Martin Luther King fought for and won equal rights in the sixties. Nelson Mandela won equal rights in South Africa in the nineties. In the UK in the 2010s the battle for equal rights has gone into reverse.

The Blair/Brown administration was bookended by two of the worst pieces of legislation this country has ever seen: the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equalities Act 2010.

One of the worst features of the Equalities Act is that it allows so-called ‘affirmative action’ or positive discrimination in some cases. It is not required but it is allowed, and allows employers to create paid training positions targeted at groups with protected characteristics if they are under-represented in the workforce. There has recently been a spate of cases involving the BBC where training places have been offered to black and non-white minority ethnic groups.

The latest development is for such a scheme to be offered in the heart of government in Westminster in conjunction with Operation Black Vote. This organisation is best known for a race-baiting advertisement featured during  the EU Referendum campaign portraying a dignified elderly Indian lady sitting on a see-saw opposite a white skinhead hulk angrily pointing his finger. The message is clear: white people are aggressive, violent and problematic.

A circular from Operation Black Vote perpetuates the victim narrative by staking the claim of systematic and institutionalised racism and sexism.

‘A more representative Parliament would see approximately 60 BME MPs of which half would be women. This level of systematic under-representation means that people from BME communities, by design or default, feel that there is little or no place for BME communities to have a clear and just voice. OBV is trying to change this.’

In fact, there are 52 BME MPS: hardly a systematic under-representation, numbers are increasing all the time and are entirely representative of the over-18 population where there is a much lower proportion of BMEs than among under-18s. This calls into question the legality of the scheme as BMEs are not actually under-represented in Parliament with regard to the adult population.

In a rare fit of common sense, even the Labour education spokesman Angela Rayner spoke recently about the poor educational attainment of white working-class people, yet there are no schemes in place to assist them to climb out of their situation. OBV went on the rampage against her, their status at the top of the victimhood tree threatened by another much larger group which should be just as eligible for assistance as the non-whites promoted by OBV as the group with the most victim points and needing the most help from the state.

True diversity is a diversity of thought and skills rather than of appearance. This kind of diversity is grossly under-represented. The public institutions perpetuate oppressor-victim narratives based upon physical characteristics, while simultaneously homogenising thought.

Many of the white working class are proud and patriotic. They voted in large numbers for Brexit, and they reject the politically correct nonsense of the BBC and the vast majority of Parliamentarians. Heaven forbid that they, with their different opinions, should be helped through the gates!

Indeed, the Left rails against the one thing which would help social mobility more than anything else: grammar schools. These fine institutions, ravaged by Labour in the sixties and seventies, still survive in 26 out of 151 local education authority areas in England. They open up the possibility of an excellent academic education for all regardless of background and characteristics, provided that a child has an academic aptitude.

They are often criticised for being the preserve of middle-class families who can coach their children to go to them. This is because there are so few. If they existed all over the country and supply met demand, far more children could attend who are not unfairly excluded from this opportunity because they are not from a family wealthy enough to move to Kingston upon Thames or other areas which have a grammar school system.

The great contemporary philosopher Thomas Sowell suggests that affirmative action is actually counter-productive, the reason being that ethnic-minority people who take up such schemes are already the privileged of their class. In order to fill quotas, organisations offering such discriminatory schemes will play it safe and take on BME people who are middle-class and highly educated, thus accelerating people from the class who already have a privileged background. The chance of someone from an underprivileged background being taken on by, or even applying to, the scheme is disproportionately lower.

Such schemes are likely to attract BMEs from wealthy or well-educated backgrounds such as Indian and Chinese applicants who already have high aspirations to work in a high-level job and would get there under their own steam, rather than those of low academic attainment and aspiration.

It is much easier for the BBC to create a scheme for wealthy BME people and virtue-signal about it than to do the immensely hard work of adapting to the culture of the white working class who really need it.

Chuka Umunna and others said they were going on a tour around the country after Brexit to try to understand why so many people voted for Brexit and rejected their political worldview of diversity, equality and inclusion.

It seems they have learned nothing.


