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Our vaccine rebuttal competition – the winner!


TODAY’S the day we announce the three runners up and winner of our ‘vaccine rebuttal’ competition! 

Before we come to the final shortlist, we must admit it’s been a near-impossible task to decide between so many impressive entries. You can see from the many ‘honourable mentions’ we’ve been publishing over the last three days herehere and here, the quality of the entries and the task Margaret and I created for ourselves to decide the winner!

Reader interest in this competition has also bowled us over. Parts 1, 2 and 3 at the time of writing have made it to our ‘most popular’ list (see right hand side home page). Needless to say all three articles have attracted some heavy duty opponents of our independent thinking, which indicates to us that we’ve got the ‘official narrative’ vaccine cultists pretty rattled!   

So now for the moment you have been waiting for:

In reverse order, as the much-missed Terry Wogan would have said . . .

In fourth place, congratulations to 

Areej Elmaazi 

To make sure I understand you correctly: you want me potentially to make myself unwell by injecting myself with monkey adenoviruses, toxic heavy metals or a highly experimental mRNA technology, in order to stop you from possibly becoming ill? I will kindly decline that generous offer. 


In third place, congratulations to

Andy Allardyce 

I am forgoing my dose in order to be on the ‘Citizens Control Arm’ of the trial.

The Covid-19 vaccine deployment is Phase 4 of the medical trials into the efficacy and safety of rapidly developed and tested experimental SARS-CoV2 vaccines that use novel, experimental mRNA and nano technology, or adenovirus vectors, have not been licensed and have no long-term studies evaluating effects at the cellular and molecular level on the biological and genetic integrity of humans.

There ‘ought’ to be maintenance of a placebo control group for the duration of these trials to determine that the rate of adverse events from the vaccine will not exceed those known to occur for Covid-19 in any particular group so citizens can make a risk vs benefit assessment and give ‘informed consent’. If there are hazards, they need to be identified. However, most phase 1/2 trial ‘control group’ participants have now been vaccinated.

The opportunity to obtain reliable evidence about longer-term effects are destroyed by immediate vaccination of participants assigned to placebo. Without these control groups the long-term effects will have to be determined by comparison to norms for the demographics; cause and effect will be very difficult and possibly impossible to establish.

It is therefore a public duty unselfishly to volunteer to remain unvaccinated to provide a ‘Citizens Control Group’ and do due diligence by providing baseline data for future comparison between vaccinated vs unvaccinated groups, in order to record: systemic adverse reactions, new onset medical conditions, and any other health issue arising post-vaccination for the entire long-term duration of the trial, including assessment of the vaccine eventually enhancing the risk of severe disease (as detected by follow-up of placebo recipients in dengue vaccine studies). Continued follow-up of the Citizens Control Group in which no vaccine has been deployed could yield important and unexpected findings providing significant public health information.

As a Covid-19 survivor I already have natural immunity and so pose no threat to others; the IFR is extremely low for my age group and I am fit and healthy with a low BMI so there is no medical imperative, and since the vaccines have not been shown to reduce transmission I see no ethical objection now that the vulnerable groups are protected by vaccine immunity anyway. Moreover, the Nuremberg Code rests on the basic philosophy that ‘the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential’.


In second place, congratulations to 

Jessica Cushnir 

Imagine if you were at a cocktail bar and someone offered you an AZeeee cocktail – ‘Wow! Sounds good – what’s in it? you say. ‘Oh, some really fab new ingredients,’ comes the reply: ‘genetically modified organisms derived from HEK 293 aborted foetal kidney cells spiced up with some tasty chimpanzee adenovirus.’ ‘That’s way out GROSS,’ you reply. ‘What else you got?’

‘The Pfeeezer cocktail is even more fabulous,’ says the bartender. ‘What’s in that one?’ you ask.

‘BNT162b2RNA. Polyethylene glycol. Potassium Dihydrogen phosphate. Cholesterol. To name but a few.’ ‘Wow. They don’t mean anything to me. Might steer clear of those. Bartender – I gotta go now – having my first Covid shot today! So excited. Get my life back! See ya. And for goodness sake, get rid of those cocktails. NO ONE in their right mind is going to want weird stuff like that.‘


And the winner of The Conservative Woman Vaccine Rebuttal Competition is (drum roll):

Adam Fleck

Nope. It’s the other way around. If you’re under sixty and in good health, taking any of the vaccines would be selfish. It would show you don’t care. 

You don’t care about freedom. You don’t care enough to try to protect our young from the creeping totalitarianism of those wretched immunity passports now under consideration.

Are you part of the bullying mob? The baying, vaccinated mob, for whom opposition is intolerable? You don’t care how threatening this is to freedom?

Not getting vaccinated is like drunk driving? Come on. Taking the vaccine is like booking a flight on a Boeing 737 Max, Captain Neil Ferguson, First Officer Matt Hancock. You’ll probably be OK, but we won’t have decent data for a while yet. Incidentally, your would-be pilot has an excellent record on his home-made flight simulator. Very reassuring. And you want to force the rest of us join you on the trip?

The mob:  Take the vaccine to protect the vulnerable from this deadly disease; if you won’t join us, you’re being selfish.

Us:  We won’t be taking any of the Covid vaccines because we insist, selfishly, on protecting the freedom of our young.  Tyranny is more deadly.

Besides, in our polity, raging, screaming mobs don’t get what they want (unless what they want is just to rage and scream). So we resist vaccination, hoping we can remain numerous enough to frustrate all attempts at imposing immunity passports. 

The mob: Get over yourselves, you’re over-dramatising, stop being so selfish and just take the bloody vaccine. 

Us: You’re the selfish ones here. Selfishly encouraging this chipping away at liberty, this intolerance, this ‘get with the movement or else’. Selfishly, cravenly, siding with authority, with Govid: Government idiocy. Our most pressing problem now? Govid not Covid. The Govid of masks. The Govid of social distancing. And especially:  The Govid of immunity passports.  

 Hoping to secure the freedom of our young, we say: If you are under sixty and in good health, then we beseech you: have the courage and the decency to decline vaccination. I will.


Thank you, all of you – for making us laugh and think. We hope it will have that effect on others too. 

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Kathy Gyngell
Kathy Gyngell
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