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Why did Sarah Champion quit her shadow frontbench post? She says it was because of her ‘poor choice of words’ in an article she wrote for The Sun on the organised rape gangs in her constituency and elsewhere. What words did she use that were such a ‘poor choice’?

‘Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.’

“For too long we have ignored the race of these abusers and, worse, tried to cover it up. No more. These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage.”

“The irony of all of this is that, by not dealing with the ethnicity of the abusers as a fact, political correctness has actually made the situation about race.”

“It was shocking. Mainly white pubescent girls were being sexually groomed and exploited by gangs of mainly British Pakistani men.”

The thrust of her article is an accusation that the Government’s response to the organised gang rape scandals in Rotherham and elsewhere has been lukewarm. This Labour MP and, at the time, shadow minister, was trying to hold the Government to account in a public forum for the noble purpose of protecting the daughters of her constituents from gang rape.

For telling us about this, she has felt obliged to quit her frontbench post.

But is what she wrote such a poor choice of words? Not quite. It is actually a tame version of official reports:

Here is what the Jay Report said on the topic. The report was commissioned by the Labour-controlled council in Rotherham.

‘In Rotherham, the majority of known perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage including the five men convicted in 2010.”

‘Agencies should acknowledge the suspected model of localised grooming of young white girls by men of Pakistani heritage, instead of being inhibited by the fear of affecting community relations.’

‘By far the majority of perpetrators were described as ‘Asian’ by victims, yet throughout the entire period, councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how best they could jointly address the issue. […] Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

And here is what the Casey Report, commissioned by the Government, had to say:

‘Terrible things happened in Rotherham and on a significant scale. Children were sexually exploited by men who came largely from the Pakistani Heritage Community. Not enough was done to acknowledge this, to stop it happening, to protect children, to support victims and to apprehend perpetrators.’

‘I found a Council in denial. They denied that there had been a problem, or if there had been, that it was as big as was said. If there was a problem they certainly were not told – it was someone else’s job. They were no worse than anyone else. They had won awards. ‘

‘We must not lose sight of what the failures in Rotherham have meant in practice; victims have been hurt and remain without justice, the Pakistani Heritage Community has been harmed by association

Sarah Champion said no more than what is already in the public domain in official reports that are uncontested by any MP or mainstream party in any public communication. For this she has quit her shadow post, or, more likely, has had to quit.

It seems Labour has not learned anything about these gang rape scandals and is still trying to shut down debate on the issue. After all that has gone on, Labour is still turning a blind eye to child sex exploitation on Labour’s watch, in Labour’s heartlands.


  1. What else would you expect – the labour party and the dawa are brothers in arms on the long march through the institutions.

  2. Sarah Champion’s demise is due to the fundamental problem outlined in her article and the Jay and Casey reports – political correctness. The present government needs to repeal the hate crime legislation and restore our freedom to speak freely and truthfully. But I’m not betting on it…

  3. Our present scenario may be akin to the dying days of the Soviet Union: everybody knows that what people in authority say is bull but dare not speak out – yet. Hopefully the whole rotten structure will come tumbling down in the not too distant future.

    Although Labour are worse the Conservatives are not immune from political correctness: exemplified by Theresa May’s participation in the recent Trump-bashing.

    • I agree with your point. I have huge faith in the British public. They know perfectly well what the situation is and they also know its Muslims that are involved.
      Our bizarre MSM and Government elite are in a fantasy world. I have no idea who they think they are convincing any more?
      Are politicians and journalists not the most mistrusted people in our society already.

  4. So, the only conclusion that a vulnerable young white British girl can draw from Champions forced resignation is that as far as the Labour party is concerned, “tough, you’re on your own kid”. Actually, as far as the whole British establishment is concerned she’s probably on her own.

  5. The true colours of the Labour Party are revealed. But whilst the children were being raped and protesters demonised by the Tory supported UAF and Antifa, where was the Tory Home Secretary? Did she not have any responsibility for the enforcement of the law?

    Oh I forgot. She too has revealed her colours by equating the masked thugs of Antifa with the D Day troops who fought the Nazis.