  1. “Chuka Umunna and others said they were going on a tour around the country after Brexit to try to understand why so many people voted for Brexit and rejected their political worldview of diversity, equality and inclusion.

    It seems they have learned nothing.”

    It may be a bit of an exaggeration to say that they have learned nothing from their tour, but it would almost certainly be true to say that they will not have permitted any feedback or observations from the tour to unsettle their existing worldviews, which in their intellectually limited, adolescent-level minds are carved in tablets of stone, and are thus outside the scope of reservation or doubt. Their political outlook is not held as the best-fit conclusion of their lifelong observations and reasoning, it is held as if it is a religion, with a God-figure looking over their shoulders ready to send them to Hell should they say/do/think anything which could be considered to be backsliding or incompatible with the Faith.

    • They see what they want to see. I live in Rural East Anglia, and our migrant invasion family runs the village shop (cliche !). I think the Remainers think it’s all like this in the UK. It’s not, and it’s obviously not.

  2. “A more representative Parliament would see approximately 60 BME MPs of which half would be women…”

    Thirty two-fers like Diane Abbott, do they mean?

    • Interestingly enough, the Tory ethnics in the Commons are overwhelmingly able
      moral & intelligent.
      That cannot be said for the Labour lot.
      I hope all Conservatives realise that as things stand Diane Abbott will be our next
      Home Secretary.

      • Who is that other one (with very shiny lipstick) who sits near Corbyn? I have never heard her speak a word of sense.
        I wish Dia Chakavarty would get elected to Parliament; that is my kind of ethnic.

  3. We need to stop the identity politics of race. That means stop measuring race and making it a ‘thing’. ConWom’s Rev. Jules Gomes pointed out the wrongness of this many months ago. All that matters is culture and “the content of their character”.

    When the right complain of “white” boys under performing they think they are being fair. In fact all they do is further the Lefts agenda by widening the racial divide even further “weaponising” race. The Left want this.

    If the Right retaliate using race then all we do is legitimise the Lefts tactics. You play into their hands.

  4. I have often wondered how BME’s actually feel about being chosen because of their ‘protected characteristics’ which they were, after all. born with. Fancy being chosen for a position without emphasis on your education and training. I have read here, on TCW how women feel about being given a ‘leg up’ because of their gender, but do the BME’s have a similar dislike for this ‘positive discrimination’? Or do they relish the situation and abuse it?

    • Say, for instance, that the whole identity issue was flipped on its head and, suddenly, white, British, heterosexual males became the new minority in fashion. I’d always be wondering, on gaining a position, whether I got that because of this new minority status or through merit. I’d be very surprised indeed if many of today’s so called minorities in authority don’t think the same thing. Did I get the job because of my skin colour, etc? Mmmmm…..

    • It depends on how much they are manipulated by the anti white propaganda and to what extent they benefit from it. When these two conditions are high, then they will exploit it as much as they can as that is human nature.

    • It’s a simple case of those who practice in-group preference, with no silly sentimental hang ups about equality, fairness or even rights, versus those who seem to think they owe everyone,because they are told they do or they face the hysterical Nazi accusations. Guess who will win the day.

  5. Unfortunately Operation Black Vote is completely legal as under the Equalities Act, certain races have ‘protected characteristics’ and can be treated equally by giving minorities more rights than the majority.

    Chukka Umma certainly did learn a lot from his meet the people charade. I don’t have the link but in the Guardian he said how afraid he was of the voters that for some unknown reason despise him, so he has called for more restrictions of access from the public citing Jo Cox. Not exactly representation of the people. What else would we expect from a tyranny that discriminates against the people that provides consent by saying it’s doing exactly the opposite?

    • But its like the EU Referendum – as long as said minorities vote the “right” way, then that fulfils the narrative.

      However, if they dare to vote the “wrong” way………..

      • The way they turn on their proxy minorities is equally terrifying and funny, as its clear that they are a real threat to the agenda.

        It will be interesting to see what nonsense comes out of Davos to counter act their loss of the narrative. Obviously there will be no conspiracy and all the meetings will be minuted and open to public access.

