Oppressive tendencies of Muslim culture may be criticised, yet Islamic mores appear a bastion of common sense compared to the absurdities imposed by the white middle-class establishment. As the latest symptom of our cultural sickness, the current obsession with transgenderism is perhaps the most radical assault yet on conventional society. An urgent task of social conservatives is to confront this, but it needs more than reactionary scorn. Counter-intuitively, I predict the most effectual opposition from within the progressive ranks.

In the latest attack on the nature and norms of binary sex, reported by the Mail on Sunday, expectant women are no longer to be known as mothers-to-be, because they might not be female. This was not the utterances of a professor of gender studies at a former polytechnic, but the guidelines of the British Medical Association. Cue outrage from feminists such as Julie Bindel, but there’s unlikely to be a march through central London. Modern feminism, you see, is about tackling Trump and ‘mansplaining’, not obstructing minority groups. The likes of Germaine Greer no longer speak for young women, and once the correct groupthink on gender neutrality is formed, we can all move on.

With primary schools in England advised to promote flexibility and choice in gender, and all the past successes of cultural Marxism, perhaps the previously incontrovertible truth of sex dichotomy will be abandoned. Yet, I don’t think it will happen. This is a bridge too far for the progressive wreckers. Consider the difficulties with gender-neutral dogma in universities.

First, while LGBTQ+ agitators mind their Ps and Qs, the foot-soldiers of liberal-Left culture are the lesser mortals of plain middle-class upbringing, who are struggling to keep up with the constantly evolving rules and vocabulary. Accidentally use the wrong term, and the innocent student risks incurring the wrath of the commissars of gender-fluid rectitude. Some will resent being treated as badly as a common or garden bigot, and this leads to the next nail in the coffin.

Dissent is beginning to surface on campus. In my lecturing experience, this arises not from the white English, who mustn’t put a foot wrong, but those of other ethnicities or nationalities who don’t share the guilt complex, and are less reticent in calling a spade a spade. Asian or black students have more licence, and are less likely to be admonished for breaching the sensitivity code. So contrary opinion begins to be heard, and the genie isn’t easily put back in the bottle.

Thirdly, conflict will arise between the binary-deniers and a steadily Muslim population with increasingly pious observance. The former wants a gender-neutral world; the latter does not want a penis (neutered or otherwise) in a female sanctuary. Imagine the scene at dinner after young Salma returns from her first day at uni: all went well, she says, except there are no ladies’ loos! Twitching his beard, her father plans to raise this with his imam, if not the university directly. It’s the demography, stupid – the hijab-wearing mass has greater influence than a few students straddling the sex boundary.

I mean no offence to those of different gender identities, particularly those who have experienced psychological distress with their sexuality or faced bullying or abuse. But the activists speaking on their behalf are doing them a disservice. An overzealous campaign is unwittingly fomenting a backlash. As with other progressive challenges to societal norms, this ideological mission is detached from the reality of ordinary people, whose patience has been tested to the limit.

James Delingpole wrote in The Spectator of a ‘Berlin Wall’ moment for Western culture: the liberal intelligentsia has had its own way for so long that it cannot see its vulnerability. The pressure raised by transgenderism could cause the first breach in the fortifications, and this defeat will have wide ramifications. The whole edifice could collapse. The demise of cultural Marxism will come sooner, and more suddenly, than people think.

(Image: Ted Eyton)


  1. The more the left push “transgenderism” upon normal people, the more they will be seen as utterly ridiculous and out of touch.

      • A threat? Not to me or my boy. I find transgenderism laughable and very sad, because vulnerable children are taken in by loonies like yourself who promote this nonsense.

        • Your response says lots about you, I live my life i dont promote anything, let’s hope your son doesn’t turn out transgender or gay or any other vulnerable group. I could imagine your response but then I guess he’s smarter than you and wouldn’t tell you anyway. Children become vulnerable because of parents like you. You’re the cause not the solution unless its the final solution in your case.

          • No, children become vulnerable because they are misled by the identity and gender politics of the left, which has filtered through to the top levels of institutions (i.e., schools) that should know better.

