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Our vaccine rebuttal competition – Honourable mentions, Part 2


MORE of the terrific entries for our competition for the best way to deal with the question ‘Have you had the jab yet?’ or the follow-up, ‘You ought to.’ (You can see yesterday’s selection here). There will be further choices tomorrow, with the runners-up and champagne winner being announced on Bank Holiday Monday. One or two of the entries have been slightly shortened.

Bob Davies

My first friend in life at the village primary school was a little lad I will call Sam. His mother was a nurse and took a drug to stop morning sickness. As a result, Sam had no fingers or toes and the only way he could really get around was on a tiny tricycle. Thalidomide introduced in Germany in 1957 was finally taken off the market in 1961. The tragedy inflicted upon Sam and his family leaves one speechless. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) yellow card scheme was subsequently introduced to try to ensure drug side effects are identified quicker. 

As of the 5th May, 781,395 yellow card adverse reactions have been reported to MHRA. This now means the current rate of people suffering a serious adverse reaction stands at 1 in every 166 people. But it’s important to remember that this rate only accounts for the adverse reactions that are actually reported, which is estimated to be between just 1 per cent to 10 per cent, meaning the actual rate of adverse reactions occurring is significantly higher.

Eight deaths have been reported from blood disorders, 147 from cardiac disorders, 29 cerebral haemorrhage deaths. 188 blinded.

The MHRA advise that people under 40 should not to have the AZ vaccine. Clearly they admit concerns regarding its safety.

Statistically it seems far more likely that young healthy people, and those who have already had the virus, many without even realising it, are far better off without the vaccine.

The Nuremberg code enshrined our right to choose. We must respect that.

Jonathan Wynne Evans 

The answer depends on who it is saying it and what it is they are saying.

To the elderly parents of my wife I will simply refuse to discuss the matter, and if they won’t see me unless I am vaccinated I will live with that, with regret, because they are lovely. I would take the same line with anyone who I judge to be vulnerable and really frightened.

To anyone else I say: This global outrage relies as much on the ignorance and fear of people who prefer to ignore the many facts that are now available to those who will engage with them as to the greed and self-serving evil of the perpetrators. If you wish to give comfort to criminals that is a matter for you, and if you prefer not to risk contact with those who don’t that is something I must, and will, live with. Until I was 70 I always wondered how it was the German nation shut their eyes to the Nazi horrors. The Virus Fraud has been a rude awakening. I hope we are all here in the new 1945, when it comes, in renewed humanity.

Paul Weaver

I love thinking about words, grammar and meaning. So if I were to be told by someone that I ‘ought’ to get vaccinated against Covid-19, I would first stop to ponder what they even meant by the word ‘ought’.

Perhaps by ‘ought’ they mean that it would be in my best interests to be vaccinated. However, I’ve been following the statistics throughout this whole episode, and I’m just not convinced that my risk of hospitalisation from Covid-19 is high enough to warrant enrolling in a drug trial. I’m very happy for them to feel otherwise, but nothing has proved compelling enough to justify the use of the word ‘ought’ to me.

Perhaps by ‘ought’ they mean that I have a (social) contractual duty to get vaccinated. I’m not going to find that very compelling either. As far as I’m concerned, my civic duty is to act within the law, and in anything else I am a citizen free to choose to act how I would like. Of course, in most things I want to go above and beyond my duty – to be a valued and useful member of society – but this is not a baseline expectation.

So, perhaps by ‘ought’ they simply mean that getting vaccinated is simply what people expect me to do. But why do they think this? Most people probably won’t have spent as long weighing and debating the risks as I have. I expect a combination of shrewd government messaging and abuse of the availability heuristic has conditioned them to think this way automatically. I’m just not in the habit of outsourcing my risk assessments to other people who may not have my best interests at heart.

But that’s really what it all boils down to, isn’t it? Whether you believe that those with power over you have your best interests at heart. Perhaps we all ‘ought’ to spend a bit more time thinking about that.