  6. Anti-white, social engineering, appalling patronisation of women and BAME groups.
    We have a system, built over centuries, we have or should have a set of laws that all must and should abide by, without fear or favour, regardless of race/religion and whatever gender they are at that given time! Once you start giving special status, making special cases for one set of people, then what do you expect other people to think?

    No one regardless of race, religion or shoe size is excluded from anything. Everyone has access to education, and health, and the rest is up to the individual.
    So what’s this really all about?

  7. Anyone from the planet Mars tuning in to British television adverts would conclude that this country is 95% BME anyway…..

    • And all white husbands are overweight, wear chunky jumpers, and have an IQ 30% below what it was when they were single and 60% below any female.

  8. The legality question is irrelevant. We should all know by now that enforcement of the law is a take-it-or-leave-it option at the discretion of the police/CPS, which are of course both massively politicised. Some laws are enforced, some are ignored. Some are only enforced in certain circumstances, and only against certain people/groups. Indeed in some cases, that was always the intention of the lawmakers from the outset; they just pretended to be neutral while everyone knew exactly who the laws were really aimed at. Cherry picking is the order of the day, and some cherries are clearly far more equal than others.

    • This is how the law is enacted in shothole countries. We have now followed suit. Superficially the law court in Harare is like those of London.

    • Cultural tradition is no excuse for breaking British laws, says Damian Green.
      “….must receive a completely clear and unequivocal message that the law in this country applies to absolutely everyone, he added. “If you come and live in 21st-century Britain then you obey the laws and observe the conventions of 21st-century Britain.”
      Absolutely everyone? Really? Not quite. You see there are exceptions made for certain groups. Not everyone has to wear a safety helmet when riding a motorbike, and not all animals are stunned prior to slaughter. This later exception is totally abused these days as the amount of meat produced this way must greatly exceed the number of people requiring it.
      For example – most hospitals, most schools, most prisons etc.
      I myself would prefer English law to apply to everyone.
      (ps I’m sure there is no such thing actually as ‘British law’. It’s surely English Law and Scottish Law? However I stand to be corrected.)

  9. “Many of the white working class are proud and patriotic. They voted in large numbers for Brexit, and they reject the politically correct nonsense of the BBC and the vast majority of Parliamentarians.”….the truth of that 1st sentence is not somehow proven by the second, and the implication of your choice of words is an utter disgrace.

  10. I was just reading that Labour are charging for a meeting – admission £40 for whites and £30 for BEM’s. I don’t know how true it is, but if it is, it should be on every news channel.

        • The situation in the UK shows itself simplified in Melbourne. A senior police officer was chased through his own here streets recently. An American surgeon suffered horrific facial injuries. Melbourne used to be a relaxed delightful place to meander around in, not anymore. You can receive life threatening injuries on your way back from the cricket. One Jo Cox type introduced the pests and the harmony is changed for ever. Interesting to see how this plays but London has multiple layers of this problem.

          • I think London segments itself as a miniature version of the rest of the country. The people in the nice bits don’t visit the bits Trump would accurately describe as sh*tholes.

    • Shockingly, it is true and, more surprisingly, reported on the BBC. The Tory MP, Andrew Bridgen, complained about it and authorities are investigating. Whether anything will come of it, I doubt it. It all depends on whether Labour members don’t mind being mugged by their party.

    • Yes it is true. Broken by Guido two days ago. Labour said they wanted to encourage people from poorer backgrounds to turn up!!!!!! They have no shame

  11. I find the idea of a Black Police Officers’ Association troubling & obviously racist.
    We all remember its most notorious member, a muslim Pakistani, about as black
    as Enoch Powell, who ended up in prison after years of bullying & corruption.

    • I was so sad to hear this news. I voted for David in the leadership contest. He is charming, honest and a real fighter for society. His education policies for UKIP were sound and sensible and above all he had a real command of the space around him. I was upset he didn’t win the leadership. We would be in a better place today if he had.

      • We would indeed. Let’s wait for the EGM (to which I’ll attend, if I can) and see what happens. Though Farage stated that Bolton has some good ideas for reform of the NEC and getting through to the members, I don’t believe that. We members have heard barely a whisper from Bolton since he became leader and the public, worst of all, nothing – many of the latter hadn’t even heard of Bolton until this recent scandal.
        Bolton needs to go for the good of the party and then, we hope, the membership will wisen up and vote in Kurten. We need energy and unity. UKIP are necessary but they must be united.

