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Our readers are an exception to the Covid collaborators


I AM afraid that my tirade about the Government’s decision to keep schools closed, a ‘Covid terrorism’ which I argued the baby boomer generation’s selfish safetyism has fed, unleashed a volley of outrage.

Angry responses have flooded in, both below the line and into our TCW mailbox, to my assertion that boomers were fuelling this thirst for lockdowns. 

A notable comment came from Tuke56, who said: ‘I rather resent the implication that because I am of the Boomer generation I am selfish and happy to go along with this total nonsense. Quite the reverse: it makes me seethe. I may not be salaried but I have a small business that has been severely hampered and I also have two young adult children trying to find their way in the world.’

Lesley Braysher pointed out that at 68 she supposed she was a boomer but had ‘opposed the lockdowns and the ridiculous rules that they have engendered from the beginning’ adding: ‘Please don’t join in with this mendacious government’s attempts to set us against one another – we must all stand together or be destroyed one by one.’

Jan suggested I spend a day in her shoes:

‘It only needs a day because every day has been Groundhog Day since March 2020. I know so many healthy boomers, like me, who are slowly going out of their minds. Those who are “vulnerable” are deteriorating so quickly both mentally and physically. I know many people who spent Christmas Day alone because their CHILDREN deemed it unsafe. Solitary confinement is the epitome of the cure being worse than the disease. The battle lines are drawn politically. There is growing evidence that independent thinkers challenging this disastrous situation, manipulated by China, are in fact the boomers that Laura is so quick to criticise. There is so much bad science about with MSM and big tech silencing the conversation. Masks do not work, lockdowns do not work. This was a pandemic that is now a casedemic being driven by tests which are not fit for purpose and statistics being manipulated for political reasons.’

This from an email send to me personally:

‘Having watched the podcasts with James Delingpole, I thought to send you a note of thanks for speaking up against the weak specimens that have stumbled across too much power, and are abusing it .  . . Then I read your article on the boomers being the main cause of the current problem. You may not have used those words exactly, but I am paraphrasing.  My point is I was born in 1953, so I presume that makes me a boomer. I have never worn a face nappy, and I do go shopping. I will shake hands with people, and if they’re really special they might get a hug, but I have to think if they are young would they want to hug an old git like me. I go out to work as I need to work for income and sanity. I don’t wear a muzzle anywhere. If people don’t want me around unless I do, they need to find someone else to fix their heating. I talk to a fair few people of all ages, and most of them have similar opinions, but they may wear muzzles for shopping as they think it’s “the law”. I let them know it’s not, and there is a government page saying why you don’t need to wear a muzzle, and some examples as to why you are exempt. 

‘The thing is, there are sheep of all ages, and they make up the majority. They may consider I’m a disease spreading nutcase but, scientifically speaking, they are wrong.’

We replied as soon as we could to the emails and this was part of the response from one reader:

‘I do understand Laura’s frustration with the alarming safetyism that has been expressed by many, though I have found this attitude across generations, not just in ours. The most troubling aspect of this crisis has been the way it has highlighted how powerful government propaganda can be when used against a population in which it appears far too many people are willing to trust what the government and mainstream media tells us, without questioning, reading and researching to find alternative narratives that better equip us to understand what is being done to us and to challenge what we are being told.  I wonder whether as many people as it appears really do accept the government’s narrative, or whether they are really deeply conflicted, but are avoiding facing up to their misgivings because they have been manipulated into thinking that their anxieties must imply that they are selfish and uncaring.

‘Throughout this nightmare, I have realised how fortunate I am to have had parents who taught me to think for myself, and never to blindly follow the crowd. I remember at the time of the Iraq War, my late father, greatly distressed by the government’s actions, wrote a poem, in which he asked repeatedly, “Where is the rage?”  This is how I feel amidst this crisis. The government is inflicting the most appalling and long-lasting damage to our country – and in particular to our children and grandchildren’s generations – yet so many people just seem to shrug and say, “Oh well, we’ve just got to put up with it until the vaccine comes.” This is the kind of passivity that really makes me despair.

‘Thank you for respecting the points I made in my email.  Believe me, I do understand your and Laura’s anger and despair at what is happening to us, and I very much share it. I appreciate the courage you and your writers have shown in calling out the evils of what is being done to us.’

To those who took my criticism as a blanket condemnation, I apologise for this unintended offence. In my defence I did point out in the piece that of course not all baby boomers are responsible for this disastrous lockdown policy, and clearly our TCW readers have been opposing this lockdown every day. However, I do worry that our readers are the exception. The fact is that, outside families with school-age children and some psychiatrists, I have not heard any outcry about the crime of closing schools and depriving children of their education which, however good or bad, is what we pay our taxes for and should be a fundamental right. 

Of course I accept that it is the government and the media that are to blame for our current predicament, and as I have pointed out on these pages and on Twitter day in and day out, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock will be the first to come before the Covid Crimes Tribunal. 

There are willing collaborators in every generation. I only hope they wake up before it is too late. 

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