  6. When all our politicians are singing from the same song sheet what choice is there really in our democracy?
    The one chance we had to express true democracy with Brexit, is slowly being boiled like the proverbial frog.

  7. We have to face up to the fact that there is a part of our population, which professes adherence to the Muslim faith and which is very antipathetic to our secular way of life. Some manifest this through acts of terror. Others by preying on young women, who have generally been failed by our secular state.

    Strict Muslim teaching is to the effect that women should be modestly dressed and should not leave the house unless accompanied by a male member of their family. If women do not behave i this way, then they are immoral and not worthy of respect. Hence we see Muslim women shuffling around our streets garbed from head to toe with all features, except perhaps their eyes, concealed. I am not sure who is more frightened of who. Do the women not trust their men or do the men not trust each other?

    Meanwhile white young ladies walk around with copious amounts of flesh on display, often the worse for wear through drink. If you have been taught from a young age that such ladies are immoral and unworthy, it is a very short step to consider them “fair game” for sex. It is a problem for both the Muslim community and for wider society. Muslim men need to be taught that a women is not asking for it simply because she is scantily dressed – just as we western men have had to learn that lesson. Equally, we need to take better care of our young people so that they do not easily fall prey to those who would “befriend” them and ply them with drink and drugs to the point of incapability and then abuse them. Whenever a complaint is made about such abuse, it should be rigorously investigated.

    • No, it is more than just contempt for lower class white British teenagers, the problem goes back to Pakistani village culture, and a deep cultural misogyny. There, a women who gets raped is regularly blamed and might well be stoned to death after a jirga Council (all men)

      It is worse than medieval.

      I am normally on Labourlist, rarely here. For those who want to understand the state of Corbyn’s Labour Party, take look at “Labourlist” and the number of recent blog posts around this topic with “COMMENTS CLOSED”.

      The reason for Comment Closure seems to be, that too many long time posters there, mostly members or supporters no doubt, have been critical of Corbyn’s mealy mouthed behaviour on this subject.

      The Corbynista cult members make excuses for him. There can be none.

      Corbyn and the current leadership are treating Orwell’s “1984” like an instruction manual.

  8. The conservatives should be shouting very loud about this abuse. But they are complicit. This whole debacle shows Mrs May in a very bad light. As Home Secretary and as Prime Minister, she has been in a position to bring the suffering of these young women into the open. She has had the authority in both jobs to conduct thorough research. Indeed the Casey report should have been acted on by her. Now Amber Rudd is also showing a very weak backbone. There is something deeply frustrating that we have so many women in Parliament who pretend to stand for women and their rights and yet it has taken more men than women to try to bring this in to the open.

    Philip Davis got shouted down, Trevor Kavanagh is now being screamed at. Yet not one labour female like Jess Phillips, Yvette Cooper or indeed Harriet Harman has stood up for the real issues facing women. The suppression of Muslim women and the grooming of young white women are issues these female parliamentarians should have been shouting from the rooftops. Even the likes of Nicki Morgan, Anna Soubry and Justine Greening; all highly outspoken women should be ashamed of their silence on these issues.

    Sarah Champion is now being treated like Anne Marie Waters and Nigel Farage when they wanted issues discussed rationally. Donald Trump is being bashed by Theresa May when she should be acknowledging he has hit the right note in what he says. Many MPs are so quick to jump on the liberal bandwagon, they do not see how stupid they look to the very sensible man and women in the street.

    • Many MPs have been long on the liberal bandwagon. There is no need for them to jump on it.

      May was calling the Conservative Party the “Nasty Party” before I had even heard of Cameron.

  9. The attitude of passing the buck, turning a blind eye and blaming others is a particular Council trait that has become acceptable in today’s day and age. It is infuriating that these mediocre bureaucrats turned a blind eye to unimaginable suffering and abuse affecting their constituents. Infuriating and unsurprising. As for Sarah Champion being forced to resign– well, Labour will pay for this mistake. They’ve already lost their working-class base economically, politically and morally. These girls were more often than not from that class, and thus will quite rightly see the left as being an enabler of criminality and the enemy of truth and justice. The Conservatives themselves have done very little, either, but they stopped believing in anything a while ago.

