to drive them around. Also that of those who want the driving ban lifted many want women only lanes. Just one example of how what seems like a clear case of male dominance may not actually be so.

  • Ravenscar

    But to my mind, this is an aggressive act within a wider scheme of
    manipulating British, Judeo-Christian and post-Enlightenment
    civilisation to assert fundamentalist Islam.

    A conspiracy theory, some might say. But there is plenty of evidence
    of a growing Saudi Arabian and Emirate influence throughout our
    institutions, alongside (and often in unholy alliance with) the cultural
    Marxism often discussed on this website. Unseen by most, the Wahhibi
    sect is not simply exploiting British values, but is actually
    determining them.

    Actively seeking conflict situations between Western norms and
    Islamic observance, the unfathomably rich caliph-drivers of the Arabian
    desert are funding cases to push precedent further and further towards
    their purist creed.

    Pellucid, precise – in one, what else is there to say? Britain is, a dhimmi state.

  • Reborn

    “Tolerance, respect, diversity, equality. These are now established as core values of British life.”
    They are, in the context of contemporary Britain dangerous, even evil, values.
    Tolerance — of FGM, misogyny, even murder when practiced by certain privileged immigrant groups.
    Respect — an abstract concept. Respect for what ? Polygamy, wife beating, women who bear 6 children via 6 different, and very much absent, men ?
    Diversity. — this means anything but white people, Christians, Jews or atheists. It is much like
    “vibrant” which is used as a complement by media liberals who know they would get stabbed
    or, at least mugged, if they set foot in a vibrant/diverse community.
    Equality. — if only. If only hate preachers were punished, while only indigenes get punished for
    expressing their feelings on being colonised by their cultural inferiors.
    If we tolerate a Black Police officers’ Federation (once notoriously run by a corrupt brown asian),
    why not a White Police Officers’ Federation. Why do the English, who foot all the bills, lack their
    own Parliament, while the ungrateful Scot Nats have one, paid for by the British, to threaten us.
    I could go on —
    Just one last point. The British Broadcasting Corp is constantly reminding us that we don’t
    know what British values are.
    Can you imagine American, French, Russian, Chinese state broadcasters saying the same of their own culture ?
    Listen BBC media liberals. If you don’t know what British values are, what the hell are you
    doing working for the state broadcaster !

    • Little Black Censored

      The “British values” worth transmitting either can’t or won’t be taught in schools as a kind of subject.

      • Reborn

        They can ,however, be taught to immigrants, just like the English language

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Americans’ “state broadcaster” is PBS/NPR, part of a quango called “The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.” While they DO receive Federal government funding, most of their money comes from corporate sponsorships with a discreet announcement (and a “discrete” one too) at the beginning of the shows. As well, they conduct “beg weeks” every few months, where the local stations play mostly musical programming and interrupt those to say, “If you’re enjoying this show, make more of them possible by calling this station with your credit card handy and make a donation, or go to our website…”, and for this, the donor gets some overpriced schlock piece of swag with the station’s logo, usually.

      American values are espoused in the DEED, and not in the WORD, by ITS “state broadcaster,” i.e., they are in effect saying, “Look, we virtue-signal like there’s no tomorrow with a generally-Left tone to our programming (but not SO Left that the Republican Congress will defund us), and we’re pitching our shows to corporations who want to virtue-signal (and receive a hefty tax write-off), and to those viewers we can guilt-trip into saying ‘Without YOU, this ALL goes away…’ We’ve found our market niche and we milk it for all its worth– as any capitalistic corporation would.”

      Ah, the joy of no licence fee, and making the public broadcaster need to scrape for its money!

  • Coniston

    Holland Park. Wasn’t that the school Shirley Williams sent her own child to, once she had most of the Grammar Schools converted into Comprehensives?

  • thrivingpostbrexit

    Wonderful article, as are so many on this website. What can we do to prevent it from happening while remaining law abiding subjects?

  • John Birch

    The majority of Muslims want to integrate, but our enfeebled establishment does not support them.
    I would like to believe this, but unfortunately I don’t.

    • The_Pr1soner

      And you’re right not to. They’re the least integrated of all immigrants, and that’ll remain the case. I don’t know why authors feel the need to make these appeasing remarks. It’s not politeness, it’s a sort of fear of what will happen if you speak the unadulterated truth.