Veronica Richards 

What vaccine? – ohhh, you mean the experimental Emergency Use only gene-based inoculation that won’t have gone through its safety trials until 2023 – and judging by the thousands of serious adverse effects including numerous deaths  listed on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System won’t make the grade when the date comes. When I say adverse effects I’m not referring solely to the AstraZeneca jab, all the shots being used in this country have caused deaths since they all give rise to dangerous spike proteins. Much to the alarm of ethical doctors and epidemiologists who are not being allowed a voice on the main media. Awful, don’t you think, when the news that the mass of the public hear is being extraordinarily censored? However thankfully you’ve survived. (thinks to self: so far). But you must be worried that Covid inoculations don’t work – else why be concerned what choices I make?

Or simply: ‘Oh, you’re worried they don’t work then.’

Iain Clark 

There’s a short and very simple response to being told you must be vaccinated: if the vaccines work then vaccinated people need have no fear of unvaccinated people.

If they don’t work then it’s immaterial whether anyone has had it or not.

Michael Belkin

Our band wrote and recorded an edgy rock song on this subject, Vaccine Gestapo.

Lyrics excerpt: ‘Can we see your papers, have you had all your shots? Your papers please, your papers please, have you had all your shots? Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo’

Free streaming link to hear the song.

Music video Vaccine Gestapo

Full lyrics

They’ve got swastikas on their shoulders
They’re such patriotic soldiers
They’re like a militia in Montana
But they’re a government agency in Atlanta

Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo

They’re a medical military priesthood
Just like Adolf – they preach the greater good
Conscientious objectors are just little snots
Why don’t you quit complaining and go get your shots

Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo

Can we see your papers
have you had all your shots?
Your papers please, your papers please
have you had all your shots?

They got a one track mind of domination
They say vaccines are your obligation   
If a bad reaction turns you into a vegetable
They’ll sneer and say you are expendable

Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo Vaccine Gestapo

Roy Westerby 

I don’t believe that I have any moral obligation, or that I am being selfish, to refuse a ‘vaccine’ against a risk which I consider to be very low for me and the greater population.   

I have no objection to you accepting the ‘vaccine’ if that is your wish. I think that you are very brave and altruistic to risk your own health if you believe it is for the sake of others.  

Kevin Wilson 

I’m interested in the world and the welfare of others, and especially my younger family members, now more so as there’s a cult fomenting to encourage their unnecessary vaccination adding to their woes. Remember that cults seduce you by:

1.    Picking the right target – the stressed and vulnerable, the health compromised, the economically weak, and now it’s the young.

2.    They ‘love bomb’ you with flattery and nice things – you can see friends, granny, play sport, go to the pub, or holiday if you just take the jab.

3.    They isolate you from information, friends and family – socially distance, wear a mask, track and trace, self-isolate, stay home, censor and attack alternative sources of information.

4.    They keep control by subjecting you to terror and love by doing all of the above repeatedly.

My plea to all is join a community of like-minded people, read widely and ‘if in doubt do nowt!’

Tracy Jones

I do have a couple. Well, three actually.

‘Why are you interested in whether I have had it or not? Tell me, is it because my answer will allow you to make a judgement call upon me? That if I haven’t I am a bad person, if I have I am ok? I refuse to play that game. I prefer to associate with people because I like them, because of who they are and not because of any medical interventions they have had. So forgive me but you will have to decide for yourself whether you want to associate with me or not, but I am not going to allow you to judge on the basis of my health status.’

‘No, I have not had the vaccine, but you have known me for a while and you have no idea what my HIV status is but you never asked me about that – have you had it checked recently, by the way?’

‘No, I haven’t yet as I am a bit of a coward and worried about the long-term side effects of an experimental therapy, so can I just say thank you for being so brave and allowing yourself to be the guinea pig for the rest of us, thank you so much.’

Vicky Singh 

If I die from a natural disease, it is the will of God.

If I die from an experimental injection, it is the work of the devil.

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