  10. The left does not care about the victims of child rape or rape unless it is to the political advantage of the left. When the rights of white working class girls are weighed against the perverted pleasures of middle aged muslim males the left will side with the latter, their political fellow travellers. The protection of favoured groups of paedophiles (and other degenerates) has long been left policy.

  11. Yet many ‘old school’ traditional voters, and those who deem themselves ‘fair minded, decent. tolerant’ and are outraged by the abuse scandals, will continue to vote for the fascist organisation that is the Labour Party. “Men at some times are masters of their fates: the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings”.

  12. The real taboo is not race or immigration. Nor is it Islam. We have talked about race and immigration in this country for as long I can remember. For the last 15 years, at least, we have talked about almost nothing but race, immigration, and Islam.

    Pakistani taxi drivers have lately joined Catholic priests as the only people who can expect any media disapproval if they have sex with 13 and 14-year-olds, and sometimes with children even younger than that. Even in the case of teachers, that disapproval is extended only if the perpetrators are male and the victims are female. Sex between men and teenage boys, especially, is otherwise the stuff of acclaimed television drama and of the novels of a National Treasure. Sex between women and teenage boys is treated as a joke even when it goes to court, as it almost never does.

    From Rotherham to Newcastle, this is not about “Pakis” (a word that Sarah Champion as good as used) or what have you, but about middle-class white neglect of working-class white girls. Apologies “for any offence caused” are always worthless. And Labour continues to extend its whip to its very own Anne Marie Morris. Why are avowed anti-racists prepared to take that whip while Champion is in receipt of it?

    The point is not race. Nor is it Islam. It is class. And the taboo is not against mentioning race. Nor is the taboo against mentioning Islam. The taboo is against mentioning class.

    The 11 or 12-year-old daughter, indeed the daughter several years older than that, of a Councillor, a social worker or a Police Officer would not be allowed by such figures to stay out all night with older men. But the attitude of those white stalwarts to these white girls was, “You came from the gutter, anyway.” This was, and throughout the country tonight it still will be, an internal white thing. And that thing is class.

    • I think you encapsulate the moral mess of identity politics well. We know many, in some cases the majority, of the victims were vulnerable because they were either in care or on at risk and safeguarding registers, so officially vulnerable and as such “monitored” or taken into care by the agencies set up to protect children. This abject failure to recognise this widespread complete failure of our child protection system gets lost in the telling.

    • Sarah Champion did not ‘as good as’ use the word ‘Pakis’. These girls would not have been abused, no matter how much their parental neglect, if these cabals of a foreign-originated cult did not exist.

    • We may have talked about race and immigration in this country for as long as you remember but they have mostly been lectures about how wonderful multiculturalism and mass immigration are. Any dissenting voice is silenced through bullying, threats of violence, shaming on Facebook and job loss.

      The vast majority of people are not against immigration per se, they just want to see a controlled, managed system which identifies ‘good’ immigrants and excludes those that do not fall within that definition.

      However the BBC together with the liberal elite have constantly belittled those people with taunts of racist, little Englander etc. (Note these things have actually been said unlike your “Paki” quip that was deliberately introduced to attack Champion’s comments).

      From my point of view the real taboo is Islam – FGM, honour killings, forced marriages, the industrial rape of underage white girls, Islamic terrorism, no go areas, sharia law – all are a direct result of importing a foreign culture that does not want to integrate, only subjugate. The liberal left love to exhibit their high moral standing on social media, constantly berating anyone on the right who disagrees with their views but strangely go completely silent when Islamists carry out another terror attack. They are obviously too busy criticising political opponents like Champion who are accused of using the wrong words than to actually denounce people who actually are killing people to further their cause – what a bunch of spineless cowards.

      • Any dissenting voice is silenced through bullying, threats of violence, shaming on Facebook and job loss.


        the real taboo is Islam

        Beyond drivel. Have you been in a coma? Apologies if you really have been.

  13. For the extreme left who presently control the Labour Party, the end still justifies the means, as it always has done.