      • James60498 .

        You are right.

        I think it’s assuming that those who are opposed to the violent means of takeover are also opposed to the more peaceful means too.

        There are undoubtedly those who do not like the idea of terrorism but do their duty to Islam by having as many children as possible to increase their numbers and ultimately bring about the changes anyway.

        • The_Pr1soner

          Their mission is to turn the whole world to Islam. They’re not even coy about it, yet it somehow goes unsaid and unacknowledged. Bombs or babies, what’s the difference, anyway? They’re all a means to an end.

          • John Birch

            Do you realise that Muslims believe that every soul is born Muslim.
            So everyone who says they are not Muslim is a lost soul.
            They want to turn all the lost and misguided souls back to Islam.
            Crazy I know, but the more you know about Islam the worse it gets.

          • The_Pr1soner

            I didn’t, but it sounds about right. It’s the arrogance of it all that really angers me. A sort of ownership, not just of everyone else, but of the Truth (as they see it).

  • Paul Williams

    We are creeping ever closer to Islamic rule in this country. Soon, Imams will be allowed in the House of Lords, cities and towns will start to hear the Islamic call to prayer over loud speakers at 5.00am, Sharia Law will be formally legitimised (and therefore all of the horrors that go with it), all food stuffs will be Halal complient – and the rest of us will be compelled to tolerate all of this.

    We are careering head long into religious totalitarianism, here in 21st century Britain.

    • Johnny Foreigner ✓ Very angry

      But the public STILL vote LibLabCon and will continue to do so, until it really IS too late. Why is that?

      • EnglandLaments

        Lack of confidence in any alternative. It is a pity that all mainstream parties in the UK have been captutred by the universalist/globalist credo!

    • bodmana

      The only hope is the emancipation of female muslims but I am not holding my breath because the females are all subdued/brainwashed/battered into submission. If any step out of line then “honour killing” comes into play.

      • jb

        I’m not so sure that the women are” subdued and brainwashed” I believe that they play their part in “honour killing”. Nor do honour crimes produce only female victims (see Steve Moxons book “The Woman Racket” page 92) Many things that we see as male oppression are really about female intra- sexual competition.

  • John Birch

    Conspiracy theories are the camouflage covering the truth until it’s too late to stop it .

  • EnglandLaments

    We should ban the face veil and be done with it!
    But the rot is endemic in the system – look at the number of prosecutions for the illegal and disgusting practice of FGM for example – a dispiriting and disgraceful fat round ZERO!!!

    • jb

      The number of prosecutions for FGM is the same as the number for MGM We would be in a better position to criticise if we put our own house in order first. But I agree about banning the face veil.

      • JabbaPapa

        our own house in order first

        That’s the very defeatism that has allowed these scandals to continue.

        • jb

          Not at all I would like to see both FGM and MGM banned

    • Charles Windsor

      That’s not quite true.

      The CPS prosecuted an NHS doctor for FGM.
      Of course, he wasn’t carrying out FGM, he was attempting to ameliorate some of the damage done to a pregnant muslim patient who was aleady the victim of FGM.

      The authorities – deciding that they had to show they were doing something about FMG, without of course going against anyone who was actually committing these crimes, since that would be culturally insensitive – chose to make an innocent doctor a scapegoat and tried to jail him.

      Alison Saunders the DPP defended her decision to bring a politically motivated show trial against the doctor, and avoided being fired herself.

      • Groan

        Not only “culturally insensitive” but also unfair to women, for FGM is “women’s business” in those cultures that practice it. As has happened in the US recently a prosecution/s of a “cutter” is most likely to be a prosecution of a woman. Equally the offence of taking a child out of the country would most likely be prosecuting a woman, not only that but a mother or aunt. An Identity politics nightmare I think the CPS and therefore the Police will avoid this in reality.

  • Colkitto03

    The best predictor of future events is still past events.
    In the Balkans they had a multicultural society for hundreds of years. Yet underneath the calm facade hated of Muslims never went away.

    • SonofBoudica

      They had a multicultural society introduced at the point of a sword, and where the sons of Christians were forced into the Caliph’s private army, first being educated on Islam, taught Turkish, forbidden to marry and to see their families. No wonder the Hungarians and Serbians refuse to allow Muslim immigrants. They’ve experienced them once before.