            I have absolutely no problem with someone who is transgender. That’s your choice. I have a massive problem with people trying to enforce and promote transgender politics (transgenderism) on to the rest of the population, and especially onto children.

          • From my earliest thoughts I can recollect i was always female I’ve never changed although for many brutal years was made to live a mans life. If someone had of told me what was wrong with me at school i could have avoided many years of misery. You don’t suddenly decide your transgender its always there. If you tried to fake it there is no way you could get away with it and why on earth would anyone want to go through all that unless you had to?

  2. This group have been given power by the establishment in order to rub our noses in it. The nastier and weirder, the more our tyrants love it. Roll on the revolution.

  3. You are either male or female and thats it. There are a lot of crazies out there, vanilla is too normal and by being outrageous panders to their narcissitic psyche.

  4. This article is utter hogwash and fails to understand that this isn’t a progressive movement but rather ordinary men women and children who want to deal with their identities and go on to live a normal healthy lives.

    • There is nothing ordinary about people wanting to be what they are not and never can be.

      These people do not want to deal with their identities; they do not accept their identities and they want to dictate new identities to themselves and everyone else.

      They do not go on to lead normal healthy lives.

    • Ordinary? But surely the argument from non-binaries is because they consider themselves to be the opposite of ordinary.

      • I’m not non binary I’m me, a happy loving woman. Your wrong you just don’t know anything about what transgender and transitioning is. If you knew a transgender person you’d think different, hey maybe we could be friends , I’ve got loads you should try it x☺

        • To be honest I don’t really care. People can be what they want to be just as long as they don’t try and shove it down my throat.

      • I do, I live it every day since transition and its marvelous, I’m happy. I lead a normal life you should try instead of being so bitter☺

        • I am happy for you and genuinely wish you the very best. I doubt it was easy and doubtless required great courage. But there can be no denying that people who go through gender reassignment are a very small minority. (I’d Google more if I had time but it’s well well below 1%). That is not a reason to belittle or denigrate or persecute these people. It is, however, a good reason to gain some perspective when class loads of spotty yooves unilaterally declare they are now gender fluid – it is simply not credible. You either have to believe it is an outbreak of mass hysteria, or a more cynical display of teen rebellion, selected to wind up the grown ups who are now (due to PC sensibilities) powerless to call them out. The vast majority will mature into adults and put all this youthful attention seeking behind them.
          Punk is dead, long live gender dysphoria.

  5. I suspect much of this campaigning is not even conducted by the individuals concerned. I have two gay acquaintances, they just want to get on with their lives, they feel that the various campaigns do them far more harm than good. They are occasionally upset by people’s attitude, but take the view that the campaigning makes things worse, not better, for them. I had a coloured colleague at work who was also fed up with the attitudes of people moaning about how coloureds are treated and by people wanting to interfere in his life. It came to a head at work when he failed to get promotion and a Union official made a complaint, without his approval, that it had been refused for racist reasons!

    When I hear an individual making a complaint on his/her/its own behalf, I would be prepared to listen and consider it on its merit

    • A young nephew of mine along with some other boys was laughing at a terrorist-related joke made by a Muslim classmate in the playground. A do-gooder bystander reported them. All were hauled into the head’s office where they were given a dressing down for Islamophobia and offending the bystander.
      The bystander was not a Muslim.
      The Muslim made the joke in the first place.
      The bystander was not even an adult, just another classmate who believed the Muslim child might be upset!

      • I know. I told a joke about two Irish genealogists at a meeting of our family history society and was promptly reprimanded. As far as I know there were no Irish present, and it was an Irish friend who told the joke to me in the first place.

  6. Well, this was predictable. You can only go counter-cultural for so long until you run into road blocks. There truly are individuals who experience some form of confusion about their sexual identity. These people need help – and not from LGBTQ— activists.

    • Exactly what I have been saying at our schools for some years now – one of my daughters sadly fell for this. A group of four girls who had been rejected by the queen bee of the year (the real bully) decided that they would be bisexual so that nobody would dare to be mean to them again. Instead of being allowed to use common sense, school and all the other ‘caring adults’ have to go along with what the girls say, thus exacerbating the problem. Most parents succumb because they are too afraid to refuse to ‘support their child’s choices’.
      We did refuse. Unlike school and the ‘caring adults’, we have our daughter’s long term interests at heart.