    The Pakistani vote is seen as vital in certain Northern constituencies so all other considerations are irrelevant.

    It makes no difference to the Corbyn cult whether the general electorate views all this askance, or not. Empathy and sensitivity are completely foreign concepts to them.

    They really are an odd lot, and for this reason I continue to be completely confident that they will never form a government in the United Kingdom.

    • I think Labour may be underestimating the consequences for them of being seen to put Muslim offenders above abused white girls. There is deep anger at the establishment cover up and Labour’s position as protector of the British working class is wrecked.

  14. As is commented on here the many rings now going through the courts or convicted
    show pretty much the same “M.O.” This includes preying on young women (and
    boys) who are in fact known to the authorities either as “at risk” in some way
    or actually “in care”. The second is a pretty cavalier attitude to secrecy. Thus a remarkable feature of many of the
    trials has been the ease with which the case has been proven because there is
    so much evidence from the various agencies involved! This is the scandal, that
    for so long nothing was done when in fact in the practical sense most cases
    needed very little “investigation” just collating the evidence from the sources
    already aware but “afraid” to act.

    It is no wonder this MP spoke out when her own constituents are so aware
    now of the scale of the “cover up”. She has of course proved her point about
    the blocks to truth, by being forced out by the charge of fuelling racism. Yet
    the more recent case again shows the perpetrators believed they were “untouchable”
    until the Local Police decided to suspend PC (as their CC said) and do their
    job. With an estimated 5,000 victims
    from the court cases, 5000 young people at least half of whom were at least
    monitored by our child protection agencies and many actually in their care, I
    doubt there has been a bigger scandal for 30 years.

  15. Hang on! Most of the men found guilty in the recent trials were British born weren’t they? And so by definition British rather than “British Pakistani”? These people were not immigrants but men born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom, and so, factually, most of the abusers were creations of British society rather than Pakistan. Champion deserved the sack for incendiary apolitical use of language and daftness above and beyond the call of duty if nothing else.

    • Yes indeed but can you please explain why almost all the perpetrators come from the British/Pakistani Community?

      I don’t dare.

      • No idea. Stochastic random chance? Might as well ask why so many pimps in America are black? Or why a disproportionately large number of people with Italian/Sicilian heritage are involved in organised crime? Some capable and honest soul with no axe to grind, not trying to make any political capital out of any investigation, with sufficient expertise and intellectual capacity ought to be commissioned to look into it.

        My point is that if the same gangs of men had behaved in the same atrocious way in another country they would have been labelled “British” not “British Pakistani”.

        Language is as important as the truth itself.

        • Professor Alexis Jay ? Louise Casey CB ? A whole raft of Serious Case Reviews ? Julie Bindel ? Channel 4s 2004 Documentary “Edge of the City” There is in fact a lot of research and reports to illuminate this, its just that few want to actually look.

          • You diminished your comment by including Louise Casey. The other names you mention are not well known to me. Can you give me a few links to the studies you reference so that I can scrutinise them? (And vet the credentials of their authors.) I don’t watch Channel 4 much due to the wall-to-wall sensationalist reality shows that clutter its schedules. Thanks.

          • Mohammed Shafiq very bravely stated on BBC Big Questions that there was a cultural problem in Pakistani communities with how they viewed women and sex, and was repeatedly shouted down by another British Pakistani who wanted to pretend there was no specific ethnic link. You can find the video on Youtube.

          • Although I have no idea who Mr Shafiq, is or does I will check him out at some point in the near future.

          • The Jay report includes a lot of references as one might expect from a Prof. This briefing does a good job of precis the Jay report and includes at the end some of the other then investigative reports.

            Serious Case Reviews are circulated (in the relevant period I was part of the safeguarding network) and redacted versions can be obtained if published by the Council or “Safeguarding Board ” which sometime has its own site. Full reports are of course behind a “firewall”.
            Googling serious Case review in any of the most obvious Councils (Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Aylesbury for instance)

            Though not a fan of Julie Bindel she does a good job in bringing together some strands in I’ve only read the Ramadan Foundation report in hard copy, but that was particularly interesting as it addressed the misuse of religious texts to place immoral non muslims “beyond society” literally outside society’s protection. it may be on the net, google is a wonderful thing.

