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Our vaccine rebuttal competition – Honourable mentions, Part 3


THE final batch of highly commended entries for our competition for the best way to deal with the question ‘Have you had the jab yet?’ or the follow-up, ‘You ought to.’ (You can see Friday’s selection here and yesterday’s here). One or two of the entries have been slightly shortened. 

Tomorrow we will announce the runners-up and champagne winner. 

J G Smoot

I am going to say some things to shock you, then I hope we might settle down for a deeper discussion.

First, regarding the vaccine:

Do you know the emergency authorisation for Covid vaccines is exactly that, ‘emergency?’ 

Do you know the FDA ignored its own guidelines in authorising the vaccines? 

Do you know that several persons in the advisory group had ties to the vaccine industry? 

Do you know manufacturers were granted full immunity for adverse outcomes?

Second, regarding safety and efficacy:

Do you know that the benefit conferred by the Pfizer vaccine, in absolute risk terms, is only 0.7? That’s not 70 per cent or even 7 per cent – it’s 0.07, not even 1 per cent. And Moderna was 1.1 per cent – barely over 1 per cent. To put it in perspective, only one more person out of 100 people in the vaccinated group was benefited.


Third, Covid-19 has been hyped:

Do you know positive test results on the PCR test are dependent on how many ‘cycles’ are run? 

Do you know that at 45 cycles it is almost always positive because it amplifies old coronavirus fragments (not exclusively Covid) in your body?

Do you know they ran most tests above 35 cycles until warned to stop by the World Health Organisation because they were concerned about false positives?

Do you know there is a 10million-person study out of China saying ‘asymptomatic spread’ is not true?

Do you know that many deaths recorded on death certificates as Covid were not personally seen or autopsied by doctors?

So, am I selfish?

You want me to inject an unknown substance to protect YOU. Who is acting selfishly?

Am I endangering others?

I would argue that your vaccine insistence endangers non-vaccine takers, particularly children.

Is it my public duty?

Yes, to make myself aware of the facts and to logically and objectively protect others from this Covid hysteria.


That is what the powers-that-be have spent vast sums on carefully brainwashing you into thinking. They are lying to you.

1 By having this vaccine you are unwittingly being a guinea pig for an inadequately tested and unnecessary vaccine, the long-term effects of which are not known, and collaborating with a fraud and a crime against humanity that contravenes the Nuremberg code re human experimentation. The agenda behind the vaccine is the immunity passport, a centralised database containing ALL your data, giving the (one world) State total power over us. If you don’t obey them in everything, they could stop you buying food. They could in this way force twice-yearly dangerous vaccines on you.

If you think the first second and third doses will be the end of it, think again.

By having the jab you are unwittingly condemning all of us and future generations to a future like that. For this agenda cannot be advanced without a critical mass of people taking the jab.

David Harding 

Mankind would never have got out of the cave without diverse thought and diversity of peoples. If we all become ‘One People’ going in the same direction then we will quickly become extinct. If we all take this unlicensed experimental gene therapy and something goes wrong, perhaps resulting in infertility, then we are all dead. Think of the unvaccinated as Mankind’s insurance policy – the survival of Mankind depends on us. We are the brave; we suffer abuse and risk catching Covid for the greater good of protecting our species.

Peter Donoghue

Given what I know about the government’s handling of many issues, my favourite responses to the look of surprise/incomprehension/alarm on an enquirer’s face when told I haven’t had, nor intend to have, the vaccine, are

1.    I don’t intend to sub-contract my health to the government;

2.    If the government wants me to take part in an experimental drug programme, they’ll have to pay me;

3.    Remember thalidomide!

It’s dependent on the person’s apparent level of faith or confidence or trust in whoever. As a Christian, I bear in mind the scriptural advice to ‘Put not your trust in man’.

Emma Kate Clatworthy 

You tell me to mask

You tell me to vax

You tell me when I can and can’t hug,

You tell me I’m selfish

You call me names

And all because I refuse these games,

You’re afraid of a virus

You put your fear on me

Guess what, your health is YOUR responsibility,

So back up off my case

You’re being such a bully

Doing their dirty work, why can’t you see?

That you’re just being played

And it’s quite an insult

To expect me to be a part of your cult,

A virus not deadly

A new strain they say

More propaganda, and by the way…

The mask is useless

The PCR test too

And they even tell us ‘the vax won’t protect you’

So keep your mask

And keep your vax too

I will do me, and you just do you!

Annemieke Blondeel

Simple steps to refuse to take part in the vaccine cult:

1. To your nearest and dearest, tell them you do not want it and do not need it because of the points below.

2. To the pestering NHS Covid marshals: Explain that you are aware of Phase III & IV human clinical trial protocols for new human pharmaceutical products, which for these supposed vaccines will last until 2023. If a full 5-page standard mandatory Informed Consent form for taking part in human clinical trials can be produced for you to read and possibly sign, you might consider it. In the meantime, you prefer to remain part of the control group (the non-vaccinated versus the vaccinated) for the sake of the trials. This will result in no more contacts, as such a form (mandatory for Phase III & IV trials) has not been established for any of the vaccines. 

3. Explain to the NHS robot that you may consider being jabbed five years after the end of the clinical trials, and after the results of the trials have been peer-reviewed and published.

As Boris and the hapless Hancock keep telling us: you will follow the science.

Sophie Birtles

I’m at London Heathrow waiting to board a plane to, for the sake of realism, the Faroe Islands. There’s an announcement over the Tannoy that all passengers will have a choice of two planes for their flight. The first is your standard trusty Airbus, in flight for years. It’s a bit old and rusty in places but nothing that puts anyone at any risk worth mentioning, although they’ll still give you a full run-down of the emergency safety procedures before take off. The second is a brand new experimental jet – all over the news but still very much in testing. The engine is new and unknown – yet to fly the distance – and previous tests with the technology have been largely unsuccessful or gone unreported.

As a member of Gen-Z, the group I’m travelling with are all desperate to hop on the second plane, completely lured by the promise of an aesthetic Instagram post and cool story. I’d be mad not to, no?

But the truth is that all I need is to get from London to the North Atlantic. And actually, the first plane is only 21 years old, in pretty good nick, and will near enough guarantee me a safe flight. 

James Richardson

My body does not belong to the State. I have sole and exclusive autonomy over my body and no politician, civil servant or medical practitioner has the legal or moral right to compel me to have an unlicensed, experimental vaccine or any other medical treatment or procedure without my specific and informed consent. The decision is mine and mine alone and I will not submit to government blackmail or emotional manipulation by the media, so-called celebrity influencers or Her Majesty the Queen.

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Edited by Kathy Gyngell

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