        • Yes I agree. We need to wait for the EGM. I also will attend if possible. Henry Bolton was indeed a ‘bolt’ out of the blue and I believe will be voted out. The NEC certainly needs a kick up the butt, and I do not be.ieve there is a need for a leadership election. Every member should receive a letter or email stating the leadership wil” be offered to David Kurten as he was the next most popular candidate who is still in the Party and should we disagree we must let the Party Chairman know within seven days.

          I suspect most people will be happy for David to take the helm at least until we get through the May elections. The biggest problem UKIP will face if Bolton stands down and the NEC faff over a leadership election. Aaron Banks and Nigel May then decide to run with their new movement. Should this happen I suspect the majority of kippers will stop their membership and follow Nigel. UKIP will then fold. Will David follow Nigel. Will the other officers who have stood down follow him too????

  12. I despise the quota system and so should many from these so called minority groups. I find it strange that they wouldn’t find it insulting to get a job or a place on a course not based on merit but on the colour of their skin, their sex and/or sexuality. There’s something twisted about that. Meritocracy, of course, is sold by lip service from our government but they, just like their lefty opposition, insist on pointing out minority representation any chance they get. As long as the Conservatives or Labour reign supreme, expect meritocracy to be obliterated.
    With regards BME representation in parliament, are OBV seriously saying that a white MP would not serve the interests of all constituents based on their skin colour? Are they saying that MPs such as David Lammy and Kwasi Kwarteng are needed because their skin colour determines that they will serve BME constituents fairer than a white MP? That’s crazy talk and, in fact, quite racist.
    OBV are a pointless movement, only there to sow the seeds of division. That parliament or the media in general can’t (or probably, more accurately, doesn’t want to) see that is beyond me.

    • “OBV are a pointless movement, only there to sow the seeds of division”

      Just like Kick It Out in football – stirring the racial pot.

      • I noticed, when Cyrille Regis died recently, that the BBC did a whole feature not on his football (God forbid that they might mention his talent on the pitch) but on his race and his work for Kick It Out.
        That they don’t see it as incredibly racist to point out his skin colour over his characteristics and talent as a footballer is beyond me.

        • Interestingly, I saw from his obituaries that he had been awarded a gong.
          A while back, there was another retired footballer (involved in Kick It Out) who was offered one and declined, mumbling stuff about the “evils of the Empire” and what the medal represented. Can’t think of his name though.

          • The ghastly Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was only too happy to take one, until a few years later, Joseph Zephania received a great deal of publicity when he made public that he’d been offered one, but turned it down, ‘cos it was from a British Empire.

            Within days, Alibhai-Brown was hawking her story round the media of having just returned hers for the same reason.


          • Alibhai-Brown was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), and it was, indeed, “for services to journalism.” It is simply incredible, is it not?
            She is also a self-confessed anti-white racist.

        • It’s called inverted racism. For example when I told an Iranian lodger to find somewhere else to live after I caught him using a local horizontal sex worker in his bedroom, my ex and a friend who ran his language school accused me of racism ‘because he is coloured’. But he wasn’t ‘coloured’ and was as white as myself. Because they knew he was Iranian, they had conditioned themselves into thinking he was brown. Also, the fact that I had plenty of other Iranian friends, who supported me and asked me round for dinner, counted for nothing. This is how the BBC think. The first thing they saw was that Cyril was black and this footballing skills were forgotten.

    • I believe that racism in this country is now at an all time high. I think it is because some very unintelligent people have been taken in by self serving campaigners and lobbyists. The racism is against white Christians, Jewish and minorities who choose to work and create a life in this country. We are now slowly beginning to hear about ‘white flight’. Many are leaving London and the big cities for life in the country. Many are leaving the UK altogether. This is another discussion being shut down. It will explode soon.