      • Groan

        Yes for those countries slavery meant their young men being regularly “harvested” to serve across the Sultan’s empire. One can see they’d take quite a less benignly patronising view that the Guardian

  • ‘British values’ are already weaponised against the English.

    UK ruled England the only part of UK where ‘British values’ are taught in schools. So that’s ‘British values’ for English kids only. Part of these ‘British values’ is that all aspects of Englishness must be denied or suppressed. With the exception of sport.

    UK rule is an unfolding disaster for England. We deserve better.

    • martianonlooker

      ” ‘British values’ for English kids only”.
      I am sure the Pakistanis, Somalis, Sudanese, Eritreans, Afghans and Syrians in English schools also have to endure British values classes

  • SonofBoudica

    This is because immigration has, in the past 20 years, turned from immigration into full-scale invasion and colonisation. We must adjust to their customs and demands, not the other way around.

  • Covenanter

    Lots of people have simply given up on the political process here in the UK. The “enfeebled” Establishment allowed the systematic grooming of thousands of white girls in the UK over a two decade period so that it didn’t upset the “multicultural” utopia facade, therefore the probability of the Establishment doing anything to stem the worst aspects of islam encroaching in the UK is zero.

    Last week, only one obscure media outlet published the story of the Glasgow hospital midwife who had treated 150 cases of “cutting” ( FGM ) in her Glasgow hospital in the last year but despite being a criminal offence, not one “cutter” has been prosecuted by Police Scotland. The same Police Force which routinely arrests people for writing un PC remarks against the “religion of peace” on Facebook.

  • Bik Byro

    “a young woman responded to an advertisement in a King’s Cross hairdressing salon window … but she was ruled out on appearing in a hijab”
    Lesson number 1 : don’t tell people that they were ruled out over a hijab, tell them that you found someone with better qualifications and experience.

    • paul parmenter

      Nice idea, but I fear it wouldn’t work. Identity is now all-important and trumps merit.

    • Reborn

      Rule 1.
      If you live in the West behave like a Westerner.
      Just imagine what the Saudis/Iranians et al would do if a Western woman got a job
      out there (highly unlikely), dressed as a muslim.
      A few says later she shows up for work in Western clothes.
      Her death is a distinct possibility.

  • thrivingpostbrexit

    Again I pose the question – what can we do about it? We all seem pretty united in our distaste for what is happening but does anyone here have anything practical to suggest that is not in itself unlawful or as equally distasteful?

  • Little Black Censored

    “A large photograph of Serroukh…”
    How do you know it was Serroukh?

  • Pat

    One British value not mentioned here is that of giving people the benefit of the doubt. Once doubt is removed reactions will likely change.

  • rbw152

    A poster here (thrivingpostbrexit) asked the rhetorical question ‘what can we do about it?’. I’ve heard and seen this question asked numerous times now and the only answer I seem to be able to find is: ‘nothing’ – as in nada, zilch and sweet FA.

    The cultural Marxists have won. Gramsci’s long march is coming to an end. The Frankfurt School’s ideological aim to corrode and weaken western culture is slowly and inexorably being met.

    Look at us. We rant and fulminate on forums such as this, yet our cultural annihilation continues apace every day. It’s even being assisted by the Tories now. Who would have thought Tories would try to make ‘gender transition’ faster and easier? What a load of old cobblers.

    These things are on a ratchet, they go onward and upwards – but never downwards. Even the birth rate of ethnic Brits will continue to fall, for various misguided reasons, yet that of immigrants will carry on at the same rate, outstripping ours everywhere. Already in London ethnic British are a minority. To be honest I can hardly believe that and yet it’s supposed to be something to celebrate. Why? And what would happen when we’re a minority everywhere? Will that be cause for dancing in the streets?

    The truth is that yes, for many people that’s exactly what they want. The leftie, self-hating Brits in this country actually do want us to become a minority, to atone for the sins of our Empire.

    If they have their way – and they probably will – the whole world will eventually become a culturally diverse melting pot. Except that this will then become a mono-culture in its own right. If everywhere is ‘diverse’ where’s the difference?

    The truth, although it will never be acknowledged by those who wish to destroy our native culture, is that borders, separate cultures, patriotism and love of one’s country actually lead to tolerance and respect of others. It certainly leads to respect FROM others anyway, as I have found on many occasions.

