Laura Perrins: Thursday’s reading list – Baby Boomers, cultural Marxists and the conservative revival

Julian Thompson: Defence officials risk tying our rope to the EU’s sinking ship

Julie Lynn: Religion, abortion and the cowards who can’t bear to let children think for themselves

  • James Robinson: Don’t look for heroes in Hollywood

    Neil McKeganey: Good sense kills the not-so-safe injecting centre

    Only joking! Trolls within trolls

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    Leslie Loftis’s America Watch: The UN is close to signing its own death warrant

    It is no secret that Brits and Americans do not, as a general matter, see eye to eye on the issue of Israel. For the purposes of this discussion, however, it is only impo  ...Read More

    David Keighley’s BBC Watch: There’s no bias against Brexit. Why? Because Nick Robinson says so

    The BBC seems to have appointed Radio 4 Today presenter Nick Robinson as its defender-in-chief. Back in April, he told those who thought the Corporation was biased again  ...Read More

    Kathy Gyngell: The good news about Brexit – not brought to you by the BBC

    Those of you locked out behind the Financial Times paywall may have missed this bit of Brexit good news, reported by their Financial Editor Patrick Jenkins a few days ago  ...Read More

    Laura Perrins: Thursday’s reading list – Trump’s triumph, Hollywood harassment and transgender tyranny

    Today’s reading list is going to be short as I have limited time, being such an important person. We start, as always, with City Journal. I had caus  ...Read More

    Leftie Lunacy: The BBC apologises for allowing free speech

    The BBC has apologised for a breach of impartiality and accuracy on the Today programme. Wow! What could it be? Last time we looked, far from apologis   ...Read More

    Conservative Woman readers

    Reader’s comment: Move out into the real world

    In response to Lee Rotherham: Civil service dissidents must rout the Remainers, Colkitto03 wrote: ‘An elite that had lost its nerve’. Such true words, Lee. The seventie  ...Read More