            As you may imagine there was frenetic activity in the wold of “safeguarding” at this time. It is really quite amazing to me so little got into the public domain. Reseach has or is being done at Strathclyde UNi and Sheffield .
            In the training I received at the time (rolled out to Safeguarding Agencies) specific communities originating in areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan were identified as “high risk ” factors. Apparently due to a long history of hereditary enslavement of tribes (seemed more like a caste system than we tend to think of slavery). If you read the Newcastle police releases its pretty clear they used this sort of risk profiling to identify a potential ring, identifying ringleaders.

    • Hmm. So what characteristics do these guilty people have in common? Firstly, they are nearly all men. But we already know that only men are abusers, so there is no extra mileage in labouring that any more. Also we don’t want to be deluged with comments pointing out that the great majority of men are not rapists. So claiming that simply being male is the cause of these crimes, won’t wash outside of the lunatic feminist fringe.

      Let’s move on to our second characteristic. They are predominantly Muslim. Oh my God, we mustn’t mention that. We don’t want to be accused of Islamophobia.

      So what else is there? Well, they are largely of Pakistani ethnicity. But that’s another no-go area.

      Anything else? Ah yes, they are mainly British born. Now that sounds much more like what we are looking for. Blaming their Britishness for their disgusting criminal activity is much safer ground. Everything British is bad these days, and we can earn plenty of brownie points by adding another negative to the long list. So that’s the way to go. Their British birth, their British education, their British background and British culture are the obvious things to blame for their propensity to seek out, groom and serially abuse endless strings of vulnerable young girls. Indeed, such activities are the very essence of the British way of life, are they not? So we now know exactly where the blame lies.


      Your only mistake, dear Turtle, is to try to foist this nonsense on the readers of a website such as this, where the great majority of readers can smell bovine excrement from a very long distance.

      • I enjoyed that. Particularly having it pointed out to me that the people abusing and raping young girls were men. Who would have thunk it? Splendid stuff.

        • People have left the Church in droves because of the shocking incompetence and wilful colllusion in how child abuse was handled. Christians were repeatedly blamed for the failure, and the Catholic Church in particular has faced regular criticism. Nobody said that was Christianophobic. It is only fair that Muslims face criticism too where it is warranted. There are many enclaves in Britain where adhering to Muslim clerics, who often preach hate against Britain, is more important than obeying British law. Such enclaves should be exposed, denounced and shut down. A Labour MP who tried exposing the scale of child sexual abuse in Rotherham stated in a documentary that she had tried contacting Muslim clerics to condemn the abuse, and was repeatedly turned away. Many clerics said nothing. That is a problem in the Muslim community, and it is nothing if not the grossest dereliction of duty to ignore this in favour of the PC, vague “bad people do bad things”.

          • My point is that systemic abuse of the innocents has happened within all cultures, usually patriarchal cultures, Muslim, Christian and otherwise. As far as Rotherham is concerned I have no idea whether the abusers and rapists were practitioners of a particular religion or not. I have no idea how they met each other, and socialised with each other, and decided to commit their crimes. I know nothing about their personal histories or backgrounds. How do paedophile rings form and perverts and deviants combine to act conjointly? How did Ian Brady and Myra Hindley web up and commit the Moors Murders? How did Fred and Rose West end up doing the things that they did?

            I am not sure that, causally, such grouping are explicable.

            As far as Rotherham is concerned obviously there were many failures as far as the police and politicians were concerned and things that should have been faced down and dealt with weren’t for all sort of reasons. What needs to be done is for all complaints, anonymous or otherwise, from whomever should be taken seriously and investigated properly to nip such awfulness in the bud, hopefully before too many people have been hurt. And it shouldn’t matter whether the guilty parties are Christian, Muslim, Asian, British, Yorkshire men, Clergymen, or whatever – the guilty should be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of British law

            In reality that is ALL that can be done in a democratic and free society.