      Anyone who truly loves the diversity of mind, opinion and aspiration will not even consider skin colour. Great Britain has had many ethnicities come and live here from their empire days and it seems to me that many of those second and third generation children do very well if they can escape the small conclaves of inner cities run by labour councils. Labour have been the biggest single factor in creating the downturn of integration by willingly talking down this country. We only have to look at the lack of diversity within the labour movement. Their anti semitism, their labelling of white supremacists, their vile treatment of any black person who joins the Conservative party, all shows their inate dislike of anyone they cannot control and suppress. The irony now is they are themselves being taken over by even bigger racists and bullies.

      • Very good comment. I don’t know where to start.
        My birth constituency (Rochdale) was a thriving market town when I was growing up. I left when I was 10 and only returned recently (to see my mum who has cancer). I could not believe how quiet it was. Where when I was young it was thriving, today it’s like a ghost town. Shops boarded up, market gone, pubs closed, and only a few people milling about. Over the years, Labour have run their council and constituency and have allowed it to fall into dereliction from which, I believe, they will never recover. Labour rely heavily on the minority (actually, in Rochdale, it’s probably a majority now) vote and that, along with the fact that set-in-their-ways Northerners don’t tend to change their mind too often, is one of the reasons why Labour always get in. That and the myth that all the degradation is caused by the ‘evil Tories and their cuts.’ People I met there told me they don’t shop in Rochdale anymore, preferring instead to shop in Manchester or neighbouring Bury. The town, little by little, is turning into a third world ghetto and Labour are allowing it to happen. I don’t imagine that Rochdale is the only place – last night’s very heavily biased Panorama showed Blackburn to be suffering a similar fate (Blackburn, incidentally and not surprisingly, has been Labour led since 1945). Racial tensions are stoked in many of these places by a Labour Party which doesn’t appear to care one jot about the indigenous population or what they are doing to their homes.
        To be honest, I don’t care that Labour are being taken over by Momentum. Maybe that massive swing to the left is what is needed for voters in these Northern constituencies to open their eyes to what Labour have done.

          • Which also, incidentally, has a Labour problem – apart from a couple of liberals, it’s had a sitting Labour MP since 1918. How people don’t see the damage Labour have done in these areas is beyond me. Oh yes, they can blame the Tories but the war chest for those constituencies belongs to Labour and if they’re not spending enough, that’s their fault.

  13. If the laws of the land are designed deliberately to be at variance with decency, honesty, common sense. If the laws are fashioned to be; imbalanced unjust, then the law becomes an ass and will be increasingly ridiculed and openly flouted.

    Thus does, the state then seeks to protect itself in ever more authoritarian methods, terrorism provides the perfect pretext and who was it who changed the laws and invited in the unwanted – in the first place?

    Malice aforethought oh yes, indeed it was.

    • The Equality Act itself is not un just. Its the application. One of the first to fall foul of it was in fact the Labour Party when they instituted all women sort lists. So in order to do this they had to pass a special law suspending the Act to allow political parties (and only them) to have such direct discrimination as all women lists. Conservatives need to know and use the law otherwise it becomes a one way traffic.

      • If other parties could rub it into those constituency voters regarding Labour’s policy of all women shortlists (and, from what I heard today, including ‘trans women’ – or what I like to call men), Labour could have a real problem come the next election. They can’t talk about elevating the poorest in our country when meritocracy doesn’t even come into it.

  14. In the Peterson/Newman interview, which was very enjoyable, he made the point that the reason for the lack of success of women in ceryain areas could be explained by ‘multivariate analysis’. In other words people can be analysed into other categories than male/female and this may explain their failure to get to the top in politics or business. The same may occur with racial differences.

    To get an idea of the over simplistic intentions and effect of the equality industry, have a look at the Kings College BME page. Apparently, whites (should this not be pinks) are only split into two divisions, one being Travellers. Chinese are only Chinese but Asians can be a number of groups. Blacks range with an undefined cut off point. It seems rather like the apartheid system.

    Now we all know people who may be black, a bit black, brown, brownish, back off holiday, light tan, or have features which may indicate their family tree may be from across the Channel. My Indian friends seem to forget they are Indian and sometimes I (whitey) have to remind them to say ‘of colour’ instead of ‘coloured’ or to stop saying things about Pakistanis, much to everyone’s amusement. Various black or blackish colleagues have let it be known that they have a racist attitude to colour too. Africans rate lighter as better and go to the trouble of lightening themselves with creams and straightening their hair. Has anyone noticed Diane Abbott committing the crime of racial appropriation by ironing hers?