    So unless someone can come up with a practical solution to this appalling and deliberate cultural sabotage then I think we’ve basically had it.

    It will take a little while yet of course but this is it – the end.

    • John Birch

      Who would have thought Tories would try to make ‘gender transition’ faster and easier? What a load of old cobblers.
      Absolutely, I couldn’t agree with you more, to say it’s disgraceful is putting in mildly.
      I think although it’s far too late down the road we should not be afraid to make our opinions known.
      Say what you genuinely think about the situation to friends and colleagues. (Unless you work for any link to the government and want to keep your job. 1984 anyone.)
      People are getting very angry under the surface and feel isolated and helpless.
      This anger will grow.
      I’m not saying this is the answer but more people becoming aware is a start.

  • John Birch

    Perhaps we shouldn’t complain so much , we have all the benifits of culture from all over the world.
    O K, yes I know we didn’t ask for it or want it. but when you think of the pleasure and advantages that
    The asylum seekers and refugees have brought to us with their funny little ways and curious customs who can deny that England has benefited enormously.
    Who would have thought of cutting the clitoris out of little girls would have been a good idea without their help.
    Putting you wife or girlfriend into a bin bag and making her walk around in it .
    We couldn’t have thought of that.
    And having clerics giving advice on what level of discipline you can use to make your second class citizen see the error of her ways.
    And homosexuals, we think they should prance around having parades. Not being thrown off high buildings, we could never have thought of gathering crowds of people to watch entertainment like that.
    And honour killings, goodness me.
    To think of kidnapping, raping , killing, and chopping up a young woman now come on , that could never be thought a good idea by us boring old English.
    Pictured: Men accused of kidnapping and raping teenage Muslim
    The country is much enriched by our unwanted guests, and we should thank all our politicians who enabled it.

  • CheshireRed

    ‘But to my mind, this is an aggressive act within a wider scheme of manipulating British, Judeo-Christian and post-Enlightenment civilisation to assert fundamentalist Islam’.

    That’s exactly what this case is about. They’re seeking to establish a legal precedent and just like the IRA they only need to get lucky once, so they keep trying until they win. Once they do it will ensure the Niqab (and Burqa) will be legally protected. Make no mistake this is a very deliberate policy. We’re being attacked by the enemy within.

    • John Birch

      Absolutely, and anyone with a little knowledge can see the game plan.

  • CheshireRed

    By the way, can anyone imagine a British Christian taking a case to court in, say, Dubai, so she DOESN’T have to be veiled in public? Me neither.

    • JabbaPapa

      In Dubai, “there‘s no law requiring you to cover your hair with a scarf (unless you‘re entering a mosque).

      The veil is locally mandatory in some parts of the UAE, but Dubai isn’t one of them.

      This is a different matter in Sharjah and Ajman, both members of the UAE, where Sharia law is dominant. They are very conservative societies and have strict, mandated dress codes. Women should cover upper arms and shoulders down to mid calf. No shorts at all for men.

  • gray cooper

    A government that plain packages, covers up, over taxes and controls doesn’t have “British values”. It’s normally called dictatorship. Definitely not “Conservative”, that died long ago.

  • EUman remains

    The judge who imprisoned the Lord guilty of abusing Gina Miller on Twitter, used her sentencing for a blatant expression of ‘British values 2.0’, declaring ‘we are lucky to live in a multi-racial society’.

  • Snoffle Gronch

    Immigration has been a social, economic, and cultural catastrophe. “Multiculturalism” merely means imposing inferior standards on what has hitherto been the world’s most advanced and creative society for three hundred years.

    I am not surprised that the Labour Party ceaselessly promotes the interests of useless foreigners – I know them to be my Nation’s enemy. What galls me is the endless Quisling behaviour of the so-called Conservatives, whether it’s call-me-Dave looking forward to a mohammedan Prime Minister, or soapy Mrs May, tirelessly bowing and scraping to unhygienic immigrant peasants and their mediaeval superstitions.

    Always remember that xenophobia is a good thing : it enables us to distinguish between lesser and greater breeds of men.