    • They may have been born in Britain but they live in insular communities, watch Asian TV direct from satellites, they do not speak English at home, bring in wives and husbands from their home countries (usually cousins – with all of the attendant health issues for any resulting children). So their behaviour is as a direct result of their religion and culture.

    • It makes no difference where they were born or whether they are 1st or 2nd generation it remains demonstrably clear the mass immigration policy over several decades has been an unmitigated disaster for Britain and especially the 1000’s of vulnerable white British girls.

  16. But Labour voters have learned that Sarah Champion was entirely correct and her Party will continue to actively “silence” discussion, sending precisely the signal that some communities are “untouchable” .

  17. It is easy to bandy words like “traitor” about in heated political discussions but is there any other word that better describes the leadership of the Labour Party and Conservatives like Caneron, May and Greening?

    • The average Brit has been betrayed by the entire political establishment. Crap schools, low wages, economic dereliction, ignored on immigration and then fed weak apologies, shackled with PC nonsense, even in the face of glaring disadvantages– these child abuse gangs being a salient case in point.

  18. A small but salient point:
    Labour imported millions of people to bolster it’s share of the vote, it can’t now afford to alienate those immigrants.
    To a socialist the truth is a variable dependent upon current need.

  19. It’s still missing the point. There are Pakistani Christians, too. They are massively outnumbered by the muslims, but remain, in absolute terms, a respectable number. They don’t go raping white girls on an industrial scale.

    The problem is with islam. According to the ideological textbooks of islam, treating infidel women as sex-slaves is entirely acceptable. It has happened in every society where significant numbers of muslims have lived alongside non-muslims. In islam, even a muslim woman who has been raped is often treated as the criminal. Non-muslim women, under sharia, have no rights at all.

    The thing is that sharia has definitions for things that are simply not the same as those of the English words used to translate them: rape, murder, terrorism, suicide, blasphemy and slander, just for starters. The islamists even interpret welfare payments as “jizya”, i.e. the tax on infidels in return for not having their heads cut off. This is the mentality which produces sex-grooming gangs.

    As I said in another comment somewhere recently, all the koran ever did was tell seventh-century Bedouin that their most repulsive habits had the blessing of an all-powerful, omniscient deity.

    I’d be intrigued to know the background of the Bulgarians and Albanians involved in trafficking girls, too. Both those countries, long occupied by the Ottomans, retain significant muslim populations.

    “Reaching out” to self-appointed “Pakistani heritage” community leaders won’t achieve anything. All madrassas should be closely monitored and, where necessary, shut down. Hate preachers should be prosecuted promptly and, if sentenced to prison, prevented from continuing their preaching on the inside; as I said, islam has been designed to appeal to criminals, right from the start. Any wahhabi-inspired funding to mainstream British schools needs to be banned outright.

    • Strikes me that the real, underlying problem is this: Not enforcing the law, equably and efficiently on all the people, individually. I should not matter if one is Christian, Muslim, Atheist, none, Sikh, whatever. The law is the law, even if one is Tory, or Labour, prime Minister, or laborer, or welfare taker, or whatever. These problems are all problems of identity politics. Each, and every, individual is responsible for him (or her, if one must) self obeying the law and if one doesn’t paying the price.

      The problem will be solved only when you (and we, incidentally) again enforce the black letter law on everyone.

      • I suspect the black letter law has been enforced on everyone except Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.

      • I agree. The problem here is that the muslims get indulged, in a way that nobody else does. Part of that is political: the Labour party is addicted to muslim votes in many constituencies and very deliberately changed the postal voting system to enable people to fiddle it: easily recognisable postal voting forms, readily intercepted; a relaxation of postal voting which made it easy for the patriarch of the family to vote for everybody; addresses supposedly hosting dozens of voters in single bedroom flats, miraculously unquestioned; an Electoral Commission with the spine of an amoeba.

        All of those things could technically have been exploited by anyone else, but which other section of society lives in patriarchal family groups (OK, Sikhs sometimes do) and in ghettoes (Sikhs don’t), have a religion which actually extols deceitfulness (we’re definitely down to one, now) and has a massive anti-Semitic slant, shared by the BBC, which the Labour party is only to happy to slurp up?