    So, this BME categorisation results in people, who are actually totally different from each other and racist themselves being chosen for jobs because of appearance. I can think of no greater insult.

  15. This type of racism is cropping up every where, I note today that Labour are being challenged by a Tory MP over a decision to offer lower priced conference tickets to BAME. The BBC and other media outlets regularly recruit via Creative Access, which is pleased to carry the proviso on their job applications ‘whites need not apply’. The culture of positive discrimination has become rife and although often blatantly illegal usually goes unchallenged.
    Aggressive equality policies have actually created divisions and increased racial tensions. These tensions exist on both sides of the divide, driven by the left’s determination to identify all BAME as victims and all white people as intolerant bigots. Last night’s BBC Panorama perpetuated this ideology, ‘White Fright: Divided Britain’, of course focused upon the concerns of growing Asian communities and ignored those of white people who see their local environments changed beyond recognition. The onus is always placed upon the indigenous, predominantly white, population to be more accepting and welcoming and never upon a disinclination of many in BAME/migrant communities to integrate. We are told their cultural practices must be respected to the detriment of our own and that, as protected groups, any criticism of their (sometimes illegal) practices is potentially punishable under dubious hate crime legislation.
    True equality can never be achieved whilst focus upon skin colour/ethnicity predetermines preferential treatment in any walk of life. It is time we celebrated diversity of opinion, creative thinking, aspiration and meritocracy instead of yielding to the narrow World view of the true bigots on the ideological left.

    • ” although often blatantly illegal usually goes unchallenged.” Partly because people presume wrongly that the Equality Act is for women or black people etc. It isn’t and the Tories could do with putting some money into ensuring White people, men etc. also know its applies to protect them from direct and indirect discrimination.

  16. I suspect the number of BMEs on the BBC is actually in excess of their representation in the population from the evasive answers to questions on the subject.

    It’s not difficult. Suppose, for example, you want more Sikh Police Officers. What should you do ?

    Well, you can have Police Officers going into schools and communities where there are larger Sikh communities, of all races/religions to encourage young people to consider it as a career, you can set up market stalls. You could encourage Special Constables. You could have a contact person for young Sikhs to talk to about becoming a copper. I don’t have a problem with that.

    What you don’t do is change the criteria/judgement for entrance, which is what happens with quotas, extra points for BME and all these schemes.

    • Indeed. In fact Quotas are illegal in all employment except MPs there had to be a special act of parliament to allow Parties to have “All women” selection lists. However given that public bodies have “targets” they soon drift from positive action to discrimination, which only gets picked up if those affected know their rights. The Tories should put money into making sure men and white people know their rights too.

  17. A fascinating encounter on Twitter with the racist anti-racists of the Laura Pidcock crowd. “Know your place,” and back the white MP for the place where you grew up and have lived most of your life, even if she herself had never set eyes on it this time last year. At best, black people can be the MPs for heavily black areas. But mixed-race people are as baffling and distressing as we were to Hilary Armstrong, who simply could not grasp how we could have existed at all.

  18. Of course if parliament was truly representative then there would have been approximately 70 UKIP MPs in 2015 parliament.

    • Which would have been good. Cameron might have been able to shout down the lunacy of the hippy opposite but he’d have struggled against the withering ferocity of Farage. Hence why he was always scared of debating him.

  19. So why do we have ‘the Black Police Officers Association’ with a plainly ‘racist’ membership criteria but no ‘White Police Officers Association’ with similar ‘racist’ membership criteria ?
    You can’t have one without allowing the other. That would be Racist.

  20. The bigotry of low expectation. They are usually the most racist, sexist, bigoted and hateful bunch but they then project that onto their opponents. Rules for radicals 101.

  21. Take a look at the composition of the BBC’s Board and Executive Management. The BBC’s application of ethnic quotas is for we plebs much lower down the food chain, not for the executives.

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