    • Thomas Moon

      I am continually surprised that people seem to think that the Conservative party is (or was until recently) the natural home of social (as opposed to economic) conservatives. The madness of political correctness, anti-racism, feminism and homophilia has affected all the major parties. Until fairly recently (by which I mean a few decades ago), Labour Party M.P.s were probably as socially conservative as Conservative party ones and the average Labour Party supporter was possibly more conservative than his Conservative-voting counterpart. No doubt the Labour Party succumbed to cultural marxism before the Conservative Party (but later than the Liberal Party), but there is no reason to think that this is the natural order of things. Plenty of us who (all other things being equal) would vote Labour in preference to Conservative feel as let down by the Labour Party as others do by the Tories.

  • Ralph_Baldwin

    Yes brilliant article – it is tremendously perverse the way they have treated Brits.

  • abx

    We don’t seem to have this sort of “aggressive doormat” whingeing from Sikhs, Hindus, Chinese, Buddhist, Jewish minority groups.

    If this country is not to the liking of people who come here or are born here they may prefer to emigrate.

    • John Birch

      This simple point is at the heart of the matter
      No other group is a problem.
      Just Muslims.
      Who are taught from birth that they are superior and the world belongs to them.
      Their damn book radicalises them, they don’t need outside help.

    • John Birch

      Why would they want to emigrate when we pay them money they could never earn.
      Give them hospitals to deal with their idiots through inbreeding.
      Accept all stories which are all obvious lies about family
      And where they actually come from.
      Bend over backwards to give their totalitarianism so called religion respect when they give none to anyone else.
      Refuse to allow the law to investigate the scams and illegal tax avoidance they operate .( shops with no customers for money laundering)
      Ignore the Rotherham situation which is still going on.
      And on and on and on.
      Not a thing of value or use to this country whatsoever.

  • Nockian

    “Tolerance, respect, diversity, equality”

    Tolerance is suffering whilst shackles are placed about your limbs and a gag pulled tight over your mouth.

    Respect is for Government who may allow millions of culturally unsuitable migrants to fill up our towns and cities; to debauch our money to the point of worthlessness and to entertain foreign wars with countries that do not threaten us. All of this we are expected to tolerate.

    Diversity is the greatest lie. True diversity is independence, it is personal sovereignty in which all are equal before a law which upholds basic rights and not of privileges.

    Equality should be equality before a just law, but instead it really means the destruction of the good for being the good-it is a race to the bottom and the end of western civilisation.

    Diversity and Equality are specifically left undefined because their real meaning is that of total collectivism under a government that demands respect and tolerance regardless of the damage its policies do to the individual-that is totalitarianism by any other name.

  • John Birch

    Perhaps after the choose your gender nonsense from the conservatives this site should be called THEREALCONSERVATIVEWOMAN

    • Kathy Gyngell

      Not a bad idea! It’s is a sign of the times that one commentator (on another site) while saying we were his favourite ‘go to’ website he had initially thought – from our name – that we were a feminist outfit!

      What he meant of course was that ‘Conservative’ women – i.e. Conservative women MPs are just about to a (wo)man feminists. If there are any who aren’t they don’t defy their ‘sisters’ who are but a not so pale imitation of Labour’s ‘wimmin’.

      We are indeed the real conservative women not feminists who have appropriated the name!

      • John Birch

        It was a serious suggestion, and I saw and agreed with the commentator you mentioned.

      • wisestreligion

        And remember that the feminist Fawcett society found in a recent survey that only 7% of us (9% of women and 4% of men) are feminists. Mind you, over 95% of the BBC, all Labour MPs and all Conservatives that get ministerial positions call themselves feminists.

  • grandpa1940

    As to whether Great Britain is being ‘Islamicised’, I would ask one question and one only

    When was the last time you saw a drawing, a cartoon, or a simple picture taking the piss out of Mohammed; or anything vaguely resembling a Muslim?