        The other side of ignoring what’s wrong with islam is fear. It’s not “islamophobia”. If somebody threatens to kill you for telling the truth about about islam, it’s not a “phobia”, if you believe him. That Scandinavian bloke who answered his door, to find a luckily very incompetent would-be assassin trying to put a hole in his head – I really don’t think he was suffering from a phobia, some kind of psychiatric disorder.

        Well, I think you and I are entitled to be afraid, because the authorities, who take it upon themselves to protect us, while forbidding us to protect ourselves, are not doing a very good job of it. Was it François Hollande, or Sadiq Khan, who told us that we just had to live with terrorism? I don’t think it really matters, until their insouciance costs yet more lives.

        • I agree, it just isn’t as pronounced here, yet. If we’re lucky, it never will be. Our percentage of Muslims is much lower, and even so ours (and our perception of yours) tripped alarms here.

          Well, I know Sadiq Khan said that, and wouldn’t be surprised if Hollande did too. So have some Americans, and Obama at least inferred it. The average American response was, “F**k that, I need more ammunition.” We’re not that civilized yet, that we won’t lend a hand when the government can’t get its job done. Sometimes that attitude hurts us, but overall its one of our strengths.

          Now if only our Blacks would figure out what the Democrats and assorted leftists have done to them. Have to admit though, more are figuring it out. About every week and a half, there’s a story (obviously not in the media) on the Chicago police blogs congratulating some citizen on the south side for putting some attacker in the ground. That is a considerable increase in the last few years.

          • Mark Steyn has commented about him quite frequently. In the circumstances, searching for for his current details doesn’t seem appropriate.

      • I’m no lawyer but my current understanding is that it is actually the law that is the problem. Things like the European Convention on Human Rights which we adopted in 1998 state that freedom of religion is a right. This means that if you can reasonably show that a behaviour is part of your religion you may be granted a pass under law whilst others may not. As I said I am no lawyer so if there are any lawyers out there I am very happy to be schooled on this one!

        • Well, I am no lawyer, either, but, unless the framers of the European Convention on Human Rights were absolute morons…. Oh, hang on…

          Mesoamerican religions involved quite a lot of human sacrifice. That sort of thing has been banned for a while in Mexico and Central America, but plenty of the Maya there continue to practise elements of the pre-Columbian religion. In Guatemala, they can’t sacrifice people any more, but presumably they could resume that bit, if only they moved to Merkel’s Germany.

        • Well, yeah, but it’s possible to be reasonable. We’ve had that rule since 1791, that’s where you Europeans got the idea. And yes, it can lead to a lot of foolishness. We have never (as far as I know) construed it to allow anything harmful to another, or in violation of the law. A lot of the healthcare debate here swirls around this, with the mandate for contraceptive coverage and abortion. Our solution is that the government can make reasonable accommodation (which has never, as far as I know, included grooming or gang violence. Nor will we condone anything being used here but US law. Makes a difference.

  20. Jeremy Corbyn denied and turned a blind eye to sexual abuse in Islington children’s homes in the 80s and 90s because to do otherwise would expose his Labour council’s shocking incompetence and complicity, so the treatment of Champion should come as no surprise to anyone.

  21. If we don’t allow anyone to speak about it, it isn’t happening. And Corbyn won the election….

  22. Sarah Champion’s words were exactly right. Corbyn’s politically correct reaction shows what a dreadful mess this country is in.

  23. Twelve years ago when the problem of sex grooming by “Asians” had already become apparent the Guardian published an article criticising the rascists who dared mention the subject, It had a sarcastic title:

    Blame it on the Asians

    A couple of days ago the Guardian published an article calling on advertisers to boycott the Sun for daring to mention the religious background of the people involved in more recent sexual abuse cases.

    Tabloid hate is damaging our society. The Sun’s advertisers must help stop it

    Has the Guardian learnt anything at all in the past 12 years?

