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One minute to Midnight


‘We are currently living through an interregnum, a tragic historical moment when everything is in flames and everything, like a phoenix, might rise reborn from the ashes . . . the period of regeneration between chaos and post-chaos, the moment of tragedy, when everything is again possible . . . metamorphic in essence, European civilisation has known three distinct ages; Antiquity, the Middle Ages which rose from the ruins of Antiquity, and, beginning in the sixteenth century, a Third Age of expansion, that of “modernity”, which is now coming to an end . . .

‘The interregnum through which we are living is the most crucial and decisive period since the Persian and Punic wars. Either Europeans will unite in self-defence, expel the colonisers and regenerate themselves biologically and morally – or else their civilisation will disappear – for ever . . . [it] will give birth to the Fourth Age of European Civilisation – or else Europe will die, purely and simply. Everything is to be decided in the decisive period now beginning. And [re]birth, if it occurs, will be painful, full of blood and tears – the fuels of history. For our civilisation, the twenty-first century is to be a trial of life or death with no possibility of appeal.’

From Why We Fight – Manifesto of the European Resistance by Guillaume Faye; First English Edition, 2011, Arktos Media Ltd.


THE course of all civilisations is cyclic in nature. Over a period of three to four hundred years, on average, all have returned to a similar common starting point, a point always defined by a darkness of the collective soul and a loss of moral fortitude. It is there and then that an inevitable movement for a return to the old ways of their culture begins to form.

Imagine, if you will, a civilisation’s chronological pendulum completing a vertical ellipse rather than just an arc at the bottom. At the superior apogee, Noon in the cycle, the pendulum almost pauses at a point of stability before beginning its inevitable descent, accelerating slowly at first, even imperceptibly, but ever faster as the gravity of cultural entropy increases its velocity until it arrives at the inferior apogee, Midnight, where then it begins its at first rapid but ever-slowing climb back into the light.

It is there, at Midnight and immediately before and beyond, that chaos rules, and with it comes a time in human affairs that does indeed try men’s souls; a time where dawn remains but a hope beyond an unseen horizon, where the night people are well about and yet to be put to the sword and where is found the formative crucible within which men and women, bound by strength and tradition, gather together and stand firm against the depredations of barbarism.

But such spiritual evolutions are never easy to form or prosecute with certitude, for if they were they would be worthless; thus, nothing is ordained for such warriors on the winds of time other than that the rectitude of their actions will determine both their corporeal and spiritual fates. Those who do elect to stand firm, their physical and metaphysical faces streaked with the blood, sweat and dust of the battle that is roiling about them, will need to possess a depth of courage and conviction that comes only to the truly observant, having been built upon an unassailable foundation of Faith.

Here in the 21st century the cyclic periodicity of our descent into desuetude has rapidly decreased. Resultant from near-instantaneous communications and compounded by the advent of mass air travel permitting physical movement half way around the world in less than a day, time contracts into a collection of brief, transient snapshots. As a consequence, the pace and depth of the collapse has reached a point where the average mind struggles to encompass the enormity of it all even should it wish to do so.

Propaganda, psychological conditioning and false news assault us day after day, a compelling, monotonous fugue that numbs the senses. The voices of these modern Sirens echo around the airwaves and are vicariously repeated and distorted in cyberspace until one’s thinking processes become overloaded. Time to contemplate and analyse even a single aspect of this cacophony is virtually non-existent for people who have to go about their daily lives earning a living and caring for their families, and therefore even the most outrageous calumnies are able to take root and flower.

Another decisive factor is that human affairs have a propensity to accelerate suddenly into chaos at the end of a long period of progressive cultural decline because by then all that it takes is a single trigger, very often a black swan event,  to initiate the final breakdown.

I am of the opinion that we are now rapidly bearing down on that break point (if we have not already reached it) where the madness of tribes will render our current house of cards into a pile of broken dreams whilst the Alphabet People from the Church of Woke continue to call mindlessly for the eradication of what they term ‘heteronormativity’ (I prefer the word ‘normal’ myself) and insist on battering our ears with their endless lamentations following the demise of Saint Floyd of Fentanyl; their spare time is spent arguing amongst themselves as to how many microaggressions can dance on the head of a pseudo-academic pin.

Potentially, these neurotic Harpies will remain as morally and psychologically dangerous as ever but, by the time the breakdown is complete and the rebirth begins, they will have been reduced to nothing more than small enclaves of pathetic detritus scattered across the final battlefield.

Elsewhere, a far from insignificant minority addicted to indolent lives courtesy of ‘benefits’ exist amongst us in fragile bubbles that will be the first to shatter as the financial norms that support their lifestyle fade into obscurity. As they will soon thereafter founder in a fragmenting world demanding of them never-before-experienced hard work and self-sufficiency, they will probably resort to banditry.

When we look down into those seething urban cesspits, the occupied territories whence criminality, atrocity and gratuitous violence spread like wildfire, we see the festering results of a policy of permitting, indeed encouraging, predators to put down deep roots within the borders of relatively stable and, yes, far more advanced societies that, in their affluent weakness, have become little more than low-hanging fruit ripe for the picking.

So, in summation, this moment approaching us will present a difficult and exceedingly dangerous time and set of circumstances for everyone to deal with. Each man and woman will have to make a rapid decision as to where they will stand and whom they will stand with.

If they choose not to, or have left it too late and have no personal fall-back position or do not belong to an organised support group, they must accept whatever fate is decided for them by others. See the 1991-1999 Balkan conflict for examples.

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Brother Antony
Brother Antony
Brother Antony is a retired British and Commonwealth military officer. He is a widower with a grown-up family scattered to the winds and is a serving Brother of a small, closed Christian Military Order in the USA. He writes because he is no longer allowed a sword, but is yet to be fully convinced that the pen is mightier. Old habits do die hard.

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