    Answers, on a small postcard, c/o 10 Downing Street

  • David Kane

    The EU’s puppet master, George Soros is well on his way to completely destroying the traditional nation states of Europe. His plan to flood the EU with migrants was cooked up with Angela Merkel in 2005 (read: “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent, Amazon and Kindle) Thanks to Soros and the EU’s migrant quotas Sweden will be the first country to completely fall to Islamic rule, within the next 5 years. The security situation in Sweden is now so critical that the national police chief, Dan Eliasson, has appealed to countries outside of the EU for help as his fellow Swedes are robbed raped and murdered in broad daylight while the Muslim gangs who perpetrate the violence know they can literally get away with murder as the ultra PC Swedish judges will not convict them. In June, the Swedish police released a new report, Utsatta områden 2017, (Vulnerable Areas 2017, commonly known as “no-go zones” or lawless areas) showing that the 55 Muslim created no-go zones of a year previously had now mushroomed to 61. Yet, just like our hapless PC “Conservative ” government, who allowed a pro-Palestinian “Al-Kuds” terrorist march through the streets of London weeks after the slaughter of innocents in Manchester and London Bridge, the PC Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven and Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman refused to see the warnings. In Sweden the warnings didn’t need to be Muslims blowing up a concert hall in Manchester because in 2015, only 14% of all crimes in Sweden were solved, and in 2016, 80% of police officers were considering quitting the force. Hello? Give it five more years and the police in Sadiq Khan’s Islamist London will be quitting in droves as wave after wave of Islamic suicide bombings, riots, and pro-Palestinian demo rock across what was once the most civilized capital on Earth. Three cheers then for diversity Mrs May, the capital is crumbling but you continue to cheer on transgenderism, your latest stake in the heart of a party that will never see the inside of Downing Street again, you will choke on it come the next election and the 0.0002% of “transgender” voters in Britain will still vote Labour.

    • SeeYouAnon

      Mrs May’s default position is the same as David Cameron’s.


  • Terry

    TRADITIONAL British values on the other hand are what we need 🙂

  • thrivingpostbrexit

    I suppose one thing we who are Christians could do, is start going back to church and trying to strengthen it against the weak and feminized liberals who dominate it today and insist they start defending Christian culture. I speak up every time I hear people bleating about innocent refugees queuing at Calais to reach the UK or are inviting Mohammedans to take part in Church services. We could write & protest against the acceptability of Halal products in our shops and stores and further that by boycotting them if they refuse to acknowledge it. In the referendum last year I printed 1,000 leaflets and delivered them by hand to rural farms and homes in mid-Wales where I live so I guess we can actually do something rather than simply express our anger on this forum and others.

    • Thomas Katz

      Go to Church, Welby and Co are closet Mossies, protest against Halal, no hope
      the government more or less said “s*d you” eat the sh ite

      “Consumers should have the necessary information available to them to make an
      informed choice about their food and encourages the highest standards of
      welfare at slaughter.
      The Government is aware that there is public concern about meat from
      animals slaughtered in accordance with religious beliefs being sold to
      consumers who do not require their meat to be prepared in this way.
      There are currently no domestic or European Regulations governing the
      sale and labelling of Halal or Kosher meat but where any information of
      this nature is provided voluntarily, it must be accurate and must not
      mislead the consumer.
      Although the Government would prefer to see all animals stunned before they are
      slaughtered, the Government respects the rights of religious communities
      to eat meat prepared in accordance with their beliefs. ”

      Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

      • Herbert of Bosham

        Find a bible-believing non-conformist congregation. True faith in Britain has always been on the margins.

  • Ken

    Great civilisations do not die of homicide, but of suicide.

  • Susanna

    For God Sake, we all know this is happening but where are our political leaders, our MSM, our local government councillors and community spokespeople ?

    Why isn’t anyone saying something ?

    Why isn’t anyone doing something ?

    Why is it that Dr. McCrae can say these things without being called
    racist, Xenoophobic or bigotted – but when we UKIP supporters say it we are shamelessly vilified.

    I’m so sick of the double-standards and hypocracy.

    Why doesn’t someone in government speak out ?

    Have we really become so afraid?

  • The Groan is a massive engine of value-destruction, burning through its rich endowment at an accelerated rate while churning out anti-British propaganda for the consumption of the Universities, the BBC and right-wing journos, the last of whom seem to devote an inordinate amount of time to highlighting the daily stupidities of a paper no one reads.

  • Herbert of Bosham

    The government has no right to tell us what our values are.

  • Aisla Sinclair

    Who among us is surprised at this?
    Salami slicing (not pork obviously) in the cause of Islamic domination. And the idiot left more than happy to bear our throats and to suck slipper. This is up to US to fight.
    When are the lawfare Muslim tendency going to fight for OUR Rights to wear a crucifix and bikini when in Saudi Arabia then? Until they do-they can go to hell.
    About time the Guardian cringers decided to side with US and not their Muslim mates…