    Incidentally the author of the article published in 2005 was Madeleine Bunting. According to a biographical article in Wikipedia, Madeleine Bunting has been very critical of abuse committed within the Catholic Church in Ireland and elsewhere in the world. Bunting believes the moral authority of the Roman Catholic Church is irreversibly compromised.

    Is any further comment on the Guardian’s standards necessary?

    • ‘Mighty is the truth but mightier still is silence’.

      What’s damaging our society is the imposition of political correctness by such as the Guardian.

      This incident reveals very clearly how this pernicious ideology consists of concealment of the truth and demanding that the population lives a life of lies. Pretending characteristics doesn’t exist when it’s blindungly obvious that they do.

      Everyone with half an eye has spotted the Pakistani nature of these gangs years ago.

      The fact that the Left media such as the Guardian and the BBC don’t mention it simply shows these propagandists up for what they are in the public mind.

      • Since the Guardian is threatening freedom of speech by trying to persuade advertisers to boycott the Sun for telling the truth about the long series of crimes committed disproportionally by men from certain ethnic groups and followers, at least nominally, of a certain religion, then perhaps there should be a review of how public sector jobs are advertised.

        Placing advertisements disproportionally in the Guardian helps to ensure that the social workers we recruit are people with typical Guardian attitudes. Could that be the reason why so many cases of abuse were ignored for so long?

  24. “Pakistani Heritage Community”
    They make it sound like an offshoot of the National Trust, and as usaul the one link they all have is not mentioned even on here.

    • ‘Heritage’ is the preferred PC term to avoid any other which suggests ‘race’ or even ‘ethnicity’.

  25. I feel I should point out that that Sarah Champion has repudiated the article printed in the Sun under her name. According to the Guardian:

    ‘Champion said she did not write the headline or opening sentences, which she said were “stripped of any nuance about the complex issue of grooming gangs, which have exploited thousands in my constituency”.’

    I quite like Sarah and would be surprised if she had “done a UKIP” and said or written something quite as bluntly idiotic as the Sun claimed for her on her behalf.

  26. Whether it be muslim grooming gangs or terrorist atrocities the almost immediate and mostly unanimous reaction of our timid MP’s is to leap to the defence of the “vulnerable” “communities”. Defending them against the nasty, intolerant, racist and inherently violent non-muslim population, who “obviously” believe without a shadow of doubt that 100% of the sexually active male muslims are behind this crime. Just what is up with these elected officials? What are they on? They do live in the same world as us, don’t they? Don’t they?

    With ‘both’ of these significant reports into the grooming phenomenon calling-out ‘political correctness’ as a major problem when dealing with it, how do our MP’s react? Why, in a ‘politically correct’ manner of course! You really couldn’t make this up. This you see is “defending” the “communities”, and is also an excellent way of virtue signalling at the same time! My god, if this were muslim schoolgirls being systematically drugged, violently abused and multi-raped by non-muslims, how would their “communities” react? Would their response be anything like that of the 95% non-muslim demographic appears to have been? Or could they just possibly react in a very violent fashion?

  27. As an engineer, the first thing I’ve learned about solving difficult problems is to start by identifying the problem, break it up into manageable parts then instigate and activate a plan of action. It seems to me the Establishment are still refusing to point out that virtually all of them are muslims and mostly Pakistani’s,Afghans and Bangladeshi and until then we see this, there will no progress in routing this evil out of our society.

    The Left constantly try and divert the argument by constantly making the false analogy that whites are just as likely to groom young girls. The big difference is these are organised gangs of a particular ethnic and religious group targeting vulnerable white girls, drugging them and passing them between extended family.

    • An aspect of the problem you might also have mentioned is that these men do not have access to females of their own religion and culture either in Pakistan or the UK. Their sexual urges are tightly restricted in the former but have freer rein in Britain where they have an alternative in white girls who can be preyed upon with apparent impunity because these men are protected by their race.

      It is all too credible when council officials and the McPhersonised police say they fear being accused of racism if they act against Pakistani sex offenders. The case against racism is that it is an affront to our common humanity to discriminate between people according to their skin colour. Such is the toxicity of any accusation of racism that high moral purpose has morphed into the elevation of non-white criminals above the law.

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