      • I should add that I saw where this all may be heading a while ago, but have seen it play out just up the street from me. A 17-year old girl decided she wanted to be a boy. Incidentally, this decision of hers coincided with her family’s adoption of a teenaged girl. This adopted girl spoke very little English and was very different from the daughter (they were kind of like the “Odd couple”, one messy, the other neat). Due to space constraints, the daughter had to share her bedroom with the family’s new addition. Evidently, she wasn’t real happy about that.

        • And our experience is that if you do not succumb, you are labelled bad parents by the authorities. I said I might attend meetings as long as these lovely adults were prepared to recognise and work with my identity as a banana. That’s when they realised the game was up.

          • What a wonderful riposte. There are a very few people for whom there is a real problem and every reason to provide trained and skilled support. This is completely different from some generalised acceptance of any old silliness. All humans crave attention, we are social beings, and tend to jump on any “bandwagon” if it appears to meet our short term interest (often however self defeating it turns out in the long term). This is why we have rules and laws about ages at which we are considered able to make choices. The really odd bit is the way in which this is suspended with each “bandwagon”. Thus we don’t allow child brides because its abusive of a “minor”.

  7. Hope you are right. The future of my grandchildren with these ideologues in charge is too painful to contemplate. These people and Sharia law are the greatest threat to the western world this century.

  8. Let us all hope and pray that you are right. In the meanwhile I shall refuse to recognise this nonsense as anything other than nonsense.

  9. I think the wall has been breached.
    Except for in Canada, which, for reasons which I cannot understand, has become a bizarre, PC, haven.

    • I have a feeling that this reflects the extremely protected nature of Canada. With a small population, huge natural resources, strong demand from a gigantic economy right next to it and protected from any external threats by the US umbrella. It shares many of the features of Norway and the other Scandinavian countries. I suspect the almost complete lack of any “threat” (even the old Quebeque issues died down) allows such societies plenty of space to respond to all sorts of trivia as if its important. I note some of the Baltic states dalliances with the “Scandinavian model” are wobbling as they introduce national service and try to respond to a resurgent Russia.

    • Some of my family have settled in Canada.

      They are simply not interested in politics. I found I knew far more about Canadian politics than most Canadians I meet and I know almost nothing.

      There interest seems to extend to money and nothing else.

  10. The white middle-class “establishment”, “elite”, or whatever, will only be tolerated by moslems until such times as the demography allows. It simply isn’t worth worrying about.
    Mark Thompson, Director- general BBC 2004-2012, in an interview about why the BBC rode roughshod over Christian viewpoints but gave mohammedism an easy ride explained in 2012…

    “Without question, ‘I complain in the strongest possible terms’, is different from, ‘I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK47 as I write’,” he said. “This definitely raises the

    So Salma’s father won’t be raising it with his imam….he’ll take direct action. Of course, the situation won’t arise, because no daughter of his will be educated anyway…..

  11. Interesting that there is so much encouragement towards transgenderism but ‘conversion therapy’ is vehemently opposed by the same political area. A man who wants to be a woman can have an operation and maybe live like a woman and be accepted as such by society. But that person will never know what it is like to be born a female, go through puberty as a female, begin negotiating how to sexually relate to males and make decisions relating to their own fertility and their place in society. When they are older todays students will probably laugh or cry at the opinions they were encouraged to hold about so many things.

    • PS. I meant to add – The transgender issue is just another area where the cultural left is trying to increase the power of the state over the lives of everyone.

  12. It seems to be middle aged transitioners who are driving this in order to use the confusion of children to justify and reinforce their own choices. Choices they desperately need others to validate and reinforce for they know in themselves that it is contrary to nature. All dissenting voices must be eliminated. But the conscience can never be silenced. That is the tragedy of all who live contrary to nature. The testimony of God’s law within them gnaws and gnaws and gnaws. Even if the whole world celebrated them they can never truly be at peace with what they themselves have